Thyroid Cancer :: Radical Neck Dissection - 1 Week Post Op

Jul 8, 2013

I had another round of RAI in March as my Tg never went into the single digits after my first ablation 5/12.

I was in Irvine, CA to get neck fusion surgery at Hoag when an MRI showed a suspicous lymph node. That led to an US and a PET/CT. (obviously ACDF surgery on hold)

PET/CT showed about 5 lymph nodes consistent with metastatic disease, so the endo I saw in Irvine recommended neck dissection.

My sister had a great ENT in Vegas so I went there and had the surgery a week ago Friday. He was going to do a modified radical, but when he got in there he said my neck was "full of disease". He counted 8 black and hard lymph nodes and cleared out my entire right side.

I am waiting for the path report. Maybe cause of the holidays it is taking a while. I hate waiting!

I have since come to LA where my inlaws live and am going through the process of getting an appointment at the City of Hope. I do not want to get further treatment on Maui where I live. I need a little better level of care.

I'm kind of anxious as I feel I am in limbo land here. I've had the surgery, but I have had no follow up yet. No bloodwork, no nothing.

I know that when I finally get that appointment at CoH I will get the evaluation and perhaps further treatment I need.

Is it usual to have another RAI after a radical neck dissection? This surgeon said that my last round of RAI probably did not work because there was so much cancer in there.

Oh, I also have a small nodule on my lung. Haven't addressed that yet, and that kind of worries me as well.

Geez. Since dx last April of 2012 I have not had anything go well. The Endo thinks I may have the BRAF gene. I asked this surgeon to test for it and he said he didn't know if his hospital did that. I guess I'll find out when I see the path report and/or talk with the doc.

I am anxious about my next steps. I've been out of work now since Feb. 19th and my medical leave expires August 19. I am going to try to get an extension so I won't have to go on COBRA.

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Prostate Cancer :: Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Reviews?

Just got Gleason score 4+3

PSA risen from 17.8 to 20

plan for robotic radical prostatectomy in 3 weeks - has anyone else had this surgery?

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Hip Replacement :: Any Tips? Only One Week Post Op

I'm 65 and just had a THR I Live alone and seem to be doing ok just wondering how other people managed or any tips.

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Knee :: 9 Week Post Op Report

- Totally off meds now for 9 days

- can do 20 min on bike at 60-65 rpm

- Joined Gym again (intend to hit the treadmill 20min/day or so. Will see)

- Still kind of stiff and sore depending on activity (all manageable).

- Bend is at 101 (thought it might be a bit better but it is what it is)

- Extension has gotten a bit worse. 3 weeks ago it was at 6 today only 10

  hmmmm. I think this is my own fault however. Have been paying more 

  attention to the bending and slacking off a bit on the extension. Lesson


  Pay close attention to both flexion and extension. Muscles are quick to

  retract if you don't keep them stretched and well exercised.

- Sleep is also improving. 4 good nights this week. 3 not so good.

- Knee is still swollen and now using both Ice and heat at times.

- Still pain on inside of knee but improving

In summary, life is returning. Progress is not as quick as I thought it would be but who is ever really properly prepared for this? I sure wasn't.

When I look back to weeks 3-5, there is miles of progress. Sure there is still some discomfort and pain but all manageable now. I remember for a time I was stuck in one spot, other times when it felt like I was going backwards.

This is sure no linear recovery. Some old pains fade while new pains crop up when you least expect. Looking back now, they are all part of the healing process. So for those in their first few weeks, don't despair, there's some nice light not to far ahead.

I realize there's still a long hard road ahead (gotta keep those exercises up) But at least now I'm confident in working towards a full recovery. Even that stubborn extension. Haha

Oh and also thank you to the folks on this forum for all your support and encouragement.

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Cancer :: Pain In Right Side Of Head, Under My Eye And My Neck

I have a dull pain in my right side of my head. I also have pain under my eye on the same side. The eye is watering and I have an on and off runny nose. The back of my neck is also stuff 

I'm worried that it may be a tumour even though I've had an eye scan and the only thing wrong was a blurry pupil. (I had the scan after a big migraine on the right side)

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Foot / Ankle :: 1 Week Post Tarsal Tunnel Surgery

Is there anyone that would be willing to share their journey post tarsal tunnel release surgery with me. This has been and is so hard. I had the open procedure on the right foot and need it on the left when I heal. I notice no real change in sensation. I know it could take up to a year but I was wondering what different people experienced. The doctor found varicose veins wrapped around all three branches. He said the nerves looked healthy-whatever that is worth. They feel pathetic. He just moved the veins "out of the way" What prevents them from migrating back around the nerve? I don't think deep varicose veins in the feet are something that can be removed. But if I don't feel better soon, I am going to opt for bilateral below the knee amputations. I know the recovery is slow. I have been out of work for over 4 months because I kept injuring my ankles and finally tore the peroneal tendon in the right leg. That was fixed in December. Then I got sciatica and they found 4 herniated discs. Wound up with three epidural injections in the spine. It was only after that resolved that they would even address the tarsal tunnel. I went to 3 different doctors with no diagnosis until I really screwed up my ankle tearing the tendon. What gives with this disorder? I have never come across it. I don't know if I will ever be able to return to work. My whole life is in shambles right now.

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Thyroid :: Anyone Else With Parathyroid Cancer ?

I ve been operated of parathyroid cancer in March 2015 in France. It seems very rare. I m looking for people with the same disease ? I am still in hypocalcemia after 8 months even with 3 g of calcium per day and vit D.

Have you ideas to go out ?

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Can't Walk Far - Right Buttock Aches - One Week Post Op

I was advised recovery 1-2 weeks. I am feeling really good today except that since I had the procedure I can't walk very far. If I do my right buttock just aches and I have to turn back. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this.

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Thyroid :: Nodule To Be Removed Even If It's Not Cancer?

Can I insist that my thyroid nodule is removed even if it is not cancer?

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Thyroid :: Nodule Of 6+ Cm - Risk Of Cancer?

I'm a 21 year old healthy, active female. A 6 cm nodule was discovered in my thyroid about a month ago after I felt a lump in the front of my neck. I had an FNA which indicated that it was benign, however my doctor informed me a week later that due to the large size of the nodule, they can't be sure it's not cancerous. Based on this, he recommended I have surgery and that I won't know whether it's cancerous until the biopsy results come back after a lobectomy.

Since I discovered it a month ago it has become noticeably bigger. Does the risk of cancer increase in fast growing nodules or nodules that are 6 cm+?

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Ovarian Cysts Removal :: Thyroid Cancer History

I am a 50 year old who started having left back pain two months ago.  After pelvic US discover 3.8 cm complex cyst.  Gyro recommended waiting and follow up ultrasound, so two months later repeat ultrasound showed an additional 2.5 cm complex cyst, original was measured at 3.1 cm.  Gyno Dr recommended surgery to remove left ovary and both cysts.  I still have left back pain, some pain when urinating, constipation, so stomach upset.  Part of me wants to continue waiting in pain to see if they resolve, but it's not fun having the not severe but constant ache in my left side.  Have a history of thyroid cancer, but have been cancer free for 4 years.  I am in perimenopause, periods are very irregular.  Went 3 months without a period, had a period, and now it's been two months with no period.  Have a surgical consult with gyn/ob at Kaiser Mr. Talbert in Sunnyside Oregon next Thursday.   I need advice and suggestions on what to ask Dr.   Part of me just wants to do the surgery and get it over with, but the other part thinks what if I wait and they go away?  With my history of cancer (I had a 10% chance that my thyroid tumor would have been cancerous and it was) I'm a little leary of just saying that since there is only a slight chance of complex cyst being cancer I shouldn't worry about that.  Maybe should have the cancer test?  

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Thyroid Cancer :: Papillary Carcinoma - Hypoechoic Mass Lesion?

A few months back my Dr was checking my thyroid - said it felt soft - sent me for blood tests (MANY hypothyroid symptoms!) (which were ok - TSH only 1.1) and an ultrasound which showed a small 8x7x7mm hypoechoic mass lesion on the lower left lobe of my thyroid. I had a FNA biopsy two weeks ago, today actually, and already found out last Friday that 2 of the 3 pathologists said they can't say what it isn't but to remove it asap and the 3rd said absolutely consistent with papillary carcinoma and to remove it asap as well... so now I am just waiting to have it removed. My Dr absolutely agrees and said get it out! He said depending how bad it is they will decide whether they just remove the mass but will possibly remove the whole thyroid... do they end up doing two surgeries or do they get in there and see its worse then they thought and make the decision right then and there? He explained it is THE cancer to have - although no one wants any cancer... that it is very treatable etc. I'm just stressed and wondering about the whole thing. Is it normal to have normal thyroid levels but have PC?

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Cancers :: Papillary Thyroid Cancer. Iodine -131 Stopped Working

Diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer an year ago and had both glands removed. Did iodine-131 after that. Cancer scan did not indicate any cancer cells spread. Thyroglobulin numbers in my blood was dropping along with my first I-131 treatment until it stopped dropping, that was when my doctor advised me to take a second pill which was about a month ago. Today went back to the doctor and he said that the numbers aren't dropping anymore, so he advised me to check up my lymph and lungs to see if there are cancer cells in those areas.

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Thyroid :: Surgery Advice? Pre / Post Operative Experiences?

If anyone has dealt with this or know anyone who has I would love if you would share. I'm just curious about how the operation goes (its preparations, and after). I have 2 thyroid nodules and they are pretty big and is causing phlegm, voice changes and other stuff.

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Hysterectomy :: 5th Week Post-op - Waist Muscle Pain And Upper Abdominal Pain

I am on my 5th week post-op TAH (removed uterus, cervix and Fallopian tubes). I was recovering well in the past few weeks with reducing pains.

Of all sudden, I had a painful swelling abdominal and soreness/pulling pain around waist yesterday coupled with giddiness and headache. Is it normal having a regression during recovery period? Any remedy members could share esp. now I still can't exercise. I put on an abdominal binder now to ease the pain slightly.

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Cholesteatoma:: Radical Mastoidectomy - Air Travel?

My husband had  radical mastoidectomy this summer. This was his second surgery (cholesteotoma returned after first surgery) and this time, his ENT closed off the Eustachian tube in the affected ear.

We are thinking about taking a trip next year (Winter of 2017) and my husband is concerned that he will not be able to fly because of the pressure changes. 

For those that have had this same surgery, are you able to fly comfortably?

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Urinary Incontinence :: After Radical Prostate Removal

My 73 yo father had a radical surgery 5 years ago (prostate removal) due to the cancer. To date, he is suffering from urinary incontinence. He is also taking "Cymbalta" as a medication but no relief has been granted. I was wondering if anyone could let me know about a new medication in the market that would work better than "Cymbalta" ?


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Gradual Weight Gain After Radical Prostatectomy - Testosterone Levels?

I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in may ,2009. The only real option for me was to have a radical prostatectomy because of age (58 years old and retired) :-( . I had this done in july, 2009 and since then there has been no evidence of cancer return. All PSA's have been less than 0.1. I have noticed over this time period a gradual weight gain of 7 lbs. I've always watch my diet and walk 5.5 miles a day. I'm 6'0" and now weigh 189 lbs. I do have rheumatoid arthritis which has been under control (sed rate=10) for a number of years using 0.5 mg prednisone and 1 or 2 vicodin es to control pain and flareup. Why is this happening with the weight gain? Is there any evidence or articles out there to support weight gain after radical prostatectomy ? Is this related to testosterone levels?

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Severe Low Back, Thigh And Groin Pain After Radical Prostatectomy

Does anyone suffer with the same severe low back, thigh and groin pain as I have been for the past seventeen months following my radical prostatectomy. I am fine for the first twenty minutes of walking or general activity before the pains starts and increases in intensity if I don't stop.  I have had M.R.I's and scans. The spinal consultant said it is caused by a lymphocele which I have had drained once, but urology don't think this is the cause. Can anyone offer any suggestions please. The nerve pain can get unbearable.

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Spinal Cord :: Neck Clicking, Crackling. Pop Rocks Sound When Walking After Neck Adjustment

I went to physical therapy for TMJ 4 days ago, I'm 31 years old. While massaging my jaw the physical therapist went on to my neck, and without me knowing out of nowhere cranked my neck super hard and it popped 3 times on the left side. My neck has been stiff on the left ever since with some pain and when I walk I hear loud clicking crackling/pop rocks sounds in my neck right before it meets the shoulders. Did he injure me? anyone else experience this? will it go away.

I was so upset he cracked my neck like that he isn't even a chiropractor but said afterwards when I got upset with him that he knows chiropractor movements.

I've never been to a chiropractor so I don't know how it compares but it seems really hard and forceful when he did it. Its weird that when I move my neck I don't hear the sound, only when walking. Someone please advise me on this.

Also what type of doctor should I see for this issue, i'm going to schedule an appointment tomorrow, but don't know the type of doctor who would be best. My GP just gave me ibuprofen and said it should go away on it's own.

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Propranolol :: Dizziness, Neck And Upper Back Pain, Tingling Gums, Sore Neck Glands

Had stroke 13 years ago. Have suffered anxiety ever since. Mainly dizziness. Recently came off citalopram after 8 years, started on sertraline. Never felt worse in my life......including severe diarrhea. Dr now stopped sertraline and put me on propranolol one week ago. Still feel awful and dizziness possibly worse. Will anything ever work?

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