Vaginal Health :: Bleeding A Week After First Time Having Sex

Oct 29, 2012

I'm 17 I had sex for the first time last week finished my period a week before, I didn't bleed at all then a week later I'm bleeding? I'm really worried what it could be? I used protection?

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Vaginal Health :: Bleeding During Sex First Time Its Happened? What Could It Be?

I have been on the depo for two years in january and i haven't had a period since i started it. Me and my boyfriend got intimate the other night and i was bleeding during sex? There was no pain and i was not bleeding before or after? what could be some of the reasons it could be happening? I've had a leep procedure done just a few months ago may that have anything to do with it and i 98% positive i'm not pregnant but of course i'm not sure.

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Vaginal Health :: Shaving For First Time And White Head On Right Lip

I'm really worried about my vagina area, yesterday i had a hot bath and i masturbated 3 times in a row. then i got out the bath and shaved the upper part of my vagina because i was worried my friends would see it over my pants when i went for sleepovers. then i went and watched and i discovered a white head on my right lip i just left it. today i tried popping it and it just hurt too much so i left it now it is all swollen and very painful when i walk, i don't want to ask my mum because i don't really want her too look down there but im really worried about it also it was my first time shaving what do i do?

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Vaginal Health :: Spot Blood Comes Every Time After Intercourse?

Every time after sex i notice blood come. I am married since 11 years. The blood is very little amount. And. It continue 5 hours maximum. My general Physician done a pap test . It came normal. But i heard that before pap test i can not do intercourse. But the day my sample was taken i had sex that correct if i di sex before the test abnormal cell may mask. For that reason the result came normal? I always use condom. For what reason the blood can come.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding For Days After First Time Sex?

Should I be concerned that I'm bleeding for so long after the first time I had sex?

I had sex exactly a week ago and did not bleed until the day after. The blood is bright red and I've been experiencing a lot of cramping too. I'm in the pill and we used a condom so I know I'm not pregnant and it's not time for me to have my period for another week or so.

And top of the constant bleeding I have past 3 small rubbery blood clots...I know disgusting right? But this has never happened before. What's happening? Did I tear something? Should I go to a doctor or just wait?

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Vaginal Health :: Bleeding Without A Uterus Or Cervix

I was born without a uterus or cervix I've had sex multiple times and I still BLEED but at first when I use to bleed like when lost my virginity I bleed for a few days now I bleed for like 2 days idk what it is is it cause I don't have a uterus or cervix that I can't deep or something.

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Vaginal Health :: Primolut N To Stop Bleeding

I was having put me on primolut N for 20 days.

I had to stop it after 12 days due to vomiting and fever. it subsided but since 3 days I stopped primolut,from yesterday it's bleeding for me. what should I do now.

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Vaginal Health :: Bleeding After Clitoral Orgasm

Okay so I'm 18, i lost my V card when i was 15 and well i don't know how to put this but for like the past 2 years every time i have intercourse i bleed and have symptoms of UTI like having to pee every 5 seconds and when i do it trickles, and not being able to hold it, i went to the doctor and they tested me for uti and it came back negative. But i figured it could be tearing, what really worries me is when i masturbate, when i masturbate i just use my vibrator on the clit till orgasm, but every time i do i bleed and it's not like i'm on my period bleeding it's more like spotting and its not bright red more like a red with a hint of brown but u can still see its red, and i have short nails so there's no possible way i could have scratched something. I would go to my doctor but that's like a 2 hour drive, and this has happening for about 2 years.

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Vaginal Health :: Vulva Constantly Bleeding After Intercourse

I had sex Sunday and started bleeding and first I thought it was my cherry but idk, and I've been like pouring out blood ever since. And it's clotting really bad like everytime I sit down and stand up. It won't stop bleeding and it's really heavy and is getting everywhere. I have no idea what to do.

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Vaginal / Uterus Health :: Small Vaginal Opening, Difficulty In Intercourse

I feel my vaginal opening is small and tight, which causes pain and difficulty in penetration. I used to do digital penetration and am able to insert two of my fingers together, but it doesn't seem to dilate while penis insertion. What could be a possible treatment? Would dilators work or will I need to undergo a surgery?

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Vaginal Health :: Greenish Yellow Vaginal Discharge Without Odor

I've been having greenish yellow vaginal discharge with no odor. I've been sexually active with one person and always use a condom. What could it be? Should I be worried?

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Vaginal Bleeding After Orgasm / Bleeding For 4 Weeks

I am a 24 year old female. 5"3 and 15 stone.

For the last 5 years my periods have been very irregular, at one time I didn't have one for 3 months and assumed I had PCOS. I lost weight and all was back to normal. That was 4 years ago but now for the last 4 months I have had light spotting in between periods which then developed into heavier bleeding and now I have been bleeding for the most part of 4 weeks. I have noticed it is usually brought on after Orgasm (non penetrative). It is always bright red, clotty and I would say a Moderate bleed.

I have been with the same partner for 5 years and we always use protection. I had a smear 8 months ago when the spotting initially started and all was normal. What could this be as it is really getting in the way of my life and I am scared of becoming anemic because of this.

I have developed some facial hair and have real trouble with my weight (which I am now trying to lose) so I just assume it is PCOS but I don't associate PCOS with excessive bleeding, especially for a month straight?

I can't get an appointment with my GP for 3 weeks yet so any advice on what this could be would be very much appreciated.

P.S I have never taken birth control, I am not on any prescription medicine.

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Vaginal Health :: Small Bumps Around Vaginal Opening?

Today I noticed a cluster of small bumps around the bottom of the opening of my vagina, they're kind of red. I am sexually active with my boyfriend and I'm slightly worried he could have given me an std. We have oral sex too though and there's nothing wrong with my mouth.. We have sex a lot so maybe it could just be irritation.. I'm not sure but I'm scared. I have pictures but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post them.

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Vaginal Health :: Green Vaginal Discharge

I have a light green thick clumpy odorless vaginal discharge. I thought it might be yeast infection,but it does not itch.The only symptom I have is the discharge.Can you help me identify what this might be or what causes this or what do you suggest I use to clear this up.I have not contacted my gynecologist yet.

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Abortion :: After One Week - Heavy Bleeding And Clots

Well the reason I decided to post on here is because I wanted to not only share my experience, but to see if anyone else experienced anything similar to me. I had a medical abortion last week. I started with the first pill on Tuesday, then the misoprostol on Wednesday. Shortly after taking the misoprostol, I began experiencing watery diarrhea and bleeding began at the same time, just a little bit. As the day went on and I took the remaining two tablets, and the bleeding began to get worse. I passed two rather large clots in addition to the smaller ones, and I had to look to see what they were. One of them just looked like a bunch of tissue like muscle stuff, so I assumed that was probably the embryo. I also passed something that looked like a little sac on a string (placenta I'm assuming). I had absolutely no pain while this was going on. I thought I was lucky and was going to get away with that, plus I almost never get cramps during my period. Wrong. Later that afternoon, I had some mild cramps but I had been taking pain killers in preparation of cramps that day. By that night, around 10pm I couldn't sleep I had bad cramping in my lower stomach and back, it felt like someone was tugging me. My cervix was also contracting and I could feel it as if someone was sticking a needle in it. I took more painkillers and finally got to sleep around 2am.

As the next few days went on, I experienced pretty heavy bleeding, but not anything alarming. It all seemed fairly normal and what I expected.. I also had no more cramps beyond that first night. Now today is Wednesday, one week later and I woke up this morning and felt cranky and miserable. I started having cramps like my worst period would feel, maybe a little more. My bleeding got pretty bad. It was running right out over the pads, it was like someone has left a faucet on trickling constantly. I had to shower at least three times. I started to panic and thought about calling my doctor, but the thing is, abortion is not legal where I live. I got this pills through another source. But as the bleeding seemed so bad, I thought something just had to be wrong and I was going to call the doctor but I could barely move without leaking. The last time I took a shower, I decided to get out and sit on the toilet for a bit. I suffer constipation pretty often, and I hadn't gone #2 for a few days so I started straining a little. Up until this point, I think my subconscious held back anything I'd feel the slimy feeling of a blood clot coming out, and I'd tense up to avoid it. Not on purpose mind you. But this time I held nothing back. I strained and pushed just like bearing down to give birth (I have 2 kids so I know how that feels). Well suddenly I felt a huge gush, and this very large clot similar to what I passed the first day come out. ALong with some smaller clots that kept coming. My cramps shortly went away after that, and the bleeding has slowed right down, so I decided to not call a doctor after all. I'm thinking either something didn't pass until now, or maybe that large clot was blocking the remains from coming out and now that is why the bleeding has slowed down.

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Uterine Fibroids :: Heavy Bleeding Week 5 Of ESMYA. Is This Normal?

I've bled more or less continuously since starting ESMYA although admittedly it was heavier the first 2 weeks. However, following last Friday night when I couldn't sleep because of abdominal pain I started bleeding heavily again on the Saturday. Thing is, it's not constant. I seem to have these totally unpredictable random episodes of bad flooding immediately followed by a rush of loads of large clots. It's totally debilitating, not to mention the mess and I have no confidence to leave the house. Has anyone else experienced this? I wonder if it's another period as the timing would be right?

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Bleeding After My First Time Having Sex

I had sex for the first time and i knew i was going to bleed cause that is what i've heard. Well three days have gone by and im still bleeding, not bad but pretty good from now and then. Is this something normal, or should i be worried?

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Bleeding After Second Time Sex

I had sex for the first time about a month ago, and at that time it hurt and I was sore for a few days but there was no bleeding. Then a few days ago this month I had sex again and this time it actually hurt more and I am bleeding a lot. I notice a lot of blood when I go to the bathroom, and I am really sore. I don't know what I should do, and if it is normal to experience this.

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Bleeding Whole Day After First Time Sex

I just had sex for the first time some days ago.after we had sex, that whole day i bleed, is that normal? the day after i also had brown stuff coming out, is it blood? if not can you tell me what it is and is it normal?

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Hurt And Bleeding After Having Sex First Time

i had unprotected sex and lost my virginity since after i have light bleeding every time i go to the loo. what is it?

i finished my period on a friday and forgot to take the pill i then had sex on the sun morning am i covered or can i still get pregnant? He didnt cum inside me and it only lasted a min cos it hurt too much.

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Bleeding Every Time After Fingering

I am a 15 year old girl and i am not a virgin. every time my boyfriend fingers me i bleed is very embarrassing and he hates blood so it is a very big turn off.

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