Trimethoprim :: Tongue And Lips Swelled Up With So Many Blisters

Dec 28, 2009

After 2.5 days taking Trimethoprim my tongue & lips swelled up with so many blisters and mouth ulcers, felt really rotten with a fever... Face swelled up with red blotches - looked like a hamster! Unexplained painful red blotch on left hand.. went to a clinic on Boxing Day - Doctor said lucky I could still breathe properly!!! took antihistamines - not much improvement, dosed up with Paracetamol, Difflam spray and Daktarin mouth gel. Still can't eat properly 6 days later!

DO THESE DRUGS NOT GET TESTED PROPERLY??? - Just read that it is a derivative of a Chemotherapy drug... who wants to take this further? ...

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Anxiety :: Mouth, Tongue And Lips Burning

It's been about 2 weeks that my mouth, tongue and lips are burning. No fever and nor runny nose. No coughing, headaches, and any other symptoms.

Today I saw my pharynx and found some red small scratches. I also feel some phlegm coming down from the nose to the throat.

I took a tablespoon of honey and I felt relief.

I'm experiencing a anxiety crisis and I'm wondering whether it could be due to that.

Can you guys give me some orientation?

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Bell's Palsy My Tongue And Lips Pain And Burning

I am new to this forum, want to discuss my health condition with you and gain your valuable information. i have bells palsy and a background of Obsessive compulsive disorder. currently on Faverin(fluvoxamine) and Risperdal(risperidone).

Since five days i can not speak comfortably. my tongue and lips are having pain and burning like sensation. want to know how much serious is this. has anyone of you experienced this sort of problem, if yes how did you overcome it?

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: Blisters On Inner Lips Of My Vagina

I had a blister in my inner lips of my vagina i hurts only when i pee like burn feeling so i had to spray with water whenever i pee. pls help me im in tokyo whee seeking tog professionals are very hard due to language barrier.

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Insect Bites :: Bite Blisters And New Blisters Form Around It Days Later

What kind of illness or insect could cause small insect bites to blister on the bite site? After being bitten a blister appears on the skin at the site of the bite after a couple of days, followed by new blisters forming around this bite site a further few days later. Skin appears red and site is painful, blisters are about 1cm in diameter and half a cm in height, newly formed blisters appear much smaller. This insect bite would have been contracted in a central American country such as Guatemala.

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Trimethoprim :: 28 Days Supply Of Trimethoprim. Should I Be Worried ?

I have been diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis and prescribed a 28 day course of 200 mg Trimethoprim tablets along with 2.5mg of Oxybutynin for the same period. Started the treatment several days ago having taken 4 tablets of each drug.There are no immediate side effects apart from a slight dizzyness. Having read the posts about the bad reactions to this drug,it has given me great concern over the long period I have to take these tablets. Are there any other readers to this website who have taken this drug for the same period of about a month ?

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STD :: Itchy Swelled Inner Labia?

ever since I've started my first period (2 years ago) my inner labia starts to itch just after I finish my period it's the most annoying thing ever and it drives me crazy! once I give it just the slightest itch it starts to get swollen. it usually happens from the middle of my inner labia all the way to the vagina hole and it looks like a really bad bug bite. I'm a virgin, never had any sort of oral sex ( I'm 13 ) so I highly doubt it's an  std  and it's not a yeast infection either because I don't have any discharge for a week after I finish my period. Is there any way I can stop the itching and also prevent it from happening ever again? 

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Knot On Hand :: Pointer Finger Swelled Up And Hurt Bad

hello all, 2 months ago i wrecked my dirt bike, my thumb bent back and touched my wrist. my hand, thumb, and pointer finger swelled up and hurt bad. after a few days i noticed a bruise running from my elbow all the way to my hand. now the pain is mostly gone as well as the bruising , but i have a small hard knot right where my pointer finger and thumb come together. is this a torn tendon or should i get this looked at like i should have in the first place..


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Skin And Hair :: Dry Lips And Skin Around Lips

I had a cut a week ago on my corner of my lips but they are now healed. Now, i have very dry lips that are rough. I have tried exfoliating and applying olive oil but they are still dry. The skin around my lips are also starting to flake.

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ENT :: Spot On The Left Tip Of My Tongue

I have a spot on the left tip of my tongue. It starts as rough irritated papillae and then they disappear to form a bald patch. The overall size is maybe 1/4" wide and a little bit longer, kind of an irregular shape. This spot keeps reoccurring every 1.5-2 months in the exact same spot and is gone within 2 weeks. Does anyone have any clue what this could be?

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Mirtazapine :: Dispersible On Tongue?

Mirtazapine that dissolves on tongue? Anyone take it?

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Shingles? Tongue Is Ulcerated - Can't Eat Anything

Have had what I thought to be a recurrent kidney infection~pain around the waist and back,Feeling rough. But for the last few weeks I've had pain on right side of face which radiates into my eye and top of head.My eye is constantly watering and itchy and my vision is affected. For the last few nights right side of jaw has been unbearably painful and right side of tongue is ulcerated. Eating and swallowing is almost impossible. The pain keeps me awake and I'm at a loss to know what it is.Nothing eases it. I will need to see my GP next week,but I wondered if anyone has had a similar experience.

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ENT :: E.coli On Tongue And Sore Throat

For 5 weeks now i have been going to doctors who said my white coated tongue is thrush. I have tried nystatin; fluconazole; clotrimazole; gentian violet (1%) tongue coating. All didn't work and the gentian made me sick.Finally my ENT took a tongue and throat swab for culture. The results were e coli. I'm to seek an infection disease specialist doctor. My taste is lousy and sour at times and the throat is sore. What can i take to get rid of this e coli? I'm going to go to another ENT for a tongue and throat culture. I still have some white and bumps on the tongue in the back.

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Fibromyalgia :: Numbness And Tingling In Tongue

Today I have a new symptom numbness and tingling in my tongue and lips I have it about 6 hours. I have been suffering from really bad flares lately and having constant pain in my upper back and neck.

Has anyone else had this problem with their tongue and lips I need reassurance that it is not something sinister.

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Alcohol :: Numb Tongue - Can't Taste Anything

So I drank last night as some know. And today my tongue is new...feels like I burnt it...and I can't taste anything.

I didn't burn it on food. because I didn't eat last night.  I just drank. Has anyone else experienced this? 

​Its probably my Central Nervous system being upset with me.


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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Burning Tongue

Have been to multiple doctors. Had every test known in this area. AND still suffering from intense burning of my tongue and even the bottoms of my feet. B12 levels are fine. Take Nexium daily. Has anyone had this and ever found relief? It's a 24 hour thing. And when I wake up/get up my tongue feels like leather and there is a nasty taste in my mouth. Chewing tobacco actually helps. Have to have something in my mouth at all times or it is almost unbearable.

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Oral And Dental Problems :: Lump On Tongue

I'm a 29 year old female. When I was about 22/22 I noticed a lump inside my tongue. It is my right hand side just off the center and is about 1cm back from the top. It is hard and feels sausage shaped. It can be felt with my fingers and goes further back into my tongue. I can't feel how far back. I have now noticed a small painless spot underneath My tongue right where the lump is. Recently my throat has felt very achy and strained. I have put this down to anxiety as recently I have been anxious over every little thing and can't stop clenching my jaw but last night felt a lymph node is swollen on that side. I have had a few visits to the go lately with various things (breast lump which turned out was from finishing breastfeeding, pain in lower left abdomen which I'm in the process of putting a sample in and going back next week to see about a scan and the other week I went with pain, muscle twitching and weakness mainly down my right side which I'm supposed to be seeing another doctor about when she is back off holiday) I think if I go with something else when all these other issues aren't resolved they are going to think I'm attention seeking or a hypochondriac.

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Swollen And Burning Tongue - Contact Dermatitis Around Mouth

My doctor doesn't seem to have a clue what is wrong and has given me antibiotic cream, steroid cream and now antifungal tablets nothing seems to improve. This has been going on for over 3 months and there has been no change.

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Oral And Dental Health :: Itchy Irritated Tongue

Last week I burned myself with hot milk. Since now I advise everybody to be careful when drinking hot milk, it is one of the worst things that can happen to your mouth. I have got burns all over my mouth. And now also itchy and irritated tongue. What should I do? Should I go to a doctor?

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Tongue / Mouth Sores For Three Weeks

I have had tongue sores for three weeks. Skipped a shot now did one. But now just got back from dr and i have an ear and throat infection. Never had this before. Anyone else have this problem on Actemra twice a month.

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ENT :: Tongue White Coating, Fatigue, Muscle Weakness And Cramping

I'm a 20 year old male, overweight and currently/recently fighting a tooth infection due to an abscessed tooth that had a bad root canal. I recently got the tooth removed and I am now on an antibiotic. 7 day cycle amoxicillin 500 MG.

So for the past three weeks I've been feeling pretty terrible. I'll be very fatigued to the point where I don't want to talk or move my arms, I've been short of breath while seemingly doing nothing, I've had heart palpitations with little to no anxiety. My blood sugar feels like it has been low and my mouth is very very dry. Along with the dry mouth I've had difficulty swallowing and a thick white coating with somewhat large red bumps in the back of my tongue. The front of my tongue also seems to have a white coating but it is much thinner. My muscles have been twitching all over but not non-stop. Some days I'll go almost without it. My muscles are achy and when I workout or play sports they get incredibly tired quickly, and are sore for days. I've also been coughing up small tonsil stones. Any help would be appreciated. I'm on an antibiotic but I do want to stress that I've been feeling this way just before I started the antibiotic.

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