Stapedectomy Post Op Ringing, Pulping Tinnitus And Not Hearing Properly?

Feb 5, 2014

I had my first stapedectomy for my right ear 6 years ago. it was successful. stilI I hear with my operated ear well except some ringing in my ear. but 11 days ago I had another stapedectomy for my other ear- left ear.That post op problems and results are completely different when I compare to my other ear. I don't hear properly. today is the 11th day. I have a lot of ringing and I feel as if my ear was full. the ringing is irritating.When I had the same operation 6 years ago, I had no ringing, feeling full . I just remember metallic sounds and they were really high. now no voice is high and irritating.I wonder is there anyone else experienced those ringing-mostly pulping tinnitus,not hearing properly? Because I feel really worried and nervous and as if something went wrong. my doctor said it all went well. I haven't had the hearing test yet. but I am worried.please write about your experience.

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Hearing :: Pulsatile Tinnitus After Stapedectomy

So, I bit the bullet and had the same surgeon who operated successfully on my left ear operate on the right ear yesterday. I had a much harder time with nausea and recovering from the general anesthesia than the first operation. The first time, I threw up once and that was it. Yesterday, I was throwing up a lot, and then they give me a phenergan injection, which just made me so weak and tired that the nurses had to get me dressed. And they were insistent that my friends take me home at noon, because they were getting the people for the 2 pm operations ready. My poor friend was driving with me in the back throwin up into a plastic bag.

Right now, I'm having a lot of pulsatile tinnitus in the right ear, which was not the case with the left ear operation. It's very loud because it's not masked by any external sound and is very distracting. I had pulsatile tinnitus in that ear before, and now it's even louder, unfortunately. As tired as I was last night, it kept on waking me up. Because I had some mild nasal congestion, the surgeon has me on oral antibiotics and nasal spray for a few days. I have very little discharge on the cotton balls so far, but it looks like a piece of the gelfoam packing came out on one of the cotton balls (at least I hope that it's gelfoam and not my eardrum!).

When I had the first operation, the right ear "popped" and I began to hear low frequencies sounds 8 days after the operation. Can't wait to get some relief from the tinnitus with external sounds.

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Tinnitus :: 3 Different Ringing Noises

I am 17 now and I have had tinnitus for only about 6 months and I already think I is really annoying!! I'v got about 3 different ringing noises, one (the first) in my right ear, the second is a higher pitched one in the middle area, (I cant tell where that is coming from) and sometimes I get an extremely high pitched loud ringing in my left ear which comes and goes (It's so loud that when it comes I actually turn my head to see where the noise is coming from.)

My problem is that I have no idea how what caused it. I ruled out loud noises because I can't think of a situation where I have been exposed to very loud music.

One day I just woke up with tinnitus. My hearing was reduced for the first few days and then fully returned.

Recently I think it has got worse.

I have seen my GP twice and now I will be seen by an ENT DR. Tinnitus doesn't stop me sleeping, but it is the only thing I can hear at night and that is extremely annoying.

The worst problem I have is that I find it very hard to concentrate when doing schoolwork as this is when I would normally need silence. I find it very difficult to concentrate with noise so tinnitus upsets me quite a lot.

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Tinnitus :: Ringing Like Hell

I have been suffering from tinnitus for more than 25 years and now I am a lot older (74), it has increased its volume considerably and it driving me mad as I cannot sleep at night...and cannot concentrate on things in comfort. It is ringing like hell...the pitch is so high that it really makes me crazy!! I have a masking (white sound) that I stick it into my ear to mask that awful shrieking sound!! Has anybody suffer from this like me. I would like to hear from you, how you deal with this.! It causes depression in the end!!

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Tinnitus :: Extremely Loud Ringing In My Right Ear

I am 16 and have had mild tinnitus for years, with an unknown cause and I could only hear it whilst trying to fall asleep. But after going to a concert last night, I woke up this morning with an extremely loud ringing in my right ear. It is loud enough that I am hearing it throughout the day, no matter what I am doing. 

I am also experiencing mild pain in my right ear, but not experiencing any hearing loss. 

I would just like to know what I should do, how I can cope with this, and if it may go away, or subside mildly.

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Tinnitus :: Ears Ringing With Mirtazapine And Sertraline

I've been suffering with anxiety for two year panic attacks nearly every day was on mirtazapine for 3 months then my doc put me on sertraline but like an hour after i took my first one i got white noise ringing in my ears then next day went to hospital it was that bad been took of sertraline back on mitrazipine but my tinnitus has got worse ....

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Stapedectomy Or Hearing Aid?

I am 45, Male ,married with a daughter. active in profession. My hearing is facing problem as I am unable to hear soft voices in meetings & discussion. Doctor has suggested to go for Stapedotomy. Another option is Hearing Aid. I am very anxious to know how much risk is there to go for Stapedotomy? Can It worsen the hearing? Instead of 45, if I wait for another 5 years, will it be same effect of Stapedotomy or surgery at that stage will not bring any result?

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Failed Stapedectomy - No Hearing?

I had a stapedectomy in my right ear on 23-aug-2013 its 1-sep-2013 today but i really can't hear by my operated ear till now, The only thing that is worrying me is that I don't know if it worked or not. For those of you that have had the surgery, what was your hearing like afterward?

It just feels itchy and stuffed up (the gauze is still packed in there).

Has anyone had to wait until that was completely out to notice a significant difference?

can any one tell me is it ok to not still hearing by the operated ear if its ok then how long it'll take to hear normally by operated ear.

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No Change / Improvement In Hearing After Stapedectomy

I was virtually deaf in one ear and very little hearing in the other ear, have worn hearing aids for 25 years. Recently (all happened so quickly, within 6 weeks) got diagnosed with Otosclerosis in both ears. 6 weeks after seeing doctor, i had the op. I had a stapedectomy/stapedotomy on 04/01/2016. Noticed a faint improvement in hearing when lying on the ward after the op, could faintly hear trolleys being moved about. But nothing drastic...... I've had dizziness, (not room spinning dizziness) which now only remains if i read, do jigsaws, scan shop shelves from side to side etc, weird! I've been through the heart pulsating, creaking, the rain dripping onto a metal plate sound etc.

I've had no real explanation of what to expect, i didn't really ask the surgeon any questions as i wasn't sure what would happen after and was unaware i'd have so many unanswered questions come up.

I assumed, and read some on the internet, and was told by a friend who'd had it done, that once the packing was removed, i'd be able to hear. Had packing removed 6 days ago, i'd built myself up SO much, that i stood and sobbed when i still couldn't hear! Surgeon looked a bit puzzled, but he said he wasn't worried at this point and to see him again in 6 weeks and that it'd be fluid behind my ear. He said i need to have some popping before i'll hear.

So, here i am now, with no change in my hearing for the last 6 days. I'm sure when i swallow, i sound as if fluid is in there? I also get like a thunder noise mainly in the morning when i wake up and my throat moves. But what's worrying me most after reading up on the internet again, is when i put headphones on, i can hear the music, (have to have it on loud to hear it), but the loud thumps/beats in the music make my ear crackle like a loose wire on a radio. I read last night that this is because the op hasn't worked and the prosthesis needs tightening/shortening/revising. But then on the other hand i've read that this may be normal?

If i go to do a burp movement when i have music in the headphones, i get a millisecond of a loud noise, but then it goes again as my throat can't seem to hold the noise open if you get what i mean. I have soooo many questions but don't want to bore you with them, maybe later. So, should i be hearing by now, is the crackling loose wire sound normal, and if you have any other advice that might stop me worrying please. I'm just sitting waiting day by day thinking today might be the day that i hear.

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How Long It Takes For Normal Hearing After Stapedectomy?

I had a stapedectomy about a month ago now, it wasn't as straightforward as i would have hoped , I could hear very well right after the operation my doctor said that my hearing will dull as the blood will clot etc i was in hospital for four days I was so dizzy I kept being sick it was horrible I could hardly move without being sick I had my dressing took out my ear a week ago ( 2 weeks after op) I was very disappointed with my hearing as it was very dull my doctor advised me to come back in 4 weeks time since my packing has been out I'm suffering from high pitched noises in the operated ear it's still very dull is this normal is my ear just adjusting ? It's worrying me as others have said they could hear right away, my balance is still off ever so slightly I caught a viral infection which affected my nerves down the left side of my face ( operated side ) I was given tablets for this a week later now and this has now cleared up its just this ringing high pitched noises.

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Tinnitus And Hearing Loss At 17

i loss my hearing at the age of 17, doctors were shocked because this usually happens to people over 30... they said that the loss was due to stress and sadness but i couldn't figure out what exactly i was stressed about. i lost 98% of my hearing in the left ear and they send me to therapy straight away, i missed a month and a half of my senior year of high school due to this. after the therapy my ear improved drastically and now i can hear 40% and have completely lost 60%. i'm 18 now and there isn't much i can do anymore. i will soon go and get a hearing aid but i still am not so sure about it. i have coped with the loss off hearing but the ringing in my ear makes me go crazy. so my question is, do you recommend a hearing aid? will it stop of perhaps lessen the ringing in my ear?

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Pulsatile Tinnitus In Left Ear Plus Slight Hearing Loss

I recently had a brain MRI and there is nothing wrong with my brain. However these symptoms are changing my daily life and making my depression and anxiety far worse than they have ever been before. I'll give you a quick run through of the symptoms that have appeared and worsened during the last year.

Pulsatile tinnitus in left ear plus slight hearing loss.

Migraines more often to the point where I cannot speak or lay down or walk.

I now need glasses, I used to have perfect vision and now cannot see any further than about 10 feet in front of me.

A few months ago I suddenly couldn't write of hold my fork to feed myself, my hand just wouldn't work. I though of it as a one off. It's worse now, it happens more often and the shaking happens quite bad and in both arms and hands, sometimes I have spasms and often wake myself up by punching, kneeing or headbutting the wall next to my bed.

I have told the doctor all of this but have been told if the mri is clear than there is nothing they can do.. I am changing doctors (my current surgery is known for messing patients around and misdiagnosing). But any input on what's happening? The tremors have kinda threw me off guard, it's very uncomfortable and like I said I can't hold things, feed myself or anything when it happens.

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Kidney Isn't Functioning Properly

So a year ago i developed excruciating right flank pain,which would leave me in tears and vomiting.

went to see gp and after many tests discovered the tube coming from right kidney to bladder was damaged. isotope test showed left kidney at 60% and right kidney at 34%. had an op in november.isotope test repeated last week.results show surgery successful ,left kidney still 60% but right now 30%. there is no explanation as to why and now im waiting to see what my gp wants to do next. obviously i've googled this and so any advice going forward if im just going to be monitored what should i be doing to help myself?

im female 36yrs old,no other medical conditions.well within my bmi etc.

i dont want to lose any more function of my kidney. thanks

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COPD :: Diaphragm Is Not Working Properly

I have recently been told that my diaphragm is not working properly and this could be the cause of my constant chest infections. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Tramadol :: How To Taper Off Safely / Properly?

I am going to be getting myself off it immediately. Not to mention I am starting to get the 'brain zaps'.

I've been taking around 150mg/day for the last 4 months. I was on 200mg/day but a couple months ago, I cut myself back to 150mg/day.

I get a refill on my meds next week but I think I'm going to pass on it and just taper with my remaining supply. I have about 40 50mg pills left.

What's the best and SAFEST way to taper with these?

My initial plan:

100mg per day for 10 days

50mg per day for 10 days

25mg per day for 5 days (cut pills in half)

12.5mg per day for 5 days (cut pills in quarters)

... and then be done w/ a few left over for an emergency pain day. Will that prevent withdrawal? Is that a safe way to quit?

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Vasectomy :: Left Side Not Healing Properly

I had my vasectomy 3 weeks ago and the left side has healed beautifully. The right side however has a donut shaped wound and string has come out and is hanging. 

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Hearing Loss :: Partial Hearing Loss With Clogged-up Ear

About a week ago, I was at home at the computer (I believe I was listening to music at the time), and I noticed that the hearing in my left ear had been significantly diminished (but not completely gone). About a minute (perhaps even less than a minute) later, it returned completely to normal, and so I assumed that it was just ear wax or something, and everything was fine now. However, a few seconds to a minute later, it went back to being diminished again. I can't remember for certain if I felt anything physically when all of this happened, but there may have been something that I felt in my ear - which led me to believe it was probably just ear wax.

I have researched on-line for possible solutions to this kind of problem, and I have tried every possibility that I could - peroxide, warm olive oil, blowing as hard as I can with my nose and mouth shut, blowing as hard as I can with my nose and mouth and other (good) ear shut, nasal decongestant (which successfully clears up my nose, but doesn't have any effect on the ear), hot steam bath, Similasan Ear Relief drops that are supposed to clear up water in the ears, jumping up and down with my bad ear tilted toward the ground, jogging, and of course trying to dig out ear wax with the ear wax curette that I have. Unfortunately, nothing has worked, and my hearing has been about the same ever since a week ago when it went out (diminished) for the second time.

I have been able to remove a lot of ear wax with the curette, and sometimes it seems to make it a little better, but it never restores my hearing to normal. Sometimes I feel like I am right at the spot where it is clogged up (if indeed clogged ear wax is the problem), because the curette seems to be hitting a spot that's clogged with ear wax (judging from what it feels and sounds like), but then when I dig out a bunch of ear wax at that spot, my hearing is still the same or perhaps only slightly better. Perhaps I am actually pushing the ear wax further inside, which was mentioned as a possible negative effect of trying to remove the ear wax yourself. Also, I am wary of not poking too hard or too deep, as that was also a warning given at the sites I visited in my research.

Swallowing never seems to do anything, but it's interesting that when I have a strong belch, I can feel pressure inside that left (bad) ear, and it really feels like it's about to burst out and expel whatever is stuck (if it's the case that something is stuck), but it never does. Maybe whatever is stuck in there [ear wax, presumably] is just in so tight that nothing seems to be able to remove it. However, the odd circumstance that occurred when the problem first originated - which is the fact that it got better right after getting clogged up, and then got clogged up again - would seem to suggest that there may be another reason for this happening, other than plugged-up ear wax.

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Panic Attack? Lumps In My Throat And Struggle To Breath Properly

I was hoping for some feedback on panic attacks. I have suffered with anxiety for about 4 years now, I used to get little panic attacks whereby I would get lumps in my throat and struggle to breath properly, have head rushes etc. Last night though, I woke up during the night suddenly, feeling very sick. Then my heart started beating so hard and fast that I thought it was going to jump out my chest. My mouth went so dry that I struggled to swallow properly. I was also overcome by a feeling of impending doom and that I was going to die there and then. I was terrified and scared that I was having a heart attack. I also got diarrhoea (apologies for too much info) and the top half of my body was shaking. It took me around 1 hour to calm myself down again, enough to go back to sleep and I was very close to calling an ambulance. Does anyone know if these symptoms are typical of a panic attack?

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Sphincter/anus Seem Unable To Close Properly After Sitting On A Bottle

I've done something pretty stupid & think I've damaged my sphincter muscle. I did it by sitting on the top of a plastic soft drink bottle to see how far into my rectum I could get it. The top of the bottle was approx. 6 cms in circumference expanding to approx. 30 cms circumference about 10-15 cms from the top/at the middle of the bottle. Unfortunately I slipped as I squatted over it & sat on it, full weight (95 kg), & accidently forced it right into my rectum past the middle of the bottle causing my sphincter/anus to fully stretch about 9cms apart/ 30 cms around . Now my sphincter/anus seem unable to close properly and it's now always protrudes between my buttocks - it looks sort of like a hernia, which is all very embarrassing + hard to clean properly. Have I caused myself permanent damage ? Are there exercises I can do that will fix my over-stretched sphincter muscle ?

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Bowel Disorders :: Rectal Prolapse Repair - Cannot Empty Bladder Properly

I Had a repair to mucosal part of rectum a week ago.. i am quite a lot of pain at the moment every time I try to wee the rectum comes down and a keep popping small stools which cause lots of pain I now cannot empty bladder properly and have a uti i seem to I In more pain not less. I have just gone on all fours on floor to try and wee and poo was there for 30 mins with pain from rectum and bladder. I eventually passed wee and still in pain at 3.40 am. So fed up ..don't know what to do with myself. Thinking of going on a liquid only diet to take strain.

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Amitriptyline And Ear Ringing

Is anyone else getting this?  If I come of the amitriptyline will it stop?

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