High Sodium Levels And Addison's Disease?

Jul 2, 2015

Curious if anyone knows what it means to have high sodium levels and Addison's disease? My sodium levels came back at 238 I've had more testing done but this one was the more extreme in numbers.

Anyone else have high sodium results?

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Pernicious Anaemia :: B12 - Low Cellular Levels, High Serum Levels After 5 Years Treatment

I found out I had a B12 deficiency 5 years ago.  My levels were very dangerously low at the cellular/functional level.  I was told I was near paralysis. Now, after 5 years, they are still low.  They have come up to almost borderline, but it still flags red on my tests.  My serum levels though are too high for the lab to measure! Its just not getting into my cells so it's not able to be used.  I do twice a week injections plus twice a month IV B12 and still it has taken my body 5 years just to go up a little bit. I feel the effects of the shot for about 15 hours barely then I just feel awful again, thankfully it's prescribed every 2 days.  But I don't want to do it every 2 days forever! 

In the beginning I was told it would take a month or two to get my body back to normal and then just a shot every few months for maintenance. My drs have not only increased my dose but also the frequency and STILL after all these years I'm deficient.  


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Addison's Disease :: Interpretation With Hypothyroidism

I am 38 and have Hypothyroidism. I recently had a cortisol test and my initial results came back at a level of 210. I was told that the normal range was 150 - 650 ( or thereabouts ) and as my test was at 9am these levels should be much higher.

I have been refereed to see a hormone specialist but am just curious to know if anyone had an initial level of 210 at peak time and didn't have Addison's. Or, indeed they did have it?

Could it be adrenal fatigue? which is why I went to the drs as I read about on a thyroid website.

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Addison's Disease :: Low Blood Pressure And Dizzy Spells?

A few months ago my blood pressure plummeted-and recently I've been EXHAUSTED. I have to nap daily and have no energy. My blood pressure today at a GI appt was 75/62 the week prior it was 75/53. I've had several drs comment but I never really get noticeably dizzy as I've had dizzy spells on and off all my life. But with this utter exhaustion my GI said I should follow up asap w my primary dr.

Also, for years I've had upper left sharp stabbing pains-we've suspected my pancreas but scans are always clear.

Does this sound like it could be addisons? I'm not sure what else could cause this low bp (which is not normal for me)-I had my heart checked recently, was fine.

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Adrenal Disorders :: Addison's Disease - Connection With Irregular Periods

My daughter is 19. About 18 months ago she started having panic attacks, feeling nauseous and shaking and becoming quite distressed. After counselling and medication it became controlled. She still suffered episodes of shaking and feeling as if her blood sugar was dropping. She has had episodes of lightheadedness and passed out at work , being out for about 10 minutes. All her tests have shown as normal to now, however something is suddenly causing these events. She has had bp, eeg, fasting bloods- glucose and thyroid function, all normal. She is awaiting a 24 hour eeg now. I read about adrenaline crashes and Addison's disease recently and its connection with irregular periods, which she gets and Vitiligo, which she has a small patch of. Is it worth discussing tests with her GP? they seem quite happy to put her regular visits there down to anxiety though.

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Angina Due To High Cholesterol Levels

Hubby has had a few chest pains, so we went to the GP where he had an ECG, all pretty normal but we got referred to the hospital anyway, where hubby had another ECG, blood test and we were told that he may have Angina also his Cholesterol levels were high? i am puzzled as to why, we eat a healthy diet, we eat lean proteins, no fats, fruit and veg, we never eat fast foods and all our foods are home cooking and no fats, hubby doesn't drink or smoke, so why? we can't eat any better also he can't exercise as he has chronic Degenerative disc problems which makes him very immobile!!!! so can anyone tell me ,what i do now, how can i lower the cholesterol levels, hubby is a bit overweight but only due to his back problem, not food! he has to go for an Angiogram in a few weeks.

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High CRP And ESR Levels - Means Inflammation?

I got bloodwork done at the rheumatologist in March and the CRP and ESR levels were high which means inflammation. I got more done in May and its still high. My dr. says there's nothing i can do about it because the location can't be indicated for the inflammation. what do i do now? I need to lose about 30 lbs do you think this will help?

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Pregnancy :: High Levels Of Protein In My Urine

I am 27 weeks pregnant with my third child. I had to have a urinalysis done yesterday and it showed that I have high levels of protein in my urine. I don't see my doctor for two weeks. My pregnancy so far has been pretty smooth.  I have pcos and have had a cyst but that's it. Has anyone ever had high protein in your urine and if so what was the outcome?

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Urology :: High Levels Of Protein In Urine

I have increased level of proteins in urine. My doctor said that I need to collect more urine and bring to examination to determine what kind of urinary disorder is that. What can cause increased level of proteins in urine?

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Pituitary Disorders :: High Prolactin Levels

I found out about 6 months ago that I have high prolactin levels. They have put me on 2 different medications to reduce the levels. The first one made me sick so they lowered the dose. I am still experiencing abdominal cramps when I take them and my doctor doesn't seem to be concerned about it.

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Adrenal Insufficiency :: How High Cortisol Levels Can Go?

How high do very high cortisol numbers go?

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PCOS :: Female With High Levels Of Testosterone

I've recently had a blood test for testosterone and I've been given a high reading of 2.4 but could anyone tell me what an average reading is? I'm 25 female and have pcos.

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High Testosterone And Prolactin Levels At The Same Time?

What would cause elevated Testosterone(1028.53 ng/dL) and elevated Prolactin(26.13 ng/mL)levels at the same time? I have normal Total and Free PSA levels. My Thyroid function tests (TSH,Free T4 and Total T4) are normal. Vitamin D is normal, CEA is normal. I am a healthy 56 years old. I take no medications, drugs or alcohol. Do you have any idea what would cause this?

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Kidney :: High Levels Of Protein (Albumin) In The Urine

My Uncle's wife had a kidney transplant last year. With recent medical checks, the doctor found high level of the protein (albumin) in her urine. Do any of you have an idea to what kind of medications she should stick to?

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Pituitary Disorders :: High Prolactin But Normal Testosterone Levels?

I am a 27 year old male. For some time I've shown symptoms of a lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction but as I suffer from anxiety always attributed it as the cause. I had some blood tests done privately and my results showed a slightly raised prolactin level but my testosterone seems average.

TSH 0.70 mIU/L (0.27 - 4.2) 

Prolactin 397 mIU/L (86 - 324) 

Testosterone 21.3 nmol/L (7.6 - 31.4) 

SHBG 35 nmol/L (16 - 55) 

The results seem to suggest Prolactinoma but a common side effect is low testosterone where my results prove otherwise. I'm afraid if I speak to my doctor he will tell me it is all in my head so I'm trying to make some sense of the results.

I guess the question I'm asking is is it possible to have raised Prolactin/Prolactinoma and normal looking testosterone levels? 

Should I speak to my doctor anyway?  

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Coeliac Disease :: Low Vitamin D And High TSH

I had sinus allergies , brain fog, inability to gain weight and just general fatigue when i was diagnosed with celiac disease an year back through  biopsy and blood tests. I have been gluten free since then.

I weigh around 130 lbs. at 183 m.

My other test results are:

1.Severely deficient in vitamin D at 5.4 levels, for which i am taking supplements.
2. Normal T3 and T4 but T3 in the in the lower range at 112 (80-200 is normal).
3. High Anti peroxidase antibodies at 104
4. High TSH at 7.1

I don't know what to make of low Vitamin D and thyroid tests. Do i have a thyroid condition too or is it just due to my celiac disease? Despite being gluten free, i have not put on any weight until now. I feel just generally down, fatigued, anxious, and have difficulty keeping up with demands of day to day life. I was just wondering if i could do anything to rectify these symptoms.

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Kidney Disease :: Low EGFR And High Creatinine?

I have never had any issues with my kidneys other than a few kidney stones,,and pretty frequent uti's..like bladder infections. I went to my primary care provider in mid December and she did bloodwork. It was done 12/18. My eGFR is 23!! And my creatinine is 2.26. I have an appointment with a nephrologist on Tuesday and I'm just worried. My only symptom is that I wake up slightly nauseous almost daily. Anyone she'd any light on this?

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Autoimmune Disease? Rheumatoid Factor And High Anti-CCP

I have been to multiple doctors over the pas year. I started out at an orthopedic surgeon because my knee was swelling (previous meniscus removal in that knee btw). According to him nothing was wrong with my ligaments so he referred me to a rheumatologist. After testing positive for both blood tests (rheumatoid factor and high anti ccp level) he diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis. I did not have any of the typical symptoms of rheumatoid so I went to the Mayo clinic for a second opinion. I then tested negative for the rheumatoid factor and after a thorough exam, he concluded that I don't have rheumatoid. Throughout this time and still now I have been experiencing the following symptoms:-

-random blurred vision
-popping and pain in elbows
-popping in back when taking a deep breath
-numbness every once in a while in fingers
-chest tightness and shortness of breath

I have had chest xrays, full blood work, etc. All came back fine. Am I making this all up in my head?! I feel there is something wrong but every doc I go to says I am fine.

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Thyroid Disorders :: T4 Levels And Cortisol Levels Low?

Why are my T4 levels and Cortisol levels low?

I have been having symptoms of depression, fatigue, low libido and weight gain over the last few years. I am 50 and have gone through menopause. My latest lab results are:

TSH  1.064   (0.358-3.74)
Free T4   9.7    (9.8-18.8)
ferritin  16   (3-105)
B12   498   (156-672)
Cortisol  28   (155-570)
RBC's    normal

I am not taking any thyroid meds......only nexium and Cymbalta.

What do these results mean?  Can someone give me some insight into the results please?

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Heart Disease :: High Blood Pressure / Slow Heart Rate

I have a heart rate most of the time from 42 to 50 BPM , my blood pressure is usually 145 to 160 over 75 to 80.  My cardiologist has me taking  75 mg, of Lopressor, 360 mg, of verapamil, .4 mg nitroglycerin  patch. And now he wants to add 10 mg of Ramipril ( Altace ) a day, my recent cardiograms have have shown sinus bradycardia. That's before starting the Ramipril , I'm just very leary about starting the Ramipril in first of all the highest dose there is, and second of all it could further lower my heart rate and send my heart into an AV Block that could lead to many things not good !

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Levothyroxine Sodium :: Side Effects

I think I have come to the conclusion that my pills levothyroxine is causing me to break out everywhere like my shoulders and face here is why I think it was them I was sick for three weeks stopped taking my pills and guess what everywhere I cleared up 

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