Pretty Severe Achilles Pain In My Left Foot

May 27, 2014

I have pretty severe Achilles pain in my left foot. The pain is most severe in the morning, and it clicks all day and I have never heard the 'pop' that other people talk about. 

Guessing its not a full rupture however it is really limiting in what I can do. I have been to the GP surgeries and clear for several occasions I am a Due for a ultrasound scan,  but the whole process is taking really long I haven't been able to do sports since October.

there are many of you who have suffered with the same pain, do you have any advice as I am at a loss  and it's getting quite depressing.

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Foot Disorders :: Achilles Tendon Pain - MRI

I had a mri done of my Achilles tendon my dr wanted to look for a ligament tear I have been having pain in my Achilles tendon for a few years now my left foot is worse than my right foot but I have pain in both my dr only wanted a mri of my left foot the mri states that I have physiological fluid present then it states that I have fluid between the tendon and the calcaneus which is suggested to have peritendinitis I have looked and looked and I can find what peritendinitis is but nothing about fluid being present like I said I have had this pain for about 4 years now I have had cortisone shots to help the pain a few times the first time I had the shot it worked and then it never worked again I have a lot of trouble walking I've had special inserts also made a few years back before having the mri I can't walk up and down the stairs especially in the mornings I can't stand the pain anymore but if anyone could help me better understand what the mri means that would be great so I know what to ask the dr.

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Plantar Fasciitis :: In Right Foot, Pain In Left Foot

I have suffered with plantar fasciitis in my right foot for about a year now.

It originally started after a knee operation and a torn calf muscle after an accident.

The pain in my right foot is so unbearable that I opted for a steroid injection last year. I watched some of the youtube videos to see that some numb the area first then inject.. Not my GP...Straight in with the steroid and it was so painful I kept saying "Oh my god oh my god". Well it didn't work and I know that I will NEVER have another one. The pain is more than before.

My left foot has now got a pain across the top of the foot.inferior extensor retinaculum I think it's called.

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Severe Foot Pain After Microdiscectomy L5-S1

I had a microdiscectomy almost 4 weeks do to the disc pinching my sciatic nerve. The pain before the surgery went from my left butt cheek down to my foot, and felt like someone was sticking a knife in my hip and calf. Since the Surgery I have had severe nerve pain in my left foot in the ball of my foot to my toes. I am currently on gabapentin pills and gabapentin cream. I was just looking to see if anyone had any ideas what could help get me off the recliner. Or any ideas whether this would go away or how long this usually lasts.

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Undiagnosed Severe Left Flank Pain For Months - Kidney Related?

I have had severe left flank pain for 3 months now and still not been able to get a diagnosis. I am a 24 year old usually fit female.

The pain started towards the end of April while i was in work (an office desk job). It was on my left side in between my hip and ribs, spreading down to my groin. The pain got worse over the next couple of hours, and it has been a constant dull ache since then. The pain is most strong on the back of my left side but i can also feel it from the front.

I went to the doctors with this pain where i done blood and urine tests and got put on antibiotics for a suspected kidney infection, as well as codeine to ease the pain. The results came back with an apparent slight kidney abnormality showing, but a week later, i was still in a lot of pain and unable to move much, so i went back to the doctors where i got referred into hospital. I spent the night in hospital where i had more blood and urine tests, as well as an ultra sound. The hospital told me my results showed a UTI, but the ultrasound was clear, so i got put on another course of antibiotics and sent home. A week later, i was still in a lot of pain so i went back to the doctors where i was put on another (stronger) course of antibiotics for 2 weeks. The pain eased slightly above the groin, but the main pain on my left side was still the same.

My doctor then referred me to gastroenterology at the hospital where i had to wait weeks for an appointment, only to be told that he didn't think it was bowel or stomach related (as i can still eat and pass stools normally) and that i should have been referred to urology.

My doctor referred me to urology where the waiting list was 2 months, so i decided to get a private consultation with a urologist. The consultant done a urine test, which confirmed i had blood present in it. He went over my symptoms and suggested a CT scan in case i had a small kidney stone stuck which had been missed by the ultrasound. He was also concerned at my frequency as passing urine (this is usually over 20 times a day with anywhere between 3 to 8 times through the night). He referred me back to the NHS for the CT scan which i had a few weeks ago.

The CT scan results came back clear of kidney stones. My consultant now thinks the issue could be musculoskeletal but he still wants to see me to do some bladder studies as he is concerned about the frequency of urination. I have an appointment with my urology consultant for a few weeks time, but to see someone to investigate if the pain could be musculoskeletal there is a 3 month waiting list.

I am still in a lot of pain, both when moving and sitting (it never eases), and it is effecting my every day life. I can't go into the office to work due to the amount of pain i am in, i can't drive with it, and i haven't left the house the past few month apart from doctor or hospital visits. I am constantly feeling down and tired, and often get spells of dizziness and my eyes blacking out when i stand up (i am unsure if the tiredness and dizziness is related or not). I had a breakdown the other weekend where i cried for 2 days straight with the pain, the frustration of not being able to get a diagnosis, and not being able to do anything. I am worried that depression is kicking in with how long this has dragged on for.

I had no injury or knock to the area before the pain started. My mums side of the family also has a history of nephritis (kidney disease) with 4 of my aunt and uncles having it, but my urology consultant doesn't think there is a connection.

Is anyone able to provide any help or suggestions on what they think this pain could be as well as how to help ease it (the codeine doesn't help)? I feel like i have been passed around so many different people who still have no idea what is causing this pain.

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Severe Nerve Pain After Flat Foot Reconstruction And Bunionectomy (4 Weeks Post Op)

I am on week 4 after my surgery. I am wondering if there is anyone that could give me some hope. Right not walking of going PWB on my foot seems like light years away. I am having severe nerve pain and my foot still brings me to tears on occasion. I am taking Ibuprofen to help with the pain and down to two Percocet a day. When did you notice a huge improvement in your pain and will the pain be mostly gone by the time I go into my boot.

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Foot / Ankle :: Injured Right Achilles Tendon

I was hoping I wouldn't have to come back here, as I haven't been around for awhile... But, surprise!

I got a dog last Monday. She's going to be trained as a medical assistance dog (I have uncontrollable epilepsy and severe, crippling migraines), and I was taking her out for a walk. It's storming now, but at the time, it was REALLY windy. The screen door slammed right on the back of my ankle.

Ripped all of the skin off, blood everywhere, numb toes, can't stand on my toes, can't bounce on my toes, nothing. Can barely walk at all.

However, my mother will NOT take me to the ER. If this isn't a partially torn Achilles' tendon, then everything I know about my ankle is just, wrong. Unfortunately, this is the same ankle I had my Brostrom procedure done on back in September.

We're going to try to get an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow, but it's very unlikely, and that means I'm going to have to wait a week unless I can get her to take me to urgent care tomorrow afternoon.

The boot I have is my post-op boot. It's not got the Achilles wedge in there, and so I have a strong feeling I'm going to end up with a new/different boot, if not a cast. I haven't felt pain like that since my original ankle injury.

There is NO differentiating my calf from my heel. There's no curve whatsoever. It's just all swelling, bruising, ripped off skin, and blood.

I was really hoping I wasn't going to have to come back here. Long time, no see.

What to do for the time being?

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Ruptured Achilles - Foot Is Numb - Is This Normal ?

I am going down the non surgery route so far been in boot for 3 weeks non weight bearing . The shoe of my foot is numb is this normal ??

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Constant Hot Left Foot And A Cold Right Foot?

What does it mean to have constantly a very hot left foot and a cold right foot?

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Foot / Ankle :: MRI - Thickening Of Achilles Tendon/T2 Hyperintensity

Well MRI findings of my r/ankle 2 days ago thickening of achilles tendon/T2 hyperintensity,increased fluid in retrocalcaneal bursa,fluid is seen within tibiotalar joint, prominent venous tributaries in the tarsal tunnel. Has anyone been or heard of this,i am going on a year and a half no relief. Ortho says he can't do anything for me this is due to my Failed Back Surgery 4 yrs ago .He is referring me to a pain management ...

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Two Weeks After Achilles Tendon Surgery - Numbness And Tingling In Foot

I had my Achilles' tendon surgery two weeks ago last night I fell twice and now I am having numbness and tingling in my foot except when I get a sharp shooting pain. Do I need to call Doctor? I am still in cast

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Foot / Ankle :: Achilles Tendon Scar Removal Surgery

Very nervous about this surgery. I guess it's the not knowing. I am due to have surgery on Nov. 5. The doc said I could be off work between 2 weeks and 4 months. He doesn't know whether I will have a cast or back in the boot I've been wearing since the end of August. He also said he won't know how much if any weight bearing I will have after surgery. The amount of damage is unknown and no real reason to due MRI since the injured area is visible.

I do know I have no support at home as hubby will be at work and kids at school. Please advise

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Gallbladder Removal :: One Week Ago, Pretty Bad Pain

So I had laprascopic gallbladder surgery a week ago. I have healed up externally OK, but have pretty bad pain where my gallbladder was. What's going on?

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Foot / Ankle :: Pain Outside Of Foot After Flat Foot Surgery

I am 7 1/2 weeks post of from Flat Foot Surgery and the outside area of foot from where my incision ends from the double calcaneal osteotomy up to my little toe the soft tissue is halfway numb and very painful. Has anyone else experienced this and if so how long did it last.

I am not sure how long it takes the soft tissue to heal to a point where it does not hurt when you are not walking. Or is what I am feeling nerve pain. I started PT this week and am PWB. My doctor thinks I will be in a shoe in 3 weeks and I don't know at this rate how that could be possible. I am icing a majority of the day for sure after I do my PT exercises.

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Foot / Ankle :: Flat Foot Reconstruction, 8 Weeks Postop With Heel Pain

I am currently 8 weeks post op from a very extensive flat foot reconstructive surgery . I was excited to start partial weight bearing this week starting w 25 percent in a boot.

My problem is I have sharp pains coming from the bottom of my heel which I am thinking may be from the screws from the calcaneal osteotomy. This is making it very difficult to put any pressure on my foot when weight bearing ?

Has anyone experienced this ? Did it go away on its own? Was there anything that helped this . I am afraid I will not be able to proceed the wt bearing with this continued heel pain.

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Foot / Ankle :: Bunion Surgery Pain & Swelling In Ball Of Foot

I am 7 and a half weeks post op after a Lapidus & an Akin procedure. I was in cast until last week and have managed a tennis type shoe and a sandal on so far.

The swelling has been bad as expected with full weight bearing, but the real pain is in the ball of my foot and my big toe does not lie flat, but rather sits elevated. I think the ball of the foot under the big toe is swollen so that may be the cause? I can only walk for a few minutes properly before the pain becomes too much and I am limping and walking on the outside of my operated foot. I can usually cope with pain so know this must be fairly severe.

I am doing my toe bending exercises and think that already the range of motion is not too bad.

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COPD :: Left Half Diaphragm Is Paralyzed - Severe Emphysema

2 weeks ago my partner was diagnosed with severe emphysema. An x ray showed her diaphragm is not working either. She is now on continuous O2 and lots of inhalers and meds. She is in shock, miserable, and scared. No one has told her anything about her diaphragm except that they don't know what caused it. I think she is in a lot of trouble.

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Swollen Left Foot Due To Water Retention - Tests Normal

About two years ago my left foot became swollen. If I measure it around the top and under the arch it is 2-3 cms more in circumference than my right foot. I've been to the doctor a few times, had X-Rays, blood tests for all sort of things, including DVT. treatment for possible gout, etc, but the doctor hasn't come up with anything. His opinion the last time I saw him was that it's water retention and I'll just have to live with it. Obviously I'm not particularly happy with that.

Has anyone got any thoughts on it? Why would it only affect one foot, and can anyone suggest any self treatment that might be useful, or further options I can proceed with through the help service?

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Hallux Valgus :: Large Bunion On My Left Foot - Numbness In Toe

I have a large bunion on my left foot.  My big toe is numb and tingles like frostbite at night. The bunion on the right foot is not big at all but I have the same tingling in that foot.  This happens every night and feels like they are very cold

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Sexual Health - Women :: Left Foot Numb During Intercourse

my left foot feels numb when I'm having sexual intercourse when deep thrusting. it never use to happen before. it started happening lately after my period last month, why is that?

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Foot / Ankle :: Heel And Bottom Of Foot Pain

It is my right foot only. Heel pain, and basically all of my foot. I wear inserts plus an extra heel cushion. I been to the foot doctor and gave me a antibiotic and he recommended icing and heating and stretching bottom of foot. Any other suggestions?

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