Overactive Thyroid :: Stopping Carbimazole - Only Beta Blockers?

Oct 18, 2009

I was diagnosed with overactive thyroid 6 weeks ago, i was put on carbimazole and beta blockers. Initially i felt loads better and could actually function nearly as normal. the beta blockers were stopped after 4 weeks. after check up 3 days ago they have stopped the carbimazole completely and put me back on beta blockers as my thyroid is nearly underactive but my heart rate is far too high. Im now back to how i was before. tired, giddy, nauseous, sweating and shaking. I have a 15 month old son and struggling to function. Can this be good just stopping carbimazole just like that i m back to square one!

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Beta-Blockers :: Trouble Sleeping

I am taking beta blockers. I have had a heart attack couple of days ago and I guess beta blockers I have to take as prevention. No one needs a heart attack, right? But, even in that short period of time, some side effects occurred, I had trouble sleeping. Although, I have to admit that I am not sure if this was because of the stress or because of the beta blocker.

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Beta-blockers :: Ramipril - Very Congested Cough

My experienced with ramipril for high blood pressure was that I had a very bad cough, not a dry cough, but a very congested cough which I suffered for about three months. Although I returned to the Doctor after having the cough for about 6 weeks they still didn't take me off the ramipril - but gave me antibiotics this was despite me saying I felt it might be the ramipril - sometimes they don't listen. I was told to come back after 3 weeks which I did the anti biotics has done nothing - what a surprise and I was beginning to think I had developed some sort of severe Lung problem. I could hardly speak without coughing, I could not sleep for coughing, my chest felt like it would burst, I was physically sick from coughing. Doctor then thought it may be a good idea to stop taking ramipril I am now taking Atenolol - watch this space.

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Beta-blockers :: Weight Gain/loss On Atenolol Dosage

I was taking 100mg for 3 years and had tremendous weight gain and began getting numb toes and fingers. My GP reduced the dose to 50 mg and within the first month I lost a whole kilo and my bp dropped. Now trying to stop smoking too and with Zyban, and sleeping tabs I am getting night sweats and feel generally wiped out, so with gp's consent we are dropping the Atenolol totally and see what happens. Good luck to all out there who have found problems and I hope you find suitable solutions without the side effects.

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Carbimazole :: Stopping Carbimazole - Started To Gain Weight

I have been on Carbimazole for only about a month and have started to gain weight. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at Easter and am seeing the endocrinologist tomorrow. I am coming off the stuff as I'd rather be dead than fat and will tell him that. I'm 51 and work in the media. Weight gain could cause me to lose my job and it's just out of the question to be overweight. People in my industry are being made redundant everyday and my job is really at risk.

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Hyperthyroidism :: Pregnant With Overactive Thyroid

I have recently been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid with no previous thyroid problems. I was tested in 2014 once with normal results.

Recently in my 8th week of being pregnant my results came back as:

TSH <0.01 (reference 0.3-4.0 mIU/L)

Free t4 25 (reference 9-23 pmol/L)

Free t3 8.4 (reference 3.5-6.5 pmol/L)

I am waiting for an endo appointment and was wondering if there was anything else that should be tested (vitamin b12, D, carnitine, antibodies) or if there was anything I could do while I wait for the appointment. I am a vegetarian and from my other tests the doctor concluded my iron is fine.

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Overactive Thyroid - But Under Active Symptoms?

I am 33 years old and have just been diagnosed with having OA Thyroid, but have symptoms of UA Thyroid. I have always struggled with my weight and bloating (from having food intolerances), but have recently gained a lot more weight than normal, despite eating sensibly, walking everywhere (as I don't drive) and swimming.

I have days where I feel really thirsty and have to drink lots and lots of water, unable to concentrate, have a husky voice and morning coughing/ gunk on my chest, rapid heart rate, anxiety, feel achey and exhausted all the time. I also have Fibromyalgia (was diagnosed in 2005). I used to work full time for 17 years, but recently had to reduce my hours to part time, where I constantly felt ill...and I have now had to leave work altogether.

What I don't understand is how I can have the symptoms of UA but be OA. The Doctor has prescribed me 5mg of Carbimazole to take 3 times a day. No Propranolol yet, but I have taken these before as I used to suffer with high blood pressure.

I am worried that I am going to gain even more weight on this medication, when I have already gone up nearly two dress sizes from being so ill. Is this medication usually only given for people with OA? Will the effects be reversed in my case, where I have UA? Are there many of you out there who have the same symptoms as me and who are taking this medication and if so, what has happened in your situation?

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Hyperthyroidism :: Selenium And Zinc For Overactive Thyroid?

This is my second time having an overactive thyroid in about 4.5 years. The first time I was totally new to it and had horrible symptoms and took a few trips to A&E for the doctors to diagnose me. This time around wasn't feeling great and said i would go get bloods done to check my thyroid, as hadnt gotten it checked in maybe 2 years! So the first time I had it I was living in a different city in Ireland so i was seeing a different Endo, which opted for Block and Replace treatment, which I found really good - was on this for 18 months and given the all clear. This time around I am seeing a different Endo who would not put me on the Block and Replace treatment, so am just on 20mg carbimazole now the last month and 10mg for a month before that. Still not feeling great, have good days and bad days, but I just remember feeling a lot better when doing the B&R. So i have started taking some supplements too, Omega 3, a multivitamin and a selenium & zinc tablet also, has anyone else ever tried the selenium and zinc that could share their experiences? Or any other supplements that has made an improvement on their health and wellbeing?

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Overactive Thyroid - Neo-Mercazole Made Me Shaky, Inderal 40?

I have been diagnosed with an overactive Thyroid. My Dr started me on Neo-Mercazole but the medication was making me very shaky. I then went back to her and she put me onto Inderal 40. I am yet to see a specialist at the end of the month. I wanted to ask if I could take both tablets at once?

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Hyperthyroidism :: Underactive Tiredness And Stopping Carbimazole

On last testing I was under active again and only on 5mg of carbimazole, so as no endow appointment for another 8 weeks was advised to make arrangements with family doctor, as it's been christmas peroid I couldn't get to doctor as booked up and also couldn't even get a telephone call so I decided to go with 5 mg every other day to I arranged something, I still feel underactive tiredness, cold and puffy lips and tongue, the main concern is the appearance of my eye and face swelling has went extreme in last week , I am so depressed with this puffy face I don't know if it's as my throid is underactive or because I have cut down the medication, I find endo doctors useless , this diease has left me I don't want to leave the house, I also have dry very spotty skin which has got worse all over christmas I do not recognise the person I have become anymore

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Depressed - Beta Prograne - Too Tired

I'm taking half beta prograne 80 mg for 3 weeks on a routine of 7.30am with a pill I take, BUT through the day I'm extremely tired,feeling very low ( I have 3 children ) and I have completely nooooo energy (sometimes by tea time) to do anything so by 7pm I'm ready for bed. I'm just so tired. Is this normal? Please help I don't want to go back to my gp only to b told just keep plodding on ?. Will it upset my body if I Change the times off when I take the drug say for instance take at night instead?

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UTI :: Overactive Bladder And Occasional Urge Incontinence

I am 50, male, and I have been poorly for a few weeks following a severe UTI, although I feel much better now than I was. Without going into the whole story, the pain I had was so sudden and severe that I had to be taken to A&E in an ambulance. I wondered if I had kidney stones, but I've now had a follow-up ultrasound scan of my kidneys and abdomen and this was clear. Had already had PSA blood test back in June which was also OK, so I don't think it is my prostate. I have no idea how the infection occurred and it is seems as if it was just one of those things.

I do have overactive bladder and occasional urge incontinence but I have never had a UTI before.

Other pre-existing conditions are high blood pressure, overweight and high cholesterol, also history of peptic ulcers and duodenitis,  as well as mental health issues, but nothing you would think would cause this specific condition.

I just wondered if anyone out there reading this post have had something similar or can help. I know UTIs are rare in men & I don't think I've quite got to the bottom of things yet. Has anyone else had any other tests other than ultrasound, and I wondered if they revealed anything more?

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Urinary Incontinence :: Oxybutynin - Overactive Bladder With Gynae Problems

I have overactive bladder and have had problems for years; I take oxybutynin which was helping quite a lot but since I've been having some other gynae problems the incontinence has become much worse again in the last few weeks/months. I'm waiting for tests at the moment so hoping this will give me more idea what I can do long term but in the meantime, trying to adjust to dealing with the wetting accidents again and manage it as best I can.

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Urinary Incontinence :: Small Ovarian Cyst And Overactive Bladder

I was sent to gynae as a scan showed I had a small ovarian cyst but I have also been experiencing bladder problems.  Saw specialist today who is now referring me to gynae/urology specialist (so another appointment to wait for).  Can anyone help with general advice for OAB?  I have downloaded some bladder training stuff and I have been given some medication to help in the interim while waiting for next appt.  I am worried about the pain I have every time I need to go to the loo - is this a common symptom?  I have also been told to use painkillers on a regular basis (every 6 hours) to combat this.

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Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers :: Losartan - Dry Mouth

Does anyone out there on Losartan (25mg) have a very dry mouth caused by lack of saliva? Also a feeling that the skin was coming off the inside of my mouth. My dentist says this may be caused by Losartan and it might result in gum disease. Anybody with the same symptoms?

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Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers :: Losartan - Getting Bad Headaches

Was originally on 2 mg candesartan and moved doctors and when my blood pressure was checked it was high 146 over 110 which is the highest i've seen it so been put on 50mg losartan and i've been getting bad headaches is this a side effect am back seeing the nurse next week and i intend to mention this and see if they can change my medication 

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Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers :: Losartan - Itchy Hands

I was originally taking ramipril but as I was experiencing uncontrollable coughing fits and itchy hands and feet, I am now taking Losartan.

Thankfully the cough has gone, but I still have slightly itchy hands. Does anyone else experience this?

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Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers :: Losartan - Joints Hurt

I am 60 yr old been diagnosed with high blood pressure ,doctor has given me losartan 12.5mg been taking them for 2 month's now, felt dizzy at first so I take them at night instead of morning I feel tired all the time and my joints hurt everyday especially my knees I used to walk my dogs daily , out for at least an hour now after walking for 15 mins I ache so badly don't seem to have much energy these day's is it the tablet's has anyone else felt like this

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Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers :: Losartan - Transient Dizziness

Have changed from Amlodipine to Losartan as they gave me swollen ankles and dizziness, have been on Losartan for 4 month but have many side affects. I have a constant muzzy feeling, transient dizziness and a queasy feeling all of which come and go but feel extremely tired when experiencing the feeling. I get the feeling my GP is fed up as I keep getting side effects . Does anyone else get these side effects?

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Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers :: Losartan Affect Your Blood Sugar?

I am on Losartan for about 3 years and i am 63 years old I had to cut my medication in half because of the very bad side effects I went to the dr and ask him to change my medication because of the side effect he just told me to continue with 25mg instead of 50mg but when I had my blood result my blood sugar was pretty high and i'm not diabetic and nobody in my family are and I have the reputation to eat healthy more the everybody and I exercise I read on the internet that losartan can affect your blood sugar is it true because I'm thinking to change to dr.

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Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers :: Losartan - Tension In Face And Jaw Ache

Hi my GP has just prescribed Losartan, after 3 days I am experiencing headaches , tension in face and jaw ache, 

He suggested I stop for 3 days but said it was not side effects of the drug but my fibromyalgia condition. I'm not convinced as after 3 days without the drug I began to feel better.

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