Women's Health :: Tiny Lump On The Outer Lips Of Vagina

Mar 23, 2014

So i've been feeling a bit of pain down there..i thought it was because of tight pants and the chair at the office.

friday i felt pain and woke up from it. i went to the bathroom to check it out, and i felt a tiny lump on the outer lips and the whole area felt sensitive.
today, it's much much calmer, but i can still feel the lump. it feels a bit painful when i touch it. no discharge. no other symptom at all.

i am terrified. im not sexually active. so i don't know what that could be.i have an appointment in 3 weeks, but until then i think i will cry myself to death from stress.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bumps On The Lips Of Vagina

I haven't had sex in 8 months. About . 

And haven't shaved at all either ... ..

But just today out of nowhere .. when i took a shower I felt something I haven't ...... two small bumps not inside the vagina .. but outside on the lip. A small bump that feels like a pimple. And another one upper by my clit but towards my leg. Not on the clit...

It sort of hurts. Like a bruise. .. 

I'm not sure if it's because I took a really hot shower last night. And I had the hot water aiming at my vagina ... or if it's because a day ago for two days I sorta did the hump movement for self pleasure ...........what can this be ???

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Burning / Swelling Outer Lips Of Vagina - Yeast Infection?

About 2 weeks ago I hooked up with my ex... A couple days later I started having an itching and burning on the outside of my vagina on the outer lips. It was very red and my labia got very swollen... The swelling went down but i've still been dealing with the itching and burning. The skin on my vagina is very wet and it get hard and peels off every couple days. I went into my docs and they said it was vaginitis and a yeast infection on the outside. They gave me the 1 time yeast infection pill (don't remember the name) and i've been drowning my body in probiotics. Nothing is making it to away. It's still itchy and peeling and now it's moved up to my anus. Does anyone know what this is? Is it just a horrible yeast infection?

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Sexual Health Women :: A Lump On The Opening Of My Vagina

I often get spots down there due to ingrown hairs and stuff yesterday I noticed a lump on the opening of my vagina its very sore and soiled nothing like I have had before doesn't look like a spot I am going to try get in my doctors this week.

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Women's Health :: Purple Lump Between Vagina And Rectum Skin

I was lying in bed the other night, and I felt a lump on the outside skin between my vagina and rectum. I got up and with difficulty, tried to look at it in a hand mirror. There is a purple/dark coloured lump... about a centimeter long? Like a blood blister sort of thing?

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Vaginal Health :: White Tiny Worms And Eggs Near Vagina / Labia?

I found out on my own that each time i go to the bathroom i pee 1 or 2 white tiny worms.. and started yesterday zentel. today before going to sleep while looking at my vagina after 4 washing a day of this sensitive area, i've realised that there are some white stuff that are hard to be removed near the labia..i believe that these are eggs...

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Vaginal Health :: Bumps Filled With Pus On My Vagina Lips

Over the past 3 days I have noticed a cluster of small bumps that look like they are filled with puss on my vagina lips I can't even tough them they are so painful or even walk properly as they rub on my underwear I am also getting a lot of discharge

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Sexual Health - Women :: Ramps, Swollen Vagina And A Pain Inside Vagina

Me and my gf had a intercourse yesterday. We had it many times, let's say close to 7 in 2 days.. It was little rough. In the end, she started bleeding, a bright red in colour and also few spots for couple of hours. Now it's stopped. She had her cycle 16 days before. Also a month before she took an emergency pill. Today, she is experiencing abdominal cramps, swollen vagina and a pain inside vagina if touched.

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Women's Health :: Bad Vagina Smell

My vagine has a bad smell, and one week before my periods i have to much itchy and It is burning And my boyfriend he told me after two days that we had sex that something is happening with his penis he felt little bit burning and a little blood.

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Women's Health :: Lump - Clitoris Sore Too

So the right side of my vagina has been very sore and I couldn't figure out why there is no swelling and it looked completely normal, but my clitoris has been very sore too, and very sensitive and I have no clue why and no I discovered a sort of lump under the skin, like inside the skin, on my right lip of my vagina but very close to like the crease you know on the inside if that makes sense and it hurts a lot I have no clue what to do, I'm going to try and make an appt. tomorrow with my doc, but until then I need some answers i am freaking out. I have had unprotected sex before but I've been to the doc since then and had no stds. And I have had unprotected sex since then.

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Women's Health :: Lump Near Vaginal Opening?

I discovered I have a lump never the opening of my vagina. It is very sore and I have had irregular discharge, it's thick and a lot of it.

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Women's Health :: Pissy Smelling Vagina

Pissy smelling vagina

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Women's Health :: Skin Growths On Vagina

Recently I noticed skin or texture on my vagina that I'm not sure was there before. On my labia minora near the top there are many small circular growths almost in a straight line. They are very tiny, fleshy looking, and soft. They don't really bother me I'm just not sure if they are normal? Also, near my vagina opening there is a piece of skin probably 1/4 long just attached to the side of the opening. It is pink/fleshy colored and lighter on the tips. I don't think its a wart but I'm not sure. I am 19 and not sexually active. However, I have had warts on my fingers. Could these be spread to genitals? Also are these growths normal or worrisome? Thanks. Also, experiencing no pain, itchiness, or burning.

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Women's Health :: Skin Like Thing That Came Out Of My Vagina

Yesterday i started to get cramps, that felt like period pains. later in the afternoon i went to the toilet to realise that i had gotten my period. Well what it seemed to be my period. a few hours later when i went to change my tampon, as i wiped my area down there i  noticed a large white skin like thing on the toilet paper. it wasnt covered in blood, but did have spots on it. After this it seemed like i didnt have my period anymore.

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Women's Health :: A Large Hard Lump In My Breast

I had a mammogram 5 months ago because I had a little bump in my breast, and nothing was found. Two days ago I found a large hard lump in my breast. I had another mammogram today. The doctor wants a biopsy because it is a solid mass. I'm very freaked out. I guess I just want to know what to expect and how worried I should be. I don't know what to think. I feel like I should be planning something. Getting ready for something. But I don't know what.

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Women's Health :: White Hard Lump Near Clitoris

I have had a white hard lump about the size of a small bead on the left side of my clit for a couple months. Now it has gotten bigger softer and painful. So i took some advice off of this site and i popped it and thick white stuff then blood came out. Well now it is even bigger and has a purple spot in the middle. My question is is the reason it got bigger and has the purple make because i popped it and will it go away.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Lump Near Urethral Opening

I have a lump near my urethral opening (left side) however it doesn't hurt. it seems on the outside of my skin not inside. when you look at it, it barely noticeable. But once you feel the skin, you feel the lump. I just noticed it, so it wasn't there before. smaller than the size of a dime

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Vaginal Health :: Small Lump At The Opening Of My Vagina

This is embarrassing but I found a pea sized lump in my vagina. I'm still a virgin and I have my period and have had them for about 3 years and their normal but I first noticed this when I tried to use a tampon but it hurt. And then a few days ago I tried to finger myself (my friend suggested that I shout try it) and I only used one finger and I felt small bumps and it felt like when I tried to use the tampon... But like I said I have never had sex and the pea sized lump freaks me out heaps and I'm not sure if its because I'm a virgin or yeah please help me I'm to scared to see a doctor or tell my mother!!!

Also my hymen doesn't fully cover my vagina "hole" but it looks small but yeah anyways.

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Vaginal / Uterus Health :: Lump At The Opening Of Vagina

I am 26 year old virgin and having vaginal infection, it was swollen and itchy with thick white odorless discharge. I went to gynecologist and told symptoms without any examination cause i was requested her not to do so and she gave me candistat for candida infection treatment. Now the itchiness and discharge is almost gone, swelling is no more but it is reddish pink from inside what i checked by taking images, and I can see a lump kinda thing at the opening. I am afraid if it is some kind of bad lump that need some attention. I can attach the image here.

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Vaginal Health :: Fleshy Lump In Vagina Near The Opening

I have a fleahy lumpy feeling bump on the inside of my vagina its near the vaginal opening not far in, it causes no pain but it worry's me. It just recently appeared or I haven't noticed it. I am not 21 yet spo I can't have a pap but I am sexually active.

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Vaginal Health :: Fleshy Lump Opening Of Vagina

I'm 15 and I have this weird fleshy bump in the entrance of my vagina. I am a virgin, although I do masterbate and know that I have broken my hymen. It doesn't hurt when touched but if I press on it , I feel like I'm gonna pee. Is it my g-spot? It is also visible to the eye. It sort of looks like a bulge.

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