Teen :: 16 Years And Random Periods

Oct 9, 2015

i'm a 16 year old girl also a virgin, i have gotten my period but it hasn't formed a routine, i haven't gotten my period in about 3 months now it comes randomly and when it does come it stops and starts for about 1 or 2 weeks.

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No Periods For 2 Years And Spotting Now After Sex

I haven't had my period in over 2 years and I have unprotected sex.(I'm irregular) I have lower abdominal pain and I have spotted for one day.

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Menstrual Cycle :: 46 Years And Two Periods With 6 Day Difference?

I came on my period from August 28 until Sep. 3 and now 9 days later I am back on. Sep 12th. I am 46 years old, what is happening to me?

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Birth Control :: 50 , No Periods 4 Years - Still Take Pill?

I had hormones tested and I am in menopause. I have not had a period in 4 years. Only been off the pill for a month after being on it for a long time. I am told I should still use condoms for birth control, which myself and hubby don't like at all. Chances of getting pregnant may not be likely but can happen. I really prefer to use nothing, but I don't want to end up with a pregnancy at this age. Anyone in their 40's and 50's have gone through this? What was your choice of birth control when the doctor takes you off the pill? Should I not worry about it and use zero protection? Do you think my doctor is being ridiculous?

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Tubal Ligation 4 Years Ago And Now Late On Periods

I had a tubal ligation 4 years ago and now I'm late for my period. could I be pregnant?

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Menopause :: Bleeding Bright Red Blood After No Periods For 2 Years

I am 47 years old and haven't had a period for at least 2 years. However, i starting bleeding bright red blood about 3 days ago, and this has been quite heavy as i am normally only very light.It isn't like period blood. This has happened before in this 2 year period and it was bright red then too. i've been on warfarin since last december due to a pulmonary embolism in my lung. Is it necessary to see a doctor, i don't want to feel like i'm making a fuss.

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Birth Control :: Nuvaring - Missed Two Periods In Two Years

I have been on Nuvaring for two years now. I follow the directions and take it out when I need to. I removed it in May of 2014 and I have missed two periods since then. I have taken 4 pregnancy tests and all of them have been negative. I am not experiencing any pregnancy symptoms, nor have I had unprotected sex since the removal. Any advice as to what is going on? I've been trying to get an appointment set up with my doctor but they won't call back

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :: No Periods For Years - Want To Get Pregnant Now

So, I have been diagnosed with Pcos since 2010. I'm 25 years old and my boyfriend and I after 5 years of being together are going to try for a baby.

I don't have periods , probably had about ; since 2010.

My doctor wanted to put me on the pill a couple of years ago but I declined as I wanted a natural period.... Still nothing . How do I know if and when I am ovulating? These are questions I can't ask my doc as he /she always rushes me out the door. My boyfriend and I have had endless amounts of unprotected sex through the years and never fell pregnant.

I know people say ... Yes you can still fall pregnant if you have Pcos ...

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Teen With Chest Pain Comes And Go

I'm a Teen and I have been getting sharp faint chest pains on the left side of my chest which makes my left arm weak and uncomfortable. The pain sometimes happens in my left shoulder blade as well. It happens at least twice a month. I went to the doctor and he said it is nothing but I'm worried about it and he won't listen.

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Teen Health :: Hurts When I Pee, Not An STD

So I'm 17 and I had very rough sex with this one guy I've been seeing.  We did use a condom, so I know it can't be an STD. But the day after my vagina hurt really bad,  well he tore the opening of my vagina so that's why it hurt when I went pee, but now those raw tearings have healed and I've been on my period all week and it still hurts to pee,  what could it be?  Do I have internal tearing possibly?

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Teen Health :: Vagina Smells

Okay so I'm 17 and I've never been sexually active . I would never be comfortable with just wearing underwear so I would wear party liners all the time but then I noticed a smell on my liners so I started using a Summer's eve spray for down there to cover up the smell. That worked but I got tired of wearing the liners so I stopped . Throughout the day I start to smell weird almost like the ph of my vagina is off . It's disgusting and embarrassing . My first boyfriend tried to go down on me and he said he didn't like the sent . It's was so embarrassing . What do I do to get rid of the smell . I wash with summers eve wash down there as well . I take care of myself but everything I've tried isn't working . Is it possible that I might have an infection ? But from what I've never done anything . I looked online and it said sitting in baking soda for 20 minutes helps balance your ph so I tried that and it worked for a few days then the smell came back . PLEASE HELP ME ASAP

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Teen Pregnancy :: Finger With Dry Precum


She started giving me a hand job but i did not ***. I know in myself i did not *** because i did not felt it come out. So she touched a little bit of my precum

Then she removed her hand in my penis and started tickling me for like 5-7 mins. So the precum was wiped on my clothes, my hair, and pants. Then i started giving her oral sex, then 5 mins later she checked if she is wet using her fingers (the fingers with DRY PRECUM)

So then, after doing it, i decided to take her home. It took about 1 HOUR so the precum is probably dead.

As soon as she got home, she took a bath and of course she handed shampoo, conditioner, soap, and water.

After that, she said she fingered herself because she still has this "horny feeling."

As i do research and sex ed stuff, i knew that if the man didn't ejaculate 72 hours before sexual *****, you are safe for the sperm is not that much in your precum.

I am not ejaculating as always because i am too busy working

her last mens period is dated: May 8, 2016
ended at: May 13, 2016
By the way, We did this last: May 28, 2016
She gor her period: June 6, 2016

So... Is it possible to get her pregnant that way? With dry precum?

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Teen Pregnancy :: Can She Be Pregnant Thru Humping And Precum

Me and my girlfriend often have non penetrative sex...we rub our genitals until we have orgasm. But i have never ejaculated anywhere near her vagina...i pull up my underwear to ensure semen remain trapped. We do like this at least twice a week. She is 3 weeks late of her period. her period started 2 weeks late last time and she is often irregular. But its been already 3 weeks this time and she haven't had her period. Once again i ensure you that i never penetrated her. We are always humping naked and no semen has got close to her genitals. Now could she be pregnant may be because of precum

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Teen Pregnancy :: 14, No Period, Stressed, Puking, Kinda A Virgin

So last month, in February my period was supposed to start on the 16 and it never did but the it start on the 1 of march. it ended on march 4. my periods used to be every 28 days for 3 days straight. now. i was late on that one and now im late again. its april 17. i haven't really had sex. my boyfriend only stuck the tip in but it was for like 2 minutes. he said he didn't do anything but it's still scaring me because i haven't had my period. i've been puking and im really tired. my boobs arent sore though. i don't want to tell my mom because she's automatically going to assume i did something and i dont want her to know anything happened.

ps-i've been having my period since i was 9 or 10 and the only time i've missed a period was my second month of having them. i think im just stressing myself out too much and im just gonna be late again. maybe its just from my body not knowing what that was because i've never fingered myself or anything before. not hes did both things. what should i do?

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Puberty Early - Teen With 7-8 Inches Penis And Thick Voice?

I'm a teen with a penis that measures (when erect, obviously) between 7 1/2 and 8 inches in length, depending on the environment or how excited I am. I hit puberty very early, and I can already grow a thick beard (not a long one though!!). I'm a little over 5'8, too. I have a pretty deep voice.

My main concern is that I'll stop developing early. Will how early I hit puberty effect when both my body and my penis stop growing, and will my voice stay this deep or only get a tiny bit deeper? I'd really like to know, and I think the size of my member right now is a GOOD size, but I'll be honest and say that I'm rather ambitious. I would also like to be able to reach at least six feet tall by adulthood.

That being said, is there any way I'll be able to grow taller than I would if I continued as normal? I've heard that certain types of food give you the correct vitamins or minerals to help you grow. If any alteration is possible, I'd be happy to go through with it and get a few extra inches on my current height.

BTW, my last question is concerning my strength. I'm a football player, but when games aren't in season I don't do much but sit on my computer at home. Even given the circumstances, I somehow have one of the strongest arms (strong throw, whatever muscles you use during arm-wrestling) in my school, and in the school I went to last year. I'm also one of the fastest people in my school. I'd like to know why this is. Is it because of genetics, or maybe because of what I eat

teen White Caucasian Male, 5'8, 155-160 pounds

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Random Weird Ejaculations Without Erection

I am teenage and have been experiencing some awkward situations where I begin to feel odd. I get some butterflies in my stomach, my muscles weaken, and my brain "shuts off" and I can feel as if something might be being released from my penis. I am not too sure of what is being released as i'm a little too worried to know if it's semen or not. prior to these happening, I am not aroused of any sort, I can just be sitting down watching TV and these occur, I have masturbated in the past, but I don't have any routine when I comes to masturbation, since this began I have not masturbated, not knowing if I should or not. When this occurs, I don't have an erection, and if I do it doesn't last for too long. I am worried because this is the first time anything like this has ever happened to me, and if it is ejaculation, it is the first time I have ever ejaculated. I don't know what this is because of. Is it just a stage of growth or puberty? Is it anything I need to see a doctor about? I am worried to talk to a doctor or my parents about the situation because it is just a weird topic and I don't feel comfortable talking to them about it.

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General :: Arms And Legs Random Spasms

I'm a teen and I have been putting up with this problem for as long as I can remember now but every time I am resting or just sitting down my arm/leg will just randomly spasm out and I do not feel like this is good for my relationship because every time my boyfriend and I hug or just lean on each other my arm or leg just randomly spasms out the only way I can stop it is by asking him to hold my arm or leg down or lay me on my side and hold me tight I can get a rough estimate of when these are going to take place and I get some buzzing feeling in my arm or leg then after about 10 seconds of having the feeling my arm or leg will randomly jerk and I do not find this kind to my boyfriend as I sometimes hit him accidentally whilst I have one of my arm or leg spasms I really would like to know can I get help for this problem

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Bowel Disorders :: Random Sudden Vomiting And Diarrhea

I have had 2 incidents (one early last week and one today) where I have felt completely fine, was on an empty stomach (before my breakfast) and suddenly got nauseous and threw up a couple times - followed by diarrhea. No pain is associated.

Within an hour or so afterwards I felt suddenly fine. Note: I am primarily vegan - have ruled out any food poisoning issues and have not gotten stomach flu 2x. (No fever or anything else)

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Anxiety :: Random Images Like Faces And Fear Of Schizophrenia

I have ocd and gad. Lately when I close my eyes I see random images like faces. It usually happens when I am waking up or laying down at night. I have a huge fear of schizophrenia. My anxiety has been horrible the past few months. Does anyone else experience this? Is it schizophrenia?

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Vaginal / Uterus Health :: Random Pink Spotting?

I had sex unprotected (pulled out) Dec 19th and again Jan 1st protected ( however I did bleed a lot which I didn't notice til afterwards but I'm sure its because my partner was well endowed and we skipped foreplay). Since then I've had 2 regular periods. I noticed the pink spotting once sometime before the first period in January it was off and on for 2 days and only noticed the pinkish red when I wiped. I had my period for February as well and sometime maybe a week or so before that I again had pink spotting only for a day or so. Now my period is due in 2 weeks and I again have had the pink spotting once earlier last week and again today. All this hasn't happened before.

Could it be infection I haven't had any discomfort whatsoever other than last month I had a slight itch that went away after 3 days using an apple cider vinegar rinse.

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Random Spells Of Sudden Headache With Dizziness And Nausea?

Little background info, I'm 18 and female and I never usually get headaches, but yesterday morning I woke up with a slight one, the type you usually get when you oversleep. Throughout the day it got a lot worse, to the point where my eyes were watering due to the pain, I could barely stand and barely move and of course had no paracetamol in the house so I had to endure the horrendous pain before my mum was able to get some when she got back from work. It's now day two and the headache is just as bad, the nausea and dizziness comes and goes in random spells but the headache is persistent. Pain relief dulls but doesn't get rid of the pain. 

I haven't had any injury or knock to the head, no ear infection (to cause the dizziness) and the only things that really changed is my sleeping pattern (I usually sleep for around 5/6 hours a day due to insomnia but yesterday I got a full 10 hours sleep only waking up around 3 times during the night which is normal for me). 

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