Vitamin D Level 16ng/ml - Back Pain

Oct 7, 2013

i am 27 years old male. suffering from pain in backbone. my vit-D level was detected to be 16ng/ml.

i was suggested to take ARACHITOL 600000 IU AMP injection, once a week for 3 weeks. another doctor suggested me to take it for 6 weeks. please tell me for how many weeks i should take this injection.

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Vitamin D3 Deficiency :: Muscle Pain (mostly Upper Back And Neck)

I've had some blood work done because I was extremely tired and have been for the last couple of months, muscle pain (mostly upper back and neck), headaches, muscle weakness, being emotional (bursting into tears) mostly because extremely tired. digestive issues etc.

Results came back, only thing wrong is D3 level at 6 ng/ml (minimum should be 30). I was prescribed 25000 UI a week for three months. I also sent a mail with the results to my endocrinologist. She says she doesn't think my symptoms come from a vitamin D deficiency. Now I respect the woman a LOT. She has helped me in many ways in the past and she's been the only one to find what was wrong with me years back when I had severe health issues and every other doctor thought I was just "depressed".

I am though very surprised by her answer. I've read of a lot of people having very similar symptoms with vitamin D deficiency, and for most of them the symptoms just flew away when their vitamin D level went back up.

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Hashimoto's Disease - Terribly Low Vitamin D And Thyroid Level 13

Over the last year and a half, they have been testing my thyroid as it keeps showing up as underactive (no they have not done anything about it, for some reason they just keep getting more bloods done?). Until 2 years ago, all of my bloods came back perfect, with a high iron count of 148, but the other levels pretty much smack in the middle of normal ranges. This time, My iron came back as 53 - the doc said for me this is quite bad because mine are usually so high. My Thyroid level was 13, and he told me that my Vitamin D was terribly low. Although he did not give me the exact level of Vit D, I can only assume it was rather terrible as that is the only supplement he told me that I need to get onto immediately.

So, I know these levels are not great, but as it was a rushed appointment, he told me those levels, told me that I have Hashimoto's Disease and wrote up another batch of blood tests. So now I am lost.

Can anyone tell me what on earth this all means?

I AM going back to him, but couldn't get an appointment until mid/end next week (which is great because my bloods should be back by then anyway).

This will be the 4th set of bloods I have done in the last 18-20 months, all of which showed an underactive thyroid. I'm just not sure why they are still testing?

Is this normal? And what do those iron and thyroid levels mean? I'm assuming it isn't anything drastic or he would have done more about it?

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Cholesterol Level :: Came Back As 5.3

I have recently had my cholesterol level tested and it came back as 5.3.

I had an appointment at my doctor's surgery with the health care assistant. She said I need to reduce the saturated fat in my diet for 6 months then get my cholesterol level tested again to see if it's high because of my diet or a health issue.

My retest is due for the end of March 2013 which means Christmas is in the middle of the period. Will a little 'binge' or Christmas pudding etc undo the improved diet for the 3 months previously?

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Back Pain :: Left Side Back Pain, Middle To Lower Back

About 2 week's ago I took 2 perc within a night and the next day I got sick, I thought from the pills, but than I was nauseous and have been for the most part ever since. My left side mid to lower back started hurting approx a week ago and it's gotten much worse last night and now I'm having pain in my upper right abdomen as if the pain moved. I'm on muscle relaxers for my back already but it's not affecting/helping my new pain though and the new pain doesn't feel the same. I was just curious if anyone had any idea what it might be, some say kidneys but does that pain or can it move from my back to my abdomen?

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HI Cholesterol Level With HbA1c Level Closed To Pre-diabetic

I had a blood test around 7 months ago which showed my blood sugar Hb1AC to be close to pre-diabetic levels, which freaked me out.  My cholesterol was also a little high.

I cut down on sweet things (which I love!) a lot, and had my blood tested again a few weeks ago.  good news is that the blood sugar levels have dropped, triglycerides low, liver function great.  HOWEVER, my cholesterol has leapt to 6.6!  So annoyed!

The nurse quizzed me on my diet and the only thing we can pinpoint is that I eat a lot of cheese, so have started eating low fat cheese or not eating as much in general.  I generally eat what I consider to be a healthy diet, oily fish, veg, etc but not sure what to believe.

I read that a high fat diet is now the way to go with low carb, but whilst this seems to have helped with blood sugar, it has not done my cholesterol any good.

I have to go back in 3 months.  Anyone else had this type of result?

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Back Pain / Sciatica :: Brace To Correct The Curvature Causing Lower Back Pain

I'm 18 and i was diagnosed with scoliosis at a young age. I wore a brace to correct the curvature for about 2-3 years. The brace would put pressure on my hips and after some time I would have pain in my lower back, down my buttocks, down the back of

the leg and into the toes. It's sharp and searing and sometimes there's tingling and numbness. Could this be sciatica caused by the brace? Is it possible that it pinched the nerves and caused permanent damage? All I know is that it is extremely painful and hard to get to go away..

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Pancreatitis :: Aloe Vera - Difference To Level Of Pain?

So DH has been taking the Aloe Vera juice for almost a week now and is feeling better now than he has for the last 6 months and I was wondering if anyone else was interested in trying it to see if it made any difference to their level of pain?

He drinks a 1 litre bottle over the course of about 3 days.

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Kidney Stones :: Pain Level Intensity And Duration?

my wife has a kidney stone. we were wondering what to expect with the passing of it as far as pain level intensity and duration.

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Respiratory Disorders :: Crackling Sound And Level 9 Pain When I Breath

I am 43 for several days I have been having serious pain the right side of my chest when I breathe on a scale of 1 to 10 it is definitely a good 9....when I lay on my back there is a crackling sound and lots of pain when I breathe..if I laugh or hiccup awful...coughing is excruciating...and I been having migraines only on the opposite side of my head(left side) don't know if they are connected but I never get migraines I've had about four in last two weeks

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Reduced Uric Acid Level - Still Foot And Wrist Stiff / Pain

I am 26 years old, it's been more than 4 months I am suffering from pain in both of my foot, ankles and left wrist, I took all the test and found Uric acid was too high in my blood, doc prescribed me fuboxstate tablet and within 2 weeks it came down to 2.2, it's been more than 3 weeks since I lowered my Uric acid, but still pain is not going away and both if my foot and left wrist have swollen and stiff, I drink 2 ltr of water, have lowered my food intake,specially meat, chickens, alcohol and dairy products,

Just to add, in the first week of Jan2016 I met with an accident, had stitches on my right knee, that took approx 2 months to cure, but that time there were no pain in my foot, pain started in my foot when I got a new shoe in feb 2016, I thought it might go away with time as this was just bcoz of new shoe, also I started taking protein x powder without any exercise, I know it was a big mistake I made.

My question is,

1- Based on my above comments is there anything else causing pain as my uric acid is down?

2- is it possible any of my nerves misplaced due to the accident or new shoe and causing pain and swelling?

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Back Pain :: Severe Lower Back Pain

I am having sever lower back pain. its everyday and all day. its a sever sharp pain in my lower back. and sometimes I cant bend over and pick up things that fell on the floor

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Back Pain After Clicking/popping Sound In The Lower Middle Back

Two days ago I was in the gym exercising my shoulders and whilst I was lifting weights, I moved my back whilst seated and I heard a 'click' sound in my back, followed by pain in that area of my lower middle back. I immediately stopped exercising and haven't gone to the gym since.

I don't know what I was thinking by moving my back like that, but since it happened there is a lot less pain and it feels like the pain may be totally gone in the next 48-72 hours hopefully.

On the night of the injury I found it hard to turn onto my side when in bed, but now I can do it without any problems. Now I can only feel some pain when I turn my upper body to the left or right or if I try to stretch my lower back.

Would anyone be able to give me some advice such as what type of injury I have or whether this may have a long term effect? Is it a very positive sign that the pain is decreasing each day?

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Sudden Back Pain After Routine Exercises 20 Days Back

I was about 108 kgs and after joining a gym i have lost about 32 kgs

but suddenly 20 days back i got back pain after my routine exercises and my MRI report says following:

1. L4-L5 disc reveals minimal diffuse bulge abutting the thecal sac without any nerve root compression.

2. B/L mild facet arthropathy is seen at L4/L5 and L3/L4 levels with tiny anterior paradiscal osteophytes at these level.

3. L5 vertebra us sacralised with rudimentary L5-S1 disc.

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Abdominal Pain :: Pelvic Pain, Frequent Urination, Stomach Pain And Back Pain

I have had issues with a frequent urination and a constant pressure on my bladder for over a year now. But since January of this year I have been experiencing extreme pain in my low low abdomen (like groin/cervix area). The pain also resides in my stomach and back. My ribs are sore to touch and I am constantly achy. I have been to the doctors who have done internal exams and say that everything LOOKS ok. I am 20 years old and my periods are regular. The pain is becoming a real problem and I'm becoming increasingly concerned. I have had ultrasounds on my pelvis and kidneys and they were fine. I've been put on meds to stabilise my bladder, but the gynaecologist won't see me for another 4 months. I know there is something further wrong with me - I can't understand why the pain keeps occurring. I don't enjoy having sex due to pain and a constant discomfort and pressure-like feeling. I'm starting to get very depressed as there is no diagnosis being made and all the tablets I am given do nothing.

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Back Issues :: Chest, Arm And Upper Back Pain

I am 29 and Female. I have been under a great deal of stress lately. I have been having some minor health problems that cause my mind to go to that dark place. I am having very irregular periods and GERD/Gallbladder issues. Also, I am planning a wedding and my mother was just diagnosed with Lung cancer about 2 weeks ago.

My upper back across the "meaty" part of my shoulders has been so tight and painful. If my fiance rubs them, he finds all kinds of trigger points that are so painful to the touch I can't breathe. In the middle of my upper back I feel a sharp pain sometimes. My neck muscles are tight as well as the tops of my arms down to my elbows. On occasion my fingers tingle.

As of the past 2 days I feel a pressure on my chest right below my collar bone. If I yawn I can feel my throat muscles get sore. The very top of my sternum is tender to the touch. It almost feels bruised.

I did a little bit of research and it seems that all of these problems are connected. The scalene muscle group can cause all of these problems. I am going to see a massage therapist on thursday. Hopefully I get some relief.

Another bit of info, I have a desk job. I am at a computer for 10 hours a day. I work 60 + hours a week. I had a chest CT scan with contrast in July and it came back clear. ( unrelated incident ) So I believe I can rule out anything major. The scan is only 3 months old.

My question is; has anyone else experienced this? If so, what did you do to ease your symptoms? I have tried muscle rub so far. Doesn't help much...I am going to ice the areas today and see if that helps.

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Back :: Diaphragm Pain Which Leads Through To My Upper Back

I have a pain in between my diaphragm which leads through to my upper back, I have had for approximately 3 months but getting worse, if I lie on my stomach it hurts in both front and back. I have read all sorts of things that it might be from hernia to liver/kidney problem and gallstones... I did have a small incident where I strained myself trying to hold a motorbike up from falling down and I guess I have had the problem from then on, if I stretch out sometimes I will hear a click which radiates from the front to the back, if I push in my diaphragm it hurts. I live in a third world country so and worried about going to doctor.

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Back Issues :: Microdiscectomy For Back Pain, Or Only Sciatica?

I've had horrible back pain for over a year now due to a herniated disc at L5/S1 and a bulge at L4/L5. It's gotten better at various times during the interim, but I've never been able to bodybuilder/workout again. I usually do not have sciatica (only severe back pain) but every time I re-aggravate it I do get sciatica that shoots into my right heel. I visited my neurosurgeon and he told me he does not think I would be a candidate for a microdiscectomy because my primary symptom is not sciatica - but I want some second opinions. Did a microdiscectomy help your back pain from the herniation and not just the sciatica?

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency :: Pain In My Both Calves

i had a vitamin b12 test yesterday. the result recd today is 277. i am having pain in my both calves and i get tired very quickly. please suggest what it is ?

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Vitamin B12 And Vitamin D Deficiency Experienced Nocturnal Anxiety?

I was diagnosed with with B12 and Vitamin D deficiency. Both levels quite low. I have been taking my Vitamin B12 shots for three weeks now. Also I am on supplements for Vitamin D 60000 IU once a week. Most of my symptoms like tingling numbness and headache have gone. But since a few days i have been experiencing this weird feeling in my chest and entire body, the kinds when we are nervous, with palpitation while sleeping. I wake up and sit for sometime and then I seem to be fine. However, it happens again when i am about fall asleep. My GP said its anxiety and prescribed clonazepam. It did help for three days. But yesterday I tried sleeping without taking clonazepam and the same feeling of anxiety and palpitation came back. Is it a part of the vitamin D recovery process? I don't want to take clonazepam regularly. Any suggestions? 

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Vitamin D Deficiency - Pain And Fatigue Are Becoming Unbearable

Had a letter from the rheumatologist to say that I have vitamin D deficiency which I can't understand because I get plenty of sunlight and I have a good diet.Going to GP today to discuss supplements.Rheumatologist also suggests that my GP checks my PTH which I assume is parathyroid hormone.Does anyone have any experience of this.My pain and fatigue are becoming unbearable and if vitamin D supplements could alleviate some of it this would be wonderful,but I Don't want to get my hopes up only to be let down again.

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