Lump Under My Armpit

Jul 7, 2015

I have a lump about 1 inch in diameter and it is not very big i found it this morning when i woke up. It is under my skin. It is on my armpit. it is smooth and sore when i touch it there is no bite so i know it didn't come from a bug. it is not even red. Help should i go to the doctor.This discussion is related to lump under my armpit.

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Painful Lump Turned Painless And Armpit Or Breast Lump?

My mom has a lump in her sides, i couldn't quite understand if it is considered as a breast (because it is in the side and not literally on the breast) or armpit (because it is already below the armpit) lump. It started to be small but then grew bigger after a while it also became painful and suddenly looked like a bruise, she also felt a little numbness in her arm, after some time putting organic medicine it turned smaller and painless but right now it is not yet gone. 1st question: is it to be identified as a breast or armpit lump? 2nd question: what might be the diagnosis for both cases (or what is the difference of diagnosis if it is identified under armpit lump or if it is identified under breast lump)? i really couldn't find any reference to a lump that is painful then turned painless

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A Golf Ball Lump (not Painful) Under My Right Armpit

I have a golf ball lump under my right armpit that has been there for almost 5 years and is slowly getting bigger. Your now able to see it when I lift my arm ... The lump is not painful but lightly pressing down from my armpit to my breast with your fingers is painful. What could it be and how worried should I be?

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Found A Big And Sore Lump Under My Left Armpit

I am a 27 year old male and i have found a lump under my left armpit it feel big and sore what could it be, cancer is very high in my family my mom died aged 62 from cancer and my father is fighting it at the mine, what could it be?

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Small Lump In My Right Armpit - Swollen More During Periods

I'm 19 years old and about 2 years ago i noticed a small lump in my right armpit i went to the doctor and she said it was a swollen lymph node and nothing to care about. But on the last year it started to getting bigger. When im close to my period it gets even more swollen and it's really sensitive and painful when i touch it or when it rubs against my bra. It's a soft and non movable lump which has a tender nucleos.. When i use sleevless top you can notice it

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HIV :: Swollen Lymph Glands Under Armpit

So I recently had this fling with a guy from my uni, we slept together but did not have anal sex. We just performed mutual masturbation, and he ejaculated on me (gross I know). Anyways, he is joining the army in a couple of months and obviously they make sure you need to be clean so I am not too worried.

Anyways, for the past week and a half I have had a swollen red bump under my armpit, I am pretty sure it's a swollen lymph thingo - I had one under my right armpit, now I have one on my left.

Tis very small and I have 0 other symptoms, but I am scared to death of the doctors for some weird reason and always get anxiety when I go. So I try to go as little as possible.

While I have no other symptoms, is there a chance it could be HIV? This was about 2-4 weeks ago.

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Purple, Dark Brow Bruise Near Armpit Won't Go Away

I fell at work almost three months ago and hit my right upper arm towards the back, near my armpit ( on a trash can.. Lol ) I had an immediate shock and couldn't feel my arm for about 2 minutes. It still hurts, the immediate coloring was a dark purple. It hasn't started to fade at all- now it's a dark brown and still hurts. Same size. I don't have any blood disorders that I know of.

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HIV Prevention :: Lymph Node In Armpit-symptoms Of ARS/possible HIV

I had unprotected sex this January 2014. I got tested in Kuwait for I think 25 days after exposure and hit negative. All these months, I never had any symptoms of ARS until last week (last days of October) which is a swollen lymph node located at the armpit. It is very small and cannot be seen by naked eye, but can be felt by touching. Its kind of painful but not those kinds that can make me a human shout ouch, and is located right of the pit considering you are looking in the right arm.
Here's the detailed info:
1. Unprotected sex for just a few thrusts for i think a couple of mins.
2. The lady had a rash on her breast, which she didn't want me to see, but she claimed that it was caused by her pregnancy (the baby died).
3. Had a non-painful pimple at my scalp.
4. Was growing in weights rather than losing it, which is indicated by ARS.

My question is just as simple as this doc. What kind of tests are performed in Middle East countries, especially in Kuwait ? I heard that antibody tests are conclusive at 25 days. Can I trust the result which is negative? I cannot do a test again here because if I hit the plus mark, I'll be deported and get unemployed. I'm really bothered by this node.

And doc, if you have HIV and got swollen nodes symptoms, does it include the neck, armpits and groins in one hit? And is it identical to each sides? For example, a swollen node in the right pit will show a swollen node also in the left.

Please doc. I'm begging for your answers and I will wait. Please doc. Help me. I have still a family to feed. If only I can turn the hands of time back.

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Swollen And Tender Lymph Node In Neck And Under Armpit

I am a 22 year old female. Since November I have had swollen lymph nodes in my neck. Under my jaw is quite puffy. My doctor keeps saying oh it's a isn't and antibiotics did not clear it up either. And what is more worrisome now is for over a month near slash under my left armpit is a swollen lump and it is very tender. It is soft which is good..but still..what could be causing these?

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Sinusitis :: Having Bad Pain In Lymph Nodes (sternum & Armpit)

Does anyone else experience lymph node pains with their sinus problems? The weird and scary pain I have just experienced is pain under my sternum and under my armpit lymph nodes. Thick and I mean thick clear mucus in my left nostril only. Had an MRI on my neck. And head. Only problem it said was my left cheek was filled with mucus. I had a tooth extracted after a botched root canal treatment. In December 2015 My cheek swelled up real bad and I had to Go to the E.R. To have my gum lanced to rid me of the poison. That was 3 and a 1/2 months ago. My symptoms (mucus) have been getting worse. I called my doctor(gp) and he gave me 500 mg. amoxicillin. Relieved me of my symptoms and chest pain for one day. This a.m. The pain is back. But it comes and goes! I need some help with this please. The headaches and neck pains suck. I'm not living right now I'm just existing.

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Cosmetic Treatments :: Laser Removal (armpit) Can Cause Breast Cancer?

I'd like to get laser hair removal on my armpits, but I've heard several scary stories that this procedure may cause breast cancer because it uses a light form of radiation and because it blocks lymph nodes. Is this true?

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Lump Right By My Right Ear - Getting Bigger

About 4 years ago I got this small lump by my ear it does not hurt or anything but I notice this year it got a little bigger can you give me some advice or maybe someone has heard of this it alarmed me a bit when it got bigger this year

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Dermatology :: Lump On My Arm

had it for a few weeks then it went down and then I couldn't stop myself picking at it and it went up again, initially was just a spot with pus inside. Any idea what it could be?

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Men's Health :: What's This Lump Under My Ear?

I just noticed this lump under my ear about the size of a 5c piece I think it's only popped up in the last 12 hours what could it be? I'm a 18 year old male in case that matters

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Undiagnosed :: I Have Lump Behind My Ear

I have lump behind my ear it started out small the size of a pea and move able soft to know it's hard as a rock and it grown and it doesn't move around when I push on it should I be worried.

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Undiagnosed :: Jaw Lump

I have a lump behind my right jaw, directly below my earlobe. This lump has gone from the size of a small pea to about 1&1/2 inches long and about 3/4 to 1 inch wide. There is no pain when the lump is touched but in the last 2-3 weeks I've been having pain on the right when I open my mouth to eat or yawn.

I can not have a CT with contrast because of an allergy that caused anaphylaxis the last time I got the contrast. So...what type of scan would give the Drs the most information about this lump? I was recently in the hospital because of MRSA pneumonia and had a sinus CT minus contrast and while they see something there they can't tell if it's what the Dr. originally said when it was pea sized which was it was just a swollen/infected lymph node because of my CVID well considering I recently had multiple IV antibiotics because of MRSA pneumonia and so I'm just having a hard time believing that it's just an infected lymph node.

I'm asking about the type of scan that would give the best/most information because I'm sick of all the procedures and scans. While hospitalized with mild pneumonia for 1week after Thanksgiving I had a chest and sinus CT w/o contrast and a bronchoscopy.The after Christmas I spent another 3 weeks hospitalized for the more severe MRSA pneumonia and during that stay I again had chest and sinus CTs w/o contrast as well as chest x-rays, a chest MRI,  chest nuclear scan, and 3 more bronchoscopies and with other lung studies coming up I'm really over the tests.

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Breast Lump In A Man

I am a 22yr old male. I found a lump under my left breast nearly 2 years ago and had it checked out by a doctor. They did an ultrasound and told me that it a just a growth and will go away. The lump under my breast still exists. It feels like it is the same size. After all this, the area around my nipple (including nipple) became very itchy. The skin is crusty, sore and very very itchy. Sometimes, there is a discharge. The discharge is pus like, but sometimes i get a clear discharge. Could someone please tell me what this could be.

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Clicking In Throat / Lump ?

Tonight I started to feel something weird in my throat. I don't really know how to describe it, but I feel something in my throat, like something's there or stuck when I swallow, but there's nothing there. It doesn't hurt, my throat doesn't feel strange at all, and my breathing is fine, but it's just unsettling because I have really bad anxiety and every time anything happens with my throat, I get really anxious and scared, which leads me to have an anxiety attack, so I've been looking online for some answers, but so far I haven't found much.

I have been sick for the past week and I've been coughing a lot (I almost lost my voice), so maybe I've hurt my throat or something? I don't really feel it when I'm drinking something, but it does feel a little more rough to swallow than usual, even with my cold.

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Lymphadenopathy :: Lump In The Groin

I noticed a lump in the groin area which has grew to 3 cm it is not on myself it is on my 5year old daughter i am really worried about her and would like to know that it's not anything serious..

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Men's Health :: Lump Under My Groin

every time after my shower, i dry off and use powder on my groin area. about a week ago i noticed a good size lump under my groin. I am wondering if this is serious or will it go away in time. should I see a doctor about this..

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Lymphadenopathy :: Lump On Groin

I've noticed a small, pea-sized lump on my right groin - near the where my leg joins my hip. I first noticed it about three weeks ago, it isn't painful to touch, it is hard, doesn't itch, no redness and is under the skin.

Obviously, when you find a lump you think the worst, so I thought I'd see if anyone had any advice as to what to do next. Doctors being doctors, they can't fit me in for a while, so I wondered whether it was worth a visit to the emergency duc just in case it's something worth checking out ASAP.

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