Trying To Conceive :: Blocked Tube

Oct 11, 2013

I have one blocked tube ( my right one ) which my doctor thinks is due to having a ruptured appendix. I have been to fertility clinic today and the doc has put me on the waiting list for a lap to remove the right blocked tube. I am not sure how this will help? I have never fallen pregnant and I have been trying for 3 years ? Why would removing the blocked tube help? I cannot receive IVF as my partner already has a child with his ex, so apparently that means i'm not entitled. I really need some answers i'm really pulling my hair out and I am so frustrated.

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Trying To Conceive With Closed / Blocked Uterus

Me and my wife have sex for the last two months but still my wife did not get pregnant last week i send her for a medical check up so doctor said to her that your uterus is blocked now but she advised that this can be opened by using medicine my question is that, that does this will effect on us for conceiving a baby or not or how we can open a uterus.

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Trying To Conceive :: Implanon Removal To Conceive

We are trying to conceive baby number 4 i had my implanon removed on the 26th of April, I had a period a week before it was removed then I had another period on the 17t of may exactly 28 days since my last period, that was very very light and only lasted 2 day, I was due for another Period on the 14th of june and it still hasn't arrived I've done tests and im not pregnant, Is it normal to have a 28 day cycle then have an irregular cycles? This is all new to me in the 11 yrs i've been having periods i've ALWAYS been regular 28 day cycles.

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ENT :: Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Or Something Else?

This started around late November 2013, I started getting my normal Winter allergies and then came down with what I now believe was a sinus infection. Non-stop mucus, post nasal drip, face hurting, head throbbing etc.. This lasted for about two weeks. During the end of this and soon after, my ears slowly became more and more congested. I attested it to these allergies/sickness and thought it would slowly go away.

It never did. Instead, it started getting worse. Towards mid-December, I began to get slight ringing and more fullness in my ears. Soon the tinnitus grew worse and worse. My tinnitus during this point was extremely loud high-pitched noises, sweeping in and out. Coupled with 24/7 hiss, like an air conditioner was on in my room. Can't hear high frequencies anymore. A loud tea kettle-esque whistle in my right ear if I hear something of a certain pitch or something too "loud."

I saw my primary care doctor on two separate occasions, who said he saw a little liquid in my ear but that my eardrums appeared fine. He gave me Prednisone. No help. I got recommended to the Head and Neck specialist.

The first specialist I see, he doesn't really care to listen to me to say the least. He does get me a hearing test within a few days though. The hearing test shows a curve that they say can be attested to sensorineural hearing loss that someone my age (23) shouldn't have, and that since my hearing dropped with the timeliness of my sickness, that it was odd.

I see a different specialist next trip. He attests it to allergies and says that my eustachian tubes seem to be blocked up. He looks in my ears, up my sinuses, etc.. He recommends I just use a sinus rinse and to not get my ears drained because that will probably make things a lot worse.

I began to do so for the next week or two, and my symptoms did not seem to change at all. I had already been taking flonase and allergy medication as well, to not much help for my ears.

Lastly, I saw another specialist about a week or two ago. He told me that my hearing test showed what he typically would cite as congenital hearing loss, and kept implying that I had been born with bad hearing (That's definitely not the case, this has been a HUGE shift!) He had me do bloodwork for environmental allergies and other tests and a CT scan. I also asked for antibiotics just to rule things out- those have been used up now.

To say the least, I had to call back a few times as a follow-up. They didn't even bother to get in touch for my results, and all I learned was that I did have mild allergies (something I've known my whole life) and that the CT scan was "fine." I ordered those results to be sent to me to see for myself, but either way I guess he hasn't much interest in seeing me again. Do I see ANOTHER specialist now?

Right now, my tinnitus is not as bad as it was then (I could barely sleep then) but still extremely irritating. The tinnitus is still like that of an air conditioner, and there is still a constant ring that goes on, although it is a bit quieter than before. My hearing is still congested and full, and I can hardly hear someone talk a few feet away from me, I'm afraid my hearing may be permanently damaged or getting worse. I can no longer hear certain frequencies. Sometimes I feel like there is liquid in my ear, but maybe not. Wouldn't the CT scan or other ear examinations show that? Is this actually ETD?

I've done all the advice shown around (Proper Flonase spray to the tubes, Sudafed, (extremely careful) Afrin use, etc. I feel like I'm not getting better. My passion is music and I'm afraid I'll never be able to hear things "right" again.

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Eustachian Tube Dysfunction For 2 Years!

I am a teenager,aged 15. I have been suffering from problems with my eustachian tube for 2 years now. I felt thumping,buzzing,vibrations come from within my ear-but at the same time I felt the symptoms to DEEPER into my ear. It has created some headaches and I have to pause between conversations to attempt to unblock my ear.

However,nowadays I cannot unblock my ear properly. The 'stuffed-up' feeling I get has gone even DEEPER. I got an okay in many audiometry tests (PTA tests) and I got a weird thing that sucked out all the mucus in my throat a good 2 TIMES.

The doctor says it will go within time. I've had for 2 YEARS already, It would be terrible to go on like this without being able to swallows properly! Yes,one of my symptoms is the inability to swallow properly without the pressure building up where my tube is at-it makes me go light-headed and faint sometimes.I've tried taking nasal sprays,but they were hell as the steroids made my adenoids act up and swell (but my adenoids are okay now).One point to add,I have only got a deficiency in Vitamin D and I have no thyroid deficiency.

A few questions:

1: Does any UK hospital or the NHS have a cure/treatment to this?

2: Is it normal for teenagers to have ETD for a long period of time such as 2 years?

3: Do home remedies work,like the Candle Ear treatment? I've tried steam treatment but it doesn't work.

Please give some suggestions, It's truly uncomfortable getting out into the cold or out into the hot with such a feeling of 'stuffiness'.

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Chronic Eustachian Tube Dysfunction?

I have been reading the boards about ETD and all the other potential causes of my ear problems for the last 6 months and am still without a clue what is causing my particular issue.

The story is long and like so many others on these boards also very frustrating. In March I was diagnosed with and inner ear virus as I was dizzy, foggy headed and had a slight sensation of fullness in my left ear (all occurred less than 24 hours after a 3 hour flight). This lasted for 3 weeks at the end of the three weeks all symptoms subsided except for the constant need to "pop" my ears. This lasted 4 days and was gone.

For 3 weeks I was symptom free, I had to take another flight which went off without any problems. For days after the flight I had spells of dizziness and on day 7 after the flight hear came the ear fullness and need to "pop" my ears.

Went back to the ENT and was told I have ETD and will resolve....6 months, 4 ENT's and an Allergist later my ears still feel pressurized. I have mad improvement over the months and instead of having to "pop" my ear 1 million times a day I am down to maybe a half a dozen.

My major concerns are:

While driving my ears bother me the most I feel increased pressure instantly no matter if the windows are open or closed.

Also I have post nasal drip MD diagnosed with non allergic rhinitis, never had that prior to the dizziness and ear issues.

ENT and others say it will go away it just takes time, I have not read of anyone's ETD going away on this board and feel like I can not live with this forever!

What are your opinions: will it resolve over time are we stuck with this forever?

I have been on oral and nasal steroid no significant improvement, I am doing acupuncture and seeing a chiropractor. I am negative for any allergies and my MRI came back negative.

The next step is tubes which they say can help in 50% of case and may make it worse in the other 50%, as much as I want this to go away I can not even take the chance of making it worse.

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Fertility :: Tube Ligation Burnt Procedure - How To Get Pregnant

I wanted to know how can I get pregnant if I already have the tube ligation burnt procedure.

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Eustachian Tube Dysfunction :: Tinnitus And Excess Mucus

This started a week ago at night I started getting ringing sensation in both my ears which persisted that night and wouldn't let me sleep went to the Ent department and got diagnosed as eustachian tube blockage as I had popping of ears and had to constantly swallow so that the ears feel better had a Pure tone audiometry done which should no hearing loss then had a tympanometry which showed a bit increase in the middle ear pressure got prescribed with antihistamine and antibiotics any idea when the tinnitus goes it has decreased to an extent it doesn't disturb but if I close my ears I can hear it anyone experienced the same?

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Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Cause Vertigo That Lasts A Couple Of Hours?

I have recently been diagnosed with Meniere's disease because I had a few vertigo attacks, hearing loss, tinnitus, and ear fullness.

However, after much thought I am beginning to doubt that diagnosis. My ETD had been blocked for exactly the same time my symptoms appeared, I know that easily through the valsalva maneuver, my good ear is clear and bad one is blocked. Also, my bad ear does not pop properly after a flight. And my most severe symptoms happen within a few days after flying, which happened twice. I was vertigo free for 6 weeks in between the 2 flights. Another weird thing is I only get vertigo attacks in the morning right after I wake up, as if my horizontal sleeping position had something to do with it.

My questions:

1) Is it possible with ETD to get vertigo (room spinning) or severe dizziness attacks lasting up to a couple of hours?

2) Do any of you ETD sufferers sense that you get more dizzy after you get up from bed?

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Eustachian Tube Dysfunction :: Information, Symptoms And Treatment / Cure

As far as I know, there is not ETD cure, yet. I am interested in finding one. I am a Caucasian 34 year old man living in Santa Clara, CA. I have a BA in Psychology and work in a Neuroscience Lab. I was diagnosed with ETD a year ago. I have been suffering from it for 17 years. 13 years ago I had a bought of Bulimia that lasted for about a year. I had Anorexia Nervosa as an adolescent. I was given the maximum dose of testosterone to boost me through puberty since Anorexia was preventing it. Soon after I abused alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and various other drugs until 2005. I believe all these factors have contributed to my ETD. I was diagnosed with OCD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder two years ago and have been taking Effexor (Venlafaxine) to cope. An Ear, Nose, Throat  doctor (currently called Head and Neck surgeon in US) prescribed me Flunisolide (corticosteroid) to reduce ETD inflammation. It seems to help a little, but it is certainly not a cure, even when used for a significant period of time (i.e. 3 weeks).

My ETD has been recently aggravated by my attempts to remove pimples and skin tags, which may be a symptom of OCD. Has anyone else experienced this situation? Numerous doctors say there is no connection between the skin abrasions and ETD, but they obviously don't have ETD.

Primarily, I am asking for information regarding ETD. I need to know the statistics of ETD so that I can develop a valid research proposal. Health organizations neglect to respond to my questions. It seems that most biological research is involved in diseases such as cancer and heart disease, which is great. But, as I am sure that anyone reading this knows, Eustachian Tube Dysfunction is a debilitating disease that hinders one's ability to live to their fullest potential. As I have recently graduated with a Bachelors degree. I am researching what my next step will be. I am strongly leaning towards statistics and data mining, since that is a much needed position in all research fields.

I am looking for information on the number of people with ETD worldwide and specific to certain regions. A timeline of ETD cases in these regions. Research groups, Academic and Professional, that are researching ETD. Research groups that are investigating ETD from the Neuroscience and/or Ear, Nose, Throat (Head and Neck surgery) perspective. Any other information is helpful as well, especially your own personal accounts of ETD. Please share your history, as much as you care to disclose, so that I can begin to develop an etiology of ETD.

I have read many of the other discussions on ETD and recognize that many of you are suffering and I certainly empathize with you all. I am still trying to decide if my anxiety disorders are the result of ETD, my ETD the result of my anxiety disorders, if they are mutually intertwined, and/or if something else is going on. I very much hope to hear from you so that we may begin to develop a cure for ETD so that we may not be hindered by this ruthless malfunction.

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Ear Feels Blocked After Getting Water In It

I've had an ear problem for 12 months after getting water in it. Feels blocked all the time and it wont pop properly. It is mentally doing my head in. I went to ENT recently and the doctor said he couldn't see anything causing the problem. Now waiting for an MRI scan.

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Ears Blocked Laying Down

When I get up in the morning my ears are blocked (especially the right one),they clear within about an hour and stay clear during the day.  I have been using olive oil for about a week now - as suggested by my doctor but it is not making any difference. 

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Onset Of Blocked Nose That Is Getting Worse

I had a bout of what I think was sinusitis just before Christmas, which I think was brought on after taking a flight. The symptoms cleared up after a week or so and I felt much better. However, about a week ago, I suddenly developed a blocked and congested nose which has failed to resolve itself. I have been using a sterimar spray and nasonex spray for 14 days now. I have also been taking Ibuprofen three times a day for 14 days and wonder whether this has brought it on!?

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Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LRP) - Ears Are Blocked

I have LPR and have noticed lately that I have a sensation of blocked ears, well actually just one ear, but it alternates. I have had them checked and there's no wax of blockage. I have read on the forum that LPR can cause blocked ears but does anyone have any recommendations of how to clear them ?

I drink alkaline water, eat the correct foods, knock Gaviscon Advance back like it's going out if fashion( which does help), but I have just noticed the ear blockage.

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Contraception :: Pill Causing Blocked Nose

i've been taking the contraceptive pill for 3 months and about a week after starting, I found my nose was getting blocked. It's still like this. I've been to see my nurse who says it's unlikely that the pill is causing this, though looking at the NHS website it states that the pill does cause this. Assuming this is the cause, is swapping to a different pill likely to make any difference or do I just need to live with it while I take the pill? And is it even safe to continue with this Pill if it's causing my nose to swell up like this?

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Child Has Constant Blocked Ears And Popping

Wondered if anyone can give me any advice. my 9 year old says that his ears have never cleared after a long haul flight over a year ago. he says that when they pop he hears clearly for a bit then they block back up again. he says that he feels like he's underwater and sometimes gets dizzy, he can also hear them crunching when he moves jaw. i've taken him to the doctors and she looked in ears and said they were both clear and that was that. so no solution ....

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Blocked Ears :: Cerumol Drops Not Working

I am 14 and my ears are really blocked. Im currently using an ear wax drop called cerumol. This is a horrible drop because it doesn't work and it stinks. I am making an appointment for syringing tomorrow and can i ask someone what their experience was like.

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Eye Care :: Optic Nerve Been Blocked - No Treatment

My mother can't see anything clearly for 3 to 4 years. Doctor says that her eyes nerve are been blocked.

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Neurological - Foggy And Blocked / Fatigue / Drowsiness?

Since this June I have been to so many places from my physician’s office to the ER and everywhere in-between. Nobody can find what's wrong with me. I’ve had two neurologists give up on me and one who (after running a bunch of tests) say I have anxious tendencies. I had every test possible ran on me and they all came back normal. Actually on paper I’m as healthy as can be. That's the problem, all my test results are perfect so people think there’s nothing wrong. It’s hard to explain what I feel like. My thoughts feel foggy and blocked, I’ve become very forgetful and academically I’m struggling. That is only the mental portion unfortunately. Physically I have muscle cramps, fatigue/drowsiness, disorientation, trembling, tingling, and clumsy-ness. I’ve had a spinal tap, loads of blood tests, two EEGs, MRIs, and been evaluated by six different doctors. Every blood test you could think of has been ran on me. Including heavy metals, vitamin b-12, Lymes, lupus, hormones, blood sugar… there are loads more but I can’t remember them all. I’m worried most about the cognitive aspect of my problem. Its very debilitating. Some days are better than others, and some are worse. Today was one of the bad days. I can’t  stay focused or have clear thoughts. When I talk I don’t make much sense. I say words that don’t fit into context, have a very hard time finding words, and as a result, can’t keep up a conversation very well. I try my hardest to overcome these problems but I don’t think its a matter of how much effort I put forth. Some days I just can not think straight. I even have problems understanding what people say to me. I understand the words, but the meaning of what’s said just doesn’t get through. Like I said, some days are better than others. The memory isn’t isolated to only short-term or the forming of new memories. I have a hard time remembering things that happened long ago as well as what happened five minutes ago. The things I remember are fragments and very inconsistent. I was stating to think that my problem could be low magnesium or something like that which was overlooked. From my understanding of a mangesium deficiency. It takes a long time for you to become deficient. This makes sense because this problem didn’t just stat overnight, I’ve actually been having this problem since February. I’ve been blowing off the symptoms as lack of sleep or just being tired but it built up to the point that I realized something was truly wrong. So magnesium might make sense, maybe. I’m just guessing at this point though.

So, what do you think? If you have any ideas what the problem could be please let me know. As I said before, I’ve had my heavy metals, Lymes, hormones, vitamin b-12, lupus, csf (spinal tap), and blood sugar checked. I’ve also had a complete metabolic panel ran, a complete hormonal panel, and complete nutritional panel checked. I think an allergist might be a good idea but I’m not sure. I guess its worth a shot.

 Here’s some info about me. I’m 17 years old, male, 5’9’’ and weigh 128 LBs. The problem is constant 24/7, never goes away.

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Haloperidol Blocked Dopamine Receptors Of The Brain Permanently?

I once got an injection of Haloperidol at E.R. I heard it blocks dopamine receptors of the brain. Is this blockage permanent after one shot?

I dopamine deficiency symptoms. My condition is:

I have no issues concentrating, I can focus for at least 16 hours a day and I don't even notice if the sun goes down along the way, I can't be distracted, unless I chose to leave my task

I remember everything I learned, be it source codes letter by letter and in big mass (60 pages of handout)

My dexterity and balance serves me well

I am unable to get excited, I'm never satisfied with what I do. At first maybe a bit then I think its not that good.

I have issues falling asleep when I start thinking about my projects, on how to do them.

I can't really express emotions, I have a neutral state and when I'm worried

I'm antisocial, I only care about getting better at what I do.

I had this condition in all my life, I'm just worried if the injection caused any lasting impact on my brain.

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Vascular Disorders :: Veins Blocked In The Neck In Ultrasound

i had a ultrasound scan done on my neck on thursday and was told one of the veins on my right side of the neck is blocked.i was told by the person who does the scan it would be dangerous to operate on .but my doctor would get in touch and let me know what is the next procedure.but i just wants to know if it is as serious as it sound.although i am having problems with my right hand fingers and trembling on the right side of my mouth feels like pins and needles

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