(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Does Walking Help?

Mar 10, 2015

i wanted to know if walking around the block would help open my cervix? I'm 37 weeks and my dr. Wants to induce me next Tuesday. Idk why she wants to that early. The baby is already running 7 pounds and 2 ounces.

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Pregnancy :: What Exercise Can I Do Besides Walking

I am 7 months and I want to exercise besides walking because I walk all the time so I'm looking for two. I don't want to hurt my baby so what can I do?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Is Walking Good?

Is walking good for pregnancy

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Pregnancy :: Does Walking Help Labor

does walking help labor

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Walking - Can It Hurt The Baby?

Can it hurt the baby? I went walking on The National Harbor & it was a fairly long walk... sort of, idk. But, I just want to make sure nothing is wrong. I felt little pains near my pelvic area, but I think I also feel some kicks so maybe everything is fine.

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Pregnancy :: Walking Eases Delivery?

So I've been told to walk a lot so I won't struggle having my baby. Any suggestions ?

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Hip Replacement :: How Much Walking?

I have been reading your posts on your walking progress and am amazed at how much some of you are able to do.  I am almost 5 weeks post op and walk every day on my crutches, but it is just up and down the road a few times going a bit further every day.  Compared to some of you I don't think I am nearly doing enough walking, my fitness level was bad before the operation due to not being able to weight bear and walk so that may be why my progress seems slower.  

I was given the physio exercises, which I do every day, but was given no indication of how far I should be walking or if I should go on when I get pain.  Just wondered what your thoughts are on this.

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Painful Feet When Walking Into The Sea

For the past few years whenever I go in the sea (when it's very cold) I get quite a severe pain in my feet - like an intense ache. It eventually fades away but it's pretty unpleasant! I'm guessing this is something to do with poor circulation, but I don't know anyone else this happens to, and whilst not exceptionally active I'm not very unfit.

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Pain In One Leg Only After Jogging (not Walking)

Hey i know someone who has been suffering of pain in one of his legs lately it hurts him when he jogs he usually jogs for more that 2 km everyday with a speed ranging from 12 to 16 km/hour it only hurts him after jogging but no matter for how long he walks he feels no pain it hurt the place upwards ankle for a little time then stops but day after day the pain increase

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Testicles :: Hurt On Walking

my testicles hurt. it only hurts when i walk but it doesn't hurt a lot. when i just in my chair or bed it doesn't hurt.

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Hard Time When I Walking Around

I don't know why it seems like recently I am having less energy. When I do go to walk around somewhere then I feel kind of light headed ya. It seems like once I stop walking then it will go away. If I walk around a little more then I will have that feeling. Does anyone know what would cause this problem. It's hard to walk around like this since I need to rest sometimes to feel better.

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Knee :: Tips For Walking After TKR?

i was walking outside on 2 crutches, fairly easily, holding them very loosely and walking without a limp.  Inside I was using 1 crutch.

last week the physio took one away - tried me on a stick but said I was too wobbly, so left me with one.  I was quite happy and confident when I left him, but over the past week I seem to be limping so much more and relying on the crutch more.

Does anyone have any tips please for walking properly?

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Knee :: How Much Walking Is Enough Post-op?

how much walking is enough, I'm now at 10 days , walking 3 times a day, very slow, my daughter actually counted the steps, and I'm doing 580 each time, I am tired out in late afternoon eve, but I think that's as much to do with the op , as anything else, plus I do my exercise s 3 times each day, but other than getting up and down to the loo, and fidgeting a lot, after, five o'clock I don't do a lot. Is that about right, ? Or may be I should do a bit more,  I'm a bit clueless, anybody have an opinion?

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Bruising, Swelling And Pain After Walking

So for nearly two years now I have had a growing pain over the ridge of my left foot, I'm almost positive that it is my extensor hallucis longus. The pain is not present when resting, unless I stretch my big toe up towards me, and is much worse if I apply a measure of force against it. Once I start to walk the pain gradually worsens until I cannot put pressure on that particular side of my foot due to it not being able to hold my weight without severe discomfort. The pain emerges the moment I start walking and within an hour maximum it will be at its peak. Once I have stopped walking, the ridge of my foot will be extremely swollen, about as large as a golf ball, dark red and bruised.

I have tried to stay off it for a time, at one point using crutches for a week, applying a bandage, stretching, loosening my laces, wearing different styles of shoes (converse high-tops are my usual preference, but tried trainers, boots and dress shoes too), applying ice to the affected area and also taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine, all to no avail. As I said, it's been just a few months shy of two years and is gradually getting worse both in pain and swelling/bruising.

Also just a small overview of my physical stature as I assume it could be of some use

23 years of age
Shoe size 11-12 (depending on the style of shoe)
Physical fitness is good.

Could anyone recommend any other course of action before I finally give in and consult my GP, and also confirm my suspicion of tendonitis, or speculate on other conditions it may or may not be?

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Vestibular Neuritis - Feel Like Walking On Air

how to deal with this thing feel like I am walking on air.

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Hip Replacement :: Opposite Hip Pain After Walking

I had my surgery a year ago and just within the last few weeks my unoperated hip has been causing me a lot of pain. I've been walking 3 miles 3 times a week and with my limp it becomes painful to the point that I have to stop and sit down before I can continue. My hip is almost bone on bone and it hasn't bothered me too much but since the surgery it has been causing me pain. My doc said to continue walking because it won't deteriorate the hip any faster.

My operated hip is fabulous.

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Fitness :: A Lot Of Walking Good For The Feet?

Does doing a lot of walking good for the feet?

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Fitness :: Does Doing A Lot Of Walking Good For The Feet?

Does doing a lots of lots of walking good for the feet?

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Cardiovascular :: Walking After Triple Bypass?

I am feeling a bit down. I was a healthy man my whole life and then three years ago the disease came and it turned my whole world upside down. I know that it’s been three years since that and that I was supposed to get used to it by now, but I still can’t really accept the fact that I have triple bypass in the age of 40. Anyway, I’m not here to seek for emotional comfort, I just wanted to ask you how much walking can I do, knowing that I have triple bypass? I really need long walks these days.

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TKR (6 Weeks Post Op) :: Walking With A Limp

I am 6 weeks post tkr, I am managing without crutches indoors but still use 1 outdoors.I am walking with quite a pronounced limp, and I am having trouble bending my knee when walking (during excercise my bend is 90) any thoughts anyone ? How long is it likely to take to walk normally ?

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Sitting, Standing, And Walking - Sudden Dizziness

I don't know exactly where to start or how to describe my issue, but I know something isn't right. 2 days ago I woke up as I normally do from a good night's sleep and immediately knew something wasn't right. I was feeling faint and dizzy, but it wasn't a constant feeling that wouldn't go away. I would have these episodes about every 5 or 6 seconds apart from one another. 2 days later (today) it hasn't gone away and it's actually getting worse. It feels like I'm getting hit with a hammer and that's when everything starts to go faint and an instant dose of dizziness smacks me in the head. I honestly feel like I'm going to just kill over and pass out, but I don't. after a few seconds it stops, but then after I take a few more steps it does it all over again. This happens whether I'm standing up, walking, sitting down or even laying down. It just won't stop. Prior to this, there was a week where I got about 5 or 6 major migraines in one week. Not sure if this is related or not? I have no ins.

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