Hands Extremely Dry And Cracked On Palms

Dec 4, 2008

For the past six months I have been experiencing a continual condition of extremely dry, cracked patches at the exact center of the palms of both hands. Prior to the start of this condition six months ago, there had been no problems of this type other than on the outside of the hands during the winter months. I am a 48 year old male in good health and have held the same job and job conditions for the past 25 years so my environment has not changed. I have tried many OTC cream products with no positive effects. I work with my hands and am becoming desperate for help in finding a solution.

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Skin :: Dry Floury Looking Palms Of Hands

For weeks now the palms of my hands have been so dry, they look like I have dipped my hands in flour and shaken it off but left the residue. It is up my fingers and between them too but the backs are fine. I have had to take my rings off. I have tried lots of different creams that I use for "Winter dry hands" but nothing seems to work. I only seem to get an itch on the palm of my left hand but that is only now and again.

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Skin :: Red Bumps On The Palms Of My Hands??

Sunday I started feeling pretty sick. Sore throat,chills,mild fever around 100. Monday I still felt pretty bad so I took the day off from work. Today I felt much better still have a sore throat a little but I noticed when I was at work I have these red bumps on the palms of my hands. They are under the skin but some of them look like tiny blisters. Those are pretty sore. When I run my hands under water it looks like more seem to appear. Its really odd. I been putting some cortisone cream on my hands but the bumps that look like blisters are pretty sore. I just moved here like 3 weeks ago so I don't have a dr yet. I was thinking about going to a clinic if it doesn't get better soon. Its not spreading just the palms of my hands. Any idea if this is just some weird virus??Edit,I was just taking my daughter to bed and noticed my foot felt odd.Looked on the bottom and i noticed one bump near my toe on the bottom of my foot.It feels like im walking on a blister yet its not a blister.

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Skin :: Air Bubbles On Palms Of Hands When Wet

I get a lot of sweat all the time in my palms. Since a week, when hands become wet either with water or sweat, air bubbles are appearing on my fingers and palms and becomes normal after the palms become dry. My palm skin was very smooth before, but now becoming very harsh especially when they are wet. Please let me know what's the problem and what i can do for it...

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Skin :: Blisters On Palms Of Hands And Soles Of Feet

blisters on my palms and the soles of my feet. no where else. they don't itch, they feel like pins and needles.

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Skin :: Itchy Red Bumps Under Skin On Palms Of Hands And Some On Sole Of Foot

About a year ago I noticed raised areas, like blisters under skin on the Palms of my hands(red), some pin head size others small nail head size some of the larger ones form a blister well under the skin...painful to touch. The others ones are just itchy, drive you nuts itchy. A doctor checked on Vasculitis and they think it is that...I seem to think there is a bacterial inflammation in my blood. Has anyone heard of this? I take Zyrtec 1 daily and if I miss two days the bumps come on me with a vengeance. A biopsy was done at the site of a bump and prevalent of Neutrophils. I had a corticosteroid shot for another ailment and it worked miracles on my vasculitis. Does anyone know of other diseases that I should check into. and will a full body pet scan reveal the source of this stuff.

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Pleurisy Or Cracked Rib?

I wrote a couple months ago after a Pleurisy diagnosis following chest x-rays. As it turns out, it was a cracked rib that I had, NOT viral Pleurisy as the Dr had suspected. The cracked rib did not show on the chest x-rays, but I was told they don't always show. It took about 5 weeks for the pain to go away. Sometimes I can still feel it slightly when I do certain things. Just wanted to follow up in case anyone else had the same misdiagnosis.

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Cracked A Rib From Coughing Too Hard?

I have had a chronic cough for 4 weeks now and still coughing. Just yesterday after I coughed, my right side rib was hurting alot. It hurts to move, breathe, and cough. The pain also goes to my back on the right side and up to my armpit. Is it possible that I have cracked a rib from coughing too hard?

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Breastfeeding :: Cracked Nipple

I had my little man on March 17, and since then I've been trying to breastfeed. It was going okay until I got a cracked nipple. All it does now is extremely stress me out. It seem like my little man is trying to eat more and more, and it just hurts so bad. I started him on formula, and he seems so much more happy. He's willing to actually be awake now without needing to eat, he also sleeps much better. I have pumped three bags of milk, but even the pumping is starting to be uncomfortable now. Are any mother not breastfeeding? Do you feel guilty?

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Acne :: Corners Of Mouth Are So Dry That They Have Cracked

my son is on accutane  and the worst problem he has right now is that the corners of his mouth ar so dry that they have cracked, he can hardly eat. he has been using  blistex, vaseline, etc.what to put on corners of mouth so he can smile.

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Vaginal Health :: Dry Cracked Skin Around Vagina

A few days ago, my vagina was itchy and I think I scratched it too hard because it became raw and sensitive and there were red-ish stuff underneath my fingernails.

the next day my boyfriend fingered me and there was blood, quite a lot in fact. it looked as though I had my period. however, I already had my period this month. I suspected its because my vagina was raw from the scratching and the fingering made it bleed.

today, I realized that the areas where I scratched had formed dry skins/scar-like stuff.

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Jock Itch :: Dry Cracked Peeling Skin, Vulva And Vagina

I recently got married and you could not imagine the depression (especially after waiting for our wedding night) that loomed over me because I felt like....to be blunt... I had a gross vagina. I always made genital health a priority and it seemed the more I kept myself clean, the worse the problem got. At my breaking point, (keep in mind I am african american- thus brown skinned) the skin in the crease of my bikini line, the entire vulva, my perineum, and my butt crack were bright pink, raw, cracked, and bleeding. yet still itchy. I saw 3 gynecologists, 2 dermatologists, and 1 primary care physician. All of whom diagnosed me with lichen simplex and then lichen simplex chronicus. Imagine my relief (the first time!) I then started a laundry list of creams and ointments that just made it worse in some way or another. The list includes: Lidocaine solution, Desitin, Rx strength hydrocortisone, triamcinolone acetonide, Miconazole cream 2% and 200 mg capsules, Clobetasol Propionate ointment and the cream, Sarna lotion that was refrigerated (although scintillating when applied to the problem area, i wanted relief not pleasure), Triple Antibiotic ointment, estrace cream, clotrimazole Betamethasone cream, domeboro soaks, and lastly nystatin powder. Believe it or not, the best one out of all of these was the powder. I was just about to give up when I broke down to a very close friend who happens to be a primary care physician (He is 31 years old, for those who care) while getting dressed up for my new bridegroom I told my friend about the problem and was looking for something to emotionally prepare me for the coming night. I wanted to tear down walls when he GLANCED at my problem area, shrugs his shoulders and says......"ok, so you have jock itch. It's not the end of the world."Yes ladies. It was JOCK ITCH! Unfortunately it was too late to save my honeymoon. However I went to Walmart, purchased Bacitracin and a few different jock itch treatments and started immediately. In two days the symptoms had relieved themselves and the only issue remaining was this feeling like I had cuts in my pubic hair area right at the hood of my clitoris. PAINFUL!!!! It just wouldn't go away. Finally, after babying it, I couldn't take it anymore. I had to get a closer look. Against better judgement I used an ELECTRIC razor (it left very short stubble which I wanted. Last thing I needed was to nick the skin or get razor bumps). Once completely bald, I hopped in the shower, washed the area well (it burned) washed with summer's eve vaginal shower wash (burned a little too), got out, dried off, and then applied straight bacitracin to the ENTIRE pubic area. I suggest if you are going to try this, right before you do it, take a deep breath and remind yourself of all the sleepless painful itchy nights. Why? Because it burned like I was exorcising the devil out of my clitoris! After about 5-10 second, it stops burning and I go to bed. Since then, I have used the Tinactin (jock itch spray on powder) from time to time. I am happy to say I have not touched an antifungal product in two weeks. All signs of the problem are gone. ALSO my skin is back to normal. If you are worried about scarring, it didn't happen to me.

I had sleepless nights and embarrassing days for TWO years fighting this damn LICHEN SIMPLEX (which just means dry skin FYI) when all I needed was some jock itch cream.

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Trimethoprim :: Extremely Nauseous

I was prescribed a 3 day course of Trimethoprim, for cystitis, which I have suffered from many times before in the past. However, this time the medication made me extremely nauseous. Within about 10 minutes of taking the tablet I began retching violently and about an hour later developed a very itchy red rash on the inside of my lower arms. The rash gradually disappeared over about an hour but every time I took another tablet (two per day) I started to retch violently. I have taken the last tablet this evening but have now woken at 3.30am feeling sick again. I wish I had read your website sooner as I now realise I am far from alone in my reaction to this drug. I find it strange that I have taken it many times in the past without any obvious side effects.

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Diabetes :: Become Extremely Thirsty Lately

I've started to become extremely thirsty lately. I've also had an issue with having to pee a lot, which has been happening for a much longer time than the thirst. The troubling thing is that I had a fasting blood test about 1-2 months ago, and also did a bunch of self-tests, and they were all normal.

Not sure how exactly I should approach this - My doctor wants another fasting blood test, and that's a whole other issue. It's hard to fast, as I feel extremely bad if I have to go without sugar, especially with the driving/waiting to take the test/etc...But like I said, that's another issue.

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Have Been Feeling Extremely Thirsty Lately

I didn't know where to put this, because I don't really know why I have been feeling so thirsty, just that I am and have been. Kind of hard to put a time frame on it, but I think it's been a couple of months, more or less. As far as diabetes, that's an easy answer, but I had blood tests a month ago, and I was normal (had a large range of tests in many areas and was pretty much normal). I also had been checking my sugar manually a month ago just because I wanted to see if I had it.

I notice that if I have a savory meal (i.e. with salt, obviously), I am more thirsty, but I pretty much never eat anything that salty ever, and I also have been eating the same types of food that I've always eaten my entire life, and haven't had this issue.

I already emailed my doctor, and will eventually set up an appointment with her.

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Raised Rashes On Palms?

I have noticed that my son has rash on his palms and foots. It has happen in two days. First, the red spots have appeared. At first they were flat and then some of them became raised and others have developed into blisters. I must admit that I have never heard of a rash that is appearing on the palms. How is it possible?

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Itchy Palms - Hives?

i got itchy on my hands for 10 days...i go to the doctor he said its acute hives...

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ENT :: Extremely Sore Throat

Okay so I've been having a extremely sore throat for about 4 days now, and it wasn't that bad at the start but now it's extremely painful! My throat is red but there are white things around my throat as well. It's pretty swollen and there are also small white bumps at the back of my tongue. It's extremely painful when I swallow even when just swallowing my own saliva. Please can someone tell me what this is because I am in a tremendous amount of pain

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Tinnitus :: Extremely Loud Ringing In My Right Ear

I am 16 and have had mild tinnitus for years, with an unknown cause and I could only hear it whilst trying to fall asleep. But after going to a concert last night, I woke up this morning with an extremely loud ringing in my right ear. It is loud enough that I am hearing it throughout the day, no matter what I am doing. 

I am also experiencing mild pain in my right ear, but not experiencing any hearing loss. 

I would just like to know what I should do, how I can cope with this, and if it may go away, or subside mildly.

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Liver :: Is Getting Extremely Enlarged - No Drinking

I have nausea,itching,back pain,pain in the upper middle and right side of my stomach,I sometimes have a rash on my neck and chest,bloating and fullness. I was told by two doctors my liver was extremely enlarged my blood work was good and sonogram only showed that it was enlarged. I am 33 I do not drink or do drugs and I do not have any type of disease. I had my gallbladder removed about six years ago it was rotten and was not functioning I had similar symptoms then and they were better until about a year ago. I feel what is going on is not normal there is a reason my liver is getting bigger and the pain is getting worse.

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Pregnancy :: Extremely Itchy All Over My Body

I am 29 weeks with  my second and have been extremely itchy all over my body the last couple of days. Went to the doctor and am being sent for blood work  and was given a prescription. Have any other of you ladies been through this?

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