Antivirals For Herpes Interfere With HIV Testing

May 18, 2014

I am a female that was diagnosed with genital herpes 11/22/2013. That is when I had my first outbreak. (I am not sure if I have type one or type two yet). Well I have been waiting as long as I could to take an HIV test because I wanted to be sure. So I think 6 months is a practical time limit, I hope. I took the Oraquick HIV swab test yesterday which was 5/17/2014 (which is almost six months since I been diagnosed with herpes and of course possible exposure to HIV). Now I can't be too certain of the dates, but I am pretty sure it was at the end of November. Anyway, I digress.

Now, I have been taking valacyclovir since I got diagnosed with herpes. Does taking antivirals interfere with an oral swab test from Oraquick?

I am getting an HIV blood test on Monday from a lab, which leads to my secondary question. Will taking the antivirals for my herpes interfere with my blood HIV test from the lab?

I think most of you know why I am asking this, but in case you don't; I read somewhere (forget where), but please don't mark my words because I have a bad memory, but I think it said that the test is not accurate for people who are HIV taking antivirals . I'm very confused about that because who would take an HIV test if someone already knows they have HIV? But again, I could be wrong on what I read. But I do know I read somewhere that taking antivirals could interfere with an HIV test whether it be blood or oral, but it was more about for hiv patients and cancer patients? I want to know more about the oral test if possible for that is my main concern tonight. I am in state of panic and worry. I took two test and they came out negative, but I am still worried, not only because of the antiviral situation, but also because I think I messed up the swab portion of the test both times. I am a nervous wreck.

By the way, the Oraquick 1-800 number is terrible. I tried calling them and they were not very helpful. They seemed really bored being there. They mumble when they speak like teenagers. Very disappointed in the 1 800 number.

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Herpes :: Taking Antivirals And Natural Remedies Together

Diagnosed via visual inspection and symptoms. Blood test negative. (i believe i have hsv 2, my dr agrees), i've been researching just like everyone else, and have come up with a few questions.

I'm currently taking l-lysine 3000mg per day, oil of oregano, olive leaf extract, colloidal silver, garlic supplement, and ahcc internally. Ive successfully stopped the primary/initial outbreak, but still getting some very mild tingling....

Is there any harm in taking all those anti virals at once? can i take them for a prolonged period?

It would seem the issue with curing this virus is the fact that it hides in the base of the spine, in the nerves, is that the one and only place it hides?

can hsv 2 hide elsewhere?

does anyone know how much of the virus comes out of the spine during an outbreak? is it all of the virus? half? a quarter?

Since the virus can be killed when it leaves the spine, one would think that if you caused outbreaks on purpose, over and over, intentionally, for a prolonged period, or until the triggers stopped causing the outbreaks, while on a high dose of antivirals, that maybe a way to actually eradicate the virus and cure it? has anyone explored this? its an interesting thought to me. Everyone wants to stop the outbreaks, i'm wondering if we are doing this backwards??

does anyone have experience with the dmso stuff? or does anyone have any documented stories of anyone, anywhere, curing this virus?

also, what's the official stance on proving you are virus free? no outbreaks rights? that's pretty much the only thing we can check, cause the antibodies will stay in your blood, right? after a positive blood test, it will always be positive, right? is there any other tests?

anyone have any new news on new cures, or vaccines? from some quick searching the best case scenarios i think i saw, were a vaccine for women in maybe 2 years, and maybe a cure in 5? that might be wishful thinking though... seems like there are a few teams trying to figure this out.

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Herpes :: Flu Shot Interfere With Test Results?

At the end of December my blood work came back positive for hsv2. I haven't had symptoms or outbreaks. After doing research I found that result index levels above 1.1 are considered positive but below 3.0 are low risk and could be false. Mine was 1.2. I had a flu shot the same day as my blood work. Could this have given a false result?

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Antivirals (valtrex) :: Herpes Medication Affect STD Test Results?

I was recently tested negative for all STDs except herpes type 2 which I have had for years and so wasn't tested. I forgot to tell the doctor I am on Valtrex 500mg daily for suppressive antiviral treatment. Can this have an effect on the results of the tests for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, or hepatitis (hepatitis)?

Can I reply on the negative results or do I need retesting after coming off the herpes antiviral medication?

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Antivirals :: Side Effects Of Quinine?

I know that quinine is used for treating malaria and that this is the first choice medication for this disease. However, a friend of mine uses it for fever. I would like to know which side effects of these tablets. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me something more about this.

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Antivirals :: Can Daily Acyclovir Cause Bacterial Vaginosis?

I'm currently taking acyclovir daily as part of suppressive therapy.  Shortly after taking medication, I ended up with a yeast infection (confirmed by the doctor), and she prescribed me medicine.  Those symptoms started feeling better, and I was feeling back to my normal self, but now I'm more reddish again than my normal color and feel a bit inflamed.  My symptoms seem consistent with how I normally get with bacterial vaginosis (BV).  Does anyone know if taking antivirals can cause BV? (similar to how antibiotics cause yeast infections?).   I tried looking it up online but couldn't really find a straightforward answer, and I'm wondering if any of you have had experience with this.

I'm getting really frustrated, since my initial OB was pretty bad with swollen lymph nodes and other discomfort.  Was getting over a yeast infection, and now I'm feeling like something else is going on!  If this ends up being BV, and if taking acyclovir can potentially cause BV as a side effect, I'll have to take flagyl for that, which always ends up giving me a yeast infection. I feel like this is a never ending circle of discomfort.

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Can Atopic Dermatitis Interfere The HIV Ab/ag Test

Can atopic dermatitis interfere the hiv ab/ag test

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Can Medicine Interfere With Lupus Diagnoses?

I wonder if biopsy and blood are reliable when someone is already on medication.

my dermatologist is convinced I have lupus, but I am already on medication for rosacea (his Son also dermatologist treated me at first). I take tetracycline and have ivermectin and metronidazole creams. The dermatologist took blood for ana and something else. He also wants to do a skin biopsy but my skin is a lot better since I am on the medicine...except for the extreme redness on cheekbones, nose and chin. (I also have raynaud and some other problems)


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Birth Control :: Concentrate Interfere With Alesse?

I'm a nurse and I recently was preparing an intravenous antibiotic for a patient when a splash of the concentrated form got in my eye as I was preparing it. I'm taking Alesse birth control and I was wondering if this would be enough to possibly interfere with the effectiveness of the birth control? I don't specifically remember which antibiotic it was, it may have been ampicillin.

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Pregnancy :: Drug Testing

So I've been reading a lot of posts that say they've been drug tested while they've been pregnant? When exactly do they do that right before you give birth or right after?

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STDs :: Testing Periods

When is the best AND final time for testing with blood work. This is for all stds, there seems to be alot of confusion with the time testing that is why people in here have a hard time accepting their results even if it gives them an answer,  does it go by weeks? Months? 12weeks 16weeks 3months 6months or for a one time exposure so anything under this times are not the correct answers? Anything after the 12weeks period is a relief for finalized testing?  

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Labor :: Alcohol Testing

If I had 10 drinks 11 days ago how long before a peth test will be negative

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Pregnancy :: Genetic Testing?

I turned it down but I wanted to know if anyone else got it done...

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Pregnancy :: Anyone Gotten A False Genetic Testing?

has anyone gotten a false genetic testing . They have told me my baby neck is 6mm away and it has to be 3mm . Has anyone gotten the same problem and later everything was fine ?

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Pregnancy :: How Accurate Is Genetic Testing?

How accurate are blood test

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ADHD / ADD :: Genetic Testing For Meds?

I have a 10 year old son who is diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety, SPD/IPD and rule out of Asperger's/PDD in 2013. Currently, we have him on Methylphenidate ER 30mg per day, but lately we have been noticing issues. Mind you, the school hasn't been very helpful this year with information on how he is doing so I can only go by the vague messages received... the first 6 months, they say he was great! Though I have documents to prove otherwise - lately though, the teacher keeps saying he lacks focus, needs to pay attention and all that jazz. (I say it so flippantly because this teacher has been a pain to work with.

I spoke with the doctor and she wants us to come in next week to discuss his meds, but we have had issues with additives in the past and it's not a route I want to go... to sit and wait. His diet is modified already, we also work with a behavioral therapist and a chiropractic neurologist and he takes Taekwondo.

With all this, I'm wondering if anyone has tried the genetic testing (IE: HarmonyX or Genesight) to see what meds would work best with his specific genetic makeup?

I read all these stories of parents having all these issues and suddenly their kids are on Vyvanse or something else and it's a miracle.  I wouldn't mind that... him being able to function better at school (academically and socially) ... he gets bullied (though he can start it up too) - I just wonder, what next?

Here is his medication history:

August 2011 – Vyvanse ??mg (very small amount)
September 2011 – Vyvanse 30mg (adjusted to 30 mg)
May 2012 – Trial samples of Intuniv w/ Vyvanse for two weeks. After two weeks he was out of         school and parents decided not to continue the Intuniv.

September 2013 – Intuniv 2mg w/ Vyvanse
September 2013 – Concerta 36mg (removed from Vyvanse and Intuniv because he became over-emotional and violent/aggressive)

December 2013 -  Concerta 54mg (Dr. Snyder prescribed)

March 2014 – Methylphenidate 10mg (3 times a day) (March 7th thru March 14th)
Methylphenidate 15mg (3 times a day) (started March 15th)
April 2014 – Methylphenidate 20mg (3 times a day) (started April 14th)
May 2015 – Adderall (adderall) 10mg (3 times a day) (started May 14th)
June 2015 – Adderall (adderall) 15mg (3 times a day) (started June 3rd)
August 2015 – Guanfacine 1/2mg (3 times a day) (started August 21st)

September 2015 – Methylphenidate ER 30mg (once a day) (started September 6th)

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Negative OraQuick Testing At 10 Weeks?

I had unprotected sex with a CSW of unknown status. I got a rapid test using finger blood at 9 weeks, the result was non-reactive. And another OraQuick testing at 10 weeks, the result was non-reactive as well. Is this a good indicator of my 13 weeks result?

Also, CDC recommended to test at 3 months and even up to 6 months - I took
Isotretinoin a couple years ago as this drug was originally designed to treat skin cancer.. I was wondering if this will delay seroconversion?

Should I keep testing until 6 months after the exposure?

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Platelet Donation False Positive HIV Testing

I donated platelets back in March and I just got a letter in the mail the other day saying that I am no longer eligible to donate blood because I tested reactive to the anti HIV 1/2 test, but tested negative on their confirmatory test (they didn't specify what their "confirmatory" test was)
I have never had a blood transfusion, never used IV drugs, and my one and only sexual partner is my long term boyfriend (we have been together for over 7 years, always wear condoms, and we were each other's first partners). I live in the US.

I do have piercings, the oldest one I got in 2010, and I gave blood after receiving it without a problem. I also had my wisdom teeth extracted last March and I did get a flu shot in September (6 months before the donation)

At the time of donation I was sick, I had a bit of a head cold but I was on my way to recovery (but still sick..)

Could the fact that I had a head cold (stuffy/runny nose, sore throat, cough, fatigue) during the time I was donating cause a false positive?

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Pregnancy :: Genetic Testing - How Long To Wait For Results?

I'm 39 years old and this is my third child I go tomorrow for my genetic testing at 12 weeks I was wondering if anyone else has had this done and how long before you got the results back

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Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia :: Genetic Testing?

My neuro ophthalmologist has ordered blood test for genetic testing and my insurance has finally approved it. I am wondering if anyone has had this test before. I don't know why he does not do a muscle biopsy instead but I don't really want one. He is pretty sure I have CPEO.

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Herpes :: Asymptomatic Gentintal Herpes Transmission To Mouth By Oral Sex?

Recently found out that I have genital herpes. It's scaring me because I'm a lesbian and I feel like I will never be able to have sex again. I have a couple of questions.

I'm in a relationship with a woman, would she contract herpes by giving me oral sex when I don't have an "outbreak"? Can she contract the virus orally?

What's are the risks and probabilities?

Can you have herpes 1 in your genitals or is it only herpes 2 in your genitals. What does this really mean?

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