Herpes :: Flu Shot Interfere With Test Results?

Feb 29, 2016

At the end of December my blood work came back positive for hsv2. I haven't had symptoms or outbreaks. After doing research I found that result index levels above 1.1 are considered positive but below 3.0 are low risk and could be false. Mine was 1.2. I had a flu shot the same day as my blood work. Could this have given a false result?

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Antivirals (valtrex) :: Herpes Medication Affect STD Test Results?

I was recently tested negative for all STDs except herpes type 2 which I have had for years and so wasn't tested. I forgot to tell the doctor I am on Valtrex 500mg daily for suppressive antiviral treatment. Can this have an effect on the results of the tests for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, or hepatitis (hepatitis)?

Can I reply on the negative results or do I need retesting after coming off the herpes antiviral medication?

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Can Atopic Dermatitis Interfere The HIV Ab/ag Test

Can atopic dermatitis interfere the hiv ab/ag test

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Antivirals For Herpes Interfere With HIV Testing

I am a female that was diagnosed with genital herpes 11/22/2013. That is when I had my first outbreak. (I am not sure if I have type one or type two yet). Well I have been waiting as long as I could to take an HIV test because I wanted to be sure. So I think 6 months is a practical time limit, I hope. I took the Oraquick HIV swab test yesterday which was 5/17/2014 (which is almost six months since I been diagnosed with herpes and of course possible exposure to HIV). Now I can't be too certain of the dates, but I am pretty sure it was at the end of November. Anyway, I digress.

Now, I have been taking valacyclovir since I got diagnosed with herpes. Does taking antivirals interfere with an oral swab test from Oraquick?

I am getting an HIV blood test on Monday from a lab, which leads to my secondary question. Will taking the antivirals for my herpes interfere with my blood HIV test from the lab?

I think most of you know why I am asking this, but in case you don't; I read somewhere (forget where), but please don't mark my words because I have a bad memory, but I think it said that the test is not accurate for people who are HIV taking antivirals . I'm very confused about that because who would take an HIV test if someone already knows they have HIV? But again, I could be wrong on what I read. But I do know I read somewhere that taking antivirals could interfere with an HIV test whether it be blood or oral, but it was more about for hiv patients and cancer patients? I want to know more about the oral test if possible for that is my main concern tonight. I am in state of panic and worry. I took two test and they came out negative, but I am still worried, not only because of the antiviral situation, but also because I think I messed up the swab portion of the test both times. I am a nervous wreck.

By the way, the Oraquick 1-800 number is terrible. I tried calling them and they were not very helpful. They seemed really bored being there. They mumble when they speak like teenagers. Very disappointed in the 1 800 number.

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Addison's :: ACTH Stim Test- What Results Indicate?

I am being tested for Addison's Disease and just received the below test results. I don't see my endo until 12/4/13, and wondered what the results might indicate. Any thoughts?

Historically I presented with low Cortisol and High ACTH.

* After a Dexamethasone Suppression test my blood cortisol was less than 1mcg (whatever that means)

* 17 Alpha Hydroxyprogesterone was 849

* ACTH Stim test results:

Baseline- 10mcg
30 min.- 13mcg
60 min.- 15mcg

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CTH Stimulation Test Results - Cortisol Decrease

By way of background I have typical cushing's symptoms but my early labs including 24 hour urine were normal. So of course doctors have been dismissive.  I had a brain MRI for tinnitus and convinced the radiologist to include the pituitary and a microadenoma was found.  Now doctors are taking me seriously thank goodness.  I had a an ACTH stimulation test a couple of days ago and these are the results posted online:

Base cortisol 42.0
30 min cortisol 26.0
60 min 49.2

Normal range for morning (test done at about 9 am): 6.2-19.4

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Pleurisy :: D-dimer Test Results In Thousands

I was diagnosed with pleurisy a few weeks shoot felt like was getting better but 4 days later it's starting to affect me again. Can pleurisy return like that or could it be something else wrong with my chest? My d diamond blood test I had to was high it was on the thousands. Has anyone else ever had this?

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Spleen :: Enlarged, Normal Test Results

I am a 22 yr old male weighing about 165. I have recently been told I have an enlarged spleen. We have done chest x-ray, two blood tests, an abdomen CT along with a chest CT. Everything is normal, other than the spleen. It has been over a month of testing with no answers. They are now referring me to an oncologist, but why? Wouldn't my other tests show something significant? The pain is worse when I eat, but it is mostly a constant sharp pain that radiates to my chest. Now I am feeling leg pain as well.

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Normal Blood Test Results But Liver Problem?

Is it possible you can have normal liver function tests and a complete blood profile and everything comes back normal but still have liver problems? 

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Addison's :: ACTH Stim Test Results - Could It Be An Error?

I have so many Addison's symptoms, and in March my AM cortisol was 8.75, so low-normal. I was sure I would have a diagnosis after my ACTH stim test. Unfortunately, I've hit another dead end. Here are my results:

8am baseline reading - 12.82 ug/dl
30 Min after injection - 20.88
60 Min after injection - 24.44

I was stressed about the procedure to begin with. Then the nurse who drew my blood could not hit my vein and it was a very painful process as she continued hunting for it. It hurt so much I was almost in tears. This happened for the first two draws, and then I finally asked for a different nurse for the third draw. She hit my vein with no problems as most do since I have very prominent veins. I was so upset. Also, they had me walking back and forth between the lab and the waiting area after each blood draw.

Is it possible that my results were skewed by these factors?

I experienced an adrenaline rush shortly after being injected with the ACTH, and until about 5pm my heart was pounding pretty hard and I felt lightheaded. Is this normal?

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Adrenal Insufficiency :: Interpret ACTH STIM Test Results

I am 38 Year Old male, Have been an athlete and or worked out since the age of 12 (super active). For the last 10 years or so I have been super fatigued/tired, don't recover well from exercise, terrible reactive hypoglycemia, muscle twitches, tan year round (i used to be white/pail as could be, now I carry at tan year round) short temper, sleep like crap. I can't seem to handle heat or a ton of direct sun. I will get sick for a day or 2 nauseous/fatigued/headache (it is not water usually i will drink 2 liters of water while out hiking for the afternoon.

I have taken 3 different Saliva cortisol test and all 3 looked the same, cortisol was in the tank upon waking and slowing rose throughout the day. The complete opposite of what it should look like. I finally talked my doctor into doing an ACTH Stim test. I have only got back the Cortisol results at this point, But they are very interesting??

From all that I have read on intercepting ACTH results your baseline Cortisol should double at 60 minutes. According to this test is should be >18 at 60 minutes I only rose 8!!! Please see results below.

Baseline Draw- 19.7, Standard > 5

30 Minute Draw- 26.4, Standard >7 Above Baseline Result, JUST UNDER BY .3

60 Minute Draw- 27.7, Standard >18 Above Baseline Result, 10 UNDER THE BARE MINIMUM IT SHOULD HAVE RISEN!!!

I am a little confused on how to interpret these results?? Like I said I should have the rest of the numbers in a few days.

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Hemochromatosis Can Affect Organs ? Awaiting Test Results For 7 Months

My husband was diagnosed with iron overload and had the DNA testing done for Hemochromatosis, he has been waiting 7 months now and was told it would be another 4 months til he sees a Dr. to discuss the situation. My question is with waiting this long and not knowing how long before that he had high iron, will this be affecting his organs in a detrimental way.

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Proton Pump Inhibitors - Raised Liver Function Test Results

How I wish that I'd never been prescribed these horrid drugs. I've found them to be addictive and dangerous and I'm having a lot of trouble getting off them. I have joint and muscle pains, constipation, suffer a dry mouth, throat and eyes now I have raised liver function test results.

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Herpes :: Huge Results Increase In Short Time/PCR Urine?

I first tested hsv2+ at 2.23/hsv1+ at 3.93. Asymptomatic. I got tested again on ELISA test one week later and it was                           ........             hsv2+ at 3.39/hsv1+ at 4.18. That's a huge increase in only a week. If I do have hsv2, and it looks increasingly likely to be the case, I probably did not contract it from what brought me to the clinic in the first place, but rather have had it for some indeterminate time. Has anyone else seen such a big increase in such a short time? Is such a big swing indicative of problems with the test?

Also, the clinic said they do offer a PCR for hsv2, but that it was a urine test. Is that possible? All PCR tests I've read about require swab samples from a lesion, or use spinal fluid. Has anyone had a PCR urine test, or know about their accuracy?

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Herpes :: Hsv1 And 2 Test

Hi, can some one plz help me? I had protected sex and protected oral with this woman about 4 months ago. I think I had itchy thighs and the tip of my penis will have this weird felling from time to time, like a mild burn or a dull feeling. I took at test at 4, 6, 11, and 15.5 weeks and they were all negative for hsv 2. I was positive for hsv 1 but I had cold sore when I was little so idk if that's why it was positive. My hsv2 results have always been <.90 and haven't gone up or down. Now do y'all think those result are conclusive for hsv2 or should I keep testing?

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Herpes :: If Shingles Would You Test Positive For HSV 1 Or 2

I just took the test although I didn't get my result back I had shingles about a year ago and I know herpes and shingles are similar would I get a positive test back if I had it ..... Scared I have it so I took the test

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Herpes :: How Accurate Is A Blood Test For Hsv?

I was recently found to have genital herpes in my vaginal and anal region. There are only two possible people i could have got it from, being my boyfriend and the guy before. My boyfriend has never had an outbreak, but we now know it can be transmitted even when undetected, and he's likely the transmitter. I would like to know if he is infected, so we can both prevent it spreading to him, and inform the other person that he needs to be tested.

So my questions are, how accurate is a blood test for hsv? And in what price range does the test cost to have done? Are there any other tests that don't require a person to have out breaks?

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Herpes :: What Can Affect A Blood Test?

I recently decided to get a blood test done for HSV 1 and 2.  No typical symptoms, but I was reading that some people never have any symptoms, so I wanted to get checked out.  I have had about 10 total sexual partners, and only one that I really gave oral sex to.  A few women I just kissed a bit down there, but I have always used a condom.  I have noticed a slightly red fordyce on my scrotum, and some small zits around my mouth.  I also take coconut oil as a general health supplement, one tablespoon a day and use it on my face before bed.  I know that it can inhibit viruses including herpes, but I was wondering if it would affect a PCR or an Antibody test for the virus?  I expect labs back Monday, and hopefully it comes back negative, if so I will still have to get retested in a few months since I have had recent partners. 

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Test Positive For Herpes If Your Having A Shingles Outbreak?

Will you test positive for herpes if your having a shingles outbreak?

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Herpes :: Pcr Blood Or Urine Test - Which Is More Accurate?

went for std checks .I'm married but work away from home and I have been doubtful even though my relationship with my husband is fine . I guess I can't trust men especially that I spend long times away for work . pcr blood test for hsv1 and hsv2 were negative . but the urine test was positive for hsv 2 . is pcr more accurate or the urine in this case ? I have no symptoms . i recall having one spot years ago that was tiny and went away in few days . do I have hsv2 bases on these findings ?

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Valtrex For Herpes Can Affect Oraquick Test?

I recently was diagnosed with Herpes I've yet to go get a blood test done but I was put on Valtrex. I was so scared that I went and bought an Oraquick test I tested negative, two days later I still couldn't get it out of my mind and went and got two more tests while on Valtrex and all three said Negative. I know this question is asked over and over but, are my test conclusive even on Valtrex? My last exposure was 9 months ago if that wasn't clarified?

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