Eczema Created My Cellulitis?

Dec 12, 2006

I was just recently diagnosed with cellulitis. It started with feeling a lump on the side of my neck down to my shoulder and I thought it was a muscle knot, so I proceeded on trying to rub my neck trying to get the knot out. I went to bed not feeling too well - woke up in the middle of the night with a fever, sweats & chills, and no energy. I went to the doctors and he sent me right away to the emergency room. I was admitted to the hospital with IV and antibiotics. The emergency room doctor, nurse, and assistant could not find a bite mark, scratch, or anything on the side of my neck and on my shoulder. I have eczema on my back and neck, but I did not have a bad break out of the eczema the time that this has happened. Is there anyway that this eczema created my cellulitis ? I am very concerned about this and do NOT want to get this back. what precautions can I take so that I don't get this back ?

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Eczema :: Atopic Face Eczema - Stress?

I'm 15 and have suddenly started getting eczema on my face its really irritating as the doctors doesnt know whats causing it as i hade lovely smooth skin which everyone just to envy me of as i had no blemishes it was not oily but then this year in may/june i started getting a rash on my face then went to the doctors they have given me so many creams but none of them have worked so im back on the antibiotics (500mg) & another cream i would love to know whats causing this but some doctors say it's down to stress our a reaction to something ?

Just wanted to know if any adults got this at my age and do they still suffer with it now our did you find something that worked.

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Cellulitis Coupled With Lymphoedema

I have chronic lymphoedema in both my legs and trunk,this is an accumulation of lymph fluid in the tissues .which causes swelling permanently in the legs,i am more prone to cellulitis which has made my legs worse each time i've had an episode,my treatment has to be taking antibiotics permanently prophylactically to stop me from getting this awful infection,i have meticulous skin care ]and have to avoid cracks in hard skin on heals,use dermol 500 cream on legs to moisturise,as most of you others have said you have to be hospitalised and have intravenous antibiotics to beat this,i have multi layer compression bandaging neway an a special massage but cant if i get cellulitis because it can spread it round your system,up until 3yrs ago i was having up to 10 episodes a yr but now under control.

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Cellulitis :: Lymphoedema For Last 15 Years

I am 44 years old and have had Lymphoedema for the past 15 years. A year ago I started shaking was very sick, had a blinding headache and within 3 hours of shaking my leg with Lymphoedema had started to go bright red. I went to an emergency doctor (very painful to walk) where he said i looked terrible and gave me some antibiotics. The antibiotics had no effect, by this time the redness had spread to my good leg and I was in agony. I went my own GP who diagnosed cellulitis and gave me stronger antibiotics which again had no effect. After a forth lot of even stronger antibiotics things started to slowly improve but by this time I was having dizzy spells, hot flushes and all the skin around my feet and ankles shed off in big lumps. The redness lasted for weeks. The experience was quite frightening and also gave me Lymphoedema in what was my good leg although not as severe.

I have now just returned from holiday in Spain, on my first morning at home, I started shaking and knew straight away what was going to follow. Sure enough within half an hour I was vomiting and my leg started to go red, this time on my so called good leg. I wasted no time and called doctor for a home visit, again it was very painful to walk. He came within the hour and I told him what antibiotics to give me after doing some research. People with Lymphoedema that get cellulitis need a high dose of something like 500mg Amoxicillin for a minimum of 2 weeks. Four days later the redness has still spread to a large area of my leg but has been contained to just the one leg which is now not looking quite as inflamed.

I feel the GP's need educating about cellulitis especially on patients with existing Lymphoedema, they are not responding quickly enough and a lot of people are suffering more than they need to

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Acne And Eczema

When I was a baby I suffered with very bad eczema, then when I was approximately 12/13 my eczema came back on my face along with bad acne, to clear up my eczema I used Aqueous Cream as well as Hydrocortisone Cream which worked and I also used Zineryt on my acne which eventually worked and my skin was back clear apart from the occasional hormonal spot every now and then which didn't bother me. 

I am now 17 and towards the end of January this year I noticed my eczema was coming back as well as comedones so I visited the doctor about my eczema and was given Diprobase which I applied to my body and face 1/2 times day. I thought if I continued to use my Zineryt it would eventually clear up the comedones, which it didn't. Eventually the comedones also spread to my cheeks and my chin and now they flare up into painful spots and my face is now covered making me very insecure about my skin!

I re-visited a different doctor around 5 weeks ago and have been put on 1 a day Tetralysal antibiotics which haven't made the slightest improvement and my spots are still continuing to worsen and increase.

I have also been on the Cerazette birth control pill for around a year now I was wondering if this could be causing hormonal changes that have triggered my acne despite being on it so long?

If not I was wondering if the Diprobase/Aqueous cream could be causing my acne? (I stopped using this on my face 2 days ago incase but have still gained more painful spots and my skin is also becoming dry again)

I would like to know your opinion on what is causing my acne? What I can do to treat it? And how long it will it take to get back to a bearable state?

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Pregnancy :: Eczema Or Something Else

I'm 21 weeks now and yesterday my face broke out REALLY BAD! I have red spots all over my right side of my face and it itches TERRIBLY! Kind of scared as to what this can be.

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Allergy :: Eczema After Swimming

I do a lot of swimming and can't find a decent remedy or barrier for eczema. To be honest I control it pretty well but it flares up to the extent that it is incredibly uncomfortable and it is always the next day after I have been swimming. I then end up taking an antihistamine which makes me drowsy and then has an affect on my training (doing an ironman) for the days that follow. Can anyone recommend anything?

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Eczema :: Spots All Over My Forehead

i've got eczema on my face, it looks like little spots all over my forehead, my doctor prescribed me with cream to make it go away, but it's not doing anything. What could I use to make it go away? I'm looking at aloe Vera gel as a few people have mentioned that to help.

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Eczema And Blepharitis Getting Worse - Dog?

I've have vitiligo for years and always had dry skin with occasional eczema spots on my body. I also have pityriasis rosea on my side for years which finally cleared with antifungals.

Last summer I started to get blepharitis under my eyes but I thought it was just a one-off or due to a couple stressful events in my life.

The blepharitis did start a few weeks after I started visiting a dog at a pet store in short 20 min intervals a couple times a week until finally purchasing her. I never noticed I had any allergic reaction to the dog when I'm in her presence. No sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, itchy skin, etc.

I later purchased the pup and my blepharitis continued to get much worse and it eventually spread to other parts of my face and my entire body started getting more eczema spots. It then became very widespread.

I am able to control the symptoms with steroids and Elidel but I'm trying to get to the root of it.

I realize it may sound like it's definitely the dog, and it certainly may be, but I don't notice that when I'm interacting with the dog that I'm itchy or anything.

Before I consider giving the dog to family, I want to understand if it's possible it's something else.

If you do believe it's my pup, are there any options besides ridding myself of my dog -- (I already bathe her, vacuum, etc).

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Azathioprine :: For Atopic Eczema

Has anyone out there been prescribed Azathioprine for atopic eczema?  If so, what results have you had - any improvement? 

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Eczema :: Between My Fingers And The Wrist

how to remove this disgusting eczema on my hands i have it between on my fingers and the wrist

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Hearing Loss From Eczema In My Ears

I have had a long term battle (6 1/2 years) with eczema in my ears with no relief. Recently I have had Major hearing loss in both ears due to outer ear infections. I was given oral antibiotics (2x a day) and ear drops (4 drops 4x a day) to help with the infection. It has been 5 days since I started both and I still have none of my hearing back. This is affecting my Job as I work at the front desk of a Hotel! When will I start to get some hearing back?

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Dermatitis / Eczema :: Getting Itchy During Exercise

I have full body atopic eczema, i see a dermatologist frequently and i'm now on 200 mg of cyclosporine per day. It has really helped- but i still have a bit on my top lip (not lip lickers) and on my arms, its still a military operation with emollients and things but getting there.

I gave up the gym a while ago as my eczema was so bad but recently i've been wanting to get back into exercise. I've been doing it at home to control the symptoms but now i have bad patches all on the inside of my elbow. Does anyone have any ideas of how i can control this? I wear cotton clothing all the time- if i exercise its in sleeveless tops and shower straight after, emollients etc. my exercises only last for about 30 mins at the moment so its not too intense, can anyone recommend what i can do to stop/control this? i'm thinking of asking my gp for some dermacool to help with the itching and heat but if i want to exercise daily for my health then this is going to get out of control. any ideas?!

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Eczema And Cupping - Chinese Medicine

I have for the past 2 years suffered from Eczema following an operation, I have attended the Dermatology Clinic tried various steroid creams also,Elidel cream, had a patch test, all unsuccessful. Three weeks ago by chance I went for a Chinese massage while staying with a friend in Haydock Merseyside, the doctor is in St Helens, however during my massage he asked about my Eczema, he suggested I had some cupping done not the one I had once before, he applied the glass cup and pulled it down my back, it was painfully, he suggested cream which I bought, I am three weeks free from Eczema as befor I didn't have one single day away from some part of my skin being itchy and breaking out and one place in particular used to blister and weep. I. Have been back to,have the cupping done again and purchased more cream, at the moment I don"t need to apply the cream as I am clear, I can't believe the relief I have, I had never had Eczema before even as a child


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Betamethasone Not Working - Eczema In Groin

my 16 yo boy has been dealing with eczema the last 5 months. It was very bad, but it's getting better. Now I find out he also has in the groin area but the ointments are not helping in the specific area. Does anyone have any experience or idea?

he started with hydrocortisone 1%, then 2.5%, then betamethasone. He's tried several moisturizers and now using aveeno.

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Son Suffered From Eczema About A Month After He Was Born

I have a son that has suffered from eczema about a month after he was born. I would say to this day he learned to walk at the young age of 8 months so he could get to better objects to scratch himself. He was and still is covered in it, however it is not as bad now as it was when we got to six weeks old. At six weeks my son did not have a patch of clear skin on him, his hair was stuck to his head so you could not even brush his hair (it would bleed if you did), he had lots of creams and was bandaged from head to foot!! as the years have gone on his skin has not got much better. he can brush his hair now!! However the amount of bullying he has suffered, the weight he has put on (maybe a bit of depression) this all contributed to another problem from the weight gain his hip basically is coming apart so he has had to have it pinned and is now in a wheelchair, this will be for some time as he is due to have more surgery. But my lovely boy still to this day 14 years on still has a smile on his face and we have a good relationship. in my sons words. horribly painful, waking up with fresh cuts, never a good night's sleep. the picking on. people think you should stop scratching but you can't when you are asleep, The constant itching, the creams hurt and don't help. blood over clothes and bed sheets. my son suffers every day, he also has very bad asthma he gets hay fever, but on the whole stress triggers it off. he did live on a diet of just salad and fruit it helps for a while. But the bullying got worse and that triggered it back off again, now he won't have salads at school even though it helps and he likes them. We count ourselves lucky we have each other to lean on and get through it, He has the help of his brother, unfortunately his dad found it hard to cope with so he is not around much. We do not have much family support as we live in New Zealand now. But my son is very bright has a wonderful whit and is a kindhearted young man in the making and that is what keeps us going.

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Eczema On My Hands - Spreading To Arms

I've got eczema on my hands, I've had it for several years now, it started off being a tiny patch, probably no more than 1cm by 1cm. Currently it's over the back of both of my hands and it seems to be spreading to part of my right arm.

I have been to the doctor three times and every time they've said it's eczema and they give me a steroid cream and instruct me to use aqueous cream or an emollient cream throughout the day (everyday). This however doesn't seem to help at all and i've told my doctor and he's said there is nothing more he can do.

Another thing is they're incredibly itchy (though I think I'm doing well not to itch them), they also seem to release this clear liquid (which is really reflective). Is there anything I can do about it?

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Eczema :: Skin Cracks And Flakes?

My partner has a skin problem on his hand and fingers which is appearing to worsen. He has had it for several weeks. At first it starts as small bumps like blisters, these burst then turn into sores then his skin dries out, cracks and flakes. He has been back and forth to the doctors. The keep giving him antibiotics and creams none of which appear to be working. He is now on another 2 week course of tablets but the tiny blisters are now spreading further over his hands, starting to appear on elbows and feet also. I have tried to do some research and it appears very similar to Dyshidrotic Eczema in appearance. Can you recommend anything else we should be doing while he is waiting to have yet another appointment with his doctor. Any home remedies? I have read warm salt water can help but don't want to make it worse.

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Dermatitis / Eczema :: Burning Lips

I have had Eczema since I was 2 now 35 ! I have been able to keep control of my flares but since having my daughter five months ago it has flared up quite Bradley in my face mainly my lips . For 8 weeks now they have been burning , incredible sore and itchy . Twice they have completely peeled . Doctor has said there's nothing she can do and suggested Vaseline !!

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Skin :: Eczema Face Flare Up / Patches

I've gotten eczema rashes for the past few years in very small patches on my upper arms and back. While annoying, it was not a big deal. But last week I washed my face and it felt irritated on my forehead. The next day when I looked in the mirror, the entire left side of my forehead had become a rough leathery patch. I was able to get it to go away by softly rubbing away the thickened skin in the shower, but over the course of the week, I have started to develop the same irritated, flaking and thickened skin on my eyelid, below both my eyes, under my bottom lip and on one of my cheeks. I went to the dermatologist who prescribed a ketoconazole and to start washing/moisturizing with cetaphil.

But I'm pretty embarrassed about these patches on my face and the dryness is super uncomfortable so I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get it to go away faster.

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Acne :: Is It Eczema? Face Is Dry, Red, Flaky, Itchy

My face is dry, red, flaky, itchy, and peeling but only on the right side. I work in a warehouse and was very sweaty this past week so I wiped my face off with a towel during the day, possibly further irritating and drying out my face. I also have purple pimple like bumps on my face but again, only on the right side.

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