Same Pain I Had Prior To Bladder Bowel Surgery

May 7, 2015

two years ago I had a partial hysterectomy and 10 days post op I had to have a vaginal cuff repair and 5 units of blood.Two weeks after that I started having issues with my bladder and not being able to void without using a straight cath. I then had my bladder stuck on my bowel and had to have surgery. Now here I am having the exact same pain that I had prior to the bladder/bowel surgery,and my gyn says it is just cysts on my ovaries.

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Bowel Disorder :: Piles - Difficulty Urinating - Unable To Empty Bladder

I've had hemorrhoids for over 10 years now, though they rarely cause me any bother. Most of the time, I'm affected by the piles that you can feel on the surface of your derriere (the 'bag' type that you often have to push back in). However, rarely, I also seem to get the 'golf-ball' sensation hemorrhoids (I'm not sure if they are technically the same type) whereby you feel like you have a small ball lodged up your butt, that can occasionally be painful too. It's this type I'm actually suffering from at the moment, but my main problem is that it's been affecting how I pee for well over a week now.

When I urinate I find I can't push all the way (I believe because of the hemorrhoids), and so I'm unable to fully empty my bladder when I go to the toilet. This gives me the sensation of wanting to urinate a lot more, sometimes constantly. I've had this before, so I imagine it's a symptom of piles, though it's never happened to me for so long. Has anyone shared this experience? I've found very little mention of hemorrhoids affecting urination on the Internet

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Bowel Disorders :: Rectal Prolapse Repair - Cannot Empty Bladder Properly

I Had a repair to mucosal part of rectum a week ago.. i am quite a lot of pain at the moment every time I try to wee the rectum comes down and a keep popping small stools which cause lots of pain I now cannot empty bladder properly and have a uti i seem to I In more pain not less. I have just gone on all fours on floor to try and wee and poo was there for 30 mins with pain from rectum and bladder. I eventually passed wee and still in pain at 3.40 am. So fed up ..don't know what to do with myself. Thinking of going on a liquid only diet to take strain.

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Bladder Is Falling After Cystocele Surgery - Colpocleisis And MiniArc Sling

i was never told not to squat, and so I bent my knees when picking up something from the floor...because I was told not to bend. Do you think that is why my bladder is coming down?  I had a Colpocleisis and MiniArc Sling  Placement.  The only instruction I was given was not to lift over 5 pounds, no bending, no baths, no pulling or pushing for 3 months.   That was all!  I wonder if bending my knees when picking up items I dropped on the floor was considered squatting...and that's why my bladder fell.

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Bowel Disorders :: Pain And Constipation - Removal Of Large Bowel

removed large bowel due to years of suffering from pain and constipation 

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Chiari Malformation :: Bowel Movements After Surgery

I have always had problems with bowel movements with my chiari before surgery but this is intense. I am going five days with no urges to go at all ever since my surgery, so every five days I go. I am doing laxatives to go at every five days. It is getting painful. Is this normal? I know that constipation is normal with pain pills but usually there is an urge to go and you just can't. But the feeling to go has completely left. I'm worried. My stomach is swollen I look pregnant and is nearly as painful as my recovery from surgery. I am taking everything they told me- stool softener, miralax, benefiber, milk of mag, and suppositories. The pa said to avoid enemas if I could. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Hemorrhoids :: Piles After Hysterectomy And Bowel Prolapse Surgery

I am 4weeks post op from hysterectomy and bowel prolapse surgery and I have got piles has anyone suffered with this? I haven't strained to go to the toilet so am a bit worried why this should happened

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Bowel Disorder :: Anyone Had Successful Rectal Prolapse Surgery

successful rectal prolapse surgery?

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Stitches Coming Out 20 Months After Cervical And Bladder Prolapse Surgery

I had a prolapsed cervix and bladder a year after my hysterectomy. It is now going on two years post surgery. I am still having stitches break thru at the top of my vagina where my cervix was removed. It hurts! I'm going to the Doctor Monday, but very scared. I have moved and this will be the first time seeing him. Do any of you know what I will have to look forward too? What might he do?

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Bowel Disorder :: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery? Feedback, Reviews?

A few weeks ago, I saw a specialist who does laser surgery and infrared coagulation for hemorrhoids. He took a look at my backside, and recommended that I get laser surgery. So I scheduled it, and got 4 days off from work approved by my boss for the surgery and recovery.

But now that the surgery date is drawing near, (this coming Tuesday) my hemorrhoids don't feel as swollen or painful as they did when I first scheduled the appointment with the doctor. A month earlier, my hemorrhoids were KILLING me. But now my bowel movements are pretty much pain-free. I looked at my backside using a mirror, and it doesn't look as bad back there as it had a month ago.

So now I'm thinking: Should I still go through with this scheduled surgery? I'll be paying a lot out of pocket for it because I have a pretty high deductible on my insurance. Is it worth it to go ahead and get the procedure done anyway to prevent them from flaring up again? The doctor told me in our initial appointment that once you get the laser procedure done, your hemorrhoids won't come back. Anyone else who's had it done find that to be true?

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Bladder Disorders :: Pain After Urinating

I believe I have an UTI. I am VERY clean when it comes to "Down There" It concerns me because It hurts when I pee, but at the very end. It also has a funny smell, as if you left urine to sit for days. Also, sometimes afterwards, my clitoris is waaaay more sensitive to movements and the way I walk. I've done some research and I've found that cranberry juice and water helps flush out the system. What do you think I should do? (I'm a virgin by the way, if that helps any) Thank you!! Also...I've used a different brand of soap when I wash down there.... Do you think that could've caused it?

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Menstruation :: Pain In Bladder When Urinating

I have just recently stopped taking my birthcontrol for about a month now and I have just finished my period. The last three times I have had my period, The day after my period has stopped I get almost like a crushing pain in my bladder and I can barely pee. The first time it happened was three months ago and it lasted about a week, the second time it happened was two months ago and it lasted a few days and now today it lasted about 3 hours. I have taken a urinalysis and the doctor had told me I didn't have a UTI, he said he would call me if anything else came up and i never received a call (about three months ago). I have been with the same person for about six months now and prior to that with the same person for over a year and a half, and we always wore protection. There is no discharge or um, smell. Nothing unusual other than the pain I am getting. My doctor told me it could simply be changing hormones as my present partner and I do not always use protection. My town is very small and we do not have a family doctor, would really like some answers as the doctors at the hospital keep dismissing me as my symptoms keep going away.

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Urology :: Bladder Pain - After Holding Urine?

Today morning I waked up after sleeping about 9 hours (without going to the bathroom and after drinking a lot before the sleep). After going to the bathroom I felt pretty acute pain in my lower abdominal. It became milder during the day, still preserving though and appearing sometimes with more strength while changing position (sitting, or standing) and also reminding about itself sometimes after urinating (but not always). It kind of feels like muscle pain and earlier could be felt also while touching the muscles close to the penis. Now it is way milder, but didn't go. Can this be a result of muscle stretch or something like this?

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Could I Have Ovulated During My Period Or The Days Prior?

I had sex twice this week. Two days before my period ended and four days later and he came inside me the first time and close to the second time. My question is if I could be pregnant even though my menstrual cycles tend to be very long, from 31 to 38 days? It's been already a year like that. Could I have ovulated during my period or the days prior? What are the odds?

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Urinary Incontinence :: Bladder Okay - Pain In Pelvic And Groin Area

I have been suffering from urinary incontinence for a few months. I was given blood tests, which came back clear, although one showed a slight problem with my kidneys. I had a bladder scan and this showed that my bladder is working okay, but is taking a while to fill. My doctor has never examined me, she justs asks me what's wrong and recommends medication. I told her that I have pain in my pelvis and groin area. She said okay I'll prescribe you detrusitol and wear a pad and we'll see how it goes. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing the incontinence. I'm only 39 and male and I am generally quite fit. I worry about people being able to see my pad and this is really getting me down. The incontinence happens nearly every night and sometimes during the day. The idea of being on medication and wearing pads for a lengthy period is making me anxious and depressed.

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Bladder Infection For One Year - Losing Weight And Back Pain

Since August of 2013 I have had 6/7 bladder infections. I have lost around 30 pounds without changing much about my diet or exercising more regularly. I have been experiencing pain in my lower back on the left side and want to know if it should be something I should be concerned with. I have had bad back pain for around 2 years now but this pain is a little more specific. August was the first time I have had a bladder infection however when i was 16 (21 now) when I went in for a physical and was told I had a bladder infection. I didn't feel any pain so I didn't take the medicine prescribed. I went in to see a doctor when I was overseas for another bladder infection and they took an X-ray of my kidneys about 3 weeks ago and they didn't find anything. They told me that I did have a problem emptying my bladder. I had an ultrasound done and had to drink water before hand and when I emptied my bladder the ultrasound after my bladder was still full. I don't remember exactly what they called it. I just finished a month long round of antibiotics for a bladder infection and it is still not gone. Before this medication about a week before I was on a week long medicine for a bladder infection and it returned a week later.

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Hysterectomy :: 5 Weeks Post Op - Lower Back And Bladder Pain?

Why am I in so much lower back pain, left side and my bladder hurts, I've had a vaginal hysterectomy and posterior repair. It can't be a water infection as I'm just finish the a course of antibiotic. Really fed up now. Is anyone else the same?

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Bowel Disorders :: Pain, Lower Back Pain, Bouts Of Watery Diarhea 3-4 Times Day

i have upper right abdominal pain, lower back pain, bouts of watery diarrhea 3-4 times a day, and am constantly wiped out and exhausted. all tests have come back normal( ultrasound,blood,mono)i'm still being examined, but wondered if you had any ideas?

last year i suffered with lymes*(most likely but not definite)or a super virus and was pretty much a potato for a month, but the new pain has been going on for over 3 months.

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Bowel Disorders :: Lower Left Abdominal Pain, Nausea, Loose Stool, Pain After Food

My husband has been suffering from lower left pain and tenderness in his abdominal area. He also has loose stool and a lot of the time feels like he needs to go, but can't. Cramping included. He randomly feels nauseous. His pain is also cause with eating, so he avoids eating big portions. He does eat yogurt, one cup a night. It sometimes helps. He has had a colonoscopy done and it was clean. Heartburn is also included, he takes rolaids every night. I just wish I could help him. I hate seeing him in pain! What is wrong with him?

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :: Prior And After Pregnancy?

A few months before I eventually got pregnant, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries after having an infernal scan. When I was pregnant, I will admit, I forgot about PCOS. My first period post pregnancy arrived when my son was 9 months and it lasted about 12 hours in total. My next period was a good 6-7 weeks after that, lasting about a week, then I had a period about 3-4 weeks after that lasting 7-10 days and then I had another 2 weeks after that. It has triggered, could this be PCOS? Should I see my doctor about the irregular periods or should I be expecting this after having a baby? I didn't know if PCOS could disappear whilst being pregnant?

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Autoimmune Disorders :: How Did You Discover? Prior Symptoms?

How did you discover that you had a autoimmune disease? What were your symptoms prior?

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