Hydrocortisone For Primary Addison's Due To Pheochromocytoma

Jul 21, 2014

My daughter is taking hydrocortisone for primary Addison's due to Pheochromocytoma. Does anybody know if she should be taking something to help prevent osteoporosis??

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Herpes :: Clitoris Inflammed - Hydrocortisone Cream Allergic Reaction?

So recently I have had these bumps they could be ingrown hairs not sure. Had unprotected sex 7 days ago .Today I look at the hood of my clitoris and it was inflamed I'm guessing because I applied hydrocortisone cream on the bumps on my pubic area and I could be having an allergic reaction but then today the skin was peeling off the hood of my clitoris. If I had herpes would Hydrocortisone cream heal the bumps? Because I don't think hydrocortisone would work. The bumps are hard and not in clusters. They don't look like blisters and it does burn when I pee..

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Primary Raynaud's Syndrome At 79

At the age of 79 I became aware that the pads on the balls of both feet felt tight and a bit puffy and hardish. Then gradually I experienced a sensation in my toes which I can describe as tingly. This area of both feet became susceptible to cold and required contact with heat pads to feel more comfortable. No pain is experienced. Walking seems to alleviate the tingling sensation. After a visit to a G.P. Raynauds Syndrome was confirmed and keeping the feet warm at all times was advised.

Although I live in a well heated bungalow I take heat-pads to bed at night.

In the morning my toes feel quite warm and look rather pinkish red. This condition doesn't affect my normal activities in any way after a year of beginning. 8)

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Thyroid :: How Common Is Primary Hyperparathyroidism ?

I just wondered if anyone has any idea how common it is to have primary hyperparathyroidism?

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Addison's :: Understanding Low Cortisol

About two months ago, I had mentioned to my personal trainer that I was feeling very tired with low blood pressure. This had been going on for a couple months, on and off every couple of weeks. He mentioned that it could be cortisol-related.

I went home and did a lot of researching about the issue and found that I matched a lot of the symptoms of low cortisol. I went in to see my doctor a couple days later. When I mentioned that I thought it was low cortisol, he said that the adrenal glands usually do the job and that it probably wasn't that. He tried to prescribe me anti-depressants which I declined, and then ran a few blood tests, along with an AM only cortisol test (it was about 11AM).

The test came back with a level of 17 mg/dL of cortisol taken at 11AM. However, he said my blood sugar was 54 which was very low. Also, my Vitamin D was below normal ranges. Some other counts were off, but nothing that really pointed to anything that could be causing what I was feeling.

I took a multivitamin for a few weeks. I had also been congested in the back of my throat for two months, so I went back to see the doctor if he could do anything about that. He determined it was a sinus infection, and prescribed Cefuroxime for two weeks to get rid of the congestion. I asked if that could help my fatigue to which he said it could help.

So I finished the two week round of antibiotics, and now it's two weeks later and I still feel horrible. Here's the main things that I am experiencing. I really don't feel depressed and feel like I enjoy life a lot.

- Inability to wake up for work. I wake up around 9AM, and feel like I haven't slept at all. I previously had to wake up around 5AM to get everything done in the morning

- Feeling of drowsiness through the morning, up until noon. Sometimes like today it will last all day.

- Extremely low blood pressure while standing. This starts around 2PM every day and lasts until around 5PM. I usually don't fall down and just black out, but recently I fell because after standing up and injured my knee.

- Fluctuations in appetite, I will eat a TON of food with out gaining any weight (5-6 meals a day), but I exercise a lot so this isn't super concerning. My weight is constant.

- Itchy red eyes when I wake up

- Exhaustion when sitting, feels like I should lay down but not low blood pressure

- Hypoglycemia, my blood sugar is really low in the mornings, and then again in the evenings before dinner. Between that it feels fine but I don't do regular testing on this to know for sure.

Also I am 20 years old male and a competitive cyclist. I eat very healthy foods (although a lot to keep up my activity). I live at a high altitude (7,400ft).

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Headache :: Primary Stabbing Headaches With Fibromyalgia

I've been suffering from these for some time and they've recently become worse.  I also had migraine headaches in my youth and now occasionally have silent migraines - aura, but no headache.  I've recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I understand that this type of headache is common with fibro.  I wondered if others have suffered from this and what, if any, medication has been tried.

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Thyroid :: Natural Treatments For Primary Hyperparathyroidism?

I've been diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism on Thursday 5th of November, I was wondering if anybody has had natural treatment for this please?

In the meantime I'm going ahead with being put on the waiting list for an operation, I have my ultrasound scan tomorrow, Tuesday the 24th of November .

It would be good to hear from those members who have used natural treatment for primary hyperparathyroidism and to find out how you are getting on now please ?

I have had "M.E. " for 19 years , I'm being treated naturally, this helps with my weight and also some of the other symptoms , however I'm still not well enough to work and need help at home etc

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Thyroid :: No Mini OP / MIRP In UK For Primary Hyperparathyroidism?

After a very painful kidney stone problem and thus being told I have Bilateral kidney stones; I have just been diagnosed with Primary hyperparathyroidism. The docs want to operate to remove the faulty gland(s) but I am very concerned about the procedure in the UK which does not seem to include the mini op or MIRP operation. Has anyone had this type of surgery in UK(either mini or other) and what were your experiences? I am wondering if I should travel to Florida for it?? I also have low vit D and they want me to take vit d supplements. I think this is dangerous to elevate my calcium level even more?

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Herpes :: Chances Of Asymptomatic Primary HSV 1 And 2 Outbreak?

I kissed and had sex with a female partner with unknown std status 6 weeks ago I have not had any symptoms but I'm scared il have a recurrent outbreak. The sex was protected. What are the chances that I had an asymptomatic outbreak and it's only a matter of time for a recurrence to happen. I'm still terrified please help

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Addison's Disease :: Interpretation With Hypothyroidism

I am 38 and have Hypothyroidism. I recently had a cortisol test and my initial results came back at a level of 210. I was told that the normal range was 150 - 650 ( or thereabouts ) and as my test was at 9am these levels should be much higher.

I have been refereed to see a hormone specialist but am just curious to know if anyone had an initial level of 210 at peak time and didn't have Addison's. Or, indeed they did have it?

Could it be adrenal fatigue? which is why I went to the drs as I read about on a thyroid website.

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Addison's :: Craving For Salt And Always Thirsty

I'm wondering what the "typical" dose is for fludrocortisone? I've been taking .1 mg for past several years, but doesn't seem like it's doing anything. I'm thirsty all of the time, and am consuming liquids all day it seems ... and yes, I add sea salt to my water. Could it be that this gets worse the longer you live with the condition, and so may require more of the med to help with sodium retention? I'm clearly not retaining extra water weight as I'm extremely thin (87 lbs). My doctor doesn't seem to have a clue and just tells me to keep drinking water. I pretty much don't rely on doctors anymore with this condition. I've grown tired of educating them about Addison's/ Adrenal Insufficiency. So I figured I would ask here and see what others take and if anyone has had to increase their fludrocortisone.

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Addison's :: What Was Your Cortisol Level When Diagnosed

What was your cortisol level when you were diagnosed with Addison's? I'm guessing it was 0.

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Thyroid :: Primary Hyperparathyroidism Sickness - Nodules Removal

I have recently been diagnosed as having hyperparathyroidism and I am currently on the waiting list to have two nodules removed. On reading up on the condition sickness is a symptom but for some reason my consultant wouldn't say that my continued sickness for the last 18 months is being caused by my overactive glands. I am getting desperate now so is there anyone on the Forum who is suffering /  suffered the same problem and after having the op felt human again ?.

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Migraine Or Fibromyalgia ? Primary Stabbing / Ice Pick Headache

I've been suffering from this type of headache for some time and they've recently become worse.  I also had migraine headaches in my youth and now occasionally have silent migraines - aura, but no headache.  I've recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I understand that this type of headache is common with fibro.  I wondered if others have suffered from this and what, if any, medication has been tried.

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Sjogren's Syndrome Caused My Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC) ?

Do you think that Sjogrens caused my pbc(primary biliary cirrhosis)?  or maybe its just the autoimmune system and I happen to have both?

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Addison's :: ACTH Stim Test- What Results Indicate?

I am being tested for Addison's Disease and just received the below test results. I don't see my endo until 12/4/13, and wondered what the results might indicate. Any thoughts?

Historically I presented with low Cortisol and High ACTH.

* After a Dexamethasone Suppression test my blood cortisol was less than 1mcg (whatever that means)

* 17 Alpha Hydroxyprogesterone was 849

* ACTH Stim test results:

Baseline- 10mcg
30 min.- 13mcg
60 min.- 15mcg

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High Sodium Levels And Addison's Disease?

Curious if anyone knows what it means to have high sodium levels and Addison's disease? My sodium levels came back at 238 I've had more testing done but this one was the more extreme in numbers.

Anyone else have high sodium results?

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Addison's Disease :: Low Blood Pressure And Dizzy Spells?

A few months ago my blood pressure plummeted-and recently I've been EXHAUSTED. I have to nap daily and have no energy. My blood pressure today at a GI appt was 75/62 the week prior it was 75/53. I've had several drs comment but I never really get noticeably dizzy as I've had dizzy spells on and off all my life. But with this utter exhaustion my GI said I should follow up asap w my primary dr.

Also, for years I've had upper left sharp stabbing pains-we've suspected my pancreas but scans are always clear.

Does this sound like it could be addisons? I'm not sure what else could cause this low bp (which is not normal for me)-I had my heart checked recently, was fine.

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Addison's :: ACTH Stim Test Results - Could It Be An Error?

I have so many Addison's symptoms, and in March my AM cortisol was 8.75, so low-normal. I was sure I would have a diagnosis after my ACTH stim test. Unfortunately, I've hit another dead end. Here are my results:

8am baseline reading - 12.82 ug/dl
30 Min after injection - 20.88
60 Min after injection - 24.44

I was stressed about the procedure to begin with. Then the nurse who drew my blood could not hit my vein and it was a very painful process as she continued hunting for it. It hurt so much I was almost in tears. This happened for the first two draws, and then I finally asked for a different nurse for the third draw. She hit my vein with no problems as most do since I have very prominent veins. I was so upset. Also, they had me walking back and forth between the lab and the waiting area after each blood draw.

Is it possible that my results were skewed by these factors?

I experienced an adrenaline rush shortly after being injected with the ACTH, and until about 5pm my heart was pounding pretty hard and I felt lightheaded. Is this normal?

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Adrenal Disorders :: Addison's Disease - Connection With Irregular Periods

My daughter is 19. About 18 months ago she started having panic attacks, feeling nauseous and shaking and becoming quite distressed. After counselling and medication it became controlled. She still suffered episodes of shaking and feeling as if her blood sugar was dropping. She has had episodes of lightheadedness and passed out at work , being out for about 10 minutes. All her tests have shown as normal to now, however something is suddenly causing these events. She has had bp, eeg, fasting bloods- glucose and thyroid function, all normal. She is awaiting a 24 hour eeg now. I read about adrenaline crashes and Addison's disease recently and its connection with irregular periods, which she gets and Vitiligo, which she has a small patch of. Is it worth discussing tests with her GP? they seem quite happy to put her regular visits there down to anxiety though.

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8 Years Son - Addison's - Skin Pigmentation, Black Freckles And Tired

My son ryan aged 8 has been diagnosed with addison's, this has only been 2 weeks, tell tale signs are skin pigmentation and black freckles, he was poorly but has picked up but reluctant to be very energetic and seems to be tired easily, as this is early stages not sure if this is normal maybe someone can advise, he won't walk so its car or taxis to everywhere, he also has heart murmur, we are still awaiting test results to see why glands stopped working,

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