Skin :: Black Dent Under The Eyes

Nov 12, 2014

My 12 year old son having a black dent under the eyes since 7 years

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Skin :: Dent In Thigh After Hitting Sharp Edge Of Table

Well back in January i accidentally hit the sharp edge of table with my thigh. It did not bleed at all, it did not hurt much either ( pain went away a few minutes after the hit thankfully) . It was a bit swollen and more red, no bleeding and it started to form bruise afterwards. Well now it is May, so 4 months after - bruise is going away but i can see that area where i hit the edge is not flat anymore. It actually has some indentation, dent in it ( not big, not much deep, rather superficial but very visible when i stand and on certain light). It also looks like it is still darkened, 4 months after, like bruise is still not completely gone. I think darkening somes from bruise still forming and not from shade of dent. Not sure

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Black Circles / Darkness Under My Eyes?

I always have some level of darkness under my eyes (who doesn't?) but this is beyond a normal dark circle and it's only present under one eye. In photos, it looks like someone punched me in the eye. This has been present for years so it isn't going away naturally. Could some kind of injury / trauma / medical condition be causing this? Should I see a specialist -- if so, what sort would be most appropriate?

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Black Eyes After Rhinoplasty For 2-3 Weeks

My wife had rhinoplasty about 10 years ago and had pretty bad black eyes for about 2 or 3 weeks after her surgery. Her sister had nearly the exact same procedure (to correct a bump, near the top of the bridge) and had very little bruising and no black eyes. Is this from an error on the surgeon's part or is this something that depends almost entirely on the patient? I'm considering having a nose job myself, but don't really want to deal with excessive bruising, swelling or black eyes.

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Eyes :: Floaters That Don't Float And Black Spots In Vision

I've been doing a lot of reading about black spots in vision and the term 'floaters' doesn't seem to apply in my case. I first noticed it a week or so ago when I was reading on Kindle. There is a black spot that is constant, in my left eye, its small and I can see it pretty much all the time if reading at the right angle I can use it almost like a pointer moving it along the line of text I'm reading. I've also had blurred vision but I put that down to tiredness from reading from electronic device. I've also noticed a 'cobweb' like line in my other eye that again is constant. I'm booked in for an eye test but its not for a while I'm starting to get bit worried.

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Skin :: Irritated/ Itchy Eyes

I'm 21 i wear/need glasses but only when driving or in class..sometimes at home when i cant see tv good....and few weeks ago my left eye started itchy really bad with a light red rash spot under it then my right eye with two light red spots at the side..and now the side of my face both sides also itch ...i dont where makeup besides eye linear and mascara..i know this may sound stupid but i let my aunt use my eye linear, and then i notice the rash but then again idk if i have any allergies and i also wash my face with clean and clear i recently stop using it because its makes my face itch more.. so right now im bit worried since half of my face is so itchy and red  (6/10/12)

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Yellow Skin And Eyes? Use Of GHB And Meth?

I am not sure because these are my only symptoms no loss in appetite just indigestion 

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Skin :: Bumps On Waistline - Pink / Purple And Black

For the past month, I have had this purple bump on my waistline that itches. It will break open and then come back. Yesterday, while at work it felt sore, so I went to the bathroom to take a look. It turns out I now have several of these bumps on the front of my waist (around where my belt line is) and little black dots that almost look like blackheads. Last night I put rubbing alcohol on one of them and it immediately burst open. Today, they are sore and itch.

I also suffer from keloid scars on my chest and back because of severe acne in my junior high days. I am wondering if this is just acne acting up again or something more severe. The use of google suggested eczema or scabies.

(Image attached)

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Menopause :: My Skin And My Eyes Are Itching Badly

skin and my eyes are so itchy. It's driving me crazy!

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8 Years Son - Addison's - Skin Pigmentation, Black Freckles And Tired

My son ryan aged 8 has been diagnosed with addison's, this has only been 2 weeks, tell tale signs are skin pigmentation and black freckles, he was poorly but has picked up but reluctant to be very energetic and seems to be tired easily, as this is early stages not sure if this is normal maybe someone can advise, he won't walk so its car or taxis to everywhere, he also has heart murmur, we are still awaiting test results to see why glands stopped working,

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Vascular Disorders :: 2 Black Veins/arteries Showing Under The Skin Of My Right Arm

I'm a 22yo female. 3 hours ago, I accidentally noticed 2 black veins/arteries showing under the skin of my right arm and 1 on my left arm. There was also a dark area near my right wrist. Then the black veins/arteries disappeared and more dark areas appeared. Also, one very dark bluish purple bruise appeared on my left thigh. It looks like a bruise you get after a physical trauma. It hurts very little when you press it. Other than that, I feel absolutely nothing weird.

I'm anemic and have been since I was a kid. My chest is tight most of the time. I'm not taking any meds regularly. But around 18 hours ago, I took a Brufen 400mg for a nasty headache I had. It's still there, btw.

It's 4 in the morning here so I can't go to a doctor right now. If you can give me an idea what it could be or even what kind of doctor to go to in the morning, I would appreciate it.

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Penis :: Local Anesthetic (to Increase Sex Time) - Swelling, Pain, Black Skin

I put Local anesthetic on my Penis to increase Sex time.

After 12 hours I feel burning in my Urine

After 24 hours my Penis Swelling and was itching too much.

Now swelling gone but it's look black as it's burns, and exactly at the area I apply the Local Anesthetic.

It is paining to much now, I don't know what I have to put on my penis now to remove this black skin, and to help this burn to heals.

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Skin :: Fordyce Spots On Back, Lips, Eyes, Nose And All Over Shaft And Scrotum

I have had Fordyce spots since I was 11 and I'm 14 now. Since then they have spread to my back, lips, eyes, nose, and all over shaft and scrotum. I know they're harmless but its just so hard to be confident like this. I have not told anyone about this except my best friend. Turns out he had them too! So anyone out there who has these stupid things I feel you.

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Eyes :: Geometric Shape Patterns Appearing In Both Eyes

Small but geometric -ish shape. This changes in 1/2 hour or more, the shape gets larger forming a getting larger approximate 'C' shape to the left of center. It is almost like me seeing a crude kaleidoscope . Eventually the thing disappears to the left. The shape seems to be of small triangles squares, anything 'sort of' geometric. I can see past it but still have to see the shape. Whichever eye I close I can still see it; close both I can see it!   It has now cleared completely as  I have not being looking at the sun or any strong light. Is it 'just one of those things' to be tolerated every now and then. I am 75 and in general good health 

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Eyes :: Floaters PVD - Peripheral Vascular Disease Both Eyes

I'm late 5s,have had floaters since my 20s,back then they were small black or clear dots,fast forward,late fifties,now i've had pvds in both eyes,vitreous gel shrinks and pulls away from the back of the eye,now i have these clear to gauzy larger floaters,plus one large clumpy black one and I can't ignore them anymore. PVD is age related. I am just lucky enough to have these awful larger ones that can blur and obstruct vision. How does a person deal with it. Oh yes I also am starting to have dry eyes. Both also can cause hazy vision. Unless you've experienced it,no one else can relate

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Eyes :: Squint - How To Correct My Eyes Appearance

The squint(left eye) had been developed at an age of 3 or 4 years I think... A cataract was also developed in it.. It had been ignored by me as I was not able to focus on it while seeing things... Cataract was recently removed(At an age of 18) by a laser treatment... But after the treatment also I had not get my vision back for my left eye (lazy eye).. I'm not able to see with that I now... Can I improve my left eye's vision...? If I can't.. Then how can I correct my eyes appearance... My left eye is little outwards from it's actual direction.

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Dent In Arm - Fat/muscle Erosion?

I'm not entirely sure if this is in the right place, but for a good while now, there's been a bit of a 'dent' in my left arm. I can't take a picture because you can only really notice it when you feel it, but there's a definite dent in muscle or fat or something.

Oddly enough, it's the exact place where I used to rest my arm all the time against my desk, but I wouldn't have assumed it's possible for fat/muscle to erode away.

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Eyes :: Squint And Itchy Eyes

I have this squint since childhood. My eyes move outward. It happens a lot when I'm tired or try to look quickly at something, It was diagnosed early and I was asked to do a regular exercise with pencil. I had to Keep pencil in front of my nose and look at it and then slowly move the pencil forward and repeat it several times. The later I was given glasses and it improved it a little but then again it got as it was earlier. My vision is 6 by 6. But its just I don't have proper control over the muscles. They seem to be aligned but when I'm tired or move eyes they go outward. I wanted to know how it can be permanently corrected. It just disturbs me and I always feel a stress on my eyes. I have this irritation over eyes too and itching which makes it even worse. How it can be treated or it can be operated? I guess it would be easier with operation and I would go for it but I was asked to do exercise and told that it will stay but will get better, It was 30 degrees.

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Inwards Dent At My G-spot? Hypochondriac

So I was about to finger myself and when I felt my g spot it wasn't slightly hard like always. I know it might be because the g spot is in front of the bladder, (I just went to the bathroom before starting to masutbate) but I'm a hypochondriac and I worry about everything. It's a bit squishier and it just feels like it dented inwards a bit. It might go back to normal in a while because of the bladder thing.

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Hip Replacement :: Large Dent Where I Had My Hip Operation

I had a replacement hip operation 6 months ago,and I still get pain in the leg,I have a large dent in my leg where the hip has been replaced and a large lump below it as if my muscle has slipped.I have just started with a chiropractor for help in trying to walk correctly,I have been on a stick since the op I don't feel confident without it yet,has anyone else in the group had this problem or something similar,the dent and the lump below it?

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