Urinary Tract Infection :: Tested Negative - But Still Have Symptoms?

Jun 2, 2016

For the past few weeks I've been dealing with what I thought was a possible UTI. I  haven't had pain, but  feel the need to urinate after just going to the the restroom. However, I keep testing negative for nitrates, LEU and protein on a dipstick. I also tested negative in the doctor's office and was prescribed ABs that didn't seem to do much.

Is it possible to test negative so many times and still have an infection? Or could this be something else?

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Urinary Tract Or Yeast Infection?

For about a week now, I've experienced a slight itch and sometimes a strange smell with my urine. However, if I drink a lot of water, my urine is normal despite the slight itch that stays there after urination. Nothing is unbearable. I'm not super uncomfortable. I've been drinking a ton of water, so I'm not sure if my frequent urination is due to water consumption or a possible UTI. My gyno has told me that I do produce a more than normal amount of yeast, but I've never had a yeast infection. I've also never had a UTI.

I feel fine. No cramping. No pain. No nausea.

Is this a UTI or yeast infection? Could it be something else?

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Urinary Tract Infection :: Burning In Vagina When I Pee

My vagina has been burning every day sometimes and sometimes when I pee too. Sometimes it's not so bad and other times like now I feel like my vagina is on fire and I have bad odor coming from down there too and I am virgin it gets worst when I am pleasuring myself I need ....

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Frequent Urinary Tract Infection After Catheterization

I'm a 20 year old female, I had a nose operation and came out with a Catheter from the hospital as I was unable to pee after my op. I had been getting urine infection almost every second week with the Catheter. I finally got that out at the end of June and following a failed twc I was taught self catheterisation.

2 days later I ended up in hospital unable to perform it where they drained my bladder for me. I was then released 5 days later managing to catheterise myself.

After coming out of hospital I have been getting these sharp pains I my sides, initially just my left side but know my right side under my ribs and goes round to my back. I went to the doctors on Monday and showed I had a severe urine infection... I was given ciprofloxacin 500mg and tramadol 50mg 4 times a day... I also was told my kidneys were a bit inflamed.

I went back on Friday as I was feeling worse! They done a dip test which showed no infection but was sent to the lab anyway, I was taken of the tramadol and put on paracetamol and codeine if I needed it (which I do) I have now been constipated since Monday as well!

I'm still getting this horrible sharp pain in my sides and lower back as well as very nauseous ( not been sick though) and extremely tired all the time. I'm getting really sick of it all now and just don't know what to do nothing is taking the pain away, any suggestions would be great! I'm sick of constant visits to the doctor but don't seem to get anywhere with them.

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Urinary Tract Infection Can Causes Of Kidney Stones ?

Stones (calculi) are hard particle  that form in the urinary tract and may cause pain, bleeding, or an infection or block of the flow of urine. can Urinary tract  infection affected  to the kidneys  and may enlarge in a ureter or the bladder. so can , UTI causes of kidney stone??

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Chlamydia :: Tested Negative But Having Symptoms

A little over a month ago I had unprotected intercourse with a girl at the small school I go to. Then I heard about a chlamydia outbreak among the athletes at the school and she was one. After I found this out, which was about 2 weeks after it happened, I went and got tested even though I had no symptoms. The results came back negative but after I got tested symptoms like a very slight irritation here and there. About 2 weeks ago I woke up with a lot of eye discharge but that went away and now the past week I have had very very slight clear and kind of sticky discharge. I didn't know if the test could have been wrong? If not, could this be from a lot of stress about it?

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I Tested Positive But My Partner Tested Negative For Herpes

I have been in a committed relationship for almost 5 years. We are planning on getting married and having kids one day. Two weeks ago I went in to the Dr. because I nicked myself while shaving and I thought it had gotten really infected (maybe a rusty blade, yeast infection from my soap, to much sweating I wasn't sure). When I went in the Dr. told me it wasn't an infected wound it was a herpes sore next to a small nick. We got it tested and I came back positive for herpes.

I have only had 3 sex partners including my current partner and my partner has only been with me. The Dr. said it most likely came from one of my past partners. She said the virus can lay dormant for years before showing signs. However, I told my partner and he got tested. His test results came back saying he has been exposed to the herpes virus but that he did not have it. Which is a relief but at the same time confusing. How can he be clean if I've had it for possibly longer than 5 years and we've been having sex for 5 years? I don't want him to think I've been unfaithful and not to sound like a bad person but I wish he had come back positive so I wouldn't feel so alienated. I've read that the blood and urine test often come back negative because they are "weak" tests and the only way to confirm is by taking a sample from the sore it's self. So is it possible that he has the virus but it is currently dormant and that the test is not 100% reliable?

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Negative Herpes But Random Blisters On Vagina But Tested Negative For Herpes?

Hello! I was recently back in February diagnosed with hpv. I had full blood work done and I have no other diseases or infections. I've also not had sex since before the testing. I recently noticed I have two painful blisters, one on the inside of my labia and the other on the other lip. I shave and I've had ingrown hairs but these definitely don't feel the same. They are super uncomfortable. I'm unable to go to the doctor until The end of the week and wanted to see if anyone knew what they might be? And any temporary ideas for pain relief? Over the counters pain killers do nothing. Also, I have extremely bad allergies to pollen and with the pollen, came these blisters, so I am not sure if they are related. I've added pictures below. Thanks for the help.

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Complete Loss Of Hearing After Respiratory Tract Infection

I'm 36-year old male and about 3-weeks ago I went to my doctor with typical flu-like symptoms. He informed me I had a Respiratory Tract Infection and prescribed some antibiotics and pain killers which I took over the course of the following week. The problem did not clear-up and, after developing a chesty cough and severe pain in one ear, I returned to the doctor who then told me the infection had most likely spread to my chest and most certainly into my ears - particularly my left one. He prescribed stronger antibiotics and pain killers and a nasal steroid spray, all of which again I took religiously over the following week once again.

Although my cough and general flu symptoms have pretty much cleared up, for the past week or so I have been left with almost complete loss of hearing in my left ear. It feels as if there's still a wee bit of pressure both in and around the ear itself with a sort of numbness when i touch the skin on my face and head around the ear. This extends in to my hairline, over my left cheek and a short distance down my neck below my ear. There's also a small amount of ringing from within the ear and it sounds as if I'm hearing things "internally" all the time. Hard to explain but extremely frustrating and my concern is that the infection has somehow managed to damage my hearing permanently.

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HIV Prevention :: 12 Weeks HIV Negative But Still Symptoms

Approx 3 months ago I had brief unprotected sex with a casual sex worker when the condom broke ... 1 min tops ... 3 days later I started getting tingly & wave feelings through my body accompanied by derealization headaches , feeling hot but no temp & nausea ... And just feeling unwell in general since then I have had full std test at 6 & 12 weeks all negative ... But still suffer from ongoing body ache , nausea & headaches & tingling feet ...

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HIV Prevention :: Test Negative But Have All Symptoms

MY Story started 2 years ago . I met a wonderful girl and we had both vaginal and anal sex. It wasnt until I finished we realized the condom has broken . After we found out she started crying and told me I needed to get checked . I ran away from relationships and sex life for 2 years because of fear because every 3 weeks or so it seemed I had another HIV symptom. Well I met an amazing girl got a test done professionally oraquick. Came back negative still scared but figured I tested welllll after the window period can I trust this can I live my life ?.is therw anything else it could be

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Herpes :: Symptoms, But Negative IGG At 7.5 Weeks

I had unprotected sex with a girl who had no obvious symptoms of herpes. She also claims she doesn't have it, which doesn't mean anything since she's never been tested. This happened about 2 months ago. I never developed any symptoms until maybe 5 weeks after the exposure. I started getting slight balanitis (redness around the ring on the head of my penis). About a week and a half or so later I developed a small bump on the base of my shaft, I poked and prodded at it and it went away within the same day. This bump was accompanied by pain in my right leg. I remember poking at it then going to the clinic to get it checked and when I presented my unit, it was so small that I couldn't find it, but I eventually did (it was maybe 1/4 the size it was originally). Anyways, the next day I developed a small bump on the underside of my shaft that was just plain red. I poked at it and pinched it to see if it would pop but it didn't. It scabbed because I made it bleed (I think, I'm not 100%). I then got ANOTHER bump the next day on the left side of my shaft that when I popped it white pus came out (so i believe it was just a pimple, this has happened before but its insanely rare for me to get a whitehead on my penis). Once that was gone about 2 days later I got another bump at the same location as the pimple which when I popped it, clear liquid came out with a little bit of white, but mostly completely clear liquid. I had weird feelings on my penis for about 3 weeks while this was happening also, like stabbing pains and twitching. Fast forward about another week and another bump pops up where the pimple was, this time I am smarter and decide to watch it without popping it. It shrinks to nothing in maybe 2 days. I should mention none of the bumps have ever itched, tingled, hurt (not even the slightest) or scabbed (maybe because I popped them all), except for the one where I believe only scabbed due to the pinching. All of this happened in the span of 4 weeks, about 4.5 -5 weeks after the possible exposure. I had a herpes IGG at 7.5 weeks which came back negative. I should also mention that I have very dry skin on my penis, which I've now been moisturizing. I also do still have slight balanitis, it was never itched or hurt and is only represented as redness on the rim of my penis. And not matter what, I'm going to get another IGG test at 13 weeks (I would do 12 weeks but I'm insanely busy that week with multiple midterms).

My questions are:

1) Is an IGG reliable at this time given my symptoms?

2) Do these symptoms sound like Herpes? I just don't know what else it could be.

3) Wouldn't the antibodies in my blood be detectable since I had been having symptoms for over 3 weeks before I got tested?

4) If I'm negative at 13 weeks, does that rule out herpes as the cause 100%?

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HIV Prevention :: 3 Month Negative But Still Having Symptoms

Recently i had protected vaginal sex with a csw for 2-3 minutes in Thailand, & i had shaved my pubic region just before 2 hours of having intercourse.
Though i am sure condom did not break, i am fearing that shaving super facials cuts may transmit HIV to me even though after shaving there was no visible cuts / broken skin.

After this incident, i had rapid blood HIV tests at 8, 10,weeks &  3 months (88 days) which were all negative, but still after 10 weeks i am having mild sore throat, a little white tongue & diarrhea problems for more than 10 days.
please answer my question.

1) Have you heard of any person got hiv due to shaving pubic hairs before having sex?

2) Do you consider my 88 days HIV negative test conclusive? or i have to test again?

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HIV Prevention :: Negative 8 Weeks Still Having Symptoms

Risk: unprotected cunnilingus and protected vaginal sex (my oral health jacked up missing teeth and cavities )

Symptoms: flu sore throat, white dry skin, black rash on arms, lymph nodes neck groin and armpits, white tongue, oral thrush, burning sensation back stomach lips groin and face, loose stool, dark colour urine, weight loss..

Test: 6 and 8 weeks antibody and antigen.. negative results

How accurate is hiv test at 8 weeks, I'm scared results would change when I test at 12 weeks because I'm still having a lot of symptoms including lymph nodes it driving me insane

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HIV Prevention :: Positive Symptoms But Oraquick Negative

I just want to start by saying I'm an 18 year old female and have made some mistakes. In mid July(almost 5.5 months ago) I had brief unprotected sex with someone I did not know (huge mistake). It was less than 30 seconds and he did not ejaculate inside me. I felt fine until around October where I began to get worried about having an STD. I went to the doc and they cleared me of any sti but would not do any blood work because I had tested negative 3 months ago. I tried to explain to them it had been exactly 3 months since the encounter so I wanted to be retested but they refused, even though there is a lab on site. So I went home and in November bought an oraquick oral swab test at Walgreens. At 127 day past the encounter I took the oral swab and it was negative. I was eating a little before the test so three days later I bought another at 130 days and it was also negative. After this I felt way less anxious and I was able to enjoy my thanksgiving and felt like my normal self again. About a week later I feel a swollen lymph node on the side of my neck. It's still there, and not painful. No sore throat no fever. I seem to be experiencing loose stools though. So 141 days post exposure I took another oraquick test and it was negative. This time I followed the instructions to a t. Still worried about lymph nodes took another at 147 days and it was negative as well. I just can't relax because of the swollen lymph nodes. The reason I haven't been back to the doc is because I go every 3 months for a depo shot. My next appointment will be 6 months after encounter and any blood work would be definitive. I know this is a long post, but I can't help it I feel so anxious and depressed. Is there any way these tests are not picking up the antibodies? Why swollen lymph nodes if I haven't been infected.

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Sexual Health Men :: STD Like Symptoms With Negative Results

Iam 25 years old and have been dealing with an irritating soreness in the shaft of my penis for quite some time. In 2008 i was diagnosed with chlamydia,(its now 2014) i was treated and all test since have been negative. Here's were it gets tricky, i also infected my girlfriend, she was treated and also currently negative in all categories. Now, this unidentifiable soreness in me, from her doc is being labeled as BV but evidently men cant get BV so here i am searching for answers. I noticed this is actually common which isn't comfortable because everyone seems to have no clue on how to fix the problem. Hopefully i can offer some insight being i've been dealing with this for over 5 years. Since the initial infection i've been issued antibiotics over 5 times and once an anti-inflammatory steroid that worked well but seemed more like an aspirin to a headache and when off it had no real presence. Also, my lymph nodes are swollen, i'm not afraid for the simple fact i've been tested for everything and haven't had any new partners but this just needs to end. Another thing i notice is my girlfriend gets a scent, yea & also a taste, a metallic scent and a chalky taste almost like sweat but different. She gets BV antibiotics and that "solves" her problem, i'll take doxycycline and we have protected sex for a while and everything is seemingly cool. But the minute we decide on unprotected sex we're back at point A. Should we give it time? What is IT? First i thought maybe some rouge bacteria made it from the initial infection, maybe we were offset with our meds and not fully clear. I don't know but im at the point now were my doctors refuse to give me antibiotics because they just cant find anything wrong. To me it feels like i still have an STD, minus the constant pain, discharge and stuff, i basically do. I even sometimes get a flash of burn like irritation throughout the penis just out of the blue, whats that about? My next step is a cystoscopy, i'm not looking forward to that but in a sense i am. Im retiring from unprotected sex for the next year to give everything time to completely heal and questioning the importance of sex completely until then. Honestly im more interested in getting the metallic scent issue figured out because i've basically been cured of this soreness but there's something my ladies doc is overlooking. Maybe its the anti-inflammatories, im not sure but if anyone out there knows what im talking about don't hesitate to talk to me. Lets get this **** figured out. Be safe, be responsible and if your sore at all just wrap it up. Gods blessing.

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HIV Symptoms But Oraquick Negative 6 / 12 Weeks AND 6 / 12 Months

I had a exposure with HIV and tested like you are suppose to but now I quest if I used the right test. I tested at 6 weeks 12 weeks 6 months and 12 months all negative using Oraquick oral swab test.

In the past year I have had many infections that I normally don't get and had a rash and sore throat for about 12 past 8 days after the incident.

Now I have 2 cuts that won't heal after weeks. I get canker sores constantly and I never got them before and I don't have a appetite and lost 12 pounds over the last 6 months. Everything points to hiv and I wonder if I am one of the people that don't have enough antibodies to detect in my oral fluids area for the test.

Do I need another test or is this true? accurate at 1 year.

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3 Oraquick In Home Test Negative But Still HIV Symptoms?

I never been sexually active in my life (Never had sex before) except THESE BIGGEST SINES I EVER MADE in my life, I know I'm dumb and stupid, I'm too scared I need some conforte here please:

First time in my life I had sex (unprotected) was 8 months ago (August) with an escort girl. Second exposure was 5 months ago (December), I met a girl offered me massage she was a transsexual. she rubbed her penis on my back and anus (I think with no condom) cuz she ejaculated on my anus and back. (No penetration) Third time with the same transsexual in March with condom but also (no penetration).

I saw the ad for (Oraquick in Home Oral swab) on TV and the internet so I decide to get tested. I had tested for other stds as well Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia they were all negative. I tested for HIV (Oraquick in Home Oral swab) up to 8 months after First Exposure. I tested for HIV (Oraquick in Home Oral swab) and 5 months after Second Exposure.

I followed the instructions, and tested after 3 months exposures "ALL NEGATIVE".... I'm not gonna argue with you about my persistent symptoms (Muscle and joint aches, my both knees are red and aching my legs and some twitching and stabbing pain arms, neck and shoulder.) that's starts 5 months after the first exposure and still occurring till now they come and go. I know you don't discuss symptoms here.

1) What are my risk assessments regarding my exposures described above?
2) Do I still Need to test or get a different type of testing?
3) Are my persistent symptoms related to HIV?
4) Are my oraquick tests I took reliable and accurate???
5) Am I conclusively Negative do Not have HIV?
6) Can I MOVE ON with my life with 100% no worries?

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Herpes :: Negative IgG But Outbreak Symptoms Match HSV2

I had an encounter with a CSW Feb 2015 that involved unprotected oral (stupid I know) but protect vaginal sex. The next day I had a strong itch on my groin and the following day (2 days after encounter) I had a blister cluster of about 6-8 blisters in that area. The blisters went away without any scabbing within 1 or 2 days and never reappeared. I have had a almost near constant itch/tingling in my crotch in the same area ever since.

I had assumed this was a HSV-1/2 outbreak from what I had read, and I was unable to visit a clinic at the time. 13 months later, I get the IgG test and my results are:

HSV1 <0.1 negative
HSV2 <0.1 negative

While initially relieved, I'm worried that this <0.1 on both tests could possibly be a mis-test? I have seen many other tests here come up with number registering (example 0.27 or 0.5). Should I just retest or go for a Western Blot to settle this?

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Herpes :: HSV2 Symptoms But Blood Test Negative

I'm pretty sure I have HSV 2 (herpes) but I never got a culture, never had noticeable recurrent outbreaks, and have had a negative IgG blood test so I'm a little confused and want to know others opinions.

Almost exactly 2 weeks after unprotected intercourse I got:-

-3 hard red bumps/sores in a row in my pubic hair region (about the size of a pencil eraser)

-A few days later: extremely itchy vaginal area and thick, yellowish smelly discharge which lasted a couple days

-Possible "flat" sores on labia minora area (white circular discoloration, did NOT look like typical herpes sore clusters)

-The red sores on my pubic area seemed to crust over/come off (became flat, smooth, and whitish) after about a week then went away. I never noticed any fluid in them or oozing.

I never experienced any swollen lymph nodes, flu-like symptoms, or clusters of white pimple-like sores. I have never noticed any re-current outbreaks. I have no history of HSV 1.

Two years after possible initial outbreak I finally got a blood test: HSV 1 & 2-Specific Ab, IgG; Venipuncture

HSV 1 IgG: <0.91 Negative
HSV 2 IgG: <0.91 Negative

(index: 0.00-0.90, Equivocal .91-1.09)

I know there are lots of cases of people not producing antibodies, so I'm wondering if it's worth getting a Western Blot? Do you think the only explanation for my symptoms is herpes?

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Herpes :: Diagnosed HPV 1 - Why Genital Area Symptoms When Negative HPV 2

So back in October, I had a horrific and painful outbreak of herpes, both near my genital area and my mouth area. I was diagnosed with HPV-1, but not HPV-2 (swab test). I recently got into a relationship and I've told my boyfriend what I had and we had to be careful. Just recently, I finished school and from the stress, I was developing mouth sores, and now all of a sudden, I noticed one bump on the outer area of my vagina (I don't know the actual terminology, but it's on the "hairy" part) that popped up yesterday, thinking it was an ingrown hair because I shaved, but now it's looking more like a blister than anything. It hasn't spread yet and I'm hoping it doesn't. My discharge is a bit more creamy than usual, but there's no burning while urinating or pain near the vagina. It seems normal, just not the bump. The mouth ulcers are nearly gone and I haven't been sick and I don't start my period for another 2 weeks. Last time him and I had sex was this past Sunday and we used protection. My question is, if I'm diagnosed with HPV-1, why am I developing herpes in the genitalia region? Isn't it only supposed to be on the mouth?

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