Hemorrhoids :: Blood Coming Out At A Sizable Amount

Oct 20, 2015

I am bleeding sizable out of my anus every bowel movement, it's freaking me out. I'm still trying to recover. How should I approach toilet breaks im general? Keep passing stools even as I bleed a considerable amount without a care?

Just a bit of background, I'm currently 18 and male. Since the issue I have right now is more than likely haemorrhoids, I think it's also important for me to say that my granddad died from cancer (specifics which I do not know) but my mum has told me he used to go to the toilet and lose blood to the point of passing out during his battle with cancer.

A few weeks ago, I started to notice small patches of blood on my toilet paper as I wipe, I paid quite little attention to it at first but was absolutely shocked when once, blood started coming out along with the stool. To describe, a line of blood would follow the walls of each stool and blood would drip out from my anus and change the bowl of water into red. The blood is also bright red. There was a slight sting as the stools moved.

I approached my mum who's a trained pharmacist and she diagnosed me with having internal haemorrhoids since there weren't any physical bumps along my sphincter muscles and decided to put me on a good diet. I'm now having quite alot of vegetables and eating a good 8 or so nutritional tablets such as omega oil as an example.

But the problem still persists and I'm still seeing blood. literally in the way I've just described, the problem hasn't returned to its previous condition of just a patches on tissue.

I am absolutely frightened to even use the toilet and it's getting to the point thinking about it makes my heart race and my knees weak. Imagine going to the toilet itself. It's bothering me both physically and mentally. To make things worse, I have my high school finals in just about a week from now!

How do I go about this problem right now? Should I just keep passing stools even when I see blood coming out at a sizable amount?

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Menstruation :: Small Amount Of Bright Red Blood

I had unprotected sex December 5th & 6th, and according to a few period apps I'm about 2 days late - but Friday when my period would be expected I had some blood, enough to just wear one tampon a day and then Saturday and Sunday only a very small amount of bright red blood. I'm not sure if that sounds like spotting or my period, or if that's a sign of pregnancy? I'm not on birth control, a few days before my period was supposed to come I did start an antibiotic and a probiotic for strep throat.

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Fingering - Small Amount Of Blood Came Out Of Vagina

I was fingering today and small amount of blood came out..so i stopped...the next day my vagina started paining little...is there any problem in my vagina?

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Bowel Disorders :: Wet Fart - Small Amount Of Blood?

I am a 28 year old male and have been having some stomach problems as of late. I have been to my doctor and let her know what has been going on and she thinks it is caused by anxiety. ( I have been diagnosed with GAD). My Bowels are very predictable, I go 2-3 times every morning and they are usually well formed then get softer as I go more. Then as the day goes on I will not have to have a BM but more feel like I have a big (for lack of a better term) wet fart coming on. Today I looked in the toilet after one of these times and saw a small amount of bright red blood. This scared the crap out of me so i have been trying to go again to see if it continued and it did same very small amount of blood that kind of looks like it is mucusy.   Has anyone ever had anything like this happen?? I do have a check up scheduled in early april. Should i wait or get in sooner? I feel like it could just be irritation because I have frequent BM. I am trying to keep a level head about this and not automatically think its bowel cancer of some kind.

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Birth Control :: Small Amount Of Brown Blood On First Period

My girlfriend starting taking the pill one month ago. We had unprotected sex (condom broke) about 3 days before she went on the inactive pills. Now she is having her first period while on it but she is only having a small amount of brown blood (it is a constant flow). Is this normal because of the changes in hormones and it will become normal in a few days or is this implantation bleeding (a sign of pregnancy)? She is now on her second inactive pill.

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Hemorrhoids :: Grape Like Lump Coming Out Of My Bum

So I've had piles on and off for years but nothing like what I woke up with on Saturday morning! I literally have a grape like lump coming out of my bum! So painful I can hardly sit and so scared to pooh I'm not eating or drinking!

It's blue in colour what the hell is it?! Tried normal of shelf piles cream and suppositories and ice but not going down! How long will I have this for and will it burst if I have to pooh! Scared I will bleed to death lol it looks like a vein!

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Hemorrhoids :: Grape Sized Red Fleshy Things Coming Out If Anus?

Ii have had itching and irritation for quite sometime now and never thought about it until I started researching. well yesterday I made a bowel movement and now I have two grape sized red fleshy things coming out if anus. It hurts so bad I can barely walk. I have a picture to give full explanation

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Blood Coming Out Of Penis While Urinating

I had some blood come out of my penis when urinating. I had ejaculated the night before, woke up to go to the toilet and felt a burning feeling that I sometimes get when urinating after ejaculating. But I was half asleep and therefore involuntarily held back the urine because of the burning sensation that was a little worse than usual. And then something popped or broken near the tip of my penis. That caused an immense amount of pain and some blood to come out when I continued urinating. It still hurts now later in the day when i urinate, but hurts a lot less now.

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Coming Off Venlafaxine :: Raised Blood Pressure

My GP recently took me off of venlafaxine slow release from 150mg a day to 0 over the period of 2-3 weeks! This was done due to high blood pressure. I learnt a lot from people on here that it was done too fast, hence the severe withdrawal, so GP put me on mirtazapine 15mg! I've had a severe breakdown, depression back worse than ever, anxiety that I'd never had and self harm that I haven't done since a child, I'm now 48!

New Year's Eve, psychiatrist upped mirt to 30-45mg, yesterday psychiatrist put me back on venlafaxine 150mg and told me to also continue mirt!

On top of that, local GP has doubled my blood pressure tablets and introduced another medication to try and control the blood pressure!

First dose of venlafaxine 75mg last night had me throwing up and, sorry but watery stools!

So now I'm back to square one with 3 different lots of meds on top, shaking and dehydrated, just to name a few! I'm losing the will to fight anymore

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Plan B Taken Within 72 Hours :: Blood Coming Out My Vagina?

I had protected sex with my boyfriend 10 days a go. I had also taken plan B pill after sex, but with in 72hrs. Since yesterday i find blood coming out my vagina. I am really worried for what I have done. What are the odds for me. It is making me worry and anxious.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Real Blood Coming Out Doesn't Look Like Spotting

I ended my period about 12 days ago. Two days after that I had sex. (Not my first time) Afterwards I was a little sore down there. Lasted for a few hours. Then about 3 days later I noticed some light spotting. No pain. No other symptoms just a dark brown color / dark red. This lasted for about 7 days and now the spotting seems like it's getting heavier. Like it's real blood coming out and it doesn't look like spotting to me. What could this be? Could I be pregnant? Infection? Stress? Or what!? Please help im a 17 year old girl who has never had irregular periods before...

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Men's Health :: Blood Coming From Penis Shortly Before Ejaculation

I am 14 and started masturbating at around 12. I used to do it every day but I have recently narrowed it down to maybe skipping a couple of days between every masturbation. I have never had sex or sexually interacted with anybody else. I cannot pull my foreskin all the way back.

Around 1 hour ago I was masturbating and was very close to ejaculating. I then realised that there was a ring of blood around the edge of my foreskin and on the head of my penis. I then almost instantly lost my erection but carried on masturbating but was able to ejaculate without an erection. Like I said, I can't pull my foreskin all the way back so I wasn't able to find out the cause.
Since then the part around my pee hole has turned red and swollen into a point. This is the first time both of these have happened

Also, since I started masturbating my penis has curved to the left into a weird shape.

Are any of these anything to worry about. I am scared to go to the doctor as that would mean discussing it with my parents and I don't feel comfortable doing so

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Inderal While Coming Xanax To Control Blood Pressure

I have been taking Xanax for anxiety for about 6 yrs. I would like to get off of it. When I start to wean off of it, my blood pressure goes way up to like 178/90 and heart rate also increases. I have been on Toprol for years ..150mg in a.m. and 50 mg. in evening. Yet as I decrease the Xanax, the BP goes up and I need it to stay at a normal range of at least in the 130s or 140s, but it goes higher, I don't want a stroke. 

I was wondering, since I had taken a low dose Inderal years ago for regulating my heart rate because of MVP(when Inderal was made by Wyeth), I was wondering if Inderal could be added to my taking the doses of Toprol I now take, while I decrease my Xanax more and more to be able to keep my BP stable and from going up higher while the Xanax is being depleted from my system? Xanax always kept my BP at a stable 120-140 range, while on the Toprol. But now that the Xanax is being depleted from my bloodstream, the Toprol no longer keeps the BP at a safe level. Would it be wise to ask the doctor if I could incorporate some Inderal into my medication to help Toprol keep the BP at a safe level while I am weaning off Xanax.

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Penis :: Circumcision - Yellow Liquid With A Bit Of Blood Coming Out

Just got circumcised 13 days ago. I'm 27yrs of age and now I have an open wound that has a yellow liquid with abit of blood coming out just where stitch was. Should I be considered? This liquid Soon when exposed to air it dries up to this black hard cover.

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Hemorrhoids :: For A Year With Itching And Blood

I have been dealing with a small lump around my anus. It has been a year and when i first got it, i looked for it online and the articles that i read all said that the lump will heal by itself. It already been a year and im more of tired of it. It's not painful, but sometimes it does itches, when defecating, sometimes i will find blood on the poo, but all this happens really seldom. The lump does not bother much, but it's been more than a year and it is still there. Sometimes the lump will shrink but sometimes it will grow back, and i really do not know what to do. I am definitely going to see a doctor about it, but i will like to know ideas or anything about what i am dealing with.

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Only Fresh Blood - Internal Hemorrhoids ?

So - been to the GP today as had fresh blood from backside now for about 3 days with no pain.

She had a good feel around (much to my dismay!) she said no fissures but that I could 'possibly' have an internal hemorrhoid as she felt something 'squishy' but to be honest... She didn't sound very confident!

She's given me some hydrocortisone suppositories (lovely) and said she hopes the problem will disappear as quickly as it came about.

Other than the fresh blood I have no problems whatsoever and no other symptoms.

Also, she mentioned a camera up the bum if it doesn't resolve or gets worse. Help me god!!!

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Hemorrhoids :: Blood Either On The Stool Or The Toilet Paper?

After a bout of constipation early this year (I was on a liquid diet because of a throat issue and didn't consume much fiber for 2 weeks), I had 2 bowel movements with a little bright red blood either on the stool or the toilet paper. Started consuming more fiber, it got better for a few months...2 months ago, had a day where I hardly had any water during the day (was out and busy and it just slipped my mind except when I was super thirsty), then I had a little bright red blood again. Today, I was riding a bike, my butt started to hurt. Shortly thereafter, I pooped with a little blood on it. My mom has battled hemorrhoids since she was in college. Do you think I have hemorrhoids or should I be more worried?

No vomiting or diarrhea, no unexplained weight loss or fatigue, no consistent changes in stool size or shape...On occasion, I'll feel a burn when pooping.

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Hemorrhoids :: Bright Red Blood Drops In My Stool

Firstly let me explain how it all started. It started a year ago in August 2014, when i found bright red blood drops in my stool. I got really worried. It happened for a couple of days and stopped. Then again after 6 months or so, in Jan2015, it again happened, the bright light drops of blood in stool. This time i straight away went to a gastro doc for a checkup. He recommended the colonoscopy exam. I did that and the report came up with internal hemorrhoids upto acceptable limit. He gave me some laxatives and told me to visit again after 6 months if problem persists. It agian happened after 6 months in June for a week or less. But now, it is again happening after every 1 month. I had it for a week in July, couple of days in August and now from a week or so, in this month too. For this month, i had blood stool for a couple of days and it stopped and now again today it came back, minor. Please let me know if this in any way normal. I fear sometimes that if it's something else than the hemorrhoids, that maybe the exam didn't catch it well or i need to get the exam from a second doc for reassurance, though i have had no other symptons as of yet.

Please advise on this. I feel quite stressed out when it happens. I have these bad thoughts too of cancer and start browsing the net for it.

I have no drinking/smoking and drug habits. I have started eating fruits daily in breakfast, though sometimes i can't avoid my urge to eat non-veg food. i also do regular weight lifting exercises. I am quite a gym addict. I read that lifting heavy weights also cause this. Please i don't want to give up my passion. Please advise.

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Hemorrhoids :: Piles Banding (7 Days) Blood In BM

I'm back again ! 7 days ago I had banding for two further piles that the NHS didn't want to treat privately however now when I fart or try to pass bowel movement all that passes is bright red blood I'm very worried what could the bleeding be ?.

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Hemorrhoids :: Sore Bottom And Blood On Wipe - Piles?

Since the beginning of July I have been suffering with what I was to believe were piles very sore bottom and sometimes small amounts of blood on wiping, after about a month I went to the docs and saw a nurse prescriber who never did a dre but said I had a yeast infection as had recently finished a course of antibiotics. About a week later they were no better and I thought I might have an anal fissure as it was so painful having a Bm so went back to the doc who did a dre and treated me with rectogesic until I was due to see the gastro doc as I had had a flex sig a year ago and was due a follow up, although weird stuff it seemed to help. 3 days later I saw the gastro guy and he looked with a anal scope and said he could feel 2 hems and to stop taking rectogesic, I then got better for 2-3 weeks and then seemingly had a relapse after being constipated and was straining. So I've used the piles cream had no blood symptoms but can feel 2 little spots just inside rectum and one slightly bigger one further up by the sphincter. The two are pimple sized and the other is pea shaped all are quite hardy sore to touch! I have absolutely no idea what they are or what to do next but they are much sorer after a Bm?? Been to doctors 5 times now with no real solution...

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Hemorrhoids :: Stools Blood Is Dark Or Black - PILES?

Been back and forth to the doctor for the past 6 month trying to find what is causing all of the abdominal issues I'm having.

Doctor has given me a working diagnosis of IBS with reflux and hemorrhoids (as i pass blood, sometimes frequently and then sometimes it can stop for weeks at a time).

I've requested that he refers me to the gastroenterologist as I'm not satisfied with his diagnosis for a couple of reasons.

The main reason is that when i pass blood, it isn't always bright red ... sometimes it is darker ... it's never really dark or black, but it's just simple a medium shade of red ... can internal hemorrhoids cause this color of blood on the stool? (There is never a lot and Its never mixed in with the stool, it usually either streaks the outside of the stool or is mixed in with mucus at the start of my bowel movement).

It's the darker colour of the blood that makes me think it's coming from further up the digestive tract though which makes me think it's not hems.

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