Tramadol? Feeling Ridiculously Thirsty On

Dec 3, 2015

I had a laparoscopy yesterday (2nd December 2015) and have been given Tramadol painkillers which a working amazingly well!! They're incredible, not gonna lie! Helps with not only the surgical pain, but the stomach aches that i've had for 4 years now all day every day! I'm virtually pain free! It's amazing! Anyway, I've taken 100mg yesterday evening at about 7, 100mg at 11 last night, and 100 mg at 8.30 this morning. At about 8/9 last night I drank a whole bottle of Ribena. I put Ribena in a bottle so I don't have to keep leaning to pick up a glass. It's easier to have a bottle on the sofa. I never drink that much in one go! Ever! But I drank a whole bottle, and a cup of tea within about 15 minutes. I heard of! I was still so thirsty, so I drank another bottle later on! This morning I woke up and was dying for a drink. Drank a whole 2 bottles of Ribena before 9! No matter how much I drink, I'm still so thirsty. Is this a common side effect of Tramadol? Has anyone else experienced this?

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Have Been Feeling Extremely Thirsty Lately

I didn't know where to put this, because I don't really know why I have been feeling so thirsty, just that I am and have been. Kind of hard to put a time frame on it, but I think it's been a couple of months, more or less. As far as diabetes, that's an easy answer, but I had blood tests a month ago, and I was normal (had a large range of tests in many areas and was pretty much normal). I also had been checking my sugar manually a month ago just because I wanted to see if I had it.

I notice that if I have a savory meal (i.e. with salt, obviously), I am more thirsty, but I pretty much never eat anything that salty ever, and I also have been eating the same types of food that I've always eaten my entire life, and haven't had this issue.

I already emailed my doctor, and will eventually set up an appointment with her.

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Anxiety :: Feeling Weak And Thirsty A Lot

Lately I've been feeling uncontrollably thirsty and weak in certain areas of the body. My left eye has these weird spasms and ever since I was out in the woods that one day, i feel like my physical symptoms have gotten worse. I wasn't bitten by anything as It wasn't an overnight thing and I was very alert. I DID defecate in the grass and well... now I'm thinking I must have gotten a parasite from doing so. Since then my pains and everything have gotten worse...... my breathing has always been this bad, but everything else feels like it has gotten worse and I'm SICK of it. I either need a straight jacket or a casket at this point because I'm screwed and I know it. I'm still salivating quite a bit and the pins and needles/muscle weakness has gotten worse. I'm TRIED of being miserable like this. Therapy can't help a real physical problem... And I know defecating in that grass has finally given me something deadly and I'm going nuts worrying. No, it isn't the worrying that's increasing my symptoms, it's something real.

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Tramadol :: Tramadol And Alcohol

I began tramadol in June 2014 after surgery. It subsided the pain and made me feel good. Like happy and optimistic about my recovery. I couldn't drive while recovering, so I walked everywhere, including to physical therapy appointments. That was all of last summer. I stayed on them until January to help with physical therapy discomfort. Then I suffered an elbow injury also in January, so stayed on them. My surgeon who originally prescribed them began cutting down on what he prescribed, so I found them elsewhere. This past spring, I began drinking alcoholic beverages after taking my last dose at around 5pm. Two months later was a disaster. Since, I have learned two very important things about Tramadol. One is that it's also an antidepressant and two, alcohol makes them even more addicting. This I learned through all the research I desperately sought. I am now 11 days without taking Tramadol and It's been hell. I spoke to a detox facility and they said that my insurance company would not pay for treatment for Tramadol because it is...wait for it... NOT ADDICTING. So here I am still trying to get this poison out of my system. It stinks because it is now I need something to calm my symptoms. Which is the lesser evil? I have no energy, depression, muscle weakness, no motivation and can cry at any given moment. Why me, why any of this? Doctors need to know what Tramadol truly is as do the insurance companies.

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Thyroid :: Why I Am So Thirsty?

I have had everything check that my doctor can think of, but for the last few months a have been so thirsty. I have to chew gum or Suck on a hard candy to get some relief.

I have been hypothyroid for years, without treatment, now the last few months I have been getting better on a lot of symptoms.

I have been checked for sjogren's syndrome, came back negative. My blood sugar and a1c is good also.

Any ideas? Could it still be my thyroid causing this?

I just got my tsh below a 1,and my free t3 is at the top of the range, and free t4 is in the middle of the range.

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Menopause :: Thirsty - Can't Seem To Get Enough To Drink

This is going to sound weird, but is anyone else really really thirsty? I can't seem to get enough to drink. Of course I've been short of breath so maybe that has something to do with it? So tired of this.

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Diabetes :: Become Extremely Thirsty Lately

I've started to become extremely thirsty lately. I've also had an issue with having to pee a lot, which has been happening for a much longer time than the thirst. The troubling thing is that I had a fasting blood test about 1-2 months ago, and also did a bunch of self-tests, and they were all normal.

Not sure how exactly I should approach this - My doctor wants another fasting blood test, and that's a whole other issue. It's hard to fast, as I feel extremely bad if I have to go without sugar, especially with the driving/waiting to take the test/etc...But like I said, that's another issue.

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Hormones :: Feeling Like Im Dying, Tired,headaches, Feeling Sick

I'm only 17 years old. I have felt the way i feel now for months. I am not pregnant before anyone suggests that!

I suffered from a disease/illness where my glands swelled up til they were huge and you could clearly see them. I had a fever all day, i would go cold and the hot, i had no energy at all and was generally sick! The doctor gave me some antibiotics and it cleared up.

Ever since then i have not been myself. I feel sick at some point during the day, i constantly have a weird feeling in my head, its not pain as such, but like a numbing feeling and irritation. I feel like im going to faint all the time, im weak and very tired, i also get chest pains from time to time & my breathing is rubbish, its hard to breath at times, i generally feel like im dying

I have had countless blood tests and all of them showed nothing!

This totally upset me because im frustrated, i just want it to be over!!

The doctor told me just to have lots of water and exercise.

My family were convinced that i suffer from anxiety and panic attacks!

As i had a panic attack due to the fact i felt so ill i thought i was dying!

It wasn't just happening to me for no reason the attack.

so they took me to the doctor where he told me my symptoms were that of anxiety and panic attacks so he gave me some tablets to take.

But i still feel the same!!

I do not believe that i have anxiety

I am sick if people believing that is what it is!!

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Asthma :: Feeling Tired, No Energy, Constant Uncomfortable Feeling

I am slightly worried, but last thursday i was told i had asthma and i was given 2 inhalers, but since then my breathing has gotten worse, i suffer from chest pain and a "that's not right" feeling in my chest, and i am soooo fatigued and have no energy and now have lost my appetite :-(
and also feel sometimes light headed, I have been given a blood test but results aren't out yet and i hate waiting also i am really worried which make me worse and i have some back pain as well.

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Addison's :: Craving For Salt And Always Thirsty

I'm wondering what the "typical" dose is for fludrocortisone? I've been taking .1 mg for past several years, but doesn't seem like it's doing anything. I'm thirsty all of the time, and am consuming liquids all day it seems ... and yes, I add sea salt to my water. Could it be that this gets worse the longer you live with the condition, and so may require more of the med to help with sodium retention? I'm clearly not retaining extra water weight as I'm extremely thin (87 lbs). My doctor doesn't seem to have a clue and just tells me to keep drinking water. I pretty much don't rely on doctors anymore with this condition. I've grown tired of educating them about Addison's/ Adrenal Insufficiency. So I figured I would ask here and see what others take and if anyone has had to increase their fludrocortisone.

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Bladder Disorders :: Really Thirsty And A Lot Of Clear Pee

I've started to get really thirsty, and I drink a lot of water everyday. I have to go to the toilet about every 10 minutes, and the pee is clear. Maybe I should drink less, but I get really thirsty so I can't. I'm really tired to, but I don't know if has to do with it.

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Never Thirsty, Yet Always Dehydrated

I rarely drink anything, maybe 1-2 cups of water a day, and I feel fine. But whenever it rains or I take a shower my fingers prune excessively. People always say "Oh just drink more water!" But I cant, If I am not thirsty (which is all the time) I physically cannot drink without feeling sick!

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Thirsty For Water All The Time

I am going on 30 weeks and I had my glucose testing done which came back normal but I am constantly thirsty for water I can't get enough is this normal as I get close to my due date or is there something wrong.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Dizzy Thirsty And Sleepy

Okay so I have had the implanon for 4 months and just had it taken out 7-11-2014. That same nught mu husband and I had unprotected sex and have had unprotected sex every other night since. I am ttc currently. My ob said people could.become pregnant with in the same day as removal, for the oast couple days I have has lower back pains and tingling nipple and brest pain. Even on implanon my periods were regular just light and according to my fertility calender I am fertile this week, I have had thick discharge also have been dizzy thirsty and sleepy. Could I be pregnant?

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Suboxone And Tramadol? Which One To Take First?

i want to know what is better to take first subo and after tramadol or first tramadol and after suboxone

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Tramadol :: Stay Away From It

Last Friday (16/Sep/11) I had an op to repair an umbilical hernia (overnight stay). On being discharged the nurse gave me a packet of 50 mg Tramadol capsules to ease the pain, although the pain wasn't that bad. I had been walking to the toilet (in hospital) within 4 hours of recovering from the op.

Anyway, I got home on Saturday and what with the fairly long walk from the hospital to the taxi, plus getting in and out of the car, I was starting to feel some twinges, so I took 2 Tramadol. Much later that evening I started to have really weird side effects. They are so difficult to describe. A combination of panic attack, dizziness, extreme fatigue, and difficulty nodding off to sleep. I'd nod off, like one does, then I'd immediately have these images in my head - people I'd seen on TV that day, cars, animals, all jumbled up.

Then I must have fallen asleep for an hour or two only to come awake with a start after having this veritable nightmare of there being someone in the room and when I opened my eyes (in my sleep just before coming awake) there was this extremely tall guy, 9 feet tall, his head was literally brushing the ceiling. Then "he" walked across the room to another bed (my mind thought it was still in the 4-bed unit in the hospital ward) and disappeared! As if in a puff of smoke. And at that point I awoke feeling hot and sweaty.

So those were the last Tramadol *I* was ever going to take, I can tell you. And then, yesterday, Thursday I had severe itching at the surgical wound site. This had nothing to do with the Tramadol I'd taken on Saturday, which must have been out of my system by then. Anyway, apart from the itching there was still a bit of an ache, so I thought I'd take just a single Tramadol capsule.

The itching went; the dull ache went. But this morning, very early, about 04:00am, I awoke feeling anything but refreshed. I had some numb feelings in my hand and thigh, they kept coming and going. I got up at around 05:45 am, make a cup of tea, then suddenly felt very weak. Jittery, fast pulse, zonked. Since then I have just lain on my bed in between going for a short walk and am drinking glasses of water in an attempt to flush this [b:095f76e716]POISON[/b:095f76e716] out of my system and am starting to feel a little better.

Earlier in the week on doctor's recommendation I booked an appointment with the nurse for this afternoon to have the dressing changed and the incision checked (it's a long, vertical cut about 4 inches long; they found two hernias), and in order to save on taxi fares I booked one of the free pick-up buses to take me and bring me back. However, I've just cancelled them and have ordered a taxi instead as I cannot face the lengthy zig-zag route these buses often take as they have to pick up numerous other people. I'll talk to the nurse about Tramadol and see what she says. I don't need any pain killers now and if I still get one or two twinges in the next few days, I shall take only paracetamol if necessary. (Not allowed to take ibuprofen or similar NSAIDs as I have a tendency to gastritis and duodenal ulcer.)

So, I am never going to touch Tramadol ever again and this time I mean it. I would not recommend it to my worst enemy. If some people take it just to get "high" they must be stark, raving mad.

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Tramadol :: How Much Addictive?

I was prescribed tramadol 6 weeks ago, but having read in the forum how addictive they are I am considering stopping them, although they do help with my back pain. Has anyone being given an alternative to these drugs, and if so are they effective.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Constantly Thirsty?

I was wondering if anyone else diagnosed with ME is constantly thirsty? I've had all the blood tests (and have been diagnosed with ME), so diabetes is omitted. It seems to be worse on an evening and I'm always topping up my fluids with water and herbal teas-so plenty hydrated! It's not my worse symptom, but just wondering if it was common?

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Sertraline :: Constantly Thirsty - No Matter How Much I Drink

I've noticed in the last few weeks that I am constantly thirsty no matter how much i drink. I always have a drink with me usually water but i just cannot seem to get rid of my thirst.

Someone told me that certain antidepressants can cause you to have a dry mouth and i just wondered if this is true about sertraline and what can be done about it (other than changing meds).

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Pregnancy :: Exhausted And Thirsty - My Iron Is Fine

I'm 39 weeks and 3 days. I'm so exhausted and thirsty all day. Does anyone know why?  My Iron is fine as well

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Tramadol To Amitriptyline To Aid Sleep

after using Tramadol for several months with limited success I have now been prescribed Amitriptyline also to aid sleep. I was constantly waking up at night in pain but this is seeming to work thankfully.

Is it a concern though that it does knock me out and I do work night shifts..... 

Perhaps I need to change my shift pattern temporary?

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