Vasectomy A Good Experience For Me

Jul 9, 2014

I had my vasectomy done and I wanted to add my experience to a balanced discussion as usually only people who have problems complain. The doctor told me the risks and I went for the snip after consideration. Met a fellow patient whose grandfather and father had it done too and recommended it. We were nervous of course....who won't be? Now the love life is great no hormones or reduced sensation, no worries, no more expensive little ones, no nappy changes! All the wives waiting at the vasectomy clinic thoroughly supports it and I realised lots of colleagues had it done without warned they will take the mic out of you before you go for it. Thoroughly recommend it. No problems. Do consider the risks but life is risky. I took it and won.

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Had Sigmoidoscopy - A Good Experience

it's not as bad you people think. I must admit I was fearing it a lot and this might be one of the reasons why I overreacted to the discomfort felt by the pumping of air to distend the bowels. There are no nerves in the bowels so you cannot feel any pain. Proof of this was when they did a random biopsy on me and ripped out samples of tissue from my bowels (as I watched on the screen). There was no pain at all apart from the odd sensation which felt like someone flicking a rubber band inside my gut.

It's always fear of the unknown which scares of most. After the procedure the only pain I really experienced was wind as they had probably pumped the world's gas supply into me (ok so I might have exaggerated a bit) but seriously, it's not all that bad and you'll feel ok right after one big release.

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Colonoscopy :: My Good Experience

Just came home from a colonoscopy this afternoon and with the experience fresh in my mind -

I thought I'd share my thoughts.

Never having had a colonoscopy before, I was really wound up and worried in the days before the procedure.

The question in my mind was, just how painful is this going to be? Would I be able to deal with it ?...

So on the day - after a delicate conversation with a nurse on the day, I decided to go for entonox with sedation as a backup if things proved too much.

To get to the nitty gritty - So how painful is a colonoscopy? Well there is a difference I believe between pain and discomfort.

During a colonosocopy - With all that endoscope piping inside you, your insides will get thoroughly pushed and pulled, and so your body will be stretched.

The best I can describe it, is that feeling when you're carrying very heavy shopping bags for some time and your arms really really ache. Not pain but potentially a lot of discomfort.

So If you are someone who struggles with any discomfort, then maybe sedation is the way to go.

However- if you're someone who is prepared to put up with some stretching pulling discomfort (again not really pain) then confidently go for entonox.

In the examination room for the procedure, I was handed the mouthpiece and not given any instructions at all. So here is my take...Just take what you need. When you feel a bit of pulling and pushing, just take one or two lungfuls of gas and then breathe normally for 30 seconds or so. Don't take any gas if you are not in any discomfort as it was simply make you feel lightheaded and woozy. Again just take what you need. It kicks in with 20-30 seconds. Gas & Air is really quite *powerful* pain/discomfort relief.

Best advice - The most important thing is to try to relax.

Two reasons :-

1 By consciously trying to relax, it makes it easier for the job to get done, there is less pushing and pulling needed to fight your tense muscles and so therefore is less discomfort.

2 if you really think anything is going to be unpleasant and focus intently on it, your mind will create a sensation despite what is actually happening... A self fulfilling prophecy.

Just listen to the radio and take your mind somewhere else...

In my case, with a few lungfuls of entonox here and there, the whole procedure was very manageable. Important - accept you will have some discomfort, but it really is no worse than overstretched shopping arms...The staff at good Hope Hospital Birmingham were brilliant, and looked after me very well.

So in summary, I found the experience nowhere near as bad as some of the horror stories you read the forums. I suspect it is only when things go wrong, or people just have a bad experience, that views get shared.

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Good Experience Of Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

To start with, my pain tolerance is zero. I'm such a wuss that even with simple dental filling or cleaning I have to get anesthetic. I had a flex sig done 5 hours ago and in all honesty it doesn't hurt at all. I read a lot of negative reviews about it and decided to write my own to maybe help people like me who gets scared easily. Two weeks before the flex sig I always go online to research, read forum (which made me more scared). The worst part for me is the preparation. Clear liquid diet and the laxative. Which is two days before my sig test. Once in the examination room, I was so nervous to the point that I almost passed out, I anticipated the worst (probably because I read somewhere in this forum that it is worse than childbirth) and I was surprised that it doesn't hurt at all. Little background, I have internal and external hems, and reason for this test is because I had experience rectal bleeding (bright red blood) about a week ago. Going back to the topic, as the doctor begun to insert that camera tube that was the worst part. If I would rate the pain 1-10 and 10 being the most painful I would say this is easily a 2 just because of the pressure and 2 because I have external hems which is sore (because of the laxative last night). If I don't have external hem I would easily say this is a 1, walk in the park. Then came the camera inside and the air start blowing to expand my colon. This is another discomfort that I felt because it gave me a weird feeling in my abdomen. If I were to describe it, it feels like you're about to take a massive poop. Then again tolerable. It really is just uncomfortable. As the minute passes by I was just watching the monitor and taking a good look at my own colon which is pretty amazing. Then the first corner, they have to turn to the first corner and the nurse gave me a mothers tap like everything is going to be okay and it is. I didn't feel a thing. Honestly just the air and the weird sensation of trying to stop a poop of coming out and the abdomen cramp. Then they found two polyps which they needed to remove (biopsy). Removal of the poly, I didn't feel any pain. I'm not exaggerating this. I'm honestly telling the truth. Then it was all done. If I timed it correctly it took about 12 minutes. Now I know everyone's experience is different and again I decided to write this because two weeks ago I've made the mistake of going into so much forum and read the horror stories, and thought that this review might help balance the reviews. So if you're like me who's super scared, please don't worry too much. Go with the test, the peace of mind that you'll get after is priceless. I'm 28 years old by the way, male. As for the result, just the two polyps and the internal hem is the abnormality that was found. The biopsy they took (polyp) was sent to the pathology dept for further examination. The doctor said that he can almost guarantee me that the polyps are the innocent ones (not the pre cancerous ones). I wasn't recommended further testing like colonoscopy. One last thing, if I were to do this again, for peace of mind, I will certainly do it in a heartbeat as I already know that it is not that bad versus what I've read so far. And p.s I respect everyone's opinion and I understand that everyone's different. I'm just a guy who gets hurt easily with everything and can get easily scared with anything. But I did it, and I aced it.

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Thyroid Disorders :: Experience With Lugol's Good Or Bad?

I've read about "Lugol's" iodine supplementation and for every article for it, I find one against it. I searched here too but didn't find much.

Has anyone tried it and what was your experience good or bad?

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Vasectomy :: Wonderful Experience For Me

i had vasectomy on nhs and it is well worth it. Very little pain during the operation which took about forty minutes,and the following two weeks were uncomfortable but bearable. I considered going private but braved it on nhs and they were brilliant.No regrets at all and dont listen to your so called friends who fill you with horror stories. It's been ten weeks now and feels no different to before.

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Vasectomy :: Anyone With Reversal Experience?

I wanted to know if anyone here had a vasectomy reversal. If so, what was your experience like? I am thinking of getting a reversal. I got a vasectomy as a young man and today regret it deeply.

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Vasectomy :: Don't Go For It - Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS)

The best way about a vasectomy is to NOT have one. Anyone who thinks that they have got away without problems just can not say anything as PVPS can come on at any time until we die I know a friend who is in his mid-seventies and has more pain than in the whole of his life.

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Vasectomy :: Second Vasectomy - Failed First One

Hi I am looking for help I have just had my second vasectomy done just 2 weeks ago due to a failed vasectomy the first time. I have 2 large lumps 1 at the incision site and 1 and the opposite end of the incision and they are both causing me a lot of pain which runs down my leg I have seen my doctor but has told me to give it a couple of months but I didn't get any pain like this the first time. Can a second vasectomy increase any chances of side effects or chronic pain.

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5.63 Good Cholesterol And 3.69 Bad One

have just had a telephone consult with my gp he tells me my cholesterol is 5.63 good and bad chol 3.69 can anyone tell me what this means? is it high - he wants me to go on statins and i am already on warfarin.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Is Walking Good?

Is walking good for pregnancy

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Forget To Tell Someone Something - Good Way To Remember?

Before you forget to tell someone something, how is a good way to remember?

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Sertraline :: Increasing From 100 To 150 Mg - Good Or Bad

Can anyone let me know what their experience(s) were of increasing from 100 to 150 - good or bad! I feel like I have reached a bit of a lull and am not feeling like it's as effective as it first was. Also my head feels a bit funny, almost like a brain zap but not quite - does anyone relate to that? So I was thinking of increasing (well going to speak to Dr about it first!)

I used to be on citalopram and was on the highest dose of that.

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Good Smoking Alternatives?

I am interested on feedback on other's journey and method to a smoke free life.  I have quit time and time again for a month to weeks at a time only to have a smoke again and then back at it..  

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Hip Replacement - Good Sex Positions

Sexual positions that are good for THR patients, blue is the man. Pink woman. I was really glad to find this. I'd die before I asked my doctor!!! I know it's a touchy subject, but I think it's important to not be scared. Live a full life and stop anxiety. See pic below .....

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Whats A Good Sleep Aid

Whats a good sleep aid while 18 weeks

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Pregnancy :: Exercise Good Or Bad At 6-7 Months?

So I heard its okay to be active during pregnancy.. But is running bad? My aunt told me running was very bad around 6-7 months because it can "flip" the baby is this true? Did any ladies exercise while pregnant?

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Pregnancy :: What's A Good Way To Do A Gender Reveal?

What's a good way to do a gender reveal?

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Stretch Marks - Any Good Remedies?

I'm 31 weeks and just started getting stretch marks, any good remedies or something I should use?

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Cold / Flu :: Good Idea To Get A Massage?

I'm a bit under the weather and it feels like I'm coming down with the flu. Would it be a good idea to get a massage?

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PTSD :: Cannot Get A Good Night's Sleep

So my main issue when dealing with my PTSD is the really vivid terrifying nightmares. I was controlling them for a while with trazodone, which I will admit I did not have a prescription for and received from a friend, but as I really don't feel like becoming addicted to medications, I've stopped taking it for the time being. Most of the other symptoms of my PTSD have so far not affected my day to day life but I cannot get a good night's sleep to save my life right and I was wondering if there was any type of meditation or something that you might recommend? I don't have the time or money right now to see a therapist or trauma expert.

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