Osteoporosis Relation To Parathyroid Disease?

Sep 17, 2014

I have general query regarding parathyroid disease in the context of women with 50+ years of age. Is osteoporosis a symptom of this kind of disease ? Or, does it need to be both vitamin-D3 & Ca to be high in Blood too ? For example, if x-ray shows osteoporosis & also vitamin-D3 (25 OH) is too low (i.e. < 15), can we simply rule out parathyroid disease here ? Or, to be sure, we need to test serum Ca as well ?

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Hysterectomy :: Increased Risk Of Heart Disease And Osteoporosis?

When I met with the gynaecological oncologist, and decided that to be safe I should have a hysterectomy to get rid of the rapidly growing, funny looking (on MRI) fibroid, he said "we'll take out the ovaries, too." At the time, I didn't say anything.

However, after I went home, and I did a lot of research and found that it would be a bad idea because having my ovaries removed increase my risk of heart disease and osteoporosis, and my family has a strong history of both, but not of cancer (which I didn't think to mention at the consultation - finding out that there was a slight chance I might have cancer in my uterus put other thoughts out of my mind.) So I sent a very long, detailed email to the gyn/onc, explaining why I thought removing my ovaries would be a bad idea but never got a response. So I called the gynaecological nurse, who was present at my consultation, and she reassured me that I didn't have to have my ovaries out; I have to consent to the surgery.

Well, I was all relieved until I had my pre surgical assessment on Wednesday, when I was given the paperwork to fill out and on the top of the first page it said TAH/BSO (The BSO part means removal of Fallopian tubes and ovaries.) I wrote on the page that I did not consent to BSO and told the assessment nurse, who said she just go that from the doctor and it had nothing to do with her.

So when I returned home, I spoke to the gyn/onc's secretary, who said that she must have mistakenly wrote TAH/BSO on the form and not to worry, the doctor knows about it. I said that I wanted to make sure that he was aware of it prior to my surgery, which is this coming Wednesday, and she said she would speak to him on Friday (today) and would call me back.

Well, I never heard back so called around 4:50 and spoke to a woman (not sure if it was the same person) who, after I gave my name, immediately started reassuring me that my operation would go on as scheduled. I explained that wasn't why I was calling, I wanted to make sure that the doctor wasn't expecting to take out my ovaries when I didn't want him to. She then tried to reassure me that everything was as expected and something about an email being forwarded to him (not sure if she said she forwarded an email or my email). I think she also mentioned something about getting in touch on Monday.

I know that I don't have to consent to anything I don't want to, but I also don't want to have the doctor come in on the morning expecting to do one type of surgery and then being asked to do something else. If the gyn/onc thinks that even with my family history, I'm better off without ovaries, then I'm willing to listen and change my decision, but I don't like the idea of not knowing what is happening with me until the last minute and having to have these kind of conversations on the day of my operation.

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Crohn's Disease Relation To Hemorrhoids?

I know something about crohn’s disease. However, there is something else that intrigues me. I was wondering if this disease can be manifested with haemorrhoids. As far as I know, those are two different entities, so I would like to know if they can be linked in any way.

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Possibly Parathyroid Disease - Painful Joints, Unable To Focus, Tired, Dizzy, Tingling Legs

My blood calcium level is 10.6. So far what I've read on the Internet it looks like parathyroid disease but I'm not sure. I just tested again on calcium and the parathyroid but I won't know anything till next week and I'm going out of town tomorrow and I know I won't be able to enjoy myself like I should worrying about this. So I have all the symptoms like painful joints, unable to focus, tired, dizzy, tingling legs and feet and easily set off. But what worries me is that a year ago it was discovered I have an enlarged pituitary gland that I haven't followed up on and I've read something about that. Also I am a smoker so does anyone know if I would feel like this if its cancer. I've had issues with my neck for awhile. It was swollen a couple of years ago to where it felt like a golf ball in the back. Now it feels tight in the front. Could it be throat cancer?

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Reverse Osteoporosis?

After my dad who is 85 was diagnosed with Osteoporosis, I started doing some research. Most if not all these meds have so many side effects and are even thought to cause further damage to the bone. There are a lot of doctors starting to promote healthy diet changes as opposed to taking meds. The old theory that milk and dairy promotes bone health is now thought to be a scam funded with trillions of dollars by the dairy industry. So I'm curious, has anyone tried a plant based or starch based diet to reduce symptoms or even reverse their Osteoporosis?

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Omeprazole Contributing To Osteoporosis?

Anybody heard anything about the use of omeprazole contributing to osteoporosis? I am considering stopping the use as I now have osteoporosis. Reading the suggestions to taper off is helpful and I will use them. Have a hiatal hernia and acid reflux but think that it may impede calcium intake.

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Menopause At 30's - How To Prevent Osteoporosis?

I'm 45, I started suspecting early menopause at the age of 37,which is when my symptoms started started including depression and anxiety, I have been on and off (mainly on) anti depressants since i was 39,I  was 41 when my periods stopped altogether.

After 2 years of doctors advising me to go on hrt especially as i am early menopausal, i gave in 6 months ago and went on elleste duet. It has stopped my hot flushes, night sweats, joint pain, dry skin etc: which is all

good but I'm still not convinced i am doing the right thing,I am very concerned about the cancer risks so I am thinking of coming off them as well as my mini pill (which i take to control my endometriosis) I am mostly concerned about osteoporosis, and my question is surely if i take Vit D and Calcium every day I can protect my bones in the same way ?

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Osteoporosis And Osteopenia :: Co-Codamol Failed

 I can't find ANYTHING that removes the pain!  Co Codamol doesn't, the 'so called' pain relieving gels don't (I've tried 3 different types).  Can anyone suggest anything else?

Yesterday I twisted my hips somehow as I got out of the chair, the pain was excruciating.  Since then I can hardly walk (how does excercise, excercise fit in then?)

I had been doing so well, 20 mins walk per day (and I've always disliked walking!) - physiotherapy, etc.


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Osteoporosis And Fibromyalgia :: Ouch My Knee Hurts Soo Much!!

I have osteoporosis and fibromyalgia for the three weeks when bend down filling shelves i have a sudden pain in my left knee and it's the same walking down the stairs its very painful i could cry

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Burping? ADCAL -D3 For Osteoporosis And THYROXINE For Underactive Thyroid

When taking ADCAL -D3 for Osteoporosis and THYROXINE for underactive thyroid, there should be a space of at least 4, yes 4 hours between these medications as side effects could be upset tummy, wind and constipation etc.

So tomorrow I will leave off the ADCAL-D3 for a few days to see if this is the problem.

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Osteoporosis :: Alendronic Acid Alternative? Vitamin D3 And Calcium?

I was put on alendronic acid for osteoporosis but it had horrendous side effects so stopped taking it and talking to GP tomorrow but hoping I can achieve some protection from high dose Vit D3 and some calcium.  Has anyone else on here had a problem with alendronic acid and found a good SAFE alternative?

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Thyroid :: Anyone Else With Parathyroid Cancer ?

I ve been operated of parathyroid cancer in March 2015 in France. It seems very rare. I m looking for people with the same disease ? I am still in hypocalcemia after 8 months even with 3 g of calcium per day and vit D.

Have you ideas to go out ?

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Failed Humerus Heal At 88 - Profound Osteoporosis Bone Fixation?

My mom is 88. In August of 2012 she fell and broke her left humerus. Our first Dr. did an external fixation and we administered a bone stimulator conscientiously for 3 1/2 months, a half hour every night. After about six months the external fixation became progressively loose.

We obtained a new orthopedic surgeon who deemed that another surgery would be necessary. He did an internal fixation with synthetic bone graft. After about a year that has failed. Now we have total failure of the arm …. (looks like two elbows), x rays reveal floating screws, wire wrap coming undone from the plate, and most recently painful surges from the shoulder all the way to the tips of her fingers.

Her bones are obviously very osteoporotic. Our Dr. has suggested another surgery with a longer plate. I worry about another surgery (T.I.A. and clotting) and after two failures why would a third be successful?

Is there any new technology regarding 'profound osteoporosis bone fixation'?

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Thyroid :: Diagnosed With Parathyroid Hyperplasia

Recently have FINALLY gotten a diagnosis of PARATHYROID HYPERPLASIA?…  After many years of fainting, blood pressure issues, kidney stones, ureteral stunting, a complete hysterectomy at 34 after ovarian cysts reoccurring….I had hoped it was HYPERPARATHYROIDISM…but my PTH wasn't high enough and the sestamibi and 3d scans and ultrasounds showed very thick glands? Does this sound like anything any of you have gone through or experienced, or should I be seeking another opinion?

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Kidney Stones And Parathyroid - Stent - How Long?

I was diagnosed with kidney stones and parathyroid disease in March 2010 whilst being in hospital as a result of high calcium levels (3.7 mmol/L) and significant pains in the back. A stent was inserted in order to help the kidneys and I went through a number of tests (Mibi scan, ultrasound, DEXA among others) for identifying the gland(s) that were overproducing the hormone for calcium (201 serum PHT). While I was told that the stent should not remain longer than two months and that I should have the stones removed as soon as possible, I have not been scheduled yet for the removal (ureteroscope). During the last month, the stent has become very uncomfortable, I cannot walk for more than 10 minutes and I feel very tired. I went to the A&E but I was offered only muscle relaxants and painkillers and I have not seen any improvement as a result of these. Simultaneously, I am waiting for the arrangement of the removal of the parathyroid gland.

Is there anyone with similar experience? Is it normal to have that long the stent and have these symptoms? And is there anyone that has gone through a removal of parathyroid glands? Any information would be most helpful.

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Thyroid Disorders :: Elevated Parathyroid Hormone

My parathyroid hormone is 98.1 intact, the reference range is 14-72.  My calcium is 9.7, reference range is 8.7-10.4, my vitamin D level is 50, reference range 33-100.

My parathyroid hormone has been elevated for a couple of years now, but usually my vitamin D levels were a little low, so the doctors seem to think my parathyroid was elevated because of my vitamin D level. Now that both calcium and Vitamin D levels are normal my parathyroid hormone is still elevated.  Not sure if there is any correlation to why my parathyroid hormone is elevated, but I have multiple nodules on both left and right lobes of my thyroid. My left lobe has 3 nodules under 1 cm with one measuring 3.1 x 1.3 x 1.6 cm and my right lobe has one under 1 cm with the other 1.0 x 0.4 x 0.6 cm.

December 2013 I had a biopsy on the larger one on left lobe 3.1 cm and was benign.

I haven't been feeling well for more than two years now, doctors just tell me to see a psychiatrist, I am on a antidepressant but it really hasn't helped me that much.

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Bad Parathyroid? Symptoms? Calcium And Vitamin D Levels?

I have nearly all symptoms of a bad parathyroid.  I am changing doctors as I am not pleased with his responses.  My parathyroid hormones have been high for two years+.  My calcium level stays at 10-10.4, with anything over 10.5 being considered high.  Do I just go to a surgeon or what do I do?  With sudden symptoms beginning over two years ago, I feel it is a bad parathyroid.  In my last blood work, my VIT D was even LOW, which I understand can also be a symptom.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Parathyroid Tests?

Seen a pain doctor who suggested I get mr thyroid checked although it has always been normal but he said I should get my parathyroid tested my gp has only ever done 2 test in his 25 years of being a doc.

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Thyroid :: What A Parathyroid Scan Entails? How Long Does It Take?

I am being referred to a surgeon to discuss a parathyroid operation. I am waiting to go for a scan. Can anyone tell me what the scan entails? I know dye is put into you. How long does the scan take?

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Thyroid :: Raised Parathyroid And Calcium Levels - Low Vitamin D

I have had a raised parathyroid hormone blood result recently also a raised calcium in the blood result. I had raised calcium levels several years ago but after a scan of my parathyroid glands which showed no growths it was put down to lack of Vitamin D and called secondary parathyroidism

I was told to increase my Vitamin D levels which I did and my calcium level dropped. I have continued on the supplementation. I have severe sleep problems, am tired and grumpy, my hypothyroidism been under control for the last 8 years. I am borderline diabetic. Almost 73 years old.

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Thyroid :: Understanding Calcium And Parathyroid Hormone Level?

I'm a 44 year old female. Earlier this year I went to the doc with lethargy, aches and pains, headaches, Backache, feeling sick, amongst a heap of other basic symptoms for a menopause check to which it came back as positive but they also tested me for low vit d which came back as deficient so checked my parathyroid hormone which was elevated. My Calcium they said was fine so iv been treated with a high dose of vit d pills for three months. Recent testing has shown my Calcium is still stable but my parathyroid has increased further but the doctor said she will have to do and enquires as to what to do next as she expected my parathyroid to balance out but as it isn't I haven't a clue what that all means if my Calcium is ok as I know they are all linked. Is there any clues or experience you can offer as to what it all means.

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