Spleen :: Enlarged, Normal Test Results

Apr 11, 2015

I am a 22 yr old male weighing about 165. I have recently been told I have an enlarged spleen. We have done chest x-ray, two blood tests, an abdomen CT along with a chest CT. Everything is normal, other than the spleen. It has been over a month of testing with no answers. They are now referring me to an oncologist, but why? Wouldn't my other tests show something significant? The pain is worse when I eat, but it is mostly a constant sharp pain that radiates to my chest. Now I am feeling leg pain as well.

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Spleen :: Enlarged Spleen - 15cm Normal CBC

i had my annual physical exam month ago. CBC was normal, but on ultrasound my spleen appeared enlarged, approx. 15cm. Month later my spleen was still enlarged, 14cm. I did a CBC + LDH blood test again. Again everything appeared normal on CBC and LDH was 200 (it said that under 330 it was OK). Doc told me not to worry but to have a new ultrasound and CBC (+LDH) in 6 months. I really do not feel like waiting that long. Sometimes during the day I feel extremely tired and sleepy. Any suggestions what to do next other than waiting for 6 months.

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Enlarged Liver And Spleen With Normal Blood Work?

I went to the doctor for burning when I urinate. She said I had high WBC in my urine. She sent off for a culture. It came back neg for infection. She sent me to kidney doctor to check for stones and ordered a CT scan. The kidney doc said I still have high WBC in my urine and checked my prostate for infection which hurt really BAD. No infection there. The CT scan showed an enlarged spleen and liver. I have been having a low grade temp and pain in my left and right side and low energy. My blood panel came back normal but the doctor is sending me to a liver doctor for a biopsy. She thinks my liver is causing me problems for my spleen. My question is with normal liver blood work how can my liver still be enlarged and causing me problems?

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Normal Blood Test Results But Liver Problem?

Is it possible you can have normal liver function tests and a complete blood profile and everything comes back normal but still have liver problems? 

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Spleen :: Borderline Enlarged?

I guess I'm looking for peace of mind. 8 years ago on an abdominal US they incidentally found my spleen was borderline enlarged at 12.5 cm.. The dr didn't seem concerned one but bc no other symptoms and flawless bloodwork. Since then I've gotten regular bloodwork and everything has always been perfect. I have zero other symptoms. Well, I recently went for an annual exam with a new GP and I mentioned the enlarged spleen issue to her.. She decided to ultrasound me and it's still " borderline enlarged " at 12.4 cm. She is totally baffled as to why and wants me to go to a hematologist who happens to be an oncologist as well. This is consuming my thoughts and I'm thinking the WORST! Why is it enlarged for 8 years?!!!!! But then I try to calm myself down thinking it can't be anything too bad bc it's been eight years with zero symptoms ? I'm a healthy 31 year old mom and I just am so so so scared something dreadful is wrong. Anyone have any insight? Im waiting on hematologist to call to schedule the apt but in meantime it consumes my thoughts all day every day.

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Cancer :: Raised IGM/ESR And Enlarged Spleen

My better half has the following issues:

Enlarged spleen for over a year

Raised IGM 2.5 g/l

Raised ESR of 22mm/h

Does anyone know what this could be caused by?

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Mononucleosis :: What Would Be Considered An Enlarged Spleen?

I don't have mono but this was the best place I could think of to ask this question since an enlarged spleen is a common problem of mono. I've had pain in my upper left abdomen since March and finally had a CT done of the area. Lady I saw at the clinic originally thought I had mono from where my pain was and my fatigue, but test was negative. CT report I got from the hospital shows 12.9 cm spleen and I'm a 21 y/o female if that makes a difference. I'm in the process of trying to find a PCP instead of just random people at the clinic, so once I get that settled I'll make sure to ask them. Just wondering if this might possibly be the cause of the pain or if I should look elsewhere?

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Spleen :: Enlarged With Area Of Hypodensity

I have an enlarged spleen it is 17cm and it has a area of hypodensity within the spleen of uncertain etiology. What does this mean? also says that the area of vascular compromise should be considered versus other infiltrative processes

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Enlarged Spleen 9 Months After Mononucleosis

I've had abdominal pains for about 9 months now. At first, they were sharp, so I went to the doctors. They were all over my abdomen (upper left, lower right, lower left back, etc. [sometimes in my upper left chest]) Literally, anywhere over the core of my body. After an ultrasound, it turned out I had an enlarged spleen. From blood tests, they discovered that had mono.

6 months passed, I got another blood test. No mono, but I still had the pains. I got another Ultrasound, and still had an enlarged spleen.

Just a month ago, I got another huge panel of blood tests and they all came back normal. But I still had the pains. I then got a CT scan, and it again showed that everything was normal, except for the fact that I only had an enlarged spleen.

Could my spleen still be recovering from mono? My doctor told me not to be too worried, but it still worries me because I get them everyday. And how could my enlarged spleen (on the left side) account for pains all over my body?

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Enlarged Spleen And Abdominal Adenopathy

I've just had a baby 5 months ago via c-section, but about 2 months after my c-section I have back pain under the left rib cage. I thought I had muscle pain and since I just had a baby my body is changing, I thought nothing of it and took Tylenol for pain. As day passes, my pain is getting worst to the point that it was unbearable. I could not find a comfortable position, I could not sleep, couldn't move. I went to the doctor and she did X-ray, and ruled that I have muscle pain. She prescribed prednisone for 6 days. I felt fine for 5 days, until I ran out of medication. My pain came back a lot worst than before. This time the doctor thought I have kidney stone and so I had CT scan searching for stone but the result came back with no stone but enlarge spleen (15cm and I weigh about 100lbs)) and abdominal adenopathy . The doctor is still not sure of what cause my spleen enlarge. If anyone know about this can you please share your thought. As I am a mother of 2 children's 5 yrs old and 4 months old.

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Enlarged Spleen And Stones In Gallbladder

I have been having stomach pain on the left side of the stomach on the bottom rib. I went in and had blood work done and was told they were normal. then I went and had an ultrasound and they said my spleen is enlarged and I had gallstones. but I read that most people have gallstones but no symptoms and I honestly don't feel I have gallstone symptoms either its all on the left side. Now I have developed a sore throat, the idea of eating food makes me sick so I have been struggling to eat, and a fever of 101.9. I'm going to see a gastroenterologist tomorrow but I feel that's pointless because I don't think they deal with the spleen do they?

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Gallstones With Enlarged Liver And Spleen

I have had very dull upper center abdominal pain 3 times in the past 2 months , I had blood work done and all my levels were normal except for showing slightly anemic , I had an abdominal ultrasound which showed "gallstones" and enlarged liver and spleen , im female overweight and I do not smoke or drink , should I be worried?

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Sarcoidosis :: Caused Enlarged Spleen And Liver

Due to Sarcoid I have an enlarged spleen & liver. It seems that other sufferers have the same problem. Question; has anyone found a solution to this problem. I have not heard any discussion on this topic ever?

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Enlarged Spleen? Left Abdominal Discomfort

On or around 4/1-4/6 I started to feel intermittent left side abdominal bloating/discomfort- an inch or two below the ribcage- in between both my flank and the center of my abdomen. It felt very similar to the bloating I'd feel when I get a cold/flu- but only on the left side. The feeling was intermittent, came and went...maybe presented itself once or twice for about an hour or so each day. On 4/11-4/12 the feeling seemed to become more constant where the discomfort was present the entire day. Symptoms then went back to being intermittent, perhaps more often than when they first started but not lasting the entire day.

From 4/23-4/27 symptoms went back to being all day and the discomfort could be felt then I laid on my right side...feeling subsided if I slept on my left side (I sleep on either side at night.) It felt as if my left abdomen was a bit distended...although...very hard to tell if it was just anxiety making it feel that way- certainly wasn't a visible distension (my gf at least didn't feel or see anything different on the left side.)

And then like a magic trick symptoms completely disappeared on the night of 4/28 and are still gone.

Looking at pictures of where a spleen would be enlarged look an awful lot like where I was feeling discomfort. Though the one health field friend I asked said an enlarged spleen would present with other symptoms and not resolve so fast and felt it was likely bloating/gas. The other puzzle piece is that I had absolutely no GI symptoms- all intake/excretions were highly normal, eating did not seem to affect the symptoms. And in general symptoms were milder in the morning and seemed to intensify a bit at night.

Only other background I have is that I work on political campaigns and was on an assignment that was ending, incredibly stressful and from January-end of March I was eating fast food for almost every meal.

Hoping/thinking this was just some intestinal/stomach discomfort due to high stress and terrible eating. Still confused on why the discomfort presented with absolutely no other symptoms.

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Mildly Enlarged Spleen And Fatty Liver

Just got the MRI results. LOL had it done to try and confirm mass on my Gallbladder. The Radiologist suggested that I have a CT done it would be better tool for that.(more money) So all the ducts were ok and within limits in the liver pancreas and gallbladder. However my spleen was mildly enlarged i'm guessing this could be from the fatty liver anyone here have personal experience with this?

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Fatty Liver And Mildly Enlarged Spleen

Been chasing ruq pain for 3 months now. Ultrasound showed diffuse fatty liver and a contracted gallbladder with a asymmetrical mass 1.3cm with no stones. then the mri showed a mildly enlarged spleen but no liver abnormalities but didn't address the GB, suggested CT for the GB. Hida scan showed ejection rate at 27%. Blood work just came in this morn, RDW at 17% all rest normal except high triglycerides and cholesterol. 3 more appts this week hopefully someone will be able to find out what all this means and if there is actually a mass there. don't want to lose GB unless i need to.

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Fatty Liver And Enlarged Spleen Elevated White Blood Cell Count

I had gastric bypass and was found to have a fatty liver and enlarged spleen elevated white blood cell count and pain when I take a deep breath..should I be super worried?

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Addison's :: ACTH Stim Test- What Results Indicate?

I am being tested for Addison's Disease and just received the below test results. I don't see my endo until 12/4/13, and wondered what the results might indicate. Any thoughts?

Historically I presented with low Cortisol and High ACTH.

* After a Dexamethasone Suppression test my blood cortisol was less than 1mcg (whatever that means)

* 17 Alpha Hydroxyprogesterone was 849

* ACTH Stim test results:

Baseline- 10mcg
30 min.- 13mcg
60 min.- 15mcg

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CTH Stimulation Test Results - Cortisol Decrease

By way of background I have typical cushing's symptoms but my early labs including 24 hour urine were normal. So of course doctors have been dismissive.  I had a brain MRI for tinnitus and convinced the radiologist to include the pituitary and a microadenoma was found.  Now doctors are taking me seriously thank goodness.  I had a an ACTH stimulation test a couple of days ago and these are the results posted online:

Base cortisol 42.0
30 min cortisol 26.0
60 min 49.2

Normal range for morning (test done at about 9 am): 6.2-19.4

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Herpes :: Flu Shot Interfere With Test Results?

At the end of December my blood work came back positive for hsv2. I haven't had symptoms or outbreaks. After doing research I found that result index levels above 1.1 are considered positive but below 3.0 are low risk and could be false. Mine was 1.2. I had a flu shot the same day as my blood work. Could this have given a false result?

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Pleurisy :: D-dimer Test Results In Thousands

I was diagnosed with pleurisy a few weeks shoot felt like was getting better but 4 days later it's starting to affect me again. Can pleurisy return like that or could it be something else wrong with my chest? My d diamond blood test I had to was high it was on the thousands. Has anyone else ever had this?

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