Vasectomy :: Wonderful Experience For Me

Jan 18, 2009

i had vasectomy on nhs and it is well worth it. Very little pain during the operation which took about forty minutes,and the following two weeks were uncomfortable but bearable. I considered going private but braved it on nhs and they were brilliant.No regrets at all and dont listen to your so called friends who fill you with horror stories. It's been ten weeks now and feels no different to before.

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Uterine Fibroids :: Open Myomectomy Surgery - Wonderful Experience

It is 10 days now since I had Open Myomectomy surgery. 32 Fibroids were removed, which surprised me, and I was in hospital for 5 nights. I am now home and getting stronger each day. The days before the surgery were anxious days but at the same time I was looking forward to the sugery and being free from the many symptons that fibroids cause. I had a great surgeon and anathestist and went fully prepared mentally, physically and spiritually for the surgery.

Surgery took 2 hours and remember being brought back to my hospital bed hooked up to IV fluids, catheter, oxygen and equipment on my legs to stop blood clots. Pain was minimal, similar to mild period pain and I was encouraged to use the Morphine pump to manage the pain for 2 days. Morphine did make me feel nauseated which is common.  Once I was free from catheter and IVs on day 3 I was encouraged to do my Pelvic exercises and to walk around the hospital corridor. I was given paracetamol and ibuprophen at regular intervals and BP, tempearture and Pulse was moniored on a regular basis, which were all fine. I was encouraged to drink more fluids and had no issues with empyting my bladder or bowels so knew everything was working OK. Getting in and out of bed and sitting up was difficult during the first 5 days but  became easier each day. Its amazing how much we rely on our stomach muscles for so many things. Once I was home on Day 6 I started doing very light duties around the house and a 10 minute walk outside plus regular naps whenever I felt fatigue. I can now do 15 minute walks and looking forward to getting stronger each day. I have some swelling around the incision but that is normal at this stage.  Will see the surgeon 20 days after my surgery for post-op checks.

Overall my surgery went very well and I am very pleased with the progress I am making. Although Open Myomectomy is major surgery, becasue of the advance in technology, the skills of the surgeon and the excellent pain management and hospital care  it is  a much easier experience than I thouht it would be.

If you have been told by your consultant that you need Open Myomectomy surgery do not be afraid, focus on the positive aspects of being free of fibroids symptons, read up on the procedure, watch videos of the procedure if your that way inclined, understand the risks, prepare yourself physically and mentally and follow the advice given by your consultant on the aftercare.

I am grateful to God that my surgery went well and I am looking forward to getting back to the gym in dure course and having a better quality of life without fibroids.

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Vasectomy A Good Experience For Me

I had my vasectomy done and I wanted to add my experience to a balanced discussion as usually only people who have problems complain. The doctor told me the risks and I went for the snip after consideration. Met a fellow patient whose grandfather and father had it done too and recommended it. We were nervous of course....who won't be? Now the love life is great no hormones or reduced sensation, no worries, no more expensive little ones, no nappy changes! All the wives waiting at the vasectomy clinic thoroughly supports it and I realised lots of colleagues had it done without warned they will take the mic out of you before you go for it. Thoroughly recommend it. No problems. Do consider the risks but life is risky. I took it and won.

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Vasectomy :: Anyone With Reversal Experience?

I wanted to know if anyone here had a vasectomy reversal. If so, what was your experience like? I am thinking of getting a reversal. I got a vasectomy as a young man and today regret it deeply.

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Hepatitis C :: Wonderful Harvoni TX - Achieved SVR / Cured

Received my 6 month end of Harvoni treatment.

Achieved SVR/Cured

So happy!!!  Harvoni is such a wonderful drug.  I thank God for it.  It was amazing, I never felt so good while I was on it.  It made me feel great.  I did 12 weeks of treatment and my viral load was 5.8 mi.  Type 1A

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Vasectomy :: Don't Go For It - Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS)

The best way about a vasectomy is to NOT have one. Anyone who thinks that they have got away without problems just can not say anything as PVPS can come on at any time until we die I know a friend who is in his mid-seventies and has more pain than in the whole of his life.

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Vasectomy :: Second Vasectomy - Failed First One

Hi I am looking for help I have just had my second vasectomy done just 2 weeks ago due to a failed vasectomy the first time. I have 2 large lumps 1 at the incision site and 1 and the opposite end of the incision and they are both causing me a lot of pain which runs down my leg I have seen my doctor but has told me to give it a couple of months but I didn't get any pain like this the first time. Can a second vasectomy increase any chances of side effects or chronic pain.

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Vasectomy :: Too Risky

After being all set and really enthusiastic to go get myself a vasectomy and finally get to enjoy no more worries or needing any more birth control, I did a lot of research online and on men's health and forum posts.

The unknown and unpredictable risks of being one of that certain small percentage of all men that will have problems directly from a vasectomy seems too great for the benefits.

A certain percent of all men will get complications and have problems after a vasectomy. As many as 15 percent or more of all vasectomy men can have complications, that's nearly one of every six men with vasectomies !!! The percentage is still being debated but it seems to go higher each year and higher with each new study done. Most seem to be fairly mild problems with fast cures and quick results. But a very small number or smaller percentage have major and long lasting problems. Maybe beginning so many years later that many men will see no connection between later problems in life and his vasectomy done many years or decades earlier.

The cure rate for fixing chronic pain and immune system troubles seems to be very low. Dr.s don't seem able to get any cures to work for the very few men most badly affected by vasectomy complications.

Most men have no big problems at all or just little long term annoyances like slight pain or decreased ejaculation force or intensity that they feel are well worth the birth control results they wanted from a vasectomy. Some have trouble and get cured. The two biggest long term problems with fewer cures are chronic long term pain afterward and immune system problems in men reacting to their own sperm cells.

No one seems to know ahead of time which men will do fine and which men will have big problems from a vasectomy.

Some men have troubles right away and some don't have any troubles until years or even decades later. Some men do great and never have any problems at all.

One big problem a very few men have is from their own sperm trapped and leaking into other unnatural parts of their bodies (body parts not intended to store sperm) every day with no outlet. Then their own immune systems are stuck needing to dissolve and break down hundreds of millions of new sperm produced by a man's testicles every day of his entire life. New daily sperm that all vasectomies totally block from leaving his body at all. His body is forced to break down all that daily production of sperm cells and rid his body of that pent up sperm being manufactured inside his testicles daily.

All sperm have only one half of each man's own genetic materials, the female's egg provides her half of the total chromosomes needed to make a new and unique baby.

All of the cells in a man's body have his full set of chromosomes inside every cell, except his sperms which only have half of his chromosomes. Men's normal body cells are recognized by his own immune system as being his own cells. Sperm have only half of his chromosomes and sperm seem to be seen as invading stranger's cells once they leak into other parts of a man's body after a vasectomy closes the only escape path for all his sperm to leave his body. The pent up sperm leak into the scrotum and get outside of the normally enclosed testicle and vas deferens system that exits his body before a vasectomy. This leaked out and pent up sperm then need to be digested in the scrotum by a man's own immune system to be destroyed and gotten rid of.

It seems for a very few men that the same digestive cells that dispose of pent up sperm inside the scrotum can travel up into and deep inside the two testicles by traveling the same exact exit leaks that the daily production of sperm use to exit out of the testicles. Even vasectomies that completely seal the testicle end of the vas usually form some leaks to relieve the pent up pressure inside the testicle from the never ending production of more sperm daily inside the testicle.

Some men seem to end up being slowly or more quickly castrated as these same immune system digestive cells enter into the deep interior of their two testicles and begin digesting the insides of both testicles and all of the delicate sperm making factories and tissues inside the testicles. Their own immune system digests the inside of their testicles just as it would digest all of the pent up sperms that cannot exit his body after the sperm finish forming and leaving his testicles into the rest of his body.

Long term chronic pain in the testicles after a vasectomy can be a huge problem for some men too. Some have it soon after and some have it years later. No one seems to know why or how to provide a cure for many of these men. It could be obvious pain from having pressure build up from sperm trapped inside the testicles. Or pain from the insides of the testicles and epididymis slowly being destroyed and dissolved by the man's own immune system. Or pain from nerve or tissue damage that occurred during the vasectomy cutting and when closing the ends of the vas.

No one can predict which men will have troubles before they occur.

I'm still holding out for new and better methods of male birth control for myself. Some new ones are in development that sound much better to me.

Just look it up yourselves on line before you take the jump to get your vasectomy. And read men's vasectomy problems on here first and make up your own mind. It sounds like few Dr.s want to tell every patient in detail about these big problems because of the small number of men who will have the biggest long term problems afterward.

But for those unlucky men with major problems there are few cures to get relief or repaired.

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Vasectomy :: Swelling All Over

10 days ago I had a vasectomy and I felt pretty good over the weekend, recovery has been fairly easy. We were able to have intercourse which at the time helped the minor pain in my testicles. However this weekend I had to chase my son all over the place at our church because he wouldn't stay out of things lol and I was picking up our baby some too. I over did it because now all the pain is back and I'm swelled up... what should I do? There's one particular area that looks agitated because it is a little red and warm (probably from inflammation).

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Vasectomy :: Anyone Had A Reversal?

Has anyone had a reversal?

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Vasectomy :: What To Ask Doctor Before Procedure?

As much as I have read about this procedure, I feel somewhat prepared going into my consult visit with the Dr.

I am wondering if there were any questions/discussions anyone feels they should have asked BEFORE the procedure?

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Will Second Vasectomy Solve The Issues?

I am looking for help I have just had my second vasectomy done just 2 weeks ago due to a failed vasectomy the first time. I have 2 large lumps 1 at the incision site and 1 and the opposite end of the incision and they are both causing me a lot of pain which runs down my leg I have seen my doctor but has told me to give it a couple of months but I didn't get any pain like this the first time. Can a second vasectomy increase any chances of side effects or chronic pain.

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Vasectomy :: Pain After 6 Weeks

had a vasectomy march 13 2015. returned to work the following monday after 2 days of rest. after 10 days i went back due to pain in my right testicle and the fact that is was sitting way to high. dr said everything looked ok and not to worry. 2 weeks later i went back again due to the same issues. once again, he said everything looked fine but that he wanted to see me back in 2 months to see if i am still having the same problems. as i sit her typing, i still have pain in my right ball, and a pain in my lower abdomen on the right side, and my right ball still sits too high. i have about 6 weeks before i go back to the dr. anybody else have this problem?

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Vasectomy :: Still In Pain After One Month

I had a no-scalpel vasectomy just over a month ago. After the first week, I noticed the cut ends of my vas (the part inside my scrotum that goes up into my body) were staying stiff, swollen and painful; the left side more than the right. After another week, I made a "nurse's visit" to the doctor because he was too busy for an appointment. He came in, gave my testicles a quick grab and declared the swelling and stiffening a normal inflammatory response.

It's now been two more weeks and the condition has not improved significantly. Physical activity (like yard work) and certain clothing increase the irritation and makes the inflammation worse.

Am I just a slow healer and this will eventually go away? Or have I settled into a known permanent side effect?

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Vasectomy :: Recovery Time?

I posted the other day about something more specific, riding my bicycle, but today am just more curious about recovery times. It's been 6 weeks since my vasectomy and I'm still not better. I seem to take 2 steps forward, 1.75 steps backwards. My wife wants me to remain optimistic..."Some people just recover slower than others", I however am VERY worried that the pain could be with me for the rest of my life. How optimistic/pessimistic should I be? It's difficult to find good info about vasectomy recovery on the internet. How long has it taken some of you or someone you know to heal completely?

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Vasectomy :: Orgasms Lost

I had a vasectomy in 2005. Pre surgery orgasm was amazing and shot far. Since then it feels boring and the semen only drizzles. Has anyone else had this issue? Why? It's been ten years since I've had a good orgasm. I'm only 42. Dr says it's mental.

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Vasectomy :: Size Of Penis?

really want a vasectomy but am so worried about the size of it, and f you know what I mean.

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Vasectomy :: Pain In My Testicles Ever Since

I have lived with pain in my testicles ever since I made the biggest mistake of my life by having a vasectomy. This operation just has to be the most stupid thing I`ve ever done.

It was told it was ¬nothing much` but have been in pain for over sixteen years and it only gets worse. The long term risks have not been well enough explained and is much more common than was told to me.

The best advise I could give anyone thinking about the snip is DON`T

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Post Vasectomy Pain PVP

Not told about post vasectomy pain by Dr ,Which affects approx 5% of patients with some like myself pain does not go away , Treatments have poor success rate .A good Dr will clearly tell you this and you can then make your own mind up but Many don't as most men are put off when they find this out ! Do your research first before the Quick Snip leaves you with long term pain that can be very difficult if not impossible to get rid off .

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Vasectomy :: Infection And Pain Afterwards

My husband had a vasectomy 2 weeks ago. 4 days after the operation he had severe pain and his testicles swelled up to double the size they normally are. We went back to the doctor and he said that he had a rare infection - put him on antibiotics and pain meds.

The antibiotics are now finished and although the swelling has gone down, his left testicle is rock hard and hasn't dropped. It is still painful sometimes and the pain runs up to and around to his lower back. We've been phoning the Urologist every day but he's either in theater or his is busy and doesn't return our calls.

Could it be possible that something went wrong? What can be done to fix the problem? And is it safe to resume normal sexual intercourse I'm afraid something bad will happen!

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Vasectomy :: 9 Months And Everything Is Fine Now

I had a vasectomy carried out under general anaesthetic (due to complications) on the NHS. It was done on a day ward.

I had no problems or complications other than a slight infection around the stitches. It took nine months before I got the all clear for having a zero sperm count though.

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