Lump Right By My Right Ear - Getting Bigger

May 11, 2015

About 4 years ago I got this small lump by my ear it does not hurt or anything but I notice this year it got a little bigger can you give me some advice or maybe someone has heard of this it alarmed me a bit when it got bigger this year

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Hard Lump On Left Knee Slightly Bigger Than A Golf Ball

I have a hard lump just below and on the right of my left knee slightly bigger than a golf ball. It feels like a bone but i don't have one on the other knee. It doesn't hurt but it is noticeable especially when my leg is straight. Any ideas on what it is?

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Lipoma :: Getting Bigger And May Need Removal

I have just been diagnosed with having a large lipoma at the top of my leg i had it for about 18months it has grown gradually bigger and has recently become painful especially in bed at night. My gp has referred me for a scan to assess the size and says it may need removing.

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Some Races Have Bigger Clitoris Than Others?

do some races have bigger clitorises than others?

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How To Make Breast Bigger?

I am 14years old about to turn 15 and I wear a 34A. My mom tells me to just wait and that I'll have boobs as big as hers. But I think she's wrong and when she was 13 she was a 34C or something. But everyone in my family has big boobs and I don't. I feel out of place because of that and I'm always being told to just be happy for who I am. I try but it really doesn't help. I think my generation has been skipped because I don't get the boobs I get a butt and no one in my family has a butt except me. Should I be proud of that? Plus what is a quick healthy way of getting my boobs bigger? Is there a drink or food I can eat?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Measuring Bigger Than It Should

My baby is measuring two weeks ahead of schedule is this normal? Anyone else have this problem?

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Shingles :: Getting Bigger Everyday

I am 29 And was diagnosed with shingles yesterday. Are there any creams anyone can recommend for the rash. Its getting bigger And bigger each day.

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Thyroid :: Nodule 2.6 Cm Getting Bigger

I'm a 50 year old woman with a thyroid nodule on right side of thyroid.  Thyroid function is fine and had biopsy 6 months ago which was fine, however the nodule was 2.6cm on last exam and it feels like its getting bigger so am quite concerned and worried about possible surgery and the risks.

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Pregnancy :: Nose Getting Bigger

Its bigger, I swear! I hate it. Everyone always said I had a button nose and now its all round and bigger. I've heard its a symptom but cant figure out how it could be.

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Puberty :: How To Make Your Penis Bigger At 13

How to make my penis bigger I'm only 13 and have not yet hit puberty but I don't want to wait I want to make it bigger now? what should I do?

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Men :: How To Make Your Penis Bigger And Thinner ?

How to make your penis bigger and thinner ? ....

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Fibroids Shrinking But Uterus Getting Bigger?

My latest ultrasound shows my fibroids are shrinking, on their own (I'm 55, perimenopausal) BUt the measurement of my uterus is actually a wee bit bigger.

Of my four biggest fibroids (there are others, not measured on the US) three have shrunk around an average of 30%. Three of these are subserosal, and one is intramural.

But the dimensions of my uterus have actually increased, though only by a tiny amount.

So my question is: how can the fibroids shrink that much and the uterus not shrink too? My only guess is the the subserosal ones are outside the uterus and perhaps not included in the uterus measurement?

This is only a guess. I didn't get a chance to ask my doctor for the reason, and she probably would not have known anyway.

Does anyone know how this can be?

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Painful Lump Turned Painless And Armpit Or Breast Lump?

My mom has a lump in her sides, i couldn't quite understand if it is considered as a breast (because it is in the side and not literally on the breast) or armpit (because it is already below the armpit) lump. It started to be small but then grew bigger after a while it also became painful and suddenly looked like a bruise, she also felt a little numbness in her arm, after some time putting organic medicine it turned smaller and painless but right now it is not yet gone. 1st question: is it to be identified as a breast or armpit lump? 2nd question: what might be the diagnosis for both cases (or what is the difference of diagnosis if it is identified under armpit lump or if it is identified under breast lump)? i really couldn't find any reference to a lump that is painful then turned painless

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Pregnancy :: Measuring - A Week And 2 Days Bigger

A week and 2 days bigger. is that normal?

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Cushing's Syndrome Symptoms :: One Calf Is Bigger Than The Other?

noticed one of my calf muscles is bigger than the other over the past few months is this a symptom of cushing's

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Skin Cancer :: Mole Getting Bigger - Melanoma?

A few years ago I noticed 3 relatively small moles on my pubic area and didn't think much of it. But it grew much bigger and there are another 2 new moles in that area. I'm worried that it could be melanoma as the size is rather big and it's black but I'm too embarrassed to go to a doctor because the mole is at my inner vagina lip while the other 4 are beside the anus. I'm so worried, please can any doctor here help to see if this seem like melanoma, from the pictures attached?

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Skin :: Mole Getting Bigger And Darker - Melanoma?

I am a girl, I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and my skin isn't pale but more "golden" colored. I generally tan pretty well in the sun and usually only get burned on my face and shoulders. I have never used a tanning bed before. however, I have a mole that's about a centimeter away from where my arm pit meets my chest that's concerning. It's much larger and darker than my other moles, it's a little bigger than a pencil eraser and is very dark brown and a teeny bit raised. The edges are chestnut colored and a little blurry, but it is still shaped like a circle (symmetrical). I am noticing it more often now than it the past, which makes me wonder if it has grown. I would get it looked at by a doctor, however the mole has always been covered by a swimsuit and to my knowledge, has never seen the sunlight. Does this mean that it couldn't be skin cancer?

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Lymph Nodes :: Jaw / Collarbone Slowly Getting Bigger

I have recently found two swollen lymph nodes, one above my collarbone and one at the top of my jaw under the ear (not sure what this one is called?) both on the right. I have had night sweats for about 18 months, very run down and tired, and itchy armpits of all things. My doctor is thinking lymphoma so done blood tests and chest xray which came back fine. I am being sent to see a hematologist so just waiting for the appointment. Im guessing a biopsy is going to be the only answer to if it is or isn't lymphoma, i'm trying not to worry, hopefully it will all be fine.

My question is, the lymph nodes are slowly getting bigger every day, not by much but they seem to be growing. Is this somewhat normal? Or could this be a sign that it is somehow getting worse?

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Penis :: Fordyce Spots Turned Red And Bigger After Squeezing

I am a 16 year old boy, and i have fordyce spots.. there was 1 bigger one that i squeezed and now it has turned  red and is much larger... what can i do?

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Bigger Or Narrower Vagina ? After Cystocele / Rectocele Repair

I am worried that after my repair I will be left with a bigger vagina. When I push my front wall to where it should be I have a gap below my fingers. This really concerns me as I don't want to be bigger than I am now! I know Rectocele repairs can make the vagina narrower but the front wall of the vagina is attached to the pubic bone so is very different. Can anyone tell me how it was after your Cystocele repair?

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Frozen With Liquid Nitrogen - Got Black And Bigger

I am a 34 year old single male who has not had any sexual intercourse with anyone in the past 5 months after splitting with my wife of 6 years. Last Friday morning 30/04/10 I woke up with a strange feeling around my mon pubis (between my penis and my belly button) there were around 10 - 15 bleb like spots that had appeared overnight and it worried me very much, I ended up going in the shower and shaving off all my pubic hair to enable me to take a better look at them. I immediately went on the NHS direct website and after running through the questions on the "Symptom Checker" I was instructed to make an appointment at the GUM clinic. I managed to get an appointment the following Thursday and was almost instantly diagnosed as having Molluscum Contagiosum. The doctor said that the spots should disappear within the next 12 - 18 months, to which I was horrified and immediately felt so depressed about the whole thing. He obviously saw this in my eyes and after I asked if there was any treatment that I could have to speed up this process, he mentioned that they could be frozen with liquid nitrogen!!!, I said "and how would I arrange for that to be done?" he replied "we can do it now if you like?" so I of course jumped at the opportunity to have these awful things frozen and 'hopefully' help them GO AWAY (without asking about any side effects or what the procedure consisted of?). So I lay on the bed while he went to collect the liquid nitrogen gun, I pulled down my pants and he set to work freezing them with the gun. At first it felt ok, however after about 15 seconds, the high pressure spray of the liquid nitrogen gun began to feel as though he was using a bunsen burner turned up on full power...! The pain was almost unbearable, but there was no way I was going to stop him and have these spots for the next year or two!. So I lay there, and when he finished, he seemed satisfied that it should do the trick. I thanked him, took some condoms and went on my way. No sooner had I walked out of the clinic when my mon pubis began to "BURN" like someone had poured sulphuric acid onto an open wound!!!. This continued for around an hour and a half and at some points was excruciating. However it did eventually subside and I went on with my days work. It has been almost 3 days now since receiving the treatment and the spots have become much larger than they were and the skin looks black and blue beneath the surface, however the doctor did warn me that this would more than likely be the case. But he did tell me that they should go in around a week or two. I will come back here and update you of the progress at a later date, but if anyone has received this treatment and has a better idea of timescales for the spots to go I would appreciate their knowledge in a reply to this post.

I also thought that I should mention that I have had a few male friends of mine staying with me on some weekends and they have shared towels with me. This is how I must have caught the problem as I have had no skin to skin contact with any other human in the past 5 months. So the new rule in my home is DEFINITELY having separate towels when anyone stays with me.

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