Skin :: Bumps On Waistline - Pink / Purple And Black

Nov 6, 2015

For the past month, I have had this purple bump on my waistline that itches. It will break open and then come back. Yesterday, while at work it felt sore, so I went to the bathroom to take a look. It turns out I now have several of these bumps on the front of my waist (around where my belt line is) and little black dots that almost look like blackheads. Last night I put rubbing alcohol on one of them and it immediately burst open. Today, they are sore and itch.

I also suffer from keloid scars on my chest and back because of severe acne in my junior high days. I am wondering if this is just acne acting up again or something more severe. The use of google suggested eczema or scabies.

(Image attached)

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Multiple Bumps On My Penis Shaft (pink, White With Black Dots)

I have multiple bumps on my penis shaft, none on the head. Some are small and flesh colored, while some are pink. One of the pink bumps has a black dot on the top and another has a white dot. Anyway to know what this is? The last time I had sex was 2 months ago, and 8 months before that, with the same person who hasn't complained of anything being wrong with her.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Black And Dark Purple Bits In Stool?

So it all started roughly 4 weeks ago where suddenly one day I was getting really bad stomach cramps, bloating, a lot of gas especially after eating (my stomach would literally rumble all the time, eating or not eating), had very little appetite. Went to the doctors a few days later and they said I had a stomach infection, I wasn't having diarrhea or vomiting at the time.

I started to worry a lot during the next week or so as I suffer from pretty bad anxiety and the symptoms weren't changing at all. I lost about a stone of weight in a week and a half which I assume was down to not eating  (I could only manage a few bananas a day) 

About a week later my stomach cramps seemed to stop and a pain developed just under my right set of ribs, which seemed to get worse and worse as the days went by. I started to get really loose BMs of a weird green dark orange colour which seemed to reduce the pain and would find myself going 3+ times a day and not feel empty after the first. I find myself needing to urinate a lot more frequently too, maybe cause I'm drinking a load of water? 

In my stools are these weird black dry bits of varying length (they were purple today but I'm not sure if that was kidney beans I ate last night) They are dry and kinda look like the bits of popcorn shell that come off the corns before you put them in the microwave,  but not as hard if that makes sense? 

I went to the doctors a few more times and got shrugged off saying it was all down to my anxiety which was causing the issues?

Finally I got to see a good doctor who gave me a blood test which came back with nothing and said I had IBS which was developed as a post-infection mixed with my anxiety levels. I kept asking if any other tests were required and he kept saying there is no point. 

Now I usually have a constant pain under my right ribcage, which comes and goes through the day, usually worse after eating, sometimes under my left ribcage is a feint pain too and sometimes it'll rise into upper abdomen. 

So what the hell is going on here? Sorry for the massive essay.  I'm just really worried about these black bits in my stool, are they blood?!

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Burns :: Peeling Skin After Scald (hot Water) - Pink Skin Underneath

I Just need to know if this in normal. I burn myself with hot water last week. I blister formed and then busted open. I drained the yellow/ clear fluid and a small scab in a straight line formed where the blister split. The scab got peeled yesterday by mistake and then a good amount of the skin that was burned ( only about 2-4 inches of skin, may be ) peeled off. It left pink skin exposed underneath. It doesn't really hurt at all, it just itches. I put neosporin and a band-aid on it this morning. I want to know if this is normal, if its going to stay pink like that forever, and if its going to scar.

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Skin :: Purple Spot On My Butt

Today I discovered a blue purple spot at the top of my butt near the crack. It isn't raised but it is sore when I touch it. What is this? It looks like a very small bruise but I don't remember falling so i don't think it is.. I'm very nervous about it because I had an abscess around this time last year and I had to have it lance which was very painful and i don't want to go through that again. However, this bump looks quite different from the abscess I had. Please help!

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Skin :: Itchy Red Bumps Under Skin On Palms Of Hands And Some On Sole Of Foot

About a year ago I noticed raised areas, like blisters under skin on the Palms of my hands(red), some pin head size others small nail head size some of the larger ones form a blister well under the skin...painful to touch. The others ones are just itchy, drive you nuts itchy. A doctor checked on Vasculitis and they think it is that...I seem to think there is a bacterial inflammation in my blood. Has anyone heard of this? I take Zyrtec 1 daily and if I miss two days the bumps come on me with a vengeance. A biopsy was done at the site of a bump and prevalent of Neutrophils. I had a corticosteroid shot for another ailment and it worked miracles on my vasculitis. Does anyone know of other diseases that I should check into. and will a full body pet scan reveal the source of this stuff.

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Acne :: Pink Looking Bumps Midway Up Shaft Of Penis

For about a year, I had a small bump about midway up the shaft of my penis. Every indicator seemed to me to be that of an ingrown hair, so I basically ignored it. Now, about five or six weeks ago I noticed this bump was much larger. I also noticed 4-5 similar ones around it, not right next to it but in the same general vicinity. I have plucked a hair from the middle of the original one and am treating it 2-3 times a day with hydrogen peroxide. I also plucked a hair from two of the others, the remaining ones look like these but I have yet to find hairs growing out of them. My question is, are these most likely ingrown hairs? Is it possible to get several at once? I'm pretty sexually active and was a bit of a wild man in my past, so I have had exposure to other sexual partners, although I have slowed down a lot in recent years. Do I simply have ingrown hair or should I be concerned about something worse?

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Skin :: Tender Red / Purple Lump On Inner Thigh

I have had this bump under my skin on my inner thigh for about 36 hours. It's more dark red/purple and tender to touch. It's also hard/more firm around it. It looks more like a pimple under the skin, but no whitehead or anything has appeared above the skin (at least not yet.) Other than that, I have no symptoms. It hasn't itched and I can't see any bite marks, not that there necessarily has to be any in order to be a bite.

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Penis :: Skin Purple And Torn During Masturbation

I was masterbating and the skin around my penis tore. Although it wasn't bleeding it was a bit purple were it tore....

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Skin :: Lump In My Arm Size Of A Dime And Has A Little Purple Color

I have a bump in my arm size of a dime and has a little purple color. When i touch it the pain is like a bruise but if i press down it goes away and rises slowly. I've had it for over a year.

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Women's Health :: Purple Lump Between Vagina And Rectum Skin

I was lying in bed the other night, and I felt a lump on the outside skin between my vagina and rectum. I got up and with difficulty, tried to look at it in a hand mirror. There is a purple/dark coloured lump... about a centimeter long? Like a blood blister sort of thing?

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Skin :: Bumps Under Skin On Fingertips And Palms

Over the last few days I have developed tiny bumps under the skin of my fingertips and a few places on my palms. Both hands are involved and almost all the fingers. They do not hurt unless touched. It almost feels like I have a sliver of glass in the spot. I have had these before but only a few and they went away within a day or two. The ones I have now have been present for a week and it seems more are coming. What is going on?

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Skin :: Flaky Dry Skin With Red Bumps On Forehead

I periodically suffer from dry skin on the forehead and cheeks, and now is another stint. It is far worse than anything I have ever seen this time though, with skin actually flaking off and being very visibly dry, and only on the forehead not on the cheeks as well. In addition, I have red bumps on my forehead that look unlike any pimples I have ever had. This has been going on for perhaps a week now. I have no idea what is causing this and really want it to go away.

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Vagina :: Large Bumps On Outer Labia (Red, White With Huge Black Centers)

I'm 18 years old and have had no sexual partners whatsoever. Once in awhile I get small red bumps (I do not remember the correct name but they are not pimples) either on my thighs, close to on on my vagina. I was sick the last two days (just a fever) and went through the hot/cold process, typica fever stuff. Yesterday when I woke up I had one red bump and wasn't concerned simply because I had been sweating during the night. I took a shower and everything and it seemed fine. Today it began hurting when I sat or walked so I finally go home and checked it out. It now went from one to two huge bumps. The outside of the bump is red and raw, the net inner layer is white, and right in the middle of both are two huge black sections. One is on my outer labia and the other is on the next layer. I'm totally freaking out and will probably go to a doctor but does anyone have any recommendations of what it could be or what I should do? I'm unable to sleep not only from the pain but I am beyond stressed out.

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Skin :: Black Dent Under The Eyes

My 12 year old son having a black dent under the eyes since 7 years

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Skin :: Red Bumps On The Palms Of My Hands??

Sunday I started feeling pretty sick. Sore throat,chills,mild fever around 100. Monday I still felt pretty bad so I took the day off from work. Today I felt much better still have a sore throat a little but I noticed when I was at work I have these red bumps on the palms of my hands. They are under the skin but some of them look like tiny blisters. Those are pretty sore. When I run my hands under water it looks like more seem to appear. Its really odd. I been putting some cortisone cream on my hands but the bumps that look like blisters are pretty sore. I just moved here like 3 weeks ago so I don't have a dr yet. I was thinking about going to a clinic if it doesn't get better soon. Its not spreading just the palms of my hands. Any idea if this is just some weird virus??Edit,I was just taking my daughter to bed and noticed my foot felt odd.Looked on the bottom and i noticed one bump near my toe on the bottom of my foot.It feels like im walking on a blister yet its not a blister.

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8 Years Son - Addison's - Skin Pigmentation, Black Freckles And Tired

My son ryan aged 8 has been diagnosed with addison's, this has only been 2 weeks, tell tale signs are skin pigmentation and black freckles, he was poorly but has picked up but reluctant to be very energetic and seems to be tired easily, as this is early stages not sure if this is normal maybe someone can advise, he won't walk so its car or taxis to everywhere, he also has heart murmur, we are still awaiting test results to see why glands stopped working,

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Vascular Disorders :: 2 Black Veins/arteries Showing Under The Skin Of My Right Arm

I'm a 22yo female. 3 hours ago, I accidentally noticed 2 black veins/arteries showing under the skin of my right arm and 1 on my left arm. There was also a dark area near my right wrist. Then the black veins/arteries disappeared and more dark areas appeared. Also, one very dark bluish purple bruise appeared on my left thigh. It looks like a bruise you get after a physical trauma. It hurts very little when you press it. Other than that, I feel absolutely nothing weird.

I'm anemic and have been since I was a kid. My chest is tight most of the time. I'm not taking any meds regularly. But around 18 hours ago, I took a Brufen 400mg for a nasty headache I had. It's still there, btw.

It's 4 in the morning here so I can't go to a doctor right now. If you can give me an idea what it could be or even what kind of doctor to go to in the morning, I would appreciate it.

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Thyroid :: Red Bumps And Skin Irritation With Hyperparathyroidism

I noticed before I had surgery I would have red, irritated and swollen bumps that would turn into nothing short of a raised mass on my inner thighs. It really hurt! After the surgery they all left. Well it's been since October 26th 2015 that I hadn't seen them until today. I have them again which leads me to believe that the hyperparathyroidism was not completely cured. They took one adenoma but left a complex nodule. I ask the surgeon to look at all of my parathyroid hormones and he flat out told me no. I'm concerned that when I go back to the doctor that my levels will be back up. If not then there is another issue I don't know about. However, I still believe my skin irritations are from nodule he refused to look at. I'm no doctor though. But if anybody is having this issue and still feels really weak in their muscles I could use some advise as to how I can help myself feel better. I still ache.

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Skin :: Bumps On Top Of Two And Half Year Old Tattoo

Any idea what the bumps are?

She has had the tattoo around 2.5 years and she's unsure how long the bumps have been there.

They're not painful or itchy.

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STD :: Bumps Like Skin On Upper Shaft Of Penis

I'm 15 and I've noticed tiny bumps when my penis is erect and I'm worried, you have to look closely to see them when it's flaccid but not when erect, I masturbate almost everyday once or twice a day, sometimes more. I'm very worried it could be an STD, they don't hurt or itch and only turn pinkish red when I masturbate, there only on the upper shaft and I'm circumcised. I'm a virgin but I've come In contact with girls before just not sex.

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