Vitamin D Deficiency - Advice On Supplements?

Jan 19, 2015

Anyone ever told to take Vitamin D, my lab work came back that I was deficient in it, was told to take Vitamin D 1000 daily?  I don't know what my level was, but I am looking it up on the internet and see there is D3 and D2?  Looks as though the D3 is best?

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Hypothyroidism :: Vitamin D Deficiency - Supplements Worked

Hi.  I was diagnosed hypothyroid about three years ago and have been on varying doses of Levothyroxine ever since.  I was eventually fairly stable, (three-monthly blood tests) but then a lot of the original symptoms returned - utter fatigue and lethargy, painful and aching joints, weight gain, dry brittle hair - and palpitations on a daily basis etc etc.  I went back to my GP and said I wanted to have a moan about my thyroid because I was feeling so rubbish.  She sat back in her chair, said 'Moan away' and listened.  At the end of my whinge, she said she wanted me to have further blood tests to check my Cortisol and Vitamin D levels.  The Cortisol result was fine but she said I was quite badly deficient in Vitamin D.  For those who don't know, some hypothyroid people cannot absorb enough of this Vitamin (which I believe is actually a hormone) from natural sources.  So I immediately started a high dosage, six-week course of Ergocalciferol (Vit D + calcium) and within a few days I was feeling so much better.  The palpitations had stopped, my joint pain was easing and the extreme fatigue too.  Now, six weeks on, the doc has put me on a maintenance dose of Vit D and calcium, I am feeling so much better and my hair has even started growing again.  One thing that hasn't changed is my weight but that's an issue for another day.  The reason for this post is to say - if you are hypothyroid, taking levothyroxine and still feeling rubbish, consider asking your doc to have you tested for Vit D deficiency.  It might not be the answer, but it's certainly worth a try.  

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Vitamin B12 And Vitamin D Deficiency Experienced Nocturnal Anxiety?

I was diagnosed with with B12 and Vitamin D deficiency. Both levels quite low. I have been taking my Vitamin B12 shots for three weeks now. Also I am on supplements for Vitamin D 60000 IU once a week. Most of my symptoms like tingling numbness and headache have gone. But since a few days i have been experiencing this weird feeling in my chest and entire body, the kinds when we are nervous, with palpitation while sleeping. I wake up and sit for sometime and then I seem to be fine. However, it happens again when i am about fall asleep. My GP said its anxiety and prescribed clonazepam. It did help for three days. But yesterday I tried sleeping without taking clonazepam and the same feeling of anxiety and palpitation came back. Is it a part of the vitamin D recovery process? I don't want to take clonazepam regularly. Any suggestions? 

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Supplements And Iron Deficiency?

Since my symptoms started over two years ago (I was 22), I have lost 70% of my hair. My iron status at the onset of symptoms:

Hemoglobin 13.5 (11.7-15.5)
Hematocrit 39.3% (25-40)
Iron, total 160 (4-175)
Ferritin 18 (10-154)

After supplementing with 150mg of elemental iron for 6 months (per a dermatologist that diagnosed me with telogen effluvium and advised that I increase my ferritin to 70-80 to stop hair loss):

Hemoglobin 13.1 (11.1-15.9)
Hematocrit 39.6 (34-46.6)
Iron, total 103 (35-155)
Ferritin 62 (13-150)
Reticulocyte count 0.6 (06-2.5)

After supplementing with 100mg of elemental iron for about a year after that:
Hemoglobin 13.9 (11.1-15.9)
Hematocrit 42.0 (34.0-46.6)
Iron, total 82 (35-155)
Ferritin 59 (15-150)
Iron saturation 28% (15-55)
TIBC 291 (250-450)
Reticulocyte count 0.4 (0.6-2.6)

I stopped taking iron supplements because I was not getting better, and because I had a few doctors tell me that I should not be on iron supplements because my hemoglobin, hematocrit, MCV, and RBCs were in the normal range. So I stopped for 3 weeks. Yesterday, I had a ferritin test done with a result of 87. This makes absolutely no sense considering I have not taken an iron supplement.

A physician I saw theorized that I could possibly have anemia of chronic disease, due to a low reticulocyte count, low TIBC and normal MCV. But that doesn't make sense to me either because although my ferritin did increase for some strange reason, it was on the low side before I started supplementing. And, my RBC, hemoglobin, and hematocrit have always been in range, and do not vary much despite supplementation.

I'm nervous that I shouldn't be supplementing with iron. In addition, my TSH (3.3), and midrange FT3 and FT4 have not changed despite supplementation--one physician theorized that maybe if I increase my ferritin levels, my thyroid levels will get better and I will stop losing my hair. Also, when I went on Naturethroid (went up to 2 grains over 6 months), my TSH decreased, but my FT3 and FT4 did as well--I felt awful.

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Dietary Deficiency :: Supplements To Improve My Lifestyle?

What kind of supplement a 35-55 year old (i am shy to tell my age) woman like me should take to improve my lifestyle? IF you are in my situation what supplement you will be looking for?. for example supplement for stamina, energy, sleep, bone health, Hair and Nails, Multivitamins, Menopause, Bone Health, Skin Care, Sex Drive, Stress, Sleep, Brain Health, Aging etc?. I don't wanna go to a doctor I need answers from personal experiences..

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Cured Panic Attacks By Vitamin Supplements

I have never written any sort of review or comment online but I wanted to get this out there because it changed my life and it was something the Dr's hadn't even considered and even now, when I have brought it up with them they find it "unlikely". Yet it has worked, and not just for me.

I am 27yrs old and started having what seemed like panic attacks just under a year ago. The first one was unbelievable, I had no idea what was happening to me and thought I was going to die. It lasted for hours and I felt like I couldn't breath and that my chest was tight, I felt dizzy and a bit sick and had a tremendous pain deep into my neck and skull base. Adrenalin seemed to be pumping round my body consistently and it was all I could do to make a concerted conscious effort to breathe in and out - as if my body wasn't going to do it on its own. After it finally subsided I was tired and relieved it was gone but was left feeling not quite normal but thought this would pass. I had had a small cold at the time and attributed the experience to breathing difficulties and a tight chest and throat. However, from that time onwards I was aware that I didn't feel quite right but I couldn't put my finger on it. Then I started getting these "attacks". It would suddenly hit, seemingly out of nowhere and I would get a sudden hot sweat followed by dizziness and then the breathing thing would start again. Sometimes they were milder, other times they would become severe and I would be totally chair bound and in fear I would stop being able to breathe. All the physical symptoms that you see listed under "panic attacks" were there and I realised I had to see a Dr.

When I saw my Dr he confirmed what I had suspected from my own web findings and he felt that antidepressants would be the way to go. However, I should note here that I was not or am not depressed, I felt no worry or anxiety except about these attacks that were happening. So when my Dr thought that it could be depression or general anxiety disorder (GAD) it didn't seem right as I had no mood problems. I was happy in my life and content with what I was doing - so these attacks had literally come from nowhere.

I was on antidepressants for 5 weeks when I realised these were not helping me, the attacks were fewer, but I still felt weird and on top of that I felt a bit spacey. So then the Dr put me on beta blockers and I felt as though I was always walking on sponge and that my stomach was turning all the time.

This problem started to cause me to avoid situations, not want to go out, not do too much, not do too little - it was the fear of oncoming attacks that started to live with me all the time. I stopped enjoying the things I had enjoyed and was starting to get very down about why I felt all wrong.

So I started to research panic disorders and causes and alternative ways of treating them. I had always known that it was very psychological and had felt guilty and ashamed of having some sort of "neurosis", but had not really tried any of the psychological or relaxation exercises that are suggested. It was hard to think straight at the time of an attack and I would find it difficult to try and "relax", even though I had found out that this is a very important part of the panic attack syndrome.

Anyway, I've put this history in of my experience so that you can see what was happening to me personally.

I started finding references to various deficiencies in the body as having direct links to panic attacks and the very same symptoms, so I started to investigate this.

I came across lots of personal references and people's experiences of being deficient in various vitamins and minerals and discovering that this was the cause of their GAD. I also found some medical references to such findings when I dug a little deeper.

What I found out was that not enough of the B-vitamins in the body can cause lots of the same symptoms of panic disorders, there were ones in particular but I found that the best way was to get a good b-complex as they all help each other to be absorbed into the body etc. I also found that magnesium deficiency brings about the same symptoms and iron and folic acid.

So I ordered a range of supplements willing to give it a go, mainly the b-complex vitamins (but for good measure I got multi vits, vit c and zinc, iron and chelated magnesium - NOT magnesium oxide)

I have been taking them now for about 2 months and I feel normal again, NO panic attacks and no feeling of being "not quite right". I feel great! Better than normal and I can enjoy the things I had enjoyed again!

It has really worked, and the evidence after I started taking the supplements is, for me, indisputable - I feel as though my body is saying yes, this is it, this is what we wanted. An undoubtable feeling of normalcy and health. I KNOW that this is what was causing me panic attacks and to never feel quite right. Any day at any time I was aware that I didn't feel myself - this has completely gone.

There has been a noticeable difference in my energy, skin, ability to function well, my mood and so many other things it would be too long to list.

I feel like I did not have GAD or panic disorder, I was not suffering from a neurosis and I did not need medical treatment and drugs. I simply was deficient in some things.

So I wanted to put this out there for anyone going through those awful symptoms - try these vitamins, suppliment your diet, it can do no harm and if it IS a deficiency then my god, you'll know it and feel better!

The relief is so massive I can't tell you.

I have since discovered quite a lot of online content with others experiencing this very thing - being "cured" of an "anxiety disorder" (that had sometimes been lived with for years!) simply by supplementing their diets with the right vitamins.

Of course, this may not always be the case, obviously, but it is certainly worth a try - especially if you have that feeling I had of ALWAYS feeling like you were not feeling "right" in yourself. I found out afterwards that GAD sufferers feel normal and ok until an attack happens.

Good luck and I hope this helps some people to get back to a normal life!

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Vitamin D Deficiency - Below 30

Hi I have recently been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency after years of pain and tiredness. I have quite a long history but have had surgery twice on my right foot. The first time was a straightforward bunion op and the second one I am now wondering if was caused by Vit D Deficiency as I was in so much pain after first op I needed the 2/3/4 metatarsals cuttings and replacing into different positions.

I also have Carpel Tunnel in right hand and been told I need surgery on it due to muscle waste, inflamed tendons and slight loss of sensation.

There isn't a part of my body that doesn't hurt and I am a 36 year old female. I am self employed and a mum (which can be very challenging with all the pain and tiredness at times!).

I have been prescribed pre d3 20,000 iu 3 times a week.

It turns out that I had a blood test in 2011 that showed I was low on vit d then so I have spent the past week battling between my GP and hospital to try get the levels and find out who did the original test and find out why nothing was done years ago for me. I am starting to feel fobbed off as no one is giving me a clear answer. The hospital won't give me the answers and told me they have to be faxed to GP which I asked for and after waiting days for this and chasing up twice the GP rang today to tell me they have recent blood test result which showed vit D below 30 if that makes sense to anyone?

They weren't sent the 2011 results so have had to chase up again!

I am concerned after having pain for years that this may have done damage. How long does it take to see a difference on that dosage?

My main pains are in lower right back, back right rib, hips, feet, hands, neck.

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Vitamin D Deficiency Can Cause Depression

I know vitamin d deficiency can cause depression but can it affect anxiety. my doctor put me on vitamin d and i've noticed a drop in my anxiety. i am taking it once a week and forgot to take it yesterday. today i noticed my anxiety had increased. could it be related?

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Minerals :: Causes Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

What are the causes of vitamin B12 Deficiency? 

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Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Neuropathy?

In May I was told I had a vitamin d deficiency. My level was 11. Right before i was told about my low d i had burning pain throughout both of my thighs. If anything touched my thighs it felt like bees were stinging me. I went to the neurologist because I was also getting numbness in my arms. He told me i had mp or another name for it is lcpn from wearing tight pants. I bought new pants and waiting six weeks. Saw him again and now he thinks it's because my d levels were so low. D is up to 50 s now so why am i still in pain. I had an emg done on my legs and it was normal. Emg on arms showed mild carpal tunnel. I was tested for hiv 5 months after any exposure results were negative. He tested me for a bunch of other stuff all was negative. Could all of this be vit d

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Possible Damages Due To Vitamin D Deficiency?

I wanted to ask about vitamin d deficiency and possible side effects of it .

I am a 25 year old male , and my vitamin d level was very low (7ng/ml)

compared to the one I tested a year and a half ago that was 25 ng/ml.

The problem is that I had very little or even no sun exposure the past year and half because of medications I was taking for my acne including accutane , I wanted to test my levels six month ago but my doctor basically said that there was nothing to worry about , now that I know that my vitamin d levels were this low , I want to find out what is the possible damage that was caused by a year and a half of deficiency ?

and should I urge my doctor for more tests like calcium levels or bone density?

I'm just really worried that I've done damage to myself

of course now I'm taking supplements and I can also go back in the sun so I hope my vitamin d level will become normal , but it's very important for me to know if I need to have more tests done or what kind of damage may have been caused ?

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Pregnancy :: Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

my wife is 13 weeks pregnant. And her B12 levels are 81 and Ferritin is 31.2. kindly Suggest that is it ok or any treatment will be need to be taken for it as Haemoglobin is 12.2

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Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Reactive Hypoglycemia?

Have suffered from RH for 2 years very badly, it has basically taken over my life.

Recently I read somewhere that it can be caused by vitamin D deficiency. Well that would make sense timing wise, I live in Scotland (no sun here) and I stopped sun holidays 3 years ago due to drop in income.

I was excited by this discovery but well 8 days in (5000iu) and no improvement. I know it probably takes a lot longer and I'm still going, but I hope it's not just a red herring.

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Vitamin D Deficiency, Hyperparathyroidism And Heartburn

Can anyone relate to having muscle and bone pain with being deficient in vitamin D ?   I get severe pains in muscles down my back and this has spread into my shoulders and up my neck into my head at the back. The pains come and go but i always feel tender and stiff in these area's. I get sharp shooting pains, burning pains and the feeling that my muscles are sore to touch. I also have felt like the muscle is tearing when i turn to reach something, the tearing sensation is really painful. I get shooting pains in my right leg in the hip/buttock joint which makes walking difficult at times and causes my left knee to give as i try to keep weight off right leg. The bone pain is usually in my lower back. When the pains in my neck muscles started it seemed to be triggered after i heard a cracking sound and got sharp pains in the back of my neck.

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency :: Can't Seem To Locate Tablets

following recent routine blood test, my GP said I was deficient in Vitamin B12. Rather than go straight to injections, she suggested I buy some Vitamins. I have got some Vit B, but can't seem to locate Vit B12 tablets. does anyone know if taking Vit B is OK, or if not where can I get Vit B12?

I am 63 yrs old and consider that I eat a good varied diet (fish etc)

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Multiple Sclerosis Or Vitamin D Deficiency

Hi 31 yo female here! In march my Vitamin d was at 10. The DR told me 5000iu daily d3 until further notice.

One month ago I went to ER and DR for nuerological prolems. Pins and Needles in my extremities that radiate up from feet. Since then it sometimes affects my head and rib areas. I have had a tightness in my ribs that was painful a few times. Trouble with speech, focusing, walking, feet heaviness (after a long day of work), extreme fatigue, migraines (4 in a timeline of 2 weeks), muscle spasms, sharp pains in my head and lower back.

My primary physician referred me to a nuerologist and he has been testing me for MS and TIA, I had 2 MRIS 2 CT scans nerve test all normal, tested for lupus ect. Next week I"ll have blood results from vitamin d (6 months ago 10) again, b12 (6 months ago normal) again, cooper, choloestrol panel (6 months ago 132)

I can't go on like this. I have responsibilities. I need answers! Please sugs!

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency :: Pain In My Both Calves

i had a vitamin b12 test yesterday. the result recd today is 277. i am having pain in my both calves and i get tired very quickly. please suggest what it is ?

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Possible Role Of Vitamin D Deficiency In Dry Eye Syndrome?

Many new articles on the net about the possible role Vitamin D deficiency may play in Dry Eye Syndrome. Some of the articles state that taking D3 may also improve dry eye symptoms. I went to the eye doc last week and she told me to take 2000 mg. That at the time was because i didn't go outside as much because I just developed DE in march and right now I'm quite light sensitive. Anyway I looked up D3 just to see if it might help the condition.

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Vitamin A Deficiency With Dry Mouth Symptoms?

I'm just wondering if anyone who has or has had a vitamin A deficiency has also had dry mouth as a symptom?

I know that vitamin A deficiency can cause dry eyes, and I'm reading from a few sources that a deficiency causes 'dryness of the mucosal membranes'. I've had dry mouth for quite a while now and I wanted to find out whether this particular deficiency may have contributed to it (if i have it in the first place).

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Dizzy And Off Balance With Vitamin D Deficiency?

I am 29 year old female and for the past 2 years I have been feeling off balance and sometime dizzy, but mostly off balance.

I have went too 2 different Neurologist, A E.N.T, and A Cardiologist. I have endless blood work, A CT of the brain, and a MRI of the brain. Everything was always NORMAL! Once I was anemic and my b12 was low which is normal now.

This past weekend I was dizzy, and I got scared, I went to the ER which was nothing but a waste of time, they just told me sometimes people get dizzy and that's all.

I went to a doctor I had seen before but not alot she had looked at the blood test that one of the Neurologist had order and found out I was anemic and had a b12 deficiency and re-order blood work so she knew I had been having this problem for quite some time.

I went and did my blood work the next day she called me and told me that everything was back but my VIT-D but everything was ok, she said my b12 was on the low end of normal and she was gonna give me a shot once a week in case my body was just needing more than normal. I said thanks and went on my way at work. I was truly starting to think I was crazy.

The next day while at work, she called me again to tell me my Vit-D was low. It was a 19. And that is why I was getting Dizzy and Off Balance. I can't tell you how happy I was to finally have a answer!
So my questions are:

1.) Did anyone here get dizzy or off balance with a Vitamin D Deficiency?
2.) How long to I feel better? I am taking Vitamin D 50,000 units once a week for 8 weeks then going to re-check...

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Pituitary :: Low T, Ultra Low LH And FSH, Vitamin In D Deficiency

Very healthy adult male, with these numbers:

LH: <0.2 (undetectable)
FSH: <0.2 (undetectable)
Vitamins D, 25-hydroxy: 27.4
T: 154

All of these are abnormally low. I feel fine, but I suffer from ED, low libido

Doctors 'note' on the bottom of the test results were:

Needs to see endocrinology specialist AASAP!

Ok, nobody likes to see ASAP! Written by a Physician... How worried should I be?

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