(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Is Walking Good?

Oct 28, 2014

Is walking good for pregnancy

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Fitness :: A Lot Of Walking Good For The Feet?

Does doing a lot of walking good for the feet?

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Fitness :: Does Doing A Lot Of Walking Good For The Feet?

Does doing a lots of lots of walking good for the feet?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Does Walking Help?

i wanted to know if walking around the block would help open my cervix? I'm 37 weeks and my dr. Wants to induce me next Tuesday. Idk why she wants to that early. The baby is already running 7 pounds and 2 ounces.

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Pregnancy :: What Exercise Can I Do Besides Walking

I am 7 months and I want to exercise besides walking because I walk all the time so I'm looking for two. I don't want to hurt my baby so what can I do?

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Pregnancy :: Does Walking Help Labor

does walking help labor

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Whats A Good Sleep Aid

Whats a good sleep aid while 18 weeks

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Pregnancy :: Exercise Good Or Bad At 6-7 Months?

So I heard its okay to be active during pregnancy.. But is running bad? My aunt told me running was very bad around 6-7 months because it can "flip" the baby is this true? Did any ladies exercise while pregnant?

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Pregnancy :: What's A Good Way To Do A Gender Reveal?

What's a good way to do a gender reveal?

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Pregnancy :: What's Good For Sore Throat?

Anyone know what's good for sore throats??

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Walking - Can It Hurt The Baby?

Can it hurt the baby? I went walking on The National Harbor & it was a fairly long walk... sort of, idk. But, I just want to make sure nothing is wrong. I felt little pains near my pelvic area, but I think I also feel some kicks so maybe everything is fine.

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Pregnancy :: Walking Eases Delivery?

So I've been told to walk a lot so I won't struggle having my baby. Any suggestions ?

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Pregnancy :: What Is Good To Reduce Stretch Marks?

What is good to reduce stretch marks and prevent from getting more ?

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Pregnancy :: Getting Induced A Good Idea? Over Due Date?

is it a good idea to get induced if youre over your due date ? Or just keep going until your water breaks ?

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Pregnancy :: Fetal Doppler? A Good Investment?

I bought a fetal Doppler from fetaldoppler.net has anyone else bought one from there ? Does anyone have one ? Is it a good investment ?

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5.63 Good Cholesterol And 3.69 Bad One

have just had a telephone consult with my gp he tells me my cholesterol is 5.63 good and bad chol 3.69 can anyone tell me what this means? is it high - he wants me to go on statins and i am already on warfarin.

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Had Sigmoidoscopy - A Good Experience

it's not as bad you people think. I must admit I was fearing it a lot and this might be one of the reasons why I overreacted to the discomfort felt by the pumping of air to distend the bowels. There are no nerves in the bowels so you cannot feel any pain. Proof of this was when they did a random biopsy on me and ripped out samples of tissue from my bowels (as I watched on the screen). There was no pain at all apart from the odd sensation which felt like someone flicking a rubber band inside my gut.

It's always fear of the unknown which scares of most. After the procedure the only pain I really experienced was wind as they had probably pumped the world's gas supply into me (ok so I might have exaggerated a bit) but seriously, it's not all that bad and you'll feel ok right after one big release.

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Vasectomy A Good Experience For Me

I had my vasectomy done and I wanted to add my experience to a balanced discussion as usually only people who have problems complain. The doctor told me the risks and I went for the snip after consideration. Met a fellow patient whose grandfather and father had it done too and recommended it. We were nervous of course....who won't be? Now the love life is great no hormones or reduced sensation, no worries, no more expensive little ones, no nappy changes! All the wives waiting at the vasectomy clinic thoroughly supports it and I realised lots of colleagues had it done without problems...be warned they will take the mic out of you before you go for it. Thoroughly recommend it. No problems. Do consider the risks but life is risky. I took it and won.

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Forget To Tell Someone Something - Good Way To Remember?

Before you forget to tell someone something, how is a good way to remember?

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Sertraline :: Increasing From 100 To 150 Mg - Good Or Bad

Can anyone let me know what their experience(s) were of increasing from 100 to 150 - good or bad! I feel like I have reached a bit of a lull and am not feeling like it's as effective as it first was. Also my head feels a bit funny, almost like a brain zap but not quite - does anyone relate to that? So I was thinking of increasing (well going to speak to Dr about it first!)

I used to be on citalopram and was on the highest dose of that.

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Good Smoking Alternatives?

I am interested on feedback on other's journey and method to a smoke free life.  I have quit time and time again for a month to weeks at a time only to have a smoke again and then back at it..  

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