Kidney Or Gall Stones? Pain - Back And Right Side, Loss Of Appetite, Nausea

Nov 18, 2015

I have been out of work since oct 5th 2015 i had sinus surgrey done then had high blood pressure coming out of surgery kept up with the family doctor they refused to put me on bp medicine they sent me for an ultrasound to check the kidneys and they found out i have gallstones and then a week later i was in the ER with horrible stabbing pain in my back and right side loss of appetite and nausea and when i would eat i would take a couple of bites and then i would feel full right away they did another ultrasound and then they found out that i had a kidney stone i passed that kidney stone but still are having the stabbing sharp dull pain in my back and right side, loss of appetite, nausea, when hungry i take a couple of bites and then i feel full and sick, and i started getting chest pains and the pains hurt worse when i breathe and also am constipated. They just did a CT SCAN but haven't heard anything yet on it. Could it be my gallbladder or could it be something else?

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Kidney Stones? Nausea / Vomiting - Upper Back Pain Waves

I have had an achy upper back pain for a few days now. I was attributing it to having slept funny, but now I am thinking it was a warning sign I missed. I woke up at 2am with horrible nausea and sharp pain in my upper left back. It comes in waves and was so severe it brought tears to my eyes. I have had kidney pain from infection in the past and while different I think this pain may be kidney related too. I am trying to find some way to get comfortable enough to sleep since it is the middle of the night and I don't want to wake two sleeping babies and drag them to the ER. I tried calling the nurse helpline provided by my insurance company, but he just told me to try a heating pad and some Tylenol.
I have a lot of prescription pain meds in my medicine cabinet because I have had 2 c sections and another surgery within the last couple years and I hate taking pain meds... I took an oxycodone.  That along with a vibrating massage mat under my back seems to be helping with the pain for the moment, but the nausea is even worse now. Any suggestions for that? I just need to make it to morning so I can go to an urgent care clinic. There is no one to watch the babies right now and of course o would get sick on Sunday when my primary care doc is closed.

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Abdominal Pain :: Loss Of Appetite Diarrhea With Nausea, Headache And Fatigue

I don't know what's going on with me. I keep going to the doctor and all they say is that i'm suffering from a stomach bug, but it just doesn't seem to be that simple. My symptoms are;

Nausea, headache, fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite, diarrhea, weight loss and lower abdominal cramps, similar to menstrual cramps and I'm not on my period. Recently I've started experiencing shortness of breath as well. What could it possibly be?

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Undiagnosed Abdominal Pain, Back Pain, Diarrhea, Fatigue, Loss Of Appetite

I'm 16 years old, and I have now been sick for over a month (I first got sick at the end of November). I have been experiencing stomach pain/discomfort that comes and goes. It is generally all through the middle of my abdomen, but I have also noticed that I sometimes get sharp, shooting pains on the left side. The pain is worse after I eat, and it doesn't matter what I eat, the pain is still there. I don't have much of an appetite, but I have been trying to eat because I know that I should. This is extremely difficult, though. I have lost almost 10 pounds in the past month because I haven't been eating much, and really don't feel like eating. I've also been having horrible diarrhea.. sometimes I will need to use the washroom three or four times a day. I have tried taking Imodium for the diarrhea, but I always end up extremely constipated.. and the diarrhea only returns (I might have one regular bowel movement, but after that the diarrhea just comes back). I'm exhausted as well. I just want to sleep all the time, and I find it hard just to keep my eyes open throughout the day. My lower back is also constantly aching.. I just do not feel well at all.

I have been to see my doctor 4 times because I just don't seem to be getting any better. He initially thought that I had a viral infection, but after I did not improve after two weeks, he decided to run some tests. I gave a urine sample and he said that I probably had a kidney infection (but he wasn't 100% sure because I had my period when I gave the sample). He put me on medication, and sent me for blood work. I also had to give a stool sample. All of my tests came back normal, but the medication didn't help at all. The next time I saw him, he said that I might have an ulcer, and put me on apo-omeprazole, which I have been taking for about two weeks now. I'm also on medication for a case of bronchitis.

I am incredibly frustrated because nothing seems to alleviate my symptoms. I have missed 15 days of school because I just feel terrible. My parents think that I might be making it all up, or that it's all in my head, and my doctor has suggested the same thing (he told me that there was "absolutely no reason" a person my age would be experiencing symptoms like this for so long. I am NOT making this up, and I know that it ISN'T all in my head. I just wish that someone would actually take me seriously and believe me when I say that something is wrong. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday, but I just don't know how to cope at school until then. I'm also scared that the ultrasound will come back normal, just like all the other tests I've had done. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? I'm desperate for answers and ways that I can cope.. I want to get back to school and my life.

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Kidney Stones, Pain, Nausea, Depression

I'm not sure where to put this and I'm fairly certain I do not have enough space for all of this. But I will try anyways.

I am 27 years old and male. And my life right now is not great. I have a long list of medical problems most of which have gone untreated for years and are all more or less working together to ruin my life. Since I do not have the appropriate length here to explain all of this a simple list will have to do for now.

Current Issues:

Chronic Pain left and right flank

Chronic Nausea (will result in vomiting)

ADHD (untreated)

Anxiety (Untreated)

Depression (untreated)

Sleeping problems

Eating/Weight problems

Chronic Kidney stones

UPJ obstruction and Hydronephrosis of the Left Kidney (3 surgeries to repair)

What I NEED help with is Identifying what I need to do to make this better. I have been seeing doctors for the past 23 years of my Life. I honestly need A LOT more space to explain all of this.

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Side Effects Of Kidney Stones Other Than Pain?

Hi everyone! I know that kidney stones are terribly painful and that there are various unpleasant treatments to get rid them. In other words, kidney stones are not something you would aim to acquire :-). But, my question is, other pain, what are the consequences of kidney stones? Are there any side effects?

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Back Pain :: Appendicitis, Kidney Stones, Ectopic Pregnancy?

I am having very severe lower back pain that came out of nowhere. Worst pain I've ever is constant. Tylenol is not helping nor ice packs, heating pad, or hot bath. I have been vomiting and can't even keep fluids down. I was constipated this morning but did have a bm followed by diarrhea. I have a slight fever. Could this be appendicitis, kidney stones, or possibly an ectopic pregnancy? I don't know if I am pregnant or not. Please help!

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Two 5mm Kidney Stones :: Pain In Back - On Potassium Citrate And FloMax

Hi all... so I have two 5 millimeter kidney stones in my left kidney started last month,,, been on potassium citrate, FloMax and drinking lots of water, still they wont pass.... I have also added lemonade (not from concentrate) to my list of fluids..

Urologist said I shouldn't have a lot of pain, well I am in discomfort in my back where the kidney is, so he sent me for a CT scan today to see how large they are. Tomorrow morning I go back to see him. Was wondering will these ever pass or are they gonna have to be crushed?

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Kidney Stones :: Intense Back Pain Radiating To The Front

I woke up Monday morning with intense back pain that radiated to the front and cause sweating and nausea.  It lasted about 20 minutes and was gone.  I have had this about 5 or 6 times with months and even years in between.  This is the first time I went to the emergency room.  They worked me up for cardiac issue but found nothing thank goodness.  They did do a cat scan but said nothing about a kidney stone.  I am wondering if I could have passed a stone without knowing it or if the stone might be undetectable on a cat scan.  We have not been able to figure out what causes these episodes.

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Anxiety :: Stopping 20g Seroxat - Side Effects, I Had A Nausea, Lack Of Appetite

The story started when I noticed a tremor in my hand fingers (both hinds) as it starts from my wrist bone. I went to a nervous specialist and then he offered me the seroxat knowing that I didn't had any kind of anxiety at that time, where I had before this visit by half year. This visit began 6 months ago. I have started, as per his instructions, to get table and a half per day for the first 6 days then 1 tablet till 3 months. Suddenly, I stooped to use it and I know that was my bad. I returned to the dr, he said that we will start over. then, I started to feel that this medicine is not resulting well anymore. I started to stop it as per his instruction by taking half a tab for 5 days then half a tab every day after day. The last dose was on last Thursday. Now, we have passed 2 full days (Friday and Saturday). Today, I am feeling very and very bad. I had all of its side effects, I had a nausea, lack of appetite and DIZZINESS.. What do you suggest?

He said that I have to return to half a tab day after day and visit him on Wednesday. I am not planning to go to that dr any more thus I am here. I have read some forums of dropping it in the right way. Do you suggest taking a quarter tab day after day again? or to deal with the above side effects and finish up the day, tomorrow or what?

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Kidney Stones - Diabetes - Constant Urge To Pee And Nausea

Since last Weds evening, about 5-6 days ago, I felt like I was getting a UTI. Had persistent urge to pee, every 20 mins or so, all night, and sometimes I really had to go and sometimes just a dribble but felt like bladder not empty and I'd pee and immediately feel like I had to go again. Had some burning and general discomfort. I also felt like I might have a yeast infection - I have type 1 diabetes (24 years, am almost 45 yrs old, female) and get them often. So on Thurs symptoms still were there so went to gyno to do a urine sample that they said they'd send for culture. They gave me prescription for antibiotics, which I did not fill till the next morning - on Fri morning, still had frequency to pee and also some on and off left-sided flank pain, some lower back pain, some twinges on and off way low in my urethra area - that was all new. Started antibiotic on Fri. felt a tiny bit of relief but had reaction to Macrobid (sp?) so doc called in Cipro, which I started on Sat. By Monday still no better, was still peeing constantly and having the flank pain and back pain on and off. Went back to gyno who said my urine culture came back clear - no bacteria so this was not a UTI or kidney infection. He did say there was a trace of blood in the sample - but I have not seen any blood in my urine myself. Doc performed a pelvic exam to rule out ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids and all was normal. So he suggested it could be a kidney stone, to see the urologist so that is where I am. Still miserable and peeing constantly.

I have never had kidney stones ever. Today still peeing all the time and some on and off back pain, hip pain and even some mild thigh pain - all both sides although flank pain is more left sided. It all comes and goes and is not excruciating and when my husband had a stone, he was in terrible pain and rushed to ER and ended up passing stone that night.

So here's the weird thing - since Sept I was experiencing upper right stomach pain, right under my ribs, nausea after large or fatty meals, constant burping, on and off constipation. So I had an ultrasound done to check for gallstones by my regular dr - everything was normal. They checked kidneys and no stones showed up on ultrasound. I am scheduled for a HIDA scan for gallbladder next week bc still having those symptoms but this urinary stuff is new. All blood work normal. Upper GI endoscopy normal also.

I am a mess! And I just want answers. Not sure if it's all related or I may be dealing with 2 separate conditions or maybe what I've been experiencing as gallbladder pain has been kidney-related all along.

Do all kidney stones show up on ultrasound or is it possible to still have them and have them not show up? That only a CT scan will catch?

Could the constant peeing still be a UTI/kidney infection without bacteria showing in urine culture?

I now have a yeast infection from the antibiotics and treating it. Could it worsen the peeing problem?

Has anyone ever had kidney stones that showed symptoms like this for a long period of time before the excruciating pain of passing happened? Or could this be a problem w/my kidneys and function? Being type 1 diabetic, I worry about this but all my regular kidney blood tests are always normal - I see doc ever 4 months for that.

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Gallbladder Surgery :: Persistent Mild Dyspepsia, Mild Nausea And Appetite Loss


First, I am diabetic and have had a fairly normal healthy life except in the last two years where I gained 40 pounds, did not control my blood sugars well, and went off the rails. I have had a lot of issues this year, but to focus on my most recent issues, I had a A1c of 10.5 two month ago and went to 9.1 a month ago finally to 7.6 right before my single incision laparoscopic with robotic-assisted single-incision surgery to remove my infected gallbladder (Hida Scan 11% no gallstones). 6 month ago i started experiencing a lot of bloating, indigestion and took charcocaps that helped a lot after meals.

Two weeks ago I went out for a cup of iced coffee (huge coffee drinker 3-4 cups a day for a long time no problems for years), and something hit me, it felt like a sharp pain and instant feeling of bleh no appetite and sick feeling the rest of the day. This continued for a week before I knew something was wrong, I could not have anything acidic or felt like I could eat anything. I had just seen my doctor for a bike accident a month prior to get a referral to a PT and osteopathic doctor. I had a l3/l4 compressed nerve with a twisted sacral (this is much better now with some minor spasms in my right leg from time to time). With all of that pain (took hydrocodone and muscle relaxants to sleep, sleep was poor) and school, I figured I must have given myself an Ulcer. My doctor game me a ppi-omeprazole (i've never had reflux and didn't then) since I had symptoms of some burning sensations and this chronic dyspepsia so this would treat the possible Ulcer for two weeks while I was sent for an ultrasound to check out my gallbladder (family history - Mom, aunt, and uncle had their's out with gallstones). The ppi sort of helped but I just was fatigued, could not eat anything but a bland diet, I had chronic dyspepsia and general nausea that I could never shake. My daily caloric intake decreased with each new day and food just made me generally feel sick, however if I skipped meals it would still be bad, worse with food.

After the Hida scan came back positive with an ejection rate of 11%, I scheduled my new a1c test, ekg (family history of heart disease), I was cleared and scheduled for surgery. I stopped taking the ppi as I believed this to be the cause of all my problems. btw, I was 254 the end of june and lost 25 pounds by the time of surgery (average daily caloric intake ~900-1200 prior to surgery


After the surgery 7/21-one week ago, I had my two days of pain and adjustment, and recovered decently with a soft food and liquid diet. I noticed the general sickness was gone! Hazzah!, except on Saturday I was feeling bloated, cramping, and I could not eat a solid one bite without feeling sick. I knew I was constipated. I stopped the pain meds the day before and I knew I had not eaten too much but it was over a week since i went. I took magnesium citrate and nothing after 7 hours, I drank another 1/2--then BOOM it was insane. I was sooo wiped out and tried to replace lost liquids but I believe I was dehydrated. I was sick that night and stomach was not happy.

Sunday was much better but I was wiped out still and felt generally just depleted of all my energy. I ate, walked a bit and then came back home. That night I started feeling very uncomfortable and the symptoms were somewhat similar to prior to surgery of the general dyspepsia and nausea chronically. I could not sleep because of my back problems (had to sleep upright on my back all week). I woke up in the middle of the night turned to my side and then all of a sudden I felt a warm rush of something just above my stomach and the constant burn in my stomach no reflux. I could not sleep until the morning.

I have had really bad gas (low fat diet) for the past few days. I was getting and feeling better on day four but now this!

I felt extreme discomfort all day, felt like a low grade fever 98.6 (no fever) incision site is also slightly red, but the doctor said to call if I had a fever. I was worried about an SSI. The pain was like I threw up (I never have even starting out back in at the coffee shop) and that ache afterwards. The burning sensation let up later in the day after I took some antacids and saltines (I must have some acid issues, but I have read a lot of people suspecting many people may actually have low acid).

The thing is a lot of people have episodes after food, but mine is chronic with mild discomfort, burning sensations, upper abdomen and stomach discomfort (with some nausea), and food helps it initially and then it comes back. I feel week, slight low grade fever even though I don't have one. I keep thinking I have an infection of H. Pylori or something. Food takes a while to do much, I walk after I eat everything. I feel like I could eat but I get so much bloating and indigestion that it is uncomfortable. I drink plenty of water, but I wonder if I am low on essential things for the long ongoing low calorie daily diet. I can't eat more then 800 calories even with smaller meals-since Thursday.

Why was my gall bladder inflamed in the first place? I had no stones, and the surgeon said I had a very long a big gallbladder (ready to rupture!) that was really inflamed including a little on the liver. Pathology reports came back negative. I theorize my rapid change in weight and blood sugar levels inflamed the organ or an infection.


diabetic Gastroparesis
H. Pylori
Peptic Ulcer (was never officially tested)
Low/High Stomach Acid
Low bile leak?
Sphincter of oddi dysfunction

What I feel could help:

HCL Betaine
Digestive Enzyme (Garden of life chewable vegetarian)
ppi (I would hate to take them unless I had to)
something to coat my stomach if I do have an ulcer to heal
ability to eat more so I can have more assimilated minerals, ect.
Anxiety med (first year i've had a lot of anxiety-mainly school related and upcoming wedding planning for next year
more tests!

My burning anxiety questions:

When will I get my appetite back?

(i really suspected my odds were decently good that I would get better after surgery, I had a great surgeon)

Did anyone have any of these chronic symptoms? Is it due to an infection or some issue with surgery?

Have some people eventually been able to eat what they wanted after a period of time?

How many had these excessive bloating, indigestion, nausea and general malaise through the day, worse a little while after food or between meals?

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Backache :: Arm Tenderness, Abdominal Pain, Loss Of Appetite?

I been having pain on my ribs and under my ribs, specially under the ribs. It feels like a pulled muscle all over my right side body from my shoulder to the back of my leg. I have had a loss of appetite and usually get bloated and get a lot of gas after eating. Once my stomach started hurting so badly I had to lay in bed and my hands got all cold.

I am not sure what any of this could be but I am not able to see a doctor till september. Before this happened I had come from traveling. I went on a 2 day bike ride which left me very sore because of hours of riding in a very uncomfortable bike. 

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Ruptured Ovarian Cyst :: Loss Of Appetite And Pelvic Pain

I'm 21 years old and was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) because I was constantly suffering from ruptured cysts to my right ovary. The symptoms of a ruptured cyst are extremely uncomfortable nausea, pelvic/back pain and the biggest thing is the loss of appetite.

I struggle a lot with loss of appetite whenever I have a ruptured ovarian cyst and this is the worst thing about it. I can't eat or drink anything without getting nauseous. Nothing appeals to me so I end up not eating very much throughout the day and because very weak and tired.
Every time I go to the doctors they just tell me to eat, well it's not that simple.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and how did they cope with it? What did you do to help you eat and get over the nausea?

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Gall Stones Due To Proton Pump Inhibitors

I've been on Proton Pump Inhibitors for years. A scan today revealed that I have gall stones. A quick search and yes, PPIs are implicated in Gall Bladder Disease. Yet another reason to get off the wretched things.

I'm now down to 45 mg in the morning, from 60mg and 30mg in the evening, from 60mg. Onwards and forwards is the only way.

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Back Pain :: Left Side Back Pain, Middle To Lower Back

About 2 week's ago I took 2 perc within a night and the next day I got sick, I thought from the pills, but than I was nauseous and have been for the most part ever since. My left side mid to lower back started hurting approx a week ago and it's gotten much worse last night and now I'm having pain in my upper right abdomen as if the pain moved. I'm on muscle relaxers for my back already but it's not affecting/helping my new pain though and the new pain doesn't feel the same. I was just curious if anyone had any idea what it might be, some say kidneys but does that pain or can it move from my back to my abdomen?

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Pain While Stones Still In Kidney?

Is it possible to have kidney stone pain while the stones are still in the kidney? I have about seven stones in my right kidney and five in my left... I've had lower back pain for almost a month straight and nothing makes the pain go away. I'm trying to get my urologist to call me back, but that is next to impossible if I'm not in the emergency room doubled over in pain. Any suggestions/comments are welcome here

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Pain :: Shattering Kidney Stones?

I have a kidney stone lodged in my right kidney. The size of a marble. My doctor says it should be shattered. Has anyone had this done? Is their pain when passing the stones after it's been shattered?

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Pain After Kidney Stones And Stent

I had my first kidney stone in February of this year. I had lithotripsy twice on my right side and also a stent. The stent was removed after three days. I have had a constant stabbing pain where the stent once was. I have seen many different doctors and been to the ER several times. Each CT scan has come back negative for more stones and doctors cannot find a reason I am still in pain. Anyone have the same problem?

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Possible Kidney Stones? Pain Below Bottom Bra Strap

I am extremely frustrated. I have been sick since Aug 27 with extreme back pain. The pain is right below the bottom of my bra strap on the right side (slightly above where the I thought the kidneys are located). I am also having pain in the right side and rt groin area. The Dr's say that I have a lot of blood and crystals in my urine, but the CT scans don't show any kidney stones. The CT scan did show that the right kidney was swollen and the ER DR said that either the urethra or ureter (can't remember which) was swollen and enlarged as if I had passed a stone. I had an appointment with a urologist last week, and even before introducing himself, he told me it wasn't a kidney stone and referred me to an Ortho DR. He didn't examine me at all - did not touch me. He did suggest that I have cystscope, but said it would not help my back pain. Therefore, I didn't do it. I am usually a very tough girl. When I gave birth to my son several years ago, I didn't utter a single complaint (natural childbirth). But several times over that past few weeks, I have found myself in tears because the pain is so bad. I have had everything checked - gall bladder, liver, pancreas, spleen .....everything. What is a girl to do? I don't normally take any pain meds or narcotics. I am usually extremely healthy.

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Pregnancy :: Pain Due To Kidney Stones - Advice?

has anyone else experience this ? Any advice ? I'm in so much pain !!

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