Late Messed Up Periods After Norethisterone For Holiday

Sep 1, 2012

In july i was on a course of norethisterone for just over a week to delay my period during my holiday. After I stopped taking the pills I came on my period 3 days later, which was extremely painful, but lighter than my usual periods. This month, my period is almost 2 weeks late... I haven't had unprotected sex, so there's not a big chance that i'm pregnant.. i will  be taking a test, to make sure, but i'm just wondering if the progesterone pills i was taking could be the cause of my messed up periods? 

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Menstruation :: Norethisterone To Delay Periods For Holiday?

I got the Norethisterone pill to delay my period for a 2 week holiday. The holiday got cut short due to family issue but we are going on a short break in 2 days for 4 days. I stopped taking the pill when I got back from the holiday 4 days ago but started taking it again last night to try and delay my period while we go away again however today I have experienced some bleeding. Is it now too late? Will I get my period even if I take the pills?

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Norethisterone :: Going On Holiday Soon

Going on holiday soon, prescribed Norethisterone for 10 days only. After reading comments unsure if i should take it. How long before the mood swings kick in, don't want to be the wife from hell on a much needed break - first one in 20 years and kids free.

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Trying To Conceive :: Periods Are All Messed Up

I've been trying to get pregnant, but my periods are all messed up and have been for a little while! Has any key got any idea of what I can do?

I have periods every now and then.

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Menstruation :: Late Periods Last Months - Late Next Month?

I never really get my period late until last month. I usually get my period on the 13th (how ironic) and well, today is the 13th of a new month and I haven't gotten it today. Is this normal? I'm a virgin and all so, I don't know what do/ what's going on.

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Norethisterone Prescription Because Of NO Periods

I was prescribed norethisterone yesterday after not having a period for a year.

I have polycystic ovaries (diagnosed in june), and came off my pill with the intention of starting a family, i am slightly worried because reading the posts on this site it seems that everyone else has been put on norethisterone because of heavy and painful periods.

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Implanon (more Periods Than Regular) With Norethisterone

I have been on implanon for 2.5 years. During this time I had more periods than normal. Due to going on holiday I decided that I would ask doctor to help delay in.

I was prescribed 3 weeks of norethisterone and took it three times a day as directed.

I was told my period should come 2/3 days after I finished the course... Although six weeks later I still have no sign of my period and have pregnancy symptoms such as sore breasts, cramping,bloating, hot flushes, increased discharge and fatigue. Have taken a pregnancy test and it is negative.

What is going on. Has anyone else been in this situation. I am worried sick.

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Norethisterone To Delay The Periods With Oxytetracycline?

I am currently taking oxytetracycline to help to reduce a persistent problem I have been having with spots and boils. I have noticed some improvement. In a couple of months I am due to go on holiday and my period is due while I am away. My periods can be really painful and leave me feeling faint for several days. I will be spending a long time travelling so having to go through my period on holiday would be a nightmare. In the past I have used Norethisterone to delay the period successfully with no problems. However I have been advised by my doctor and the pharmacist that I should not take these two drugs at the same time and I don't know what to do. I do not need to use the drug as a contraceptive merely to delay my period. I don't really want to come off the antibiotics for the sake of a holiday but will absolutely dread going if I cannot find a way to delay my period.

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53 And Norethisterone For Fibroids - 11 Weeks Of Periods

I am nearly 53 and am anxiously waiting for the menopause. I have been diagnosed with fibroids. I started a period at the end of January and it carried on for 11 weeks with haemorrhages and huge clots. During this time I became anaemic and I have been unable to work since the middle of April. On 24th April I was fitted with a Mirena coil. I have had constant bleeding (though not as heavy as before) and abdominal discomfort ever since. The discomfort has kept me awake at night.

Last week the GP told me to take 3 norethisterone tablets a day to stop the bleeding. This worked at first and the bleeding stopped. I became very bloated though, and today the bleeding has started again. My whole life is dominated by this. I don't know what to do next. I can have a hysterectomy in October - but that's not something I relish!

Has anyone any words of encouragement?

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Heavy / Difficult Periods While On Norethisterone For Fibroids

I'm 33 and have uterine fibroids for which I have been taking norethisterone to stop my heavy, prolonged periods. On the advice of my GP I took a break from the tablet, but she gave me a supply in case I desperately needed them. She told me not to take any more for a while as I wouldn't know if the mini-pill (which I was prescribed 2 months ago) was working to regulate my periods and shrink the fibroids. I have started my period now and it's been going on for over a week. I'm in pain, it's heavy and clotting and my moods are all over the place, I'm tired all of the time and I can't go out for too long for fear of flooding. It's affecting my work and my relationship as I feel unattractive and sad all of the time. When I was taking norethisterone I didn't get any of these problems.

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Norethisterone While Waiting For Hysterectomy To Stop Periods

I was prescribed this medication to stop my periods whilst I was waiting to have a hysterectomy. It has made me very depressed and I have started to retain fluid, my tummy is very swollen and at times I have felt sick and extremely irritable and aggressive, however my periods stopped straight away, so for the interim it is worth coping with the side effects.

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Norethisterone To Postpone Periods At The Time Of Marriage

I have a regular 29/30 days cycle. I had my last menses start on 11th July, 2014. I am getting married on 14th August, 2014. I don't want to have the flow at the time of marriage. Should i take Norethisterone to postpone my periods?

According to calendar, 9th/10th August could be my menses day.

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Norethisterone To Stop Periods But Weight Gain ?

I was prescribed norethisterone by my gp, after I went to see her with periods lasting 2 weeks, this started within a year of me being sterilised at the age of 40.

Since taking them I have experienced bad skin, spots, no mood changes,but most of all I have gained over half a stone in 5 months, i have always watched what I eat and still do, I cant seem to move a pound. I am stopping the tablets today, to see if my periods have sorted themselves out, I will be interested to see if the weight comes off, Has anyone who gained weight with these tablets, lost the weight when they stopped.

Ill will keep you posted to see if my weight does return, and what affects I have after coming off them.

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Norethisterone :: When To Expect Normal Periods After Coming Off

I took norethisterone for the 1st time last month to delay my period, & I was very happy, worked brilliantly, no adverse effects. I'm now just wondering when I should expect my 1st proper period after the one I had when I came off the drug. Can anyone who's had experience of using it in this way tell me whether it should be just a normal 28-30 day type thing or whether it might come early. I'm just a bit concerned, because I've got my birthday party, which is 24 days from the one I had when coming off Norethisterone & I don't want to be bleeding then. :- Will I be ok or should I get another course for this month?

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Menstruation :: Late Periods Due To HPV?

Well hey I'm a teen and i hate to say this because it embarrassed me but im suffering of hpv and i want to know if your period may come late because of what i have i also have another question can you get pregnant if you have sex during your period? i had sex like about 1 month ago or maybe 2 my last period was on june 4 and now is july 3 my period hasnt come and im really scared please help me.

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Does Masturbation Causes Late Periods?

I have recently started masturbating and well it's now been almost 5 days gone and i haven't come in my periods my date of 5 and today its already 10.

i m a virgin so dont know much.. does it really affect your periods..?

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Menstruation :: How To Make My Periods Come Late?

how do i make my period come late

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Having Sex For First Time Makes Your Periods Late?

I lost my virginity saturday night,(Using a condom.)and should have had my period that next Monday-Tuesday, but I never did. I am slightly worried that I might be pregnant. Seeing as I am almost a week late.

Am I overreacting? Or should I give it a little longer?

We have had sex 2-3 time more since Saturday also.(Using a condom every time.) I was wondering if it is possible that since it was my first time that it would make my period late. Like maybe a stretch of the vagina or something. I also heard that It could be because of stress or being scared of being pregnant. That that would also make it slightly late.

So my questions was...

Can my period be late because it was my first time?

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Late Periods And Constipation And Bloating

I am a 20 year old female who has been losing weight these past two months with the help of a South African weight loss company which specializes in healthy eating and life changes.

For the past two weeks the scale's numbers have increased rapidly without me changing any of my eating habits. I thought that my period might be the culprit, but the weight gain has persisted and my period is almost a month late.

During the past eight days I have experienced severe bloating (my stomach is three times as large as normal), excess gas, constipation, dull and aching abdominal pain and swelling around my vulva and vaginal entrance.

I am experiencing fatigue and my shoulders as well as legs feel stiff and painful. I drank something to help with the constipation but barely anything happened except for the fact that my body secreted a lot of mucus.

I went to the clinic to test my urine (I have a history of bad bladder infections - Was treated for it earlier this year). The test came back clean except for having high levels of protein in my urine. I do experience a burning sensation when I need to urinate.

I am currently trying to get a medical aid but it won't be activated before the first half of next month. I haven't had any other examinations done professionally except for blood tests 3 years ago. These showed that I have high levels of iron, was insulin resistant and that a few cysts were detected on my ovaries.

I would like to know what may be wrong with me and if there is anything I can do to relieve my symptoms until my medical aid can be used.

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Menstruation :: Periods Late And Spotting - Pregnant?

I'm 19 years old, got my period at 11, I've normally have had (every single time) semi-heavy blood flow, but this time, my period is late & I'm spotting, no period, just spotting, why?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Does Ovulex Make Your Periods Late

does ovulex make your period late

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