Raised Rashes On Palms?

Apr 4, 2007

I have noticed that my son has rash on his palms and foots. It has happen in two days. First, the red spots have appeared. At first they were flat and then some of them became raised and others have developed into blisters. I must admit that I have never heard of a rash that is appearing on the palms. How is it possible?

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Shingles :: NO Rashes Or Blisters, But Stinging

I never had any rashes or blisters, but I have had stinging, very tiny feelings that feel like an itch under my skin lately across my back in the middle and waistline. I had the brush burn feeling on my shoulder and under my left arm with jabbing pain in my left breast. But that is pretty much gone. I had taken Acyclovir for 10 days early on, so are the Shingles moving around under my skin in other places?

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Chickenpox? Rashes And Blisters For About 3-4 Days

My younger sister, aged 13, is suffering from what possibly looks like Chicken Pox. She has had rashes and blisters for about 3-4 days now. The rashes are prominently on the face, some of them are on the arms, torso, and waist area. She also has fever, bodyache, and physical weakness. I have not consulted a doctor yet due to certain religious beliefs of my family, related to this disease. Is it Chicken Pox or something else?

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura :: Very Bad Rashes All Over Body

My Daughter who is 9 has just been told she has hsp, although at the moment she seems ok apart from very bad rashes all over her body and just started a cold.

Is this likely to get worse ? or is there a very mild type of hsp she may have ?

After reading other peoples experience's we are very concerned for the future.

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Penis :: Itchy Rashes In-between My Scrotum And My Thighs

its a rash that's just really annoying. and sometimes it gets so much and when i scratch one area, all other areas begin to itch... and it gets really painful.. im definitely sure its not std bcos i've never had sex.

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STD :: White Rashes / Spots On Penis After Masturbation

when i masturbate... after few hours....my skin top .....white rashes or some white spot

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STD :: Brown Rashes/scaling In My Groin Area

I noticed this few days ago and started applying Lamisil, assuming its a a fungal infection, it has been 3 days but no change in the infected area. It's not painful and occasionally itchy but not too bad. I shower regularly and never had this issue before. I am married and have only 1 sex partner, my wife had fungal infection as well after our last intercourse. Does Lamisil work for this kind of fungal infection or do i need to go to the doctor or wait few more days to see impact of Lamisil?

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Skin :: Naproxen - Itchy Rashes And Discoloration

I had Gout on an ankle in the summer of 2008, and was given Naproxen, and antibiotics. The Gout cleared up, I think, but both ankles and lower legs, have itchy rashes, and skin discoloration. It seems to be spreading up the legs. I have seen my Doctor, but have to wait three months for a specialist appointment. Has anyone else, encountered these circumstances?

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Cancer :: Raised IGM/ESR And Enlarged Spleen

My better half has the following issues:

Enlarged spleen for over a year

Raised IGM 2.5 g/l

Raised ESR of 22mm/h

Does anyone know what this could be caused by?

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Thyroid Disorders :: Normal T3 And T4 Levels With Raised TSH

What's your take -patient has normal T3 and T4 levels, no symptoms and a TSH elevated at 4.8 on a .358-3.8 range

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Coming Off Venlafaxine :: Raised Blood Pressure

My GP recently took me off of venlafaxine slow release from 150mg a day to 0 over the period of 2-3 weeks! This was done due to high blood pressure. I learnt a lot from people on here that it was done too fast, hence the severe withdrawal, so GP put me on mirtazapine 15mg! I've had a severe breakdown, depression back worse than ever, anxiety that I'd never had and self harm that I haven't done since a child, I'm now 48!

New Year's Eve, psychiatrist upped mirt to 30-45mg, yesterday psychiatrist put me back on venlafaxine 150mg and told me to also continue mirt!

On top of that, local GP has doubled my blood pressure tablets and introduced another medication to try and control the blood pressure!

First dose of venlafaxine 75mg last night had me throwing up and, sorry but watery stools!

So now I'm back to square one with 3 different lots of meds on top, shaking and dehydrated, just to name a few! I'm losing the will to fight anymore

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Shingles? Pink Raised Marks On My Back

Two days ago I noticed four pink raised marks on my back, didn't itch a lot, but when I did scratch them I got a really tender burning sharp pain. Today I've been to the Dr's, she said they were unusual and to keep eye on them. I showed my mum and she reckons it's shingles. I've got another small raised pink mark on my lower back today that I've noticed, the marks are longish about 2cm long by a cm wide and an uneven/lumpy texture but smooth to the touch. I have a headache and haven't felt well for a few days.

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Itchy Palms - Hives?

i got itchy on my hands for 10 days...i go to the doctor he said its acute hives...

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Vaginal Health :: Raised Rash Around Bikini Area

I have a what seems to be a rash around my bikini line. It is making my skin uneven and itchy down there. I am getting open sores down there as well. I am not sure how I got this. I haven't been sexually active in over 4 months and this just started occurring maybe for a week now. It started with just an it here and there but it has gotten so much worse. When it first started, I was putting neosporin on the rash but it just got worse.  Now I am putting African Shea butter on it and it stops the itching. I really need to know what it is or at least try to treat it. 

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Thyroid :: Raised Parathyroid And Calcium Levels - Low Vitamin D

I have had a raised parathyroid hormone blood result recently also a raised calcium in the blood result. I had raised calcium levels several years ago but after a scan of my parathyroid glands which showed no growths it was put down to lack of Vitamin D and called secondary parathyroidism

I was told to increase my Vitamin D levels which I did and my calcium level dropped. I have continued on the supplementation. I have severe sleep problems, am tired and grumpy, my hypothyroidism been under control for the last 8 years. I am borderline diabetic. Almost 73 years old.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Enbrel - Red Raised Itchy Rash

I've been taking the Enbrel injection for the past 4 weeks and this last week I have a red raised itchy rash where I inject myself. My nurse has told me that this is normal and usually around the size of a 50 pence piece but mine is a lot bigger than that! So I'm looking to see if anyone else has suffered from this and which creams can help? My nurse said an antihistamine cream will help but I want to make sure I get one that will work because it's so itchy!

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Skin :: Blisters On Palms And Fingers

I have very small blisters that appear on my palms. Sometimes on my fingers.

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Skin :: Dry Floury Looking Palms Of Hands

For weeks now the palms of my hands have been so dry, they look like I have dipped my hands in flour and shaken it off but left the residue. It is up my fingers and between them too but the backs are fine. I have had to take my rings off. I have tried lots of different creams that I use for "Winter dry hands" but nothing seems to work. I only seem to get an itch on the palm of my left hand but that is only now and again.

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Skin :: Itchy Feet And Palms

I have been having a really bad itchy sensation on the soles of my feet. and my palms started itching today. I have no rash or anything visibly wrong. my skin does turn beet red when it starts to itches. scratching or rubbing does not help at all. I have no known allergies. what could it be?

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Skin :: Itchy Swollen Palms

For the last four days my 4 year-old daughter has been experiencing fever. Her lymph nodes on the neck are swollen, and I thought it was a cold or something, so I made her warm and waited to see if it will go away. But it didn’t. Now, on the fifth day, her palms started to swell as well, and she has been scratching them the whole morning. Now, I got really scared. I am trying to reach a doctor but nobody is answering.

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Hands Extremely Dry And Cracked On Palms

For the past six months I have been experiencing a continual condition of extremely dry, cracked patches at the exact center of the palms of both hands. Prior to the start of this condition six months ago, there had been no problems of this type other than on the outside of the hands during the winter months. I am a 48 year old male in good health and have held the same job and job conditions for the past 25 years so my environment has not changed. I have tried many OTC cream products with no positive effects. I work with my hands and am becoming desperate for help in finding a solution.

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