Vaginal Shave To See The Chicken Pox?

Jan 12, 2014

I am 17 years old and have chicken pox. There's nothing unusual although I do have a couple on my vagina. Is it possible I still shave down there as I'd like to see what's going on?

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Vaginal :: Bumps After Shave

So about a month ago I started getting these bumps on my vaginal lips (around 2-3). It started happening around when I had shaved my bikini line down there, but they were not going away even after all of my hair had grown back so I decided to make an apt. with my Gynecologist. She told me it was because of the razor I had used when shaving that one time and that they would go away. A few weeks have past and those bumps did in fact go away, however a new, and much larger bump is on my lip again. This time it is harder and that worries me. I also did not shave since the first time these bumps started occurring so it makes me think that it is something other than just shaving that is causing these bumps. I read that many people simply get pimples down there and that is what I thought this bump was beginning to be but it is a lot harder than a pimple would be and more sore. I am not sexually active. I have not been in over a year so I am sure that these bumps aren't a result of that.

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Chicken Pox For The First Time What Should I Do?

I am 13 years old and Just broke out in very itchy spots. My mom said that I have chickenpox. I have 2 brothers 11 and 8 and they have not had chickenpox or the shot. Will they get chickenpox from me? I am having one of my brothers right now scratch my back. I hope i give my brothers chicken pox so they can go through what I feel like when you have chickenpox.

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Chicken Pox And Pregnancy Risks?

my daughter is thirteen weeks pregnant and has been in touch with chicken pox at the contagious stage. what are the risks to her and her baby. she has seen a doctor and is very upset.

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Hand Foot And Mouth Disease :: Chicken Pox Like Spots

My nearly 3 year old daughter has caught this virus and we found out todday.

She has chicken pox like spots on her hands, feet, legs, arms and bottom.

Her tongue has large blisters and looks very painful.

We are giving her Calpol and Calprofen but it doesn't seem to help for too long.

She wont eat much. The best results we have had so far are from Sushi which she keeps going back to. I will try the chicken soup in the morning because i am worried that she hasn't eaten much....

Her sleep patterns are very poor and now looking back she has been up for the last 2 to 3 nights a couple of times. Normally she is a good sleeper and will sleep from 7-8pm till 5-6am but now she is awake and crying and it is 9:20 pm

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Pits Resembling Bad Chicken Pox Scar

all three of my children caught this virus at preschool ages, i would firmly advise against squeezing the warts as it leaves awful scars, my girls aged 18yrs & 14yrs now have pits resembling bad chicken pox scars on their face & neck.

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Pregnancy :: Can You Shave?

Can you shave? Can you reach or is that the least of your concern

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How To Shave During Pregnancy?

I am now 25wks and just wondering if anyone else is having any difficulty grooming themselves? ? My belly is super huge, but the bending position is so uncomfortable now! What are u all doing about this? I'm beginning to feel self conscious before it gets too outta hand . I don't want my hubby to be grossed out by it lol.

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Is It Okay To Shave Your Butt?

I'm just wondering is it okay to shave your butt?

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When And How To Shave My Penis And Balls?

I was wondering whether I should shave my pubes and if so how to do it properly ....

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Pregnancy :: I Can Shave My Vagina?

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and I wanted to know if I can shave my vagina or not anymore ??

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Pregnancy :: Tips To Have Shave?

It is near impossible to shave my hoo ha these days. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? ? I know this is probably a TMI question

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Got Blisters On My Vagina After Shave

I shaved and I thought it felt different shaving this time (I usually always shave) and that night I could barely sleep because I was in so much pain and then the next day and since then I've had blisters appearing on my vagina that hurt so much I can barely sleep or walk and I'll have sharp shooting pains, I've honestly never experienced this much pain in my life. I have a boyfriend and I asked him about it he's the only guy I've ever slept with and he hasn't slept with any other girls and when I got with him he got tested and was clear so it can't be an sti surely?

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Women's Health :: First Time Shave

My first time shaving my lady parts. What's the best way to shave the soft skin near the vagina?

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Shave Before Surgery? Perineum Repair

The thought of surgery down there is bad enough, But I do remember them shaving me for a forceps delivery and when the stitches healed the pain was made worse by the itching from the shaving. I am a rectocele with perineum repair.. will they shave? Am I best to get the area waxed instead?

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Dermatology :: Acne Shave Biopsy?

I had this benign smooth small-ish bump on my nose for around two years, then around october time last year my nose got very dry and it kind of scraped/came off. It bled a little but it didn't seem to be full of blood, maybe just a clear fluid. It never bothered me up until it came off.  I was really happy because i thought it had gone. But then it started to come back. it came back even WORSE! it got very red, formed an uneven texture and still hasn't disappeared and we are in March. I have been to a doctor, who prescribed me acne medication, which just irritated it. Then i visited a dermatologist who told me i could have a shave biopsy. Its not cancerous which is good. But i am very very self concious about it. It is not a raised red , uneven bump on my nose. If you apply pressure it will stay down for 5 seconds until it comes back again.

I have been weighing up whether i want to go ahead and have a shave biopsy, i am worried about it scarring badly. It isn't very big, it is about 4mm/5mm, but it still is very obvious ( especially to me ). How long do shave biopsies take to heal? could it come back after the biopsy? and how long after the shave biopsy would i have to wait before wearing makeup?

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Pregnancy :: Bikini Shave? How? Unable To See Down There

Whose gonna shave my bikini area when i cant see it anymore gotta figure this out bikini waxing when pregnant?  i don't want to be Chewbacca when i deliver.

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How To Shave With Herpes (fresh Sores)

I was recently told I have herpes but I want to shave so bad because my pubic hairs are making it more painful! But I'm scared to death to shave because I still have fresh sores. What do I do?

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Pregnancy :: 27 Weeks And It's Too Hard To Shave

27 weeks and 3 days. I just had the most biggest work out of my life !! I'm so exhausted! I didn't think I would ever finish shaving, I was so close to quitting lmao

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Women's Health :: How To Shave Pubic Hair

What should young girls do when they don't want any pubic hair? I understand shaving is not the best option but I don't have another choice because I play volleyball in little spandex and I don't need to be worrying about people seeing anything.

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Pregnancy :: How To Shave - Belly Blocking The View

Recently I noticed shaving the goods has become hard. I am no longer able to see down there since my belly is blocking the view and I can't bend down like I use too. I shave it going by how it feels no. I haven't cut myself yet. I want to know if anyone has found a solution to shaving. I can not stand hair and the image of having a jungle is not really sitting well with me.

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