Omeprazole And Oxytetracycline Can Be Taken Together?

Mar 13, 2009

Can both of these be taken at the same time??It says about not taking oxy with indigestion remedies.

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Oxytetracycline And Norethisterone Can Be Taken Together?

I'm currently taking Oxytetracycline pills for my skin, and I'm planning to start taking Norethisterone pills in the next day or so - is there any problem taking these two pills together?

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Oxytetracycline With Sertraline? Can Be Taken Together?

I've taken Oxy before as I suffer with Rosacea and find it brilliant. However, I need to start them up again but have also started back on Sertraline. I can't find anything to say you can't take the two together so was wondering if anyone on here takes both?

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Rosacea Antibiotics :: Been Given Oxytetracycline

I have been given oxytetracycline for my rosacea if you find out any more about if it works i would be very grateful if you let me know.

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Oxytetracycline Will Work For My Acne?

I am 20 and have been suffering with a bad experience with acne since I was 14.....the main area i have acne is on my shoulders and really brings me down and stops me from ever wanting to take my top off! I have also lost a lot of confidence as i think ppl will look at me in a bad way if i take my top of as ppl tend 2 think if someone has spots they must be dirty!

I have used many different creams in the past which were prescribed by my doctor but none of them worked! since october 2009 I have been taking Oxytetracycline, I take 4 pills a day, since taking the drug i feel like i expect my skin to clear up quickly but have had no luck....I have good days and bad at times I can have very BIG spots on my back, giving me trouble when trying to sleep at night. I am no unsure if i need to give it time or is the drug just not working for me? I have been on them for more than 3 months.

It is more annoying as I have a holiday booked for July and want to be able to take my top off an go swimming but if my acne remains the same i will have no choice but to stay covered up or cancel my holiday.

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Oxytetracycline For Chest Infection?

My GP has given me Oxytetracycline for a chest infection... just thought I'd have a look on here as I'd not been prescribed them before and it appears that they are to treat acne and other skin conditions?

Has anyone been prescribed them for a chest infection or similar?

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Oxytetracycline :: Delayed Periods?

Im 34 years old and have been taking tetracycline for around two months now, even though it has cleared most of my acne, I haven't had a period, I wondered if there was any other females who have experience this.

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Oxytetracycline Bad Side Effects

I used the tablets for 5 months and a bit, should be taking it for 6 months but i decide to give into not taking them due to really bad side effects.

When i started, i took 2 TWICE a day for 4 months but, rashes appeared on my cheeks, completely red and skin dried also on my nose. I couldn't bear the suffering, i applied creams like E45 (made things worse for me) then i switched to sudocrem, applying it to my face where the rashes were. this seemed to help stop the rash from getting any worse. I went to see the doctor who said i should cut down on the tabs to 1 Twice a day so i finally started to heal from the rashes. I carried on using the tabs this way until the rashes appeared on my nose again, it was really bad.

To those who suffer from Eczema, be warned as this course may effect it, making it really bad. This is the reason why i have to quit from this 6 month course (am finishing on 5 and a bit months) As for acne, it helped clear it up nicely even old scars until a point where my skin could heal no further ( i stayed the same after the 3rd month) so hopefully, changes are permanent and my side effects will go away from stopping this course.

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Perioral Dermatitis? Oxytetracycline

I've just been diagnosed with a suspected case of perioral dermatitis (a rash around the mouth, including under/around the nose a.k.a POD) and have been prescribed 2 months worth of oxytetracycline tablets, 4 a day. i notice it had helped a lot of people suffering with acne, but i was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and/or been given these drugs...did they work for you?

it's such a depressing thing to suffer with, i've had it for around 5 months (on and off)...i was given a steroid cream at first which helped a bit but then made it ten times worse. i was then given ketoconazole cream (for yeast/bacterial infections) which got rid of around 95% of problem...ofcourse, at the time no-one had mentioned POD so i continued to use make-up which has now flared the rash once again. tried the cream again but this time it hasn't worked. after seeing yet another doctor, she said it could be POD and like i said, has given me oxytetracycline and said i won't see an improvement for around 4 weeks. sofar, taken the tablets for just over a week....and it seems to get better, then get worse....i don't know where i'm going wrong as i've made life-style changes to hopefully get it better (e.g. changing to a non-fluoride toothpaste, wearing oil+colour+perfume free moisturizer and sacrificing make-up all together!)

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Oxytetracycline For Scalp Acne

I just started oxytetracycline 4 times 250 mg a day for 3 months. is this normal for my spotty scalp?

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Rosacea Antibiotics? Doxycycline Or Oxytetracycline

I am looking to take either one of these drugs for treatment of rosacea,

i want my results to be permanent and not having to take these for the rest of my life, if you have experiences good or bad with either of these drugs i would love to hear from you.

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Norethisterone To Delay The Periods With Oxytetracycline?

I am currently taking oxytetracycline to help to reduce a persistent problem I have been having with spots and boils. I have noticed some improvement. In a couple of months I am due to go on holiday and my period is due while I am away. My periods can be really painful and leave me feeling faint for several days. I will be spending a long time travelling so having to go through my period on holiday would be a nightmare. In the past I have used Norethisterone to delay the period successfully with no problems. However I have been advised by my doctor and the pharmacist that I should not take these two drugs at the same time and I don't know what to do. I do not need to use the drug as a contraceptive merely to delay my period. I don't really want to come off the antibiotics for the sake of a holiday but will absolutely dread going if I cannot find a way to delay my period.

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Thank You Oxytetracycline - Acne, Spots And Pimples Gone

My 14 year old son used oxytetracycline 250mg 2 a day for 4 months ( should have been 6 really) for his terrible acne. Poor boy had spots on his face, neck, back and in his hair ( ouch) his G.P was great and we stuck to the course and now he's almost 15 .........not a mark, spot or pimple........he's also got his confidence back , acne can knock these kids for six. so after trying the cream, lotions, cutting out foods you name it we tried it .......

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Acne :: Oxytetracycline Works! How Long To Take It?

I've been plagued by acne all my life. I have now discovered (age 35) that Oxytetracycline is a wonder drug and really does work (2 tablets 2x daily) with differin gel. The only thing is.... how long can I take it for. I've been on it 1 year now, with no side effects. Can I take it indefinitely? Anyone know?

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Oxytetracycline Is Making My Acne Worse?

I've suffered from bad acne from the age of 18 and previously I have been on a course of Tetralysal combined with the contraceptive pill Dianette which did really work wonders. However they did take about 12 months to work and after a while my skin became almost immune to the Tetralysal. I was off Tetralysal for a while and when I went back on it recently I did notice some difference but I felt that it just wasn't doing enough for me. My GP has now prescribed Oxytetracycline and after only taking it for 2 weeks I have noticed large painful boils on my chest and back (I have not previously suffered with this) and the acne on my face is now more painful and seems to be more red and aggravated.

Is it a case of 'it will get worse before it gets better' and I should wait it out for an improvement? Or is this a sign that Oxytetracycline isn't for me and should I go back to my GP even though it's only been 2 week?

Obviously the worsening of my skin doesn't really do much for my confidence and I do feel that it is getting worse day by day. I'd rather nip this is in the bud now if the medication doesn't work for me before my skin gets much worse.

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Spots / Acne :: How Long Oxytetracycline Takes To Effect?

I have been using a lotion called dalacin t topical lotion from about october 2007, it really improved the big spots i used to get on my back, and it helped my face a little, but not much.So i went back to the doctors and she prescribed me with Oxytetracycline, which i take 2 tablets 2 times a day, so in total 4 a day. I have been on them for a month on this monday coming up (18th), that will then be a month, i think the doctor told me they would take about 3 weeks to a month to have a visual effect, im just hoping they do work! how has everyone's experience been with this medication? how long did it take for it to start working?

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Oxytetracycline Visual Side Effects - Sight Has Degraded

I have been on Oxytetracycline for the past 3 months to treat acne on my back. It seems to be beginning to work now but I have a problem in that my sight has degraded quite rapidly in the past 4 months. My optician did say there is a chance this could be linked. I have done a bit of research and sight variation is a rare side effect of this medication. Does anyone know if this would be a temporary variation on a permanent deterioration?

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Rosacea :: Oxytetracycline - How Long Nausea Side Effect Lasts?

Just started taking the tablets and wondering how long the side effects last for, Particularly the nausea.

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Oxytetracycline Body Aches And Swollen Legs - Side Effect?

I have been taking oxytetracycline for the last 5 months or so to clear up spots on my chest and back.But lately i have had pains in my knees,pains in my back and sometimes slight pain in my stomach area.I have noticed my legs,from the knees down especially around my ankles are full of fluid after my work.I was wondering if this is due to something else or has anyone else out there had anything like this after taking oxytetracycline.I have noticed my eyes are a bit blurry at times.But it's the pains and the fluid i would like to find out about.

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Oxytetracycline Cause Permanent Visual Impairment/loss As A Side Effect?

have been prescribed Oxytetracycline for my cystic acne. 250mg thrice a day for 20 days and then 250 mg twice a day.

I have read on internet that it causes vision loss or impairment in some patients and scared to start the treatment.

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Omeprazole :: Bit Of Diarrhea?

I have just finished taking Omeprazole and have never felt better.I took the tablets every day around late afternoon,and from the first tablet got instant relief.

If you go on Google there are some references to side effects which may apply to you.

I only got a bit of diarrhea ,but this may have been relevant to food.

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