Kidney Disease :: Low EGFR And High Creatinine?

Jan 5, 2014

I have never had any issues with my kidneys other than a few kidney stones,,and pretty frequent uti' bladder infections. I went to my primary care provider in mid December and she did bloodwork. It was done 12/18. My eGFR is 23!! And my creatinine is 2.26. I have an appointment with a nephrologist on Tuesday and I'm just worried. My only symptom is that I wake up slightly nauseous almost daily. Anyone she'd any light on this?

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Kidney Disease :: EGFR 55 And Creatinine 1.34

During my annual physical in June my Egfr reading was 55 and my Creatinine reading was 1.34. The test was repeated in October and the same readings were found. Is this anything to be concerned with? My GP has referred me to a kidney specialist but my appt is a few weeks down the road.

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Kidney Disease :: Elevated EGFR And Creatinine With Blood Pressure

I have high blood pressure and I have renal panel test done every 4-5 months. This is my 4 time and my results came back with increased creatinine 1.68 ( maximum range 1.4) and my gfr was 48. Bun was within range.

Last time when I performed the test 4 months backs the creatinine value was 0.96.

My doctor switched me from tribenzor to axor as my bp reading were normal around 110/70. I test my bp at home weekly and they never cross 120/80.

Can I get my creatinine and egfr values improved or am I professing fast on ckd.

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Kidney Disease :: Lots Of Protein In Urine, EGFR Over 90

I'm a 37 year old female, 2 years ago at the Birth of daughter I developed severe preeclampsia, and went onto develop pregnancy related heart failure - post Partum cardiomyopathy. I nearly didn't live, but I'm lucky to have recovered full heart function and my heart is now considered normal.

I've known since having the preeclampsia of protein in Urine causing a foamy appearance, I still have this now, and had been testing my own urine with dipsticks over the last 2 years ranging from plus 1 to plus 4 throughout the day. Virtually all morning samples negative.

Last year I was tested at my GP office and an ACR which came back at 98mg. At the Time my GP said re test in 3 months and suggested it still might be my body settling down from the heart failure etc, I continued to test myself and never want back to the doctors because basically I wanted to forgot about illness and live life without worry bringing my daughter up. Now another year later my urine was getting even more foamy, I decided to go back to my GP, I've had the following tests and have been referred to a nephrologist which isn't until the end of September:

eGFR: over 90
ACR: 198 mg
Protein in blood: Normal
ANA: normal ( i have had previously positive ANA two years ago)
FBC: all normal
ESR: Normal
Liver function test: Normal (I also had trace Bilirubin in my urine)
Glucose: Normal
Kidney & bladder ultrasound: Normal
24 hr urine: 0.3grams (300mg)

I know I have been spilling the protein since the preeclampsia, sometimes I have tested my urine all day and it has been Plus 4 for each one, so I'm guessing tallying this up must be well over 2000 mg a day, when I did my 24 hr there was only one urination that showed a plus 3 on dipstick that day which correlates to the 300mg reported over 24hrs

I have low blood pressure naturally 100/60, I'm off all heart medications, I healed quickly and came off them after 6 months of heart failure. I'm not diabetic, it doesn't appear I have any autoimmune disease such as lupus, all my bloods are normal, so is my kidney function, yet I'm still passing quite high amounts of protein.

I know only a nephrologist can help determine what's going on, but my appointment is not until the end of September, I do a lot of googling (too much information i know can make things worse!) and know that protein can continue to make the kidneys worse, I'm concerned there is an underlying condition, and even if its primary how quickly can this progress with high levels of protein? Could I get acute kidney failure? My mother has stage 3 CKD for years and passing no protein, however she is on ACE inhibitors. My GP said I will probably go on these, I was on these for my cardiomyopathy and preeclampsia and once my blood pressure returned to normal I had to come off them as I was very dizzy and light headed. So although they may help kidneys, I'm concerned I won't be able to tolerate them.

Also what could be causing this? primary glomerulonephritis? Could the preeclampsia heart failure have caused permanent damage and hopefully now my heart failure is better no more damage will develop?

I have no other Symptoms at all, all this came about because I noticed my urine was still foamy.

My biggest concern is that although my kidney function is still normal, is it possible it could decline rapidly because of the protein?

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Kidney Disease :: My Creatinine Is 1.66

My creatinine just found that 1.66 what's problem how long can I live

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Kidney Disease :: Creatinine 1.5 To 1.66 In Two Years

52 male. Lithium toxicity three years ago, six months later creatinine was 1.5. Nephrologist wasn't concerned because of my body mass. Last week my creatinine tested at 1.66. Nephrologist appointment in two months. I'm scared, terrified of dialysis.

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Kidney Disease :: Bun/creatinine Ratio 20.9

I have been having some strange symptoms that my doctor can not figure out what is wrong with me. I have hives and extreme all over my body muscle pain when moving. When I'm sitting still I'm fine. When I walk or move my large muscles they ache as though they have been maxed out and strained.

I have had all kind of tests done including checking for auto-immune problems but everything turns out normal. However they told me "normal" on all my bloodwork, my test results show that my Bun/Creatinine ratio should be 6-20 and it is 20.9. The doctor did not seem concerned about this. But I get online and the ********** website says "A normal BUN:creatinine ratio is 15:1, according to "Renal Pathophysiology." When the ratio approaches 20:1, it suggests a problem with blood flow to the kidney; this may be caused by conditions such as heart failure or shock"

Okay. Should this concern me especially after having hives for the past week and extreme and progressively worse muscle pain for the past week?

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Kidney Disease :: Creatinine Level 1.13 Mg/dL

My doctor sent my test results. He highlighted Creatinine 1.13mg/dL HI. My GET is 58 no/min/1.73 m2

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Kidney :: Creatinine Level (4.29) Is High With Swelling

Hi my creatinine level jumped from 1.5 in Jan  2014 to 4.29 in July 2014.  My legs and feet suddenly started swelling and I urinate frequently. Since all this started,I'm also thirsty all the time. Also, I guess it's pertinent to mention that my mother (73) just started dialysis, which she does at home herself.  My daughter is now on the kidney transplant list, she's 30, but hers is attributed to Graves Disease, I believe. Is Kidney issues hereditary? .

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Kidney Disease :: Metabolic Panel : Creatinine : 1.6

I just had my metabolic panel and here are my numbers:

Just wanted to check on if i am at a 1.6 creatinine level; is my kidney gone?

Creatinine - 1.6 (high)
Total Bilirubin - 1.3 (high)
Potassium - 3.5 (low)
Glom Filt Rate, EST - 51.4 (low)

From 2008 to 2013 ( I was suffering from hypertension and was on blood pressure medication - my numbers between 2008 to 2013)
Old Weight -- 193 lbs
Old Blood pressure -- 145/90
Workout -- none

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Kidney Disease :: Elevated Creatinine Level (1.15) And GFR 57

I had some blood work done last week any my Creatinine was 1.15 and my GFR was 57. I know these aren't alarming numbers necessarily, but 6 months ago my Cr was .72 and my GFR was 100 so it's a huge change. Everything else (BUN, BUN/CR ratio) were normal. Doctor was unconcerned and wanted to check in 3 months. Anybody have any thoughts on this?  I do take lots of supplements but have taken them for years with normal kidney function. Also have taken a lot of Benadryl lately. I'm stumped at this big change. Also I am not diabetic and do not have high blood pressure.

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Kidney Disease And Urine Protein / Creatinine Ratio

I am looking for more information on the urine protein/creatinine ratio. I have suspected IgAn and recently my protein/creatinine ratio came back at 2.0. My Dr did not explain why that was a concern or how concerning it is, only that I am to repeat the test in 3 months.

What is the normal range? What is considered really bad vs just concerning?

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Kidney :: Urine Protein/creatinine Ratio Vs. Urine Albumin/creatinine Ratio

Are these two tests the same thing? Also, we are having trouble reading my mother's blood tests - and yes we have an upcoming appt but the office is very busy. She has a Protein/Creatinine ratio of 4.75. Her U creatinine is 60 and her protein is something like 13. 

There isn't a normal range for the Protein/Creatinine ratio, though I know in the past it's been something like 0.83. Her blood creatinine was steady for her ... 1.9 and her GFR steady for her at 28. So...I don't get how the protein can be so much higher than it was before. 

Every time I look up protein/creatinine ratio - I keep getting "albumin" results. Is this the same test?

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Kidney :: Creatinine Is At 4.1mg/dl?

My mom was having problem with vomiting for like 3 years.Anything she ate she vomited.This had up and down intensity. About 6 month ago we saw a gastronomy dr and he did endoscopy and the result showed h pylori. he did not prescribe antibacteria right away.Instead he prescribed among other medicine Domperidone BP 10 mg to stop the vomiting .After a month he gave pylocure (AMOXICILLIN + CLARITHROMYCIN + RABEPRAZOLE) for 14 days.My mom did not take them then.Then one day she had chicken wings at night and blood showed up in stool the later morning. We took her to doctors and did a colonoscopy, it showed she had polyp and ulcer. This time we finished the 14 day triple therapy and she ate according to a chart i made,no oily or spicy food or fatty food.Yesterday we did another endoscopy and it showed the bacteria was gone,at least I think so as the result shows everything normal. But mom was very weak and throughout the 14 days she was taking the antibacterial she had been vomiting only water. Her mouth tasted bitter. She stopped taking anti bacteria from yesterday and no more water vomiting till now. She was very weak and we admitted her to a hospital. The dr did some tests and it showed she had Creatinine at 4.1mg/dl . She also had low sodium and dr said to take table salt.

She has been taking for diabetes and other problems like :1.oramet 850 mg( Metformin hydrochloride 850 mg)

2.osartil 50 Losartan Potassium USP 50 mg

3.Mecolagin Chewable Tablet: Each tablet contains Mecobalamin INN 0.5 mg.

4.Jointec Max is a combination of Diacerein and Glucosamine for the treatment of osteoarthritis and joint pain.

For h pylori and vomiting:

5. pylocure (AMOXICILLIN + CLARITHROMYCIN + RABEPRAZOLE) she stopped that now

6. omidon(Domperidone BP 10 mg)

After dr saw the creatinine level, he stopped Mecolagin and gave another chewable tablet Simethicone 40 mg

Now she is taking :Simethicone 40 mg,oramet 850 mg, Domperidone BP 10 mg,table salt

Dr also gave her Emistat 8 mg injection and Esonix 40mg Inj yesterday only.

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Kidney :: My BUN 23 And Creatinine 38.3

So I'm a little worried only because I'm a worry wart. I got my blood results back from the doctor today and was emailing him and he says I have nothing to be worried about but this is the first time I've ever felt like I need a second opinion with him. When I reviewed my results the only items that stuck out to me was that my Monocyte was 7.2, BUN 23, and the one that worried me most of all was my BUN/creatinine was 38.3.

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Kidney :: Creatinine Is 2.0 And My GFR Is 34 - Diet?

I'm a bit alarmed. I just had my 3 month check up with the doctor. I've never had any kidney problems before. My Creatinine is 2.0 and my GFR is 34. I am recovering from some major oral surgery right now and I haven't been able to eat as I normally do. Less food. I was wondering if this oral surgery and my diet could have anything to do with my test results? My doctor wants me back in his office in 6 days to discuss this test. If you have anything to share, that would be awesome!

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Kidney Problems :: Creatinine 1.09 Mg/dl Is Normal?

I would like to know if CREATININE  1.09 mg/dl is normal, and should I take any precaution?  

​I have high blood pressure and taking Amlodipine 5mg and Betaserc 16 mg daily for ear problem.

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Kidney :: Elevated Creatinine And Urea

I was urinating very frequently, usually small amounts. Did a home urine dip test and found white and red blood cells (no nitrate) so went to Dr. who took blood. Blood results = slightly raised creatinine, urea and potassium. What could this mean?

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Transplants - Sirolimus :: Creatinine High - Level Is ~1.7 For Last 1.5 Year

I have completed 3yrs after liver transplant. My creatinine level is ~1.7 for last 1.5year. Prograf dose is reduced to 0.5mg BD, and tac level is 6.3. Mycophenolate can not be used because it causes leucopenia.

Doctor is thinking to switch to Sirolimus. But with Sirolimus I see this warning.

The safety and efficacy of Rapamune (sirolimus) as immunosuppressive therapy have not been established in liver or lung transplant patients, and therefore, such use is not recommended [see WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS].

Liver Transplantation – Excess Mortality, Graft Loss, and Hepatic Artery Thrombosis (HAT)"

Do you think it is safe to use sirolimus?

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Kidney Failure :: Can Take Enalapril Or Losartan With Creatinine 205

currently my creatine 205.

can take enalapril or losartan? will it affect or worsen kidney function.

well, i have been taking enalapril since 2008 . my creatinine was hopping around 150-180 in these 7 years till 2015.

However, due to chronic diarrhea , vomiting. acute renal failure. creatinine shoot up to 400 in Jan and urine infection in march.

creatinine now hopping around 200-250.

doctor stop my enalapril and replace with amlodipine 5mg

once i stop the enalapril , my urine protein is back. from march 0.17g to 0.61g. i am worried.

i didn't have any urine protein over those few years since 2009 to 2015. i guess this is the reason which i can keep well in my condition with creatinine hopping around 150-190.

i am worried that the urine protein my cause my kidney worsen and dialysis may starts soon.

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Kidney Failure :: Creatinine Shoot Up In 3 Week Times?

3 weeks ago, i was admitted in hospital. over my 2 weeks staying in hospital, doctor didn't do anything, didn't on drip . just give me injection of Hydroxychloroquine.and i was diagnosed with urine infection. so creatinine able to goes up from 160-210. but down again to 155.

however, last few days, my creatinine shoot up to 240. such a shocked to me. as i didn expect there is so much shoot in just few weeks time.

doctor has been stop my enalapril, which i used to protect kidney and keep my urine protein negative.

however, there is 1+ urine protein in my urine test. my blood pressure used to below 130/80. now sometime, it can shoot up to 150/95 if i do some physical activity.

i have been worried for my condition. This year, i was admitted twice. Jan admitted due to diarrhea and dehydration. delay the admission. so creatinine shoot up to 400++, nearly need dialysis. however, after drip. then able to drop to 150++

then during march usual check up. my creatinine also shoot up to 240. however, after the hospital stay, it manage to down back to 150++

i wonder is it because i started to work and sometime i worked quite late. then my creatinine shoot up so much?

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