Overeating Relation With Stress

Oct 24, 2014

I am glad I am retired, no more stress eating.

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Time Of Sex In Relation To Periods?

What's the possibility of me getting pregnant if my husband and I have sex almost every night from the moment my period stops until the next month when my period starts?

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Masturbation And It's Relation To Wet Dreams?

i have been mastrubating from the age of 18 till 29 age . i started this because i was having wet dreams from 14 age . sometimes this thing helped but sometimes not . now i am having normal erections with ejaculation time during sex varying from 10 min to 2 hr . i am physically fit as i was an athlete and i regularly do exercises . but i am still facing wet dreams . i mastrubated with a one month gap at least but sometimes gap decreases to 3 days and sometimes 3 months. But normaly if i mastrubated twice with 3 days gap my third mastrubation gets at least 1 month gap or even more in between i have stopped for more than 1 year .now i am not mastrubating as i am having frequent sex. my urine test done today shown 4-5 puss cells 1-2 ep cells with bacteria as i stored it room temperature for more than 4 hrs . i want to know that had my past habits got something to do with my potency ? and are my wet dreams normal?

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Hepatitis B :: GGT Relation To Smoking

I am a 27 old man ,hbv carrier .i want to know if there is any study about the relation between ggt and smoking.my ggt after a 2 month of quiting smoking was 22.and when i resmoke a 2 pack per day four 2 month it become 26.i read that ggt is better under 20 u/l.

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Relation Between Accutane And Sjogren's?

Is anyone aware of  a linkage between isotretinoin (Accutane), used for treating cystic acne, and Sjogren's, which is linked to the epithelial cells?  At 21, when Accutane first appeared, doses were higher than current (I remember my skin bleeding when scratching lightly with a fingernail).  I am now 51, and have had Raynaud's for a number of years, and was just diagnosed with Sjogren's.  Just curious if anyone has seen this?

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Trigeminal Neuralgia :: Any Relation With Migraines

initial trigeminal neuralgia in my case may have been triggered by a gum infection.

I have suffered migraines since the age of eight. Is this condition related, a correlation between the two ?

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Cholesterol :: Has No Relation To Heart Attacks

There is no disease caused by cholesterol. One study using 9 countries showed a correlation between cholesterol and heart attacks but when all other countries were put in there was no correlation in fact the Eskimos who have blood cholesterol 300 - 500 and are legendary for not having heart problems. 75% of heart attacks happen to people who have what doctor would say good cholesterol. Some studies have shown that cholesterol below 200 shorten your life expectancy. As people decreased their cholesterol intake many other diseases that did not exist 50 years ago are know are on the top of the list. Alzheimer's, Erectile dysfunction, hormone problem, and poor immune systems why because they are all made of cholesterol. Naturopath doctor say a normal cholesterol is 220 - 270

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Crohn's Disease Relation To Hemorrhoids?

I know something about crohn’s disease. However, there is something else that intrigues me. I was wondering if this disease can be manifested with haemorrhoids. As far as I know, those are two different entities, so I would like to know if they can be linked in any way.

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Vitamin D Relation To Weight Gain?

I have been taking vitamin d for around 2 months now (2000 UI daily) and noticed my weight has been increasing and i have not really changed my diet. Do these go hand in hand?

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Diabetes In Relation To Kidney Stones

I just learned I am diabetic, A1C is 9.0 with an average blood sugar of 211.

Likely I was thrown into a higher diabetic state due to a low purine diet for about a year now which was necessary due to uric acid kidney stones. I was eating more foods that was bad for a diebetic such as bread and potatos since I could eat those on a low purine diet. Note I was likely high in blood sugar already which may be a contributing factor to kidney stones as I found one study that indicated a 40% increase in uric acid kidney stones with diabetics.

Of course now I'm really messed up as foods I can eat on a low purine diet I can't eat on a diabetic diet and foods I can eat on a diabetic diet I can't eat on a low purine diet. So that leaves hardly nothing that I can eat.

It's only been 5 days since the change in diet due to diabeties. I can't seem to get it regulated by diet. It goes up overnight as I sleep which doesn't make sense, I'm not eathing anything!

Readings before meals at different times of day have been 189, 159, 161, 160, 138, 132, 168, 138, 236, 182, 150, 142, 193 taken at different times to the day. The 236 reading was 2 hours after a snack. Mid-day seems to be the lowest. I'm eating so little I'm having trouble maintaining weight. Over the course of the low purine diet I've lost 30 pounds. I could stand to loose a tiny bit more but not much.

I'm starting to exercise some and plan on increasing it as soon as I receive excersise equipment...

I just don't understand the changes in sugar levels, can't seem to attribute it to any particular food necessarily. We are trying diet first before meds. I'm taking Urik-K for the kidney stones.

Just trying to figure out why the rise overnight when it is basically fasting and it rises which I would think it would lower since I didn't eat anything for a period of time?

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa Relation To Smoking

Just enquiring how many people on here smoke, i've had hs for 10 years now and my doc has said stopping smoking will help i've cut down a lot gone from 20 - 25 a day to 10 which is great for my health i will eventually stop but i just want to know is it related to this condition because these days i can go drs wiv my leg falling off and he would say stopping smoking.

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Osteoporosis Relation To Parathyroid Disease?

I have general query regarding parathyroid disease in the context of women with 50+ years of age. Is osteoporosis a symptom of this kind of disease ? Or, does it need to be both vitamin-D3 & Ca to be high in Blood too ? For example, if x-ray shows osteoporosis & also vitamin-D3 (25 OH) is too low (i.e. < 15), can we simply rule out parathyroid disease here ? Or, to be sure, we need to test serum Ca as well ?

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Iron Deficiency Anaemia And Its Relation To B12

I've been on ferrous fumarate for 3 months and doctor says my results are improving (hemoglobin has reached normal and ferritin has went from 1 to 12)

My symptoms were continuing so I was tested for B12 deficiency and got result today. B12 came back as 276. The doctor left a message to say continue with iron for 3 months and that was it! I am really down as I don't know whether the iron will up my B12 or not? I don't know if this means my B12 is on the up or if the iron tablet has nothing to do with it?

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Hypothyroidism Relation To Gluten Free Diet

Does anyone know any more about gluten and thyroid function? Read somewhere that going gluten free will improve health. Any thoughts? 

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Recurrent Sore Throat In Relation To Herpes?

I have only had a primary outbreak about 3 months ago now. Twice since then I have had a sore throat similar to the one I had in the first 3-4 days of my outbreak. My question is, do you think my recurrent sore throats are in relation to my herpes? I have not had another sore since then.

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Thyroidectomy / Synthroid Relation To Aortic Aneurysm

I now have a 4.1 ascending aortic aneurysm. Begin taking synthroid in 2007 after stage 4. Total thyroidectomy. Could there be a connection? My endo thinks I am loco.

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Lichen Sclerosus Relation To Swollen Thyroid?

My doctor is checking my thyroid again. Have a swollen thyroid. Have any of you with thyroid issues along with LS had swollen thyroid? I'm so stressed about this all.

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Blood Pressure Variations Relation To Heart Rate

Lately I've been experiencing some concerning symptoms with blood pressure and heart rate. When I get up from either a lying or sitting position, after standing (or walking) for about ten to twenty seconds, I feel very lightheaded and on the verge of fainting. So I grabbed my blood pressure cuff today when this happened to see where I was registering. My BP was 77/57 and my heart rate was 127. And this was just from simply standing up. So I laid back down... And immediately took my BP in the lying position. It went to 149/87 with a heart rate of 75. It changed that much in 30 seconds.

I am currently trying to wean down from Carvedilol.. Was taking 3.125 mg four times daily. After complaining to my cardiologist about nasty side effects (including this drop in BP) he said to cut it in half.

I didn't take the larger dose very long.. Only about a week.
I just wonder if the larger dose could be the culprit.

I have never tolerated the beta blockers well at all. Metoprolol and Atenolol were disasters too.

I'd like to get off BP meds completely, but each time I tried to wean off, my BP would skyrocket.

One thing that is going on right now as well is some serious abdominal pain. Don't know if that's a side effect of Carvedilol or not.

I've had extensive blood work, endoscopy, colonoscopy, abdominal CT, chest xray, many EKGs, and wore a 30 day event monitor.
Virtually all tests were normal.

Here's what did show up though:

Found a small lesion on a parathyroid gland.
Free thyroxine was "slightly" elevated.
Mitral Valve Prolapse with mild regurgitation.
2 very small nodules in lungs (benign according to lung dr)
Some pleural thickening (probably scar tissue from old infection)
Event monitor caught some VT and SVT.

The doctors are telling me these things are insignificant and need no attention.
Family and friends think stress and anxiety are to blame.
But I feel like crap every day. Blood pressure spikes (highest was 210/110)
Heart rate escalates with minimal activity. Night sweats, horrible headaches, severe abdominal pain. Weight loss of 20 pounds in past 6 months. Brain fog and concentration problems.

I've read lots of things that can explain all this:

Chronic Fatigue
Food Intolerance
And of course.. Stress.

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Pregnancy :: Relation Between The Early Movements And The Fetal Gender ?

I am pregnant in the sixth week (second month), I feel some movements inside.

Is that really come from the baby or not ?

And is there any relation between the early movements and the fetal gender ?

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Pregnancy :: Baby / Belly Measuring In Relation To Labor / Induced?

what does measuring your belly have to do with labor or inducing & is inducing a choice ?

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How To Get Rid Of Depression / Stress

The best and most foolproof way to remove stress is through laughter. Find something you enjoy, spend some time with a loved one, or walk around the block with a neighbor. People, love, and laughter always do the trick!

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