Years Of Masturbation Can Hurt Fertility?

Nov 25, 2013

I am a teenager and I started masturbating a year ago. I want to quit because I feel guilty and most importantly it goes against my religion. I was wondering if I quit would it hurt my fertility in say about 10 years?

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Men :: Masturbation Will Effect My Fertility And Married Life ?

I am a 18 years Old boy and mastubating fomrm last 5 years when i was just 13 years.. my question is that Is masturbation harmful in future if not stopped now for not having a child after marriage..

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Penis :: Foreskin Is Swollen - Hurt And Stung After Masturbation

After masturbation, my foreskin became swollen! It really hurt and stung when i put soap onto it, making me believe that there were cuts.

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Masturbation :: Twice Daily Will Effect My Fertility And Married Life ?

I masturate 2 times a day daily will it affect my future that i am not able to produce a baby...

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Fertility :: Have A Period Once Every Five Years - Could Get Pregnant?

I have noticed that I only have a period once every five years.... what could because it and is there any way I could get pregnant?

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Masturbation 2-4 Times For Years - Sperms Are Still There?

can you regain your sperm when you master bated at least 2-4 times a week and over 4-6 years? i started masterbating for a long time and i used to realise just the fluid white stuff in the first 2 years after i notice some clear translation sticky objects that come out and then at around the 6 year i don't start to notice it. I DIDNT HAVE SEX  just masterbated and i also notice and some blumb are coming from the side of my penis. and i wonder if i can regain my sperm because i master yesterday and notice a bit white clear fluid after i stop masterbating in fear that i may lose my sperm. If i stop masterbating till i get married will i be able to regain my sperm to have a baby. will it be possible for me to be able to regain my sperm. i notice yesturday that after i masterbate i felt a bit of a burn when realising and when i was peeing. I hope people give me helpful information.

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Fear Of Impotence :: Daily Masturbation For Years

I started masturbating at the age of 14, i still masturbating daily.At the age of 16, in a accident my one testes is removed after that also i cant control my mood, i still masturbating, but i have the doubt....can i able to give birth with one testes...I feeling very badly..

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Erectile Dysfunction :: 14 Years Of Masturbation - Going To Marry Next Year

I do masterbate everyday since 15 yrs old, now I am 28 yr 10 months and going to marry next year. From few days I struggled to get full erection and couldn't keep it for long time.

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Result Of Excessive Masturbation Daily (2 To 30 Times) For 10 Years?

I have serious sexual problems and several symptom that i'm going to mention here.

Age is 30. Massive masturbation daily 2 to 30 time for last 10 years.


1. In normal state it is soft, loose, thin,

2. Ed

3. Lack of desire

4. Broken health.

5. Weight loss.

6. Early discharge.

7. Less duration discharge in 1 minutes. .

8. Short sight.

And mostly i'm afraid of my sexual life. My condition is too critical.

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Lichen Sclerosus After Years Of Masturbation - Manual / Vibrator?

This is a really awkward subject for most but I'm curious as to whether LS can develop from trauma after years of masturbation both from manual and vibrator use? I have come across some places linking LS to trauma of some sort but none of it has been proved. Is there a link?

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Sigmoidoscopy :: Does It Really Hurt

I have been called up for a flexible sigmoidoscopy in a few weeks and not getting sedated but my mate said i should be as she went through it and it was so painful so i'm not worried sick i have had a barium enema and i found that to be uncomfortable but not painfull so could this test be worse than that coz if so i will be demanding to be put to sleep i suffer with enough pain down there.

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Orthopedics :: Hurt Rib

I have had a chronic cough for 4 weeks now and still coughing. Just yesterday after I coughed, my right side rib was hurting alot. It hurts to move, breathe, and cough. The pain also goes to my back on the right side and up to my armpit. Is it possible that I have cracked a rib from coughing too hard?

Thank you,

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Pregnancy :: Does It Hurt When You Get Induced?

Does it hurt when you get induced?, I'm just curious.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Does It Hurt To Be Induced?

So I'm a first time mom... I'm 38 weeks today... I'm thinking of being induced at 39+1 days pregnant... does it hurt when they induce you and how do they induce you?

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Testicles :: Hurt On Walking

my testicles hurt. it only hurts when i walk but it doesn't hurt a lot. when i just in my chair or bed it doesn't hurt.

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Hurt And Bleeding After Having Sex First Time

i had unprotected sex and lost my virginity since after i have light bleeding every time i go to the loo. what is it?

i finished my period on a friday and forgot to take the pill i then had sex on the sun morning am i covered or can i still get pregnant? He didnt cum inside me and it only lasted a min cos it hurt too much.

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Top Of My Uterus Hurt When I Sit Or Stand?

For a while now (today I'm 35 weeks) when I stand longer than 20/30mins, the top of my uterus hurts. I don't know why. And past 2 days I've had a sharp pain that lasts seconds on the top of my uterus when I sit or stand or try to stand up. Why?

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STD :: Fertility After Chlamydia?

I have recently been diagnosed with chlamydia, but don't know when i have contracted it, it could be up to 4 years ago and i need to know how to go about finding out if it has caused major damage?

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Does It Hurt When You Lose Your Much Plug

Hi im 35 weeks with my second pregnancy first pregnancy my water didn't break neither did I lose my mucus plug,I was induce.. so I have a curiosity in knowing does it hurt when you lose your much plug?

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Pregnancy :: Ribs Hurt (35 Weeks)

35 weeks and all up in my ribs!

Anyone elses baby putting pressure on your ribs?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Walking - Can It Hurt The Baby?

Can it hurt the baby? I went walking on The National Harbor & it was a fairly long walk... sort of, idk. But, I just want to make sure nothing is wrong. I felt little pains near my pelvic area, but I think I also feel some kicks so maybe everything is fine.

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