Urethral Disorders :: Mild Hypospadias

Oct 29, 2007

I have a mild Hypospadias in my penis. It's just about close to the normal area where it is actually suppose to be. So was just wondering if thats normal for a guy at the age of 29. When I pee it sprays and I'm very embarrassed about it. My partner keeps telling me to go in and get it looked at, but I feel scared because I do not know what the doctor is thinking when he or she takes a look at it. When I did go in to the doctor to get it looked at the doctor said that there is nothing that they can do to fix it, so he gave me Flomax to take which will help me urine straighten out when I have to go.

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Urethral Disorders :: Hypospadias And Puberty

my son was diagnosed with Hypospadias after a lot of pushing by me and my husband all medical staff thought there was nothing wrong we new there was and eventually got transferred to Mr Malone at Southampton he new what he was talking about.Our son had the snood grass procedure at 13 moths old and recuperating wasn't nice but the hospital were great.There was no talk about what would happen in the future and we were sent on our way.Our son is now 10 yrs old and I went to see our dr concerning puberty,our son has quite a small penis maybe an inch long,this didn't seem to concern the dr no mention of whether this is a micro penis and she just said keep an eye on what happens through puberty.NO HELP whatsoever.I have read about hormones being tested and things to do with testosterone but I don't really know if I should push this because I'm not great at explaining this.I am absolutely dreading him going to 2ndary school he's very sensitive about life in general and his penis size has not started to become an issue yet he's still a child but you know what kids are like any feedback would be lovely no one else to talk to.

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Urethral Disorders :: Recurring Bladder Neck Strictures

I've had two bladder neck stricture surgeries at two month intervals after open RP and recently a urethral stricture. 

Uro recommends daily dilation for a year using a Cook Medical dilation balloon catheter. 

Recently had blood/clots in the urine which cleared after up after 3 hours but now I have a lot more irritation getting the catheter past the urethra stricture. 

Uro says any further Urethrostomy would be serious as he has already cut close to the sphincter ...does this also rule out Urethroplasty?

Has anyone found that daily dilation works long term or does the stricture eventually close in. 

I noticed that after waiting 3 days for a new catheter to arrive it was then very difficult to insert it. ...as opposed to daily dilation.

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Gallbladder Surgery :: Persistent Mild Dyspepsia, Mild Nausea And Appetite Loss


First, I am diabetic and have had a fairly normal healthy life except in the last two years where I gained 40 pounds, did not control my blood sugars well, and went off the rails. I have had a lot of issues this year, but to focus on my most recent issues, I had a A1c of 10.5 two month ago and went to 9.1 a month ago finally to 7.6 right before my single incision laparoscopic with robotic-assisted single-incision surgery to remove my infected gallbladder (Hida Scan 11% no gallstones). 6 month ago i started experiencing a lot of bloating, indigestion and took charcocaps that helped a lot after meals.

Two weeks ago I went out for a cup of iced coffee (huge coffee drinker 3-4 cups a day for a long time no problems for years), and something hit me, it felt like a sharp pain and instant feeling of bleh no appetite and sick feeling the rest of the day. This continued for a week before I knew something was wrong, I could not have anything acidic or felt like I could eat anything. I had just seen my doctor for a bike accident a month prior to get a referral to a PT and osteopathic doctor. I had a l3/l4 compressed nerve with a twisted sacral (this is much better now with some minor spasms in my right leg from time to time). With all of that pain (took hydrocodone and muscle relaxants to sleep, sleep was poor) and school, I figured I must have given myself an Ulcer. My doctor game me a ppi-omeprazole (i've never had reflux and didn't then) since I had symptoms of some burning sensations and this chronic dyspepsia so this would treat the possible Ulcer for two weeks while I was sent for an ultrasound to check out my gallbladder (family history - Mom, aunt, and uncle had their's out with gallstones). The ppi sort of helped but I just was fatigued, could not eat anything but a bland diet, I had chronic dyspepsia and general nausea that I could never shake. My daily caloric intake decreased with each new day and food just made me generally feel sick, however if I skipped meals it would still be bad, worse with food.

After the Hida scan came back positive with an ejection rate of 11%, I scheduled my new a1c test, ekg (family history of heart disease), I was cleared and scheduled for surgery. I stopped taking the ppi as I believed this to be the cause of all my problems. btw, I was 254 the end of june and lost 25 pounds by the time of surgery (average daily caloric intake ~900-1200 prior to surgery


After the surgery 7/21-one week ago, I had my two days of pain and adjustment, and recovered decently with a soft food and liquid diet. I noticed the general sickness was gone! Hazzah!, except on Saturday I was feeling bloated, cramping, and I could not eat a solid one bite without feeling sick. I knew I was constipated. I stopped the pain meds the day before and I knew I had not eaten too much but it was over a week since i went. I took magnesium citrate and nothing after 7 hours, I drank another 1/2--then BOOM it was insane. I was sooo wiped out and tried to replace lost liquids but I believe I was dehydrated. I was sick that night and stomach was not happy.

Sunday was much better but I was wiped out still and felt generally just depleted of all my energy. I ate, walked a bit and then came back home. That night I started feeling very uncomfortable and the symptoms were somewhat similar to prior to surgery of the general dyspepsia and nausea chronically. I could not sleep because of my back problems (had to sleep upright on my back all week). I woke up in the middle of the night turned to my side and then all of a sudden I felt a warm rush of something just above my stomach and the constant burn in my stomach no reflux. I could not sleep until the morning.

I have had really bad gas (low fat diet) for the past few days. I was getting and feeling better on day four but now this!

I felt extreme discomfort all day, felt like a low grade fever 98.6 (no fever) incision site is also slightly red, but the doctor said to call if I had a fever. I was worried about an SSI. The pain was like I threw up (I never have even starting out back in at the coffee shop) and that ache afterwards. The burning sensation let up later in the day after I took some antacids and saltines (I must have some acid issues, but I have read a lot of people suspecting many people may actually have low acid).

The thing is a lot of people have episodes after food, but mine is chronic with mild discomfort, burning sensations, upper abdomen and stomach discomfort (with some nausea), and food helps it initially and then it comes back. I feel week, slight low grade fever even though I don't have one. I keep thinking I have an infection of H. Pylori or something. Food takes a while to do much, I walk after I eat everything. I feel like I could eat but I get so much bloating and indigestion that it is uncomfortable. I drink plenty of water, but I wonder if I am low on essential things for the long ongoing low calorie daily diet. I can't eat more then 800 calories even with smaller meals-since Thursday.

Why was my gall bladder inflamed in the first place? I had no stones, and the surgeon said I had a very long a big gallbladder (ready to rupture!) that was really inflamed including a little on the liver. Pathology reports came back negative. I theorize my rapid change in weight and blood sugar levels inflamed the organ or an infection.


diabetic Gastroparesis
H. Pylori
Peptic Ulcer (was never officially tested)
Low/High Stomach Acid
Low bile leak?
Sphincter of oddi dysfunction

What I feel could help:

HCL Betaine
Digestive Enzyme (Garden of life chewable vegetarian)
ppi (I would hate to take them unless I had to)
something to coat my stomach if I do have an ulcer to heal
ability to eat more so I can have more assimilated minerals, ect.
Anxiety med (first year i've had a lot of anxiety-mainly school related and upcoming wedding planning for next year
more tests!

My burning anxiety questions:

When will I get my appetite back?

(i really suspected my odds were decently good that I would get better after surgery, I had a great surgeon)

Did anyone have any of these chronic symptoms? Is it due to an infection or some issue with surgery?

Have some people eventually been able to eat what they wanted after a period of time?

How many had these excessive bloating, indigestion, nausea and general malaise through the day, worse a little while after food or between meals?

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Mild Soreness Just Below Rib Cage/mild Nausea

I have a VERY mild soreness (if I can even call it that) just below my rib cage towards the right side, but only if I move in a certain way--it doesn't really hurt to the touch. I have no diarrhea, no fever, no back pain, stools are normal color---only a brief pang of nausea now and again, but it's not constant. Also, it doesn't bother when I eat greasy or fatty foods. I find it hard to believe that it's gallbladder related, but not sure whether I should see a doctor or not. It has subsided since the beginning of the week. Anyone else have this and it not turn into anything serious?

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Urinary Incontinence :: Urethral Dilatation Due To UTI

In October last year I had a urethral dilatation after suffering from continual uti's which my urologist said was due to a narrow urethra.Since then I have had a number of episodes of incontinence both urge and stress which is making my life hell.

Has this happened to anybody else?.The infections have stopped but the incontinence is far worse

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Urethral Sounding Recreationally - Vaseline As Lubricant?

I am new to using urethral sounds recreationally. I have read on several sounding websites that using Vaseline as a lubricant is discouraged, but no one states the reason.

Why can't I use Vaseline as a urethral lubricant?

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Herpes :: Would Urethral/Meatus HSV Blisters Burn When Urinating?

I have a small bump on my Meatus/outside tip of the urethra. It secretes a very, very small amount of clear fluid when I press on it. Doesn't hurt much (only when I squeeze it hard)... and when I urinate there is no pain.

Does this sound like a HSV blister or not?

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Due To Stenosis / Urethral Stricture And Testosterone

I had stenosis/stricture urethra (N35) and some urinary infection because of it during a period of 2 years while doctors didn't give me right diagnosis.

Consequence is low testosterone and erectile dysfunction.

At the end they managed to discover the true problem and performed uretrotomia etc.

I still have erectile dysfunction and low testosterone and I am getting treatment because of it.

Is this condition curable and how long will it take me to recover testosterone and be cured of erectile dysfunction?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Lump Near Urethral Opening

I have a lump near my urethral opening (left side) however it doesn't hurt. it seems on the outside of my skin not inside. when you look at it, it barely noticeable. But once you feel the skin, you feel the lump. I just noticed it, so it wasn't there before. smaller than the size of a dime

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STDs :: Lump On My Penis And A Swollen Urethral Opening?

16 year old male here. I have a big lump on my penis just under the neck, on the top of the shaft, and my external urethral meatus appears to be swollen. Whenever I masturbate, the big lump starts to hurt.

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Men's Health :: Urethral Meatus Soft Puffy And Swollen

I have been suffering from this condition for 9 months now. It started off as urethritis where I had severe burning when peeing, and discharge, and a lot of swelling. My theory is that the swelling was very damaging and it disfigured my peehole permanently. Now, when I am hard I see two solid slips on the two sides of my peehole slit. But when I am not erect the skin on the meatus gets super soft and puffy especially when it is wet. The hole itself had gotten larger too because of the softness. It can get pretty red at times too. It get irritated easily because the skin can flip inside out and the inside of the urethra hurts when it touches my underwear.

I am been very depressed and anxious about this. I don't know if there is anything that can be done to fix this. Surgery perhaps? I just want my peehole to be firm and tight again.

Anyone experiencing the same thing as I am right now?

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Vaginal Health :: Painful Pea-sized Lump Next To Urethral Opening

I have had a painful, red, itchy rash around my vagina for about a week and suddenly i gotten a large pea-sized lump next to my urethral opening. it hurts when i put pressure on it, and is quite hard like a ball beneath the skin. i am only 16 and still a virgin.

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Mild Hyperparathyroidism

I would just like to ask anyone's opinion of my latest blood tests, as I have no idea if they're good or bad.


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Mild Asthma Still Have The Flu Jab?

So it's getting to that time of year again and I'm wondering if I should have the flu jab. I have mild asthma ( I only have symbicort and ventolin) and have never had a proper attack or flu. I was only diagnosed two years ago, but it's likely I've always had it (I'm 19) according to the nurse given that I have a history of breathing issues.

Last year the surgery I was with didn't receive any of the vaccinations until december. I was offered on but refused as it wasn't convenient at the time. I'm a student and had a two weeks of term left, full of exams and assignments. As I always feel unwell after jabs I didn't want to risk it!

Personally, I don't feel that I need it and I don't want to have one when people need it more than me, but I also don't want to be stupid and refuse it and then end up unable to breathe!

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Two Months Old Baby Is Having A Mild Cough

My two months old baby is having a mild cough. Can I give septrin? I feel terrible anytime he coughs. I think he got it from his younger bro that is just 2yrs

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Ulcerative Colitis :: Mild Flare Up

Evening all I was told I had colitis back in April

Was given mes 1g 4 to be taken daily.

They said I had not mild colitis but couldn't confirm

If it was colitis or crohn's. Anyway I do get blood mucus tummy pain when I go toilet. But no pain

Which I am thankful of. I am have a flare now which I meds are not helping they can't seem to kick it. So I am awaiting steroids.

The thing is my tummy makes some loud rimming noises. Is this normal with colitis. Little bit peed off

That they can't say it's colitis or crohn's.

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Possible Mild Frostbite At -22 - Hands Red And Tender

I work in a freezer at -22 and yesterday stupidly without gloves I moved some metal shelving around. My hands were really red after and today are tender and have a tingling sensation. could I have possible mild frostbite, I felt a sharp burning pain at the time but there is no pain now.

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CT Scan Showed I Had Mild Prostatitis

In short, I (27) was diagnosed with bladder neck stenosis and underwent BNI surgery 4 months ago. I was unable to pee at all. My urinary symptoms are much improved and although my flow rate is still on the low side (15ml/sec), I can fully empty my bladder.

I was in the hospital for a week before doctors diagnosed the reason for my urinary retention. A CT scan showed I had mild prostatitis.

Now I feel I have recovered somewhat but about 2.5 weeks ago, pain associated with prostatitis returned. I went to a Urologist who told me to get a few tests done: CBC, Urine DR, bladder PVR and uroflowmetry. He also prescribed 10 days of antibiotics. The tests seem to be normal with the exception of 4-6 pus cells in my urine. I have not returned to the doctor since.

The pain went away in about a week but has returned. No fever, just a mild constant pain in by upper buttocks area which gets better in the morning. I also have occasional burning pain between my scrotum and anus. My penis feels sore as if I just ejaculated. Occasionally there is sharp pain in the shaft of my penis. I am also experiencing frequent nocturnal emissions. My libido is almost non-existent but when I try I am able to achieve a decent erection.

I have had these symptoms on and off for a few years but although annoying, I did nothing. My GP just tells me to take painkillers. I have read about the kinds of prostatitis and nobody has been able to tell me what exactly is wrong. I have taken 4 rounds of antibiotics (7-10 days) in the last 4 months. It may be of bacterial origin; I was diagnosed with epididymitis 6 months ago with prostatitis symptoms and it cleared up with Cipro.

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Kidney Stones With Mild Hydronephrosis

My husband was having flank pain so we went 2 doctor and did ultrasound.It revealed that he is having stone of 8mm in his left kidney and mid hydronephrosis in his right kidney.last year he had laser therapy for his kidney stone and 9months back when he did his ultrasound the stone was 6mm in size.and also he has a family history of kidney stone.Is it dangerous to have mild hydronephrosis or is it because of his stones.So once this kidney stone problem is finished will hydronephrosis automatically vanishes..?? or do he need 2 be treated for hydronephrosis..?

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Tinnitus :: Mild Has Jumped To An Unbearable Level

I had new hearing aids 3 weeks ago having suddenly gone profoundly deaf in my right ear.

However my mild tinnitus in that ear has jumped to an unbearable level, which I cannot live with

for long. Also my hearing without the aids is now useless in both ears.

Anyone had similar experience or any suggestions ?

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