Excruciating Legs Cramps Pain

Sep 14, 2013

excruciating legs cramps pain, mainly on laying down for bed time, starts and last even few hours, massage, hot or cold water, tylenol not working, suggestions pls (ps 61yrs/male) I m on high blood pressure/benign prostate/high cholesterol medications.

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Chronic Pain :: Stiffness And Cramps In Legs

For the past years, I've been taking 5 tabs of Methocarbamol 750 mg. along with 600 mg.(6 caps) of Gabapentin during supper and right before going to the bed, because I have not only leg cramp and spasm but also nerve pain on my legs. Those two meds. have been alleviating my pains that mostly occur during sleep, ... specifically during early morning hours before getting up from the bed.

Prior to those two meds. I had an excruciating and unspeakable pains that waking me up in the middle of the nights lasted about 10 minutes or so. Furthermore, the pains made all over my body sweat like taking hot bath, because of excruciating and unspeakable pain. Those nights, I self-exercised stomping, and often back and forth legs on hard floor in trying to subside the pains.

However, despite maximum doses of two pain meds., I still have been experiencing 'stiffness' along with 'pain' on my legs, some mornings before getting up from the bed.

Is there any good meds. for me more to manage and first of all control muscle spasms and cramps on my both legs?

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Undiagnosed :: Muscle Cramps With Stinging Pain In My Calf And Legs

For the past couple months I experience sharp, stinging (or maybe burning) pain in my calf, usually right leg but sometimes left too.

I've been walking long distances my whole life and never had cramps before. Been doing some reading and so far symptoms fits cramps.

I have lately been walking really long distances on occasion.

I have the pain happening at night. I wake up with badly aching leg (calf muscle) and need some time time for it to lessen, sometimes I fall asleep seconds later and when I wake up the muscle is stiff and painful. It's also bit painful/sensitive at touch on other days too.

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Fissure In Ano :: Years Of Dull Pain To Excruciating Pain?

I just want to know your experiences with the time it took from you felt a "dull" pain till it becomes large and really painful?

I have had a small tender firm swelling on the side of anus now for 4-5 days - which my physician says is "probably just a hemorrhoid". There is no change in colour and it's more a firm area than a nodule it seems. 

The pain isn't unbearable - painkillers do their job well so far.

I was thinking perhaps anal abscesses develop over 1-2 days rather than 4-5 days from onset of dull pain to excruciating pain?

Also, sorry for hijacking the fistula forum - there is none of anal abscess and most of you guys must have had it at some point.

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Frozen Shoulder :: Excruciating Pain And Can't Sleep

I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder yesterday and although had heard of it before but didn't really know what it was. Since researching internet and reading this forum am amazed and scared to find that it could go on for years. I am a 60 yr old woman live alone and work 4 dys a wk I'm now terrified of not being able to continue work, or manage at home., I use a keyboard all day and It came from nowhere I woke up early last mon am and couldn't move my left (non dominant) arm was also in a lot of pain my 1st thought was that I had had a stroke as it felt heavy numb (bit like when you've leaned on it and its gone numb and just coming back to life )and hurt from shoulder to finger tips. I have been to work all week and have had to grit my teeth and soldier on until I got docs app last night he tested my arm by moving it about and diagnosed frozen shoulder told me to take painkillers and put in sling for couple of weeks when I said I wasn't happy with that he offered to give me steroid injection and did so there and then said it would hurt more initially but by time i go back to work on tuesday should be lot better. I cannot reach forward neither can I lift my arm out to the side or up or back more than about 6" in each direction. The weirdest thing about is how it happened so suddenly I did ask Dr if it could be connected to a tooth infection I've just had but he said 'No' The reason I asked this as last year I had a root canal treatment and a crown was fitted all was well until couple of months ago when got toothache on that tooth was told it was an infection and given antibiotics he said if it re-occurred I'd have to have it extracted all was fine until 3 weeks ago when i got severe toothache again and was given antibiotics and made app for 2 wks later to have it extracted it cleared up only to return 4 days later was in excruciating pain from tooth got more antibiotics wanted to smash my head off the wall couldn't sleep eat or function properly my face ear neck shoulder everywhere hurt dentist said it couldn't be that bad as had no nerve there wouldn't take it out earlier than my due app although i went to surgery in tears and begged him, when it was finally taken out he apologised and said that I had a severe infection under the crown. I finished the antibiotics and neck and shoulder and face still hurt and four days later woke up with 'frozen shoulder' I can't help but think this is somehow connected having read a couple of other posts about teeth infections. Has anyone else had similiar experience? I feel sure there is some connection. What I do know is the pain is excruciating and it's odd that I cannot lie on my right side my normal sleeping side as pain in shoulder/arm is overwhelming but can sleep in snatches leaning on my left side which is the bad shoulder and it is nowhere near as painful.

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Excruciating Pain In Testicles When Sneeze Or Cough

A week ago, i was playing soccer for about an hour. Seconds afterwards, I felt an uncomfortable feeling in my testicles. The next day was the same uncomfortable feeling. The pain wasn't too bad until exactly 6 days later when i woke up in bed and found that the pain was beyond what i could handle. Out of 10 i would describe this pain as a solid 8 and half. Anytime i stand up or sit down it feels like i've just been kicked there.Everytime i cough and sneeze the pain is excrutiatingly bad in my testacles and just above them in my groin. anytime i tense my core (abdomen) i get the same feeling of being kicked in the balls. I have searched google and what makes most sense so far is the theory of the testicular muscles  extending up towards the stomach or abdomen being too short. Please if anyone knows anything of how this can be treated, let me know.

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Hip Replacement (day 8) :: Excruciating Pain Inside Thigh

I was using my gripper to help get my jogging bottoms off my operated leg being very careful not to exceed the 90deg rule. Suddenly, the most excruciating pain started inside my thigh (not wound) and groin. It was so bad it brought me to tears. Luckily the children were upstairs and they managed to get me flat in bed. I had something similar to this yesterday when I tried to move the pillow between my legs with the operated leg. The pain has subsided but I still have a dull ache inside my leg and a little discomfort at the site of hip bone.

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Menstruation :: Constipation, Cramps And Discomfort In Both My Legs

Recently when i start my menstrual cycle i begin to get bad cramps and it also causes constipation and discomfort in both my legs it makes it hard for me to sit still..is this normal or should i be concerned and what can i do to relieve this.

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Perimenopause - Cramps And Restless Legs, Racing Heart

I want to kill someone! I'm angry all the time and yell at people for no justified reason whatsoever. I used to be such a patient, loving,caring person who laughed things off and was the life of the party. Now I do not want to leave my house, I let laundry and dishes pile up Cuz I'm too exhausted from doing nothing. All I want to do is self medicate and sleep, but wait I cannot sleep I have restless legs and leg cramps and my mind is racing. I hate my job which has become too stressful to handle lately. Martinis are my new best friend. I'm lonely but do not want to date I have a 21 yr old 15 yr old and 3 yr old.... dad's are not involved. I'm unorganized and spaced out a lot, very different for me...... my doctor says you are depressed then I shoot him with my laser eyes and look for another dr.

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Night Leg Cramps Increased In Both Legs After Injections For Disc Treatment

I have had injections in my back because i have disc problems. i used to suffer from cramp occasionally but after the above procedure in Oct 2014 the night leg cramps increased in both legs, which leave me limping for a day or so. I have started to massage both my legs with any oil though preferably olive oil or black seed oil and i have noticed a great improvement. i have not suffered from cramps since i started doing this every night.

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Nerve Disorders :: Intense Cramps In My Lower Legs, Hips And Feet

On Sunday night my left leg started aching and I could barely walk because it hurt so much, also my hip hurt at the same time and my lower back on the left side, I stayed home from school for two days and then tried going there but that made the pain worse so both my legs started aching, it kind of felt like constant small cramps that sometimes got more intense, in my left leg it's my thigh and knee mainly and in my left leg my shin, I had to go home because the pain distracted me from being able to work.It later got a bit better but at night I had more intense cramps in my lower legs and feet.Today i've been pretty well, went to school again and now only my left leg is aching but not as much and mainly when I put weight on it but about an hour ago the left side of my face started to feel strange, I can't really explain it..but maybe a bit strained and also it burns, my jaw feels weird too.My parents says that I should not worry because I don't have any fever at all but I still want to know what the symptoms might be? I am going to see a doctor asap but there's no idea doing it now since I don't have a fever they won't take me seriously.Let me also add that I do not exercise and I sit behind my computer a lot, so it can't be some kind of injury.

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Excruciating Headaches, Burning Sensation Over My Eyes

I suffer from excruciating headaches. I have suffered from migraine before but had never experienced pain in my head like I did a couple of years ago when the condition started. My neck aches frequently and is quite painful at times but I know straightaway when I am going to have a bad head because I get a pain at the side of my head and a burning sensation over my eyes. The pain travels round my head and feels like someone is squeezing my head. A really severe bout means that I cannot move, feel extremely sick and wish I was dead (this may sound like I am overstating things but I can assure you I would do anything to be rid of the pain). My Husband thought I was having a brain hemorrhage the first time it happened and rushed me to our local hospital. For the first time in my life, I had to have a week off work because I could not function. All I can do is sit with my neck supported because it is worse if I am lying down. I can't eat or sleep and just have to bear the pain until it goes. Does anybody else suffer from the same symptoms?.

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Breast Pain And Getting Cramps

I'm a young teen. I recently been having a problem with my period. Which I never had before. I never get cramps or bloated. I am a few days late of this month. Earlier this month, I had sexual inter course for the first time. My partner did not go inside all the way. He pulled out before he ejaculated. So no sperm entered my uterus. From the beginning of when we started and when we ended, was from 3 to 5 minutes. It happened very quickly. Why is he reason why I am haven't had my period? Why do my breast start to hurt and I'm suddenly getting cramps, yet I have never gotten them before?

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4 Year Old That Is Struggling With Legs Pain

I have a 4 year old that is struggling with legs pain. It's intense enough that sometimes she won't walk & just cries. I've been giving her Motrin. It seems to be in the morning & evenings mostly & from the knee down. Always the left leg. Could growing pains be this intense? She's been sick a lot the past month & her grandpa (dads side) has rheumatoid arthritis.

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Numbness And Pain In My Legs When Wake Up

I have woken up this morning with numbness and pain in my legs. It seems to be getting worse and moving up my body anyone got any ideas what this could be?

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Nuvaring - Pain And Cramps Ever Since Inserted

I'm 23 years old and I recently got my very first gynecological exam, on the 14th more precisely, and my doctor prescribed me the Nuvaring. I inserted it on the same day and I've been having cramps ever since then. Is that normal? They feel exactly like menstrual cramps, except I'm not in my period at all.I used to take the pill but I stopped 3 years ago because I always forgot to take it. That's why I asked my doctor about the nuvaring, because I really wanted to start the pill again because I always have huge and painful cramps when I got my period and the pill is supposed to help reduce the pain.Since I started Nuvaring, I get cramps about 4 or 5 times a day and it only lasts a couple of seconds, but it's quite painful and unpleasant.I have a short vagina and my uterus is retroverted, I dunno if it's related?I will call my doctor to get another appointment but I'm sure it won't be until next month till I get to see her, so in the meantime, if anyone has any idea of what is causing the pain, please let me know!

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Legs, Arms And Thighs - Intermittent Pain Cause ?

I was wondering if anyone has experienced any kind of pain like this:

For the past couple years or so I have had this intermittent type of pain (it usually happens about a couple times a week, for instance it happened in the beginning of the week for at least two consecutive days and not at all today; each episode usually consists of a series of acute attacks, maybe several of them in a row, and then they would just stop). This would happen in several areas: mainly now my thighs and legs (almost always the back of them, though a couple times it has been along the front); sometimes it is in the arms too; for a little while it was in the back (though it hasn't happened there for a while now).

I'm not sure how to describe the pain (I wish there was some sort of questionnaire I could find that might help me in that area); it's definitely not severe, but then I'm known to have a high tolerance for pain. I would say it is more sharp than dull and it seems to be a kind of stabbing pain though maybe not exactly shooting, though I guess it could be thought of that way (I don't know that it's radiating either--I can't see how it can be radiating anywhere; it seems, if I am remembering correctly, it is moving along the length of some specific area; that doesn't seem like it would fit the description of radiating). It is definitely not tingling or numbness (except when it happens in the arms--then there is a definite weakness that results after it in which I have less of an ability to grasp anything with much strength).

I'm just curious as to what can be causing this, or maybe it's just normal when you age, though I wouldn't consider myself to be too old at just 33.

Well, if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate hearing them. I would say for sure the pain in the arms sounds like some sort of nerve pain but I'm not sure about the other areas. I went to the doctor once about it, but he wasn't able to help much, just called it "fibromyalgia" which is basically what they say when they don't know what it is. For a while I was sure it was nerve pain but then I keep hearing how nerve pain is more of a tingling, numbness or loss of sensation more than actual pain; and then the doctor calls it fibromyalgia which from what I gather is thought to be muscle pain. I do not participate in any rigorous exercises, just walks for a mile or more a few times a week so it shouldn't be due to any sort of injury.

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Leukemia :: Bruising Around Legs, Tired, Pain

For the past weeks I've been getting random bruises around my legs, but now I found one in my arm. I find them weird because I don't bruise easily, plus they are tiny (although there is one that is larger in size) and I don't recall hitting myself with anything repeatedly to cause them. Additionally, I've been feeling increasingly tired, even when I sleep for a long time (i.e. 10 hours). Could this be related?

I've had leg pains for the past 12 years (I'm 20), but the reasons are still unknown. Could the bruises be related to this?

Plus, I get pains around my right-lower back, and around my uterus (like slight cramps. The last time I went to the gynecologist a sonogram was performed and I had an ovarian cyst. I was supposed to return after my period for another sonogram to see if it was endometriosis (it was a huge cyst), but was not able to. Are these pains related to that, or something else?

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Simvastatin :: Muscle Pain And Wasting In Both Legs

I was on simvastatin for 4 years and developed bad pain in both legs when standing up.  I have to steady myself before I can start walking.  I have CK in my blood tests.  I was told by my doctor to stop taking the statins.  I have got worse in my legs after 6 months. Doctor put me on another statin.  When I read the same side effects as simvastatin I didn't take any.  I couldn't believe that doctor would put me on a tablet that caused the same bad side effects. I will be going to have my blood tests done soon but would like to know whether anyone has asked about sueing the statin drug company and would the doctor be helpful about it? 

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Carbimazole :: Painful Leg Cramps (not The Usual Night Time Calf Cramps)

I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and I have been taking Carbimazole since Aug 6, 2010, since yesterday I have been experiencing painful leg cramps (not the usual night time calf cramps) that begin just above my right knee and travel down to my foot sometimes 5 or so in quick succession - this is really painful :? and I wondered if anybody else has these or should I go back and see my GP?

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Muscle Cramps All Over Body, Upper Thigh Cramps So Severe

Cramps so bad in thighs, I can't take the pain anymore

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