Hurt And Bleeding After Having Sex First Time

Nov 25, 2008

i had unprotected sex and lost my virginity since after i have light bleeding every time i go to the loo. what is it?

i finished my period on a friday and forgot to take the pill i then had sex on the sun morning am i covered or can i still get pregnant? He didnt cum inside me and it only lasted a min cos it hurt too much.

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Top Of Legs Hurt /shake - Standing For A Long Time

When I'm standing in one place for a long time the top of my legs start to hurt and then my whole leg start to shake. This started 3 weeks ago. Why is this happening?

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Bleeding After My First Time Having Sex

I had sex for the first time and i knew i was going to bleed cause that is what i've heard. Well three days have gone by and im still bleeding, not bad but pretty good from now and then. Is this something normal, or should i be worried?

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Bleeding After Second Time Sex

I had sex for the first time about a month ago, and at that time it hurt and I was sore for a few days but there was no bleeding. Then a few days ago this month I had sex again and this time it actually hurt more and I am bleeding a lot. I notice a lot of blood when I go to the bathroom, and I am really sore. I don't know what I should do, and if it is normal to experience this.

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Bleeding Whole Day After First Time Sex

I just had sex for the first time some days ago.after we had sex, that whole day i bleed, is that normal? the day after i also had brown stuff coming out, is it blood? if not can you tell me what it is and is it normal?

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Bleeding Every Time After Fingering

I am a 15 year old girl and i am not a virgin. every time my boyfriend fingers me i bleed is very embarrassing and he hates blood so it is a very big turn off.

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Intercourse :: Bleeding After First Time

I had sex wid my fiance. It was mine first time, I did not bleed while having sex. But later in the evening I started bleeding, early morning it was stopped then for the whole day I didn't bleed, the next day morning when I went to lavatory i again got bleeding.

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Intercourse :: Bleeding For The First Time

So me any my boyfriend had sex for the first time 2 nights ago where we both lost out virginity. We then also had sex the following night. The first night I had some bleeding after but not much but the second night there was a lot of blood. I'm still bleeding and it's been 2 days. He went very slow and it was quite painful but I'm not sure if this is normal? The blood is bright red if that helps? Is this normal? Or should I go see a doctor..? I'm scared and don't know what to do

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Intercourse :: Bleeding After Second Time

My boyfriend and i are 16. it was my first time having sex so when i bleed the first time i was not scared.a few weeks later we had sex and while in the middle he came and i started bleeding. We are starting to worry. 

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Fingering :: Bleeding More Than One Time

I am 16 and my boyfriend has been fingering me about 5 months now...I used to bleed during and a few days after he fingered me in the 2nd month of him fingering me.It stopped for a few months and now I'm bleeding again.

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Intercourse / Orgasm :: Bleeding During Sex (not First Time, Though)

My girlfriend and I recently started having sex. She was a virgin. During our first time, I found it a little odd how easily I penetrated her and also that she wasn't in pain and didn't bleed, but I understand that all girls are different and so that's not so unusual.

We'd probably had sex around 6 times or so by last night, and we didn't do anything differently (we had been rather rough before and I had gone all the way in quite easily), and she wasn't in any (or at least very little) pain, but when we finished and turned the lights on she had been bleeding. She does not have her period.

Just sounds like I've broken her hymen but it seems a little unusual that it would have broken so late, when we really hadn't done anything differently this time to what we'd done previously.

I should also bring into the situation the fact that we had both basically just recovered (maybe 95% recovered) from what we had presumed was thrush (symptoms being slightly red/blotchy head of penis beneath foreskin, itchy/sensitive, no discharge as far as I noticed but she said she had experienced it and had had thrush before and it seemed like it).

I suggested the bleeding could have somehow been related to inflammation inside her vagina from the thrush but she insists that she is past the point in healing where inflammation would have been an issue - plus it shouldn't have made her bleed like that anyway.

Ah, I should also point out that it's not a weird STI or anything since she was a virgin and I have only ever been with one other person who was ALSO a virgin, so nothing could really have been passed between us (as far as I know?). I know that STI's can be passed on through oral sex and stuff as well, and my current girlfriend had never done it before me but had given handjobs and had been 'fingered'.

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Intercourse / Orgasm :: Bleeding After 3rd Time Sex

Me and my gf have had sex three times now.

1st was short as she started to bleed so we stopped.(didn't want to get caught and i was quite freaked out by the blood)

2nd time was for a good 3 hours no bleeding and was no pain at all.

3rd time it really really hert her and she was almost in tears and she has been bleeding a little ever since.

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Muslim :: Worried About Bleeding After First Time Sex

my boyfriend and i are Muslims and he believes very strongly on the method that if a girl does not bleed then she has lied and is not a virgin! i should not be worried because i swear i am a virgin and that should be ok.. apart from during foreplay activities we have done like fingering.. nothing happened there was no blood.. so does this mean the hymen has already been broken?

i am a virgin, and have never had full sexual intercourse yet! now me and my boyfriend (of 11 months together) we are getting to the time we are ready, but the problem is, i am worried i will not bleed!

i know that it is possible without intercourse and can be broken by tampons and strenuous physical exercise. but i don't want this to shadow the first time sex, as i know he will not believe i am a virgin! so what should i do?

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Intercourse :: Bleeding 2 Days After Having Sex For The First Time

Im 17 and just lost my virginity on the weekend,not to a boyfriend of any sort,to a friend of a friend.We used a condom and it was perfectly alright.I know that when you have sex for the first time that you bleed a bit afterwards,but that has continued even 2 days onwards.In the morning i wake up with a tiny pain and need to go to the toilet and then it even hurts when i have to pee!I dont want my parents to know that im sexually active now and since you have to pay to go and see your doctor in Ireland everytime,i dont think that i would be able to keep it a secret.What can i do and what is wrong with me?

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Intercourse :: Bleeding After First Time - Will It Happen Again?

I lost my virginity last night, and I bled a little bit. I know that this is normal, and it wasn't a huge amount. It also hardly hurt, if at all. So I was wondering if it will happen a second or third time, or if that is just an initial break and then it's done?

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Orgasm :: Bleeding During First Time Intercourse

I never had sex , what's the remedy that my pennis penetrate properly in her vagina. and what is to be done immediately if we both bleed on first night

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Men - Bleeding After First Time Sex - Tore My Foreskin

I am a 25 yrs old male.yesterday i had sex with my GF for the 1st time.....After the 1st intercourse i saw it was bleeding.Then i found that i tore my foreskin...I am not circumcised...i am feeling burning sensation over there...What should i do?

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No Bleeding After First Time Sex With Husband - He Felt Viriginity

I did sex with my husband first time but no bleeding even he felt that something cross away from his penis inside my vagina. he felt that something touch his penis during intercourse. he felt i m virgin and this is true but problem is this no bleeding but i felt pain during my intercourse...

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Vaginal Health :: Bleeding A Week After First Time Having Sex

I'm 17 I had sex for the first time last week finished my period a week before, I didn't bleed at all then a week later I'm bleeding? I'm really worried what it could be? I used protection?

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Vaginal Health :: Bleeding During Sex First Time Its Happened? What Could It Be?

I have been on the depo for two years in january and i haven't had a period since i started it. Me and my boyfriend got intimate the other night and i was bleeding during sex? There was no pain and i was not bleeding before or after? what could be some of the reasons it could be happening? I've had a leep procedure done just a few months ago may that have anything to do with it and i 98% positive i'm not pregnant but of course i'm not sure.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding For Days After First Time Sex?

Should I be concerned that I'm bleeding for so long after the first time I had sex?

I had sex exactly a week ago and did not bleed until the day after. The blood is bright red and I've been experiencing a lot of cramping too. I'm in the pill and we used a condom so I know I'm not pregnant and it's not time for me to have my period for another week or so.

And top of the constant bleeding I have past 3 small rubbery blood clots...I know disgusting right? But this has never happened before. What's happening? Did I tear something? Should I go to a doctor or just wait?

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