Few Days Of Bleeding After Losing My Virginity ?

Mar 2, 2013

I'm 18 years old and before a few days we tried to have sex with my boyfriend.Just when he got nearly in he noticed I was bleeding and we didn't continue further more.I started bleeding since that moments and 4 days after. After a week we were trying again but just when we was starting I began bleeding again but this time It felt like my periods and lasted 5 days.The color of the blood was just like periods but I can't go to the doctor and I'm afraid if it's something wrong with me.

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Bleeding Since 3 Days After Losing My Virginity

I am 18 years old, i lost my virginity to my current boyfriend 3 days ago and i am still bleeding, but the thing is, the hymen did NOT break, it hurt really bad the first time and i started bleeding immediately, there is no pain just quit heavy blood, i am on the pill to, i started them a week ago, i just don't understand why i am bleeding when my hymen was not broken! please help im really worried as it was the first time!

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Vaginal Bleeding After Losing Virginity

I lost my virginity a couple of weeks ago to my boyfriend , which lost it to me also in total ive had sex three times but never finish my boyfriend finished popping my cherry the second time but on our third time when he came out of me i bled a little bit , do i have a problem? & would i stop bleeding? 

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How Long Bleeding Is Normal After Losing Virginity

I'm 19 years old and I lost my virginity last Thursday. We did use protection. I am wondering how long it is normal to bleed after losing your virginity. The night I lost it I bleed a little but I wouldn't say it was heavy like a period. It was like this for the next few days but it has continued. Tomorrow is Thursday so it will be a week since I have lost my virginity and I am still noticing some spotting when I go to the bathroom. It doesn't hurt at all to go to the bathroom and I am not feeling any kind of pain. So is it normal to still have some spotting after a week or would you recommend that I go see a doctor?

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Excessive / Heavy Bleeding When Losing Your Virginity?

I just lost my virginity tonight, and I have bled an excessive amount of blood. I looked up it, and most sources say light bleeding is normal, but my bleeding is heavy. When I got home I discovered my underwear was covered in blood:/ he wasn't exceptionally huge and we didn't even get to finish. Is this amount of bleeding normal?

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Changes To Expect After After Losing My Virginity?

I am gonna loose my virginity in very few days to my boyfriend. Can somebody tell me about the changes that i will face after losing it and i have read that after loosing virginity there is a problem of period delays and breast and hips become larger than before and there is a lot of bleeding... is this true? and one more question please is it okay to lose virgin during periods ?

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A Lot Of Discharge After Losing Virginity?

I had sex for the first time a week before my period and I had heavy brown discharge the whole time and now It's my first real period day and I'm having a light period but I was on birth control for a month and a half. Should I be worried or is this normal?

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Swollen Clitoris After Losing Virginity

I am 16 years old and two days ago I lost my virginity. When I got home I saw that my clitoris had swollen up, it's not very big, it's about the size of a pea maybe smaller. There's no colour change and it's only painful when I squeeze it. It just makes me feel self concious and I am scared to have sex with my boyfriend again incase it's painful or if he finds this off putting. I was just wondering if you had any idea what it was and even how I could get rid of it?

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Losing Virginity Delays Your Period?

Recently, my boyfriend and i lost our virginities to each other. Last Friday to be exact. It was 30 seconds long, and he did NOT ejaculate. Then, we had sex again that following Monday. Twice actually. And he did ejaculate. BUT, each and every time he was wearing a condom. And the second time we did it Monday, he put on a new condom instead of going back in with the Semen filled condom. I was supposed to get my period Tuesday. It is now Saturday. My period is 4 days late. I told my mom, and she told me to quit fretting if i used a condom. And that it will come. However, i can't help but be TERRIFIED. Because, sex is sex. And that's how you get pregnant. I've been reading online about periods being late after your first time because it is a change to your body? Is this true? I also have been stressing a lot. Which i know can also delay your period. I am not on the pill. The only birth control we had used were the condoms.

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Heavy Periods After Losing Your Virginity?

A year ago, i was fine to use regular tampons, but now i NEED super ones! it has been this way since i lost virginity a year ago. i'm 18 now, and was 17 at the time. Is this due to losing my virginity or just development changes?

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Stings And Pain After Losing Virginity

lost my virginity last week. hurt a little at first and a little bit of blood. Then the second time it hurt more and there was more blood and the next day it stings when i pee. have had sex 4 times now and everytime it hurts more and more and there's a lot more blood. also the pain after is a lot worse and it stings even more when i pee now. What is causing this?

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Late Menstruation After Losing Virginity - Normal?

I lost my virginity at valentine's day with my boyfriend without using condom but he is 100% sure he did not put anything in. My period supposed to arrive at 17th February but because i lost my virginity few days before that i think that affected it. But it is 7th March now and i am still not on my period however my belly hurts down at the bottom since 2-3 days (like it always hurts few days before i'm getting my menstruation). I am really scared of that thing which comes before sperm and that contains a small percent of sperm too.

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Masturbation - Women :: Losing Virginity By Self-stimulation?

I once masturbated putting my lipgloss and I also inserted my 2 fingers a couple of time and I'm starting to worry if I have lost my virginity or not because I haven't bleed but I am a virgin never had sex before and I never used a tampon in my life. Am I still a virgin will I bleed if I have intercourse with my boyfriend or he will find out that I'm not a virgin?

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Menstruation :: Periods Delayed After Losing Virginity?

I lost my virginity 2 weeks ago with condom. We did it two times the first time he came in the condom the second time he pulled out still wearing a new condom (we switched it out). My last period was on feb 27 and right now its march 29 meaning im 3 days late. Ive been so worried and stressed. Help please why am i late. Did me loosing my virginity delay my period?

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Period Spotting Or Losing Virginity - Confused

It seemed that my period was ending, and later that night I was with my boyfriend. We usually kiss and fool around. I'm a virgin so we don't usually do much. I told him that I had just finished my period. We were messing a bit and told him that I wasn't ready. I didn't feel him in me, but once I got home I saw that I was bleeding a bit. I asked him and he said that only a bit of the tip went in. I have never had sex so I don't know how that would feel. I guess what i'm trying to ask is, if i'm still a virgin.

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Menstruation :: Missed Period On Microgestin FE Or Losing Virginity?

I have been taking Microgestin FE for over a year and have not missed a period. I am now over a week late. My first and only sexual experience I have had occurred about three weeks ago and we used a condom that did not break. I take my birth control regularly and have not missed a dosage in over two months. I have also taken three pregnancy tests that have come back negative. I have had all the symptoms suggesting the start of my period without it actually starting. What is the possibility that I am pregnant? And what else could be the cause of this? Could losing my virginity be the cause of this?

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Women :: How To Masturbate Without Losing Virginity / Hymen Break

I'm 16 year old girl and im really inexperienced :( also i never tried masturbating before. Can someone explain me how to masturbate without losing my virginity / break my hymen. It's really important to be virgin in my culture and also i don't know anything about masturbating. Im really glad if someone explains how to do it detailed.

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Losing Your Virginity? Broken Hymen - Just A Drop Of Blood

I did not bleed I just had a little drop the next day which scared me at first so I went to the doctors and they said I just tore my Hymen so everything was ok

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Am I Pregnant? Runny Bowels And Soreness After Losing Virginity

I Lost My Virginity May30th-May 31st....And We Used A Condom For Awhile But He Made Me Feel Guilty Because He Wasnt Enjoying It..So He Took It Off...He Didn't Climax.But I've Been Going Through Weird Stuff Since Then..First A Day After I Was Sore,Then I Had Runny Bowels(Gross Ik)Then My Vaginal Discharge Turned Real White And Thick..My Boobs Were Very Sore But It Went Away...Ive Been Having PMS I Think My Regular Cramps And My Periods Not Late Im Just Super Scared I'm Pregnant..

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Lost Virginity - Still Spotting Bright Red Blood Days After

I lost my virginity this past Thursday and my period is due sometime next week. I bled a lot during and still spotting bright red blood. I'm also really bloated/cramping and maybe constipated.... is this relatively normal and maybe because I'm supposed to start my period soon??

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Hyperthyroidism :: 2 Days Without Smoking But Feel Like I'm Losing It

I've gone nearly 2 days without a smoke but i'm literally feel like i'm losing it . Crying alot . Feel more anxious. I just want a smoke so bad. I think i'm just going to buy a packet.

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