Tinnitus :: 3 Different Ringing Noises

Feb 28, 2006

I am 17 now and I have had tinnitus for only about 6 months and I already think I is really annoying!! I'v got about 3 different ringing noises, one (the first) in my right ear, the second is a higher pitched one in the middle area, (I cant tell where that is coming from) and sometimes I get an extremely high pitched loud ringing in my left ear which comes and goes (It's so loud that when it comes I actually turn my head to see where the noise is coming from.)

My problem is that I have no idea how what caused it. I ruled out loud noises because I can't think of a situation where I have been exposed to very loud music.

One day I just woke up with tinnitus. My hearing was reduced for the first few days and then fully returned.

Recently I think it has got worse.

I have seen my GP twice and now I will be seen by an ENT DR. Tinnitus doesn't stop me sleeping, but it is the only thing I can hear at night and that is extremely annoying.

The worst problem I have is that I find it very hard to concentrate when doing schoolwork as this is when I would normally need silence. I find it very difficult to concentrate with noise so tinnitus upsets me quite a lot.

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Tinnitus :: Ringing Like Hell

I have been suffering from tinnitus for more than 25 years and now I am a lot older (74), it has increased its volume considerably and it driving me mad as I cannot sleep at night...and cannot concentrate on things in comfort. It is ringing like hell...the pitch is so high that it really makes me crazy!! I have a masking (white sound) that I stick it into my ear to mask that awful shrieking sound!! Has anybody suffer from this like me. I would like to hear from you, how you deal with this.! It causes depression in the end!!

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Tinnitus :: Extremely Loud Ringing In My Right Ear

I am 16 and have had mild tinnitus for years, with an unknown cause and I could only hear it whilst trying to fall asleep. But after going to a concert last night, I woke up this morning with an extremely loud ringing in my right ear. It is loud enough that I am hearing it throughout the day, no matter what I am doing. 

I am also experiencing mild pain in my right ear, but not experiencing any hearing loss. 

I would just like to know what I should do, how I can cope with this, and if it may go away, or subside mildly.

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Tinnitus :: Ears Ringing With Mirtazapine And Sertraline

I've been suffering with anxiety for two year panic attacks nearly every day was on mirtazapine for 3 months then my doc put me on sertraline but like an hour after i took my first one i got white noise ringing in my ears then next day went to hospital it was that bad been took of sertraline back on mitrazipine but my tinnitus has got worse ....

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Stapedectomy Post Op Ringing, Pulping Tinnitus And Not Hearing Properly?

I had my first stapedectomy for my right ear 6 years ago. it was successful. stilI I hear with my operated ear well except some ringing in my ear. but 11 days ago I had another stapedectomy for my other ear- left ear.That post op problems and results are completely different when I compare to my other ear. I don't hear properly. today is the 11th day. I have a lot of ringing and I feel as if my ear was full. the ringing is irritating.When I had the same operation 6 years ago, I had no ringing, feeling full . I just remember metallic sounds and they were really high. now no voice is high and irritating.I wonder is there anyone else experienced those ringing-mostly pulping tinnitus,not hearing properly? Because I feel really worried and nervous and as if something went wrong. my doctor said it all went well. I haven't had the hearing test yet. but I am worried.please write about your experience.

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Having Noises In My Ears

I am now having noises in my ears, like an engine running etc. I use oxygen and a nippy ventilator so I don't know what to do. Its really getting me down, not sleeping much which I need to do.

I am 49 years old. The specialist couldn't do AN MRI scan on my ears as I couldn't lie flat, don't know whether they can do a CT scan either, I thought he would have offered something when I couldn't have the MRI, I am a bit cross, I am worse since having the hearing aid, my hearing was going but at least I could use the phone which I can't now, that is really getting me down as I'm not always with my partner so we contact each other by telephone, that is the only way I communicate a lot of the time as I can't always go out with my breathing problems.

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ENT :: Paining Crackling Noises Around Nose

I think I have been experiencing what I believe are sinus issues for almost a year. I have been to two ENT's and they put the flexi camera up my nose, advised a slight deviated septum and gave nasal drops.

I also had a CT scan was they said was clear, slight inflammation on the right sinus, but other than than cleat. My nose is rarely blocked but I have terrible crackling, popping behind my nose and it even seems to be above my palate. I get phlegm/mucus at the back of my throat, often lumps of it, but not down my nose.

I have a constant pain up my right nostril.

The popping and crackling appears to be getting worse, almost a bone crunching sound. I often feel a painful pressure behind my nose or at the side of it, and then a horrible sensation of movement to relieve the pressure.

I get headaches above my right eye and often feel like I have been hit on the right side of my nose. The cracking noises come from both sides of my nose.

I am now also experiencing tooth and gum ache, and woke last night to popping sounds in my mouth, almost above my palate, but cannot be sure.

My ears frequently feel full too. As I previously mentioned my nose is never blocked, and its not full of mucus, so in that respect I do not feel bunged up!

I dont know where to go from here, ENT told me there was nothing more he could do on the results of my CT scan.

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Growling Stomach And Anus - Butt Noises

My problem started in 8th grade. During 4th period after lunch, my butt would start making noises. It would feel as if I had to fart or something. I don't even know how to explain it. Of course I couldn't try to fart because it was always quiet in that class. The noises came from my butt area and sounded like my butt was whining or something. I don't really remember having a stomach problem or anything near what I dealt with freshman year but that's when it all started. 

Summer passed and I started high school. During first two weeks, the noises started happening. It would happen in mostly second hour and sometimes in other classes too. It felt as if I was about to fart or something and then my bum would make a loud whining sound. Like I said, I can't really explain it but it was EXTREMELY embarrassing. I would always text my dad and BEG him to come get me. Nothing I did would stop it from happening. I thought it would go away and that it was just stress because I started high school but I was wrong. It started getting worse and worse. 

I thought that this wouldn't happen if I didn't eat breakfast and that it was just gas. I tried that and every period until lunchtime, I would have REALLY bad hunger pains and it felt as if I haven't eaten in a week even though I only skipped breakfast. The stomach growling and butt noises happened regardless if I ate or not. It got so bad to the point where I started missing so much school. I dreaded going to class every morning and would always fake sick and always make my parents come get me from school. I even skipped classes and hid in the bathroom because of this problem and I would cry my eyes out because I couldn't go to school and be happy like everyone else did.

By the time the year was half way over, it had gotten to the point where I had no hope. I started dealing with a bad stomach growling problem along with the butt noises. No matter how much I would eat, or what it was that I ate, by the time second period came my stomach would be growling nonstop and very loudly. I had stomach cramps and hunger pains also. It was no matter what I ate. If I ate, then I would have to deal with the butt noises and if I didn't eat, I would have to deal with the stomach growling. I couldn't escape the problem no matter what I did. EVERY SINGLE DAY, all I would think about in all my classes is my stomach. If it was going to growl, if my butt noises would happen, etc. It ruined my life. My grades were terrible because I couldn't pay attention to the class. Usually I would get a feeling in my stomach before it would growl so I would know when it would. Please do not tell me that 'everyone's stomach growls' because it was not normal growls. It was SO loud and would happen no matter if I ate or not. Most of my classes were quiet and when it was quiet in class, no one else's stomach was growling as much as mine and no one else's butt was making farting and whining noises. Someone else's stomach would growl every once in awhile but it was very quiet and it only did once or twice. But it was different for me. It would happen ALL CLASS and in EVERY CLASS until lunch time. 

After lunch time, my 6th hour wasn't very quiet so I didn't really have a problem in there. The butt noises still happened no matter what. In 7th hour, my seat was in the front of the class and EVERY DAY my stomach would growl really loudly and everyone would look at me weirdly. The class was ALWAYS quiet. I was always looking for reasons to leave and every time she said to work independently I would start to panic and would literally start to cry in the middle of class because I knew the noises would happen. I would stare at the clock the entire class period and all you could hear was my stomach and butt growls. Everyone in that class thought I was the "freak with the growling stomach and farting problem". It was so quiet you could hear a piece of lead hit the ground. It was horrifying.

I constantly had bowel urges and when I went to the bathroom I didn't pass anything out. Sometimes when I did (very rarely) I would feel a little better but the stomach growling and hunger pains would still continue. Before my stomach growls, I would get this feeling in my throat that felt as if I had to burp or there was something stuck in it and It was actually hard for me to breathe. 

I was embarrassed to talk to anyone about my problem but I knew I had to because I couldn't deal with the embarrassment anymore. It wasn't only embarrassing but it was also really uncomfortable and distracted me. It's all I thought about. My body would make all kinds of noise and I began to have anxiety because of this. Every morning me and my parents would fight over if I had to go to school or not. I began going over the amount of absences allowed and would get letters sent to my house. My parents thought I was overreacting and that what I was going through wasn't serious enough to miss school. I would cry myself to sleep every night, when I got home I would break down, and I began having signs of depression. I used to play sports and go out and had lots of friends but ever since this problem started everything has changed. I have developed a phobia of quiet places. I know this sounds really dumb and unless you're me you won't understand. I was starting to become suicidal and it ruined my self esteem. I wish I could go to school with a smile on my face, I wish I could wake up every morning and say "I have a feeling today is going to be a good day" and not one day freshman year did I have a "good day". I wasn't bullied at all but I know people thought I was weird and gross because of it. 
My dad finally made an appointment with a gastrologist. He had me do a couple stool tests and that didn't help. Everything came out as if nothing was wrong. He thought it was an physiological problem or that I had IBS. It was so frustrating because I knew neither of those were the case. I thought it might be a bacteria overgrowth thing but no one would listen to me or even consider it. I felt so alone and frustrated. I was taken out of school by my dad and did school at home for the last two months of school. I almost failed freshman year and only got four credits so now I'm going to be behind everyone with my credits. It literally felt as if I was the only one experiencing this. Every single day, I was always looking things up online. I've read countless amount of articles about different things it might be and read other people's experiences. Believe me when I say this, it basically ruined my life. I thought it would stop but it hasn't. Everyone keeps telling me that it's physiological and my dad got me a therapist. I tried explaining to him that it is NOT physiological because it would happen NO MATTER what situation I was in. I'm sitting in bed right now all relaxed and my stomach is growling and my butt is also growling. My butt not only makes fart noises and whining noises but it also growls a lot. I feel as if my intestine might be twisted or something but I honestly don't know. This has taken over my life and I'm TERRIFIED of school starting in the fall. All I can think about is if my classes are going to be quiet or loud. 

While most teenagers are out having fun with their friends on a Friday night, I'm at home googling every possible thing looking for something that could help. It sucks because no one understands what I go through and how much it has impacted my life. Believe me when I say this, ITS ALL I THINK ABOUT! It happens no matter where I am or who I'm with. When the noises are happening I try to calm myself down but nothing helps no matter how relaxed I am. You have no idea how hard it is being told by numerous doctors that they don't know what's wrong with me. I get told that it's because of anxiety but ITS NOT! I have a bad anxiety problem BECAUSE of the NOISES! I have depression because of the NOISES!

I know what you're thinking. That I'm selfish and that I have no reason to complain because some people have way worse problems. You DON'T understand. All I want is to be happy again. All I want is to go to school and sit in a quiet classroom without my butt and stomach making loud noises all period. You have no idea how much I dread going back to school. My parents have no idea. No doctors have any idea. No one understands what I go through. 

It's the middle of july and I've had this problem for over a year now. For the passed couple months, right after I eat I would have diarrhea no matter what it is. Sometimes I even get constipated and I can't pass anything out. My butt growls for about two hours and then the stomach growling starts immediately and I get really bad hunger pains. It never ends. I can't even smile anymore. I'm so alone and no one understands. No one.

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Chiari Malformation :: Hearing Screeching And Loud Knocking Noises?

I'm 23 years old, I was diagnosed and had Decompression Surgery at 16. I have had nearly every symptom of Chiari that I have read about and this isn't new. Ever since I can remember I have seen and heard things that aren't really there. Although I always knew it wasn't real, most the time, it startles me. I have been treated with anti-psychotics and anti-depressants my whole life to no avail. Untill now I accepted the fact that it was just psychosis, but in the last year I have weaned myself off of all medication for depression, anxiety, and psychosis and behold! My depression and anxiety have diminished to nearly being non-existent. I AM HAPPY! But when I get a headache, the back of my neck/head swells and when it gets bad, I start hearing voices, screeching and loud knocking noises. It also feels as if there are people touching me, pulling at me, my skin crawls like there are ants inside of me. Also I see flashing lights, floaters, my vision gets blurry and distorted as if I am looking into those trick mirrors at carnivals.

I am scared of being labeled depressed and psychotic by doctors so I don't say anything. I have been dismissed by the only neurologist I have seen since my surgery, she even said I was 'cured' by the surgery. ARE these symptoms of Chiari or AM I crazy?

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Ear Disorders :: On Moving Head - Headaches, Dizziness And Swishing Noises

I have had this problem for two or three years now.   I get this feeling that comes over me like a flu type headache with feelings of dizziness.  The strangest feeling of all is the swooshing sound that I get when I do something as simple as move my eyes.My GP has tried various tablets such as stemetil but nothing works except a long sleep and usually that clears the problem.   It is really debilitating and I worry as I have to drive a lot and although I have never had any problems as such, I often feel so bad that I just want to pull over and stop. I also get a feeling of dread or depression coming over me when these bouts come on.

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After Stapedectomy, Dizziness, Clicking Noises And Weird Taste On Tounge

I'm 11 days post op now and still very dizzy. How long did yours last if at all? My first few days were terrible. I couldn't move because of the dizziness and nausea. It's better now, but I was hoping I'd be back at work this week, but there's no way, and my employer isn't very happy with me. I have to move painfully slow to get around. I also have tinnitus now, and I didn't have it before the surgery. It started 2 days ago. Just a small ringing. I'm also hearing weird small clicking noises in my ear? Don't know what that's about. No hearing improvement yet either, but I've been reading that it took some of you months so I've decided not to worry about that yet. Also, I have the weird taste on my tongue on my operated side. I know this is normal. How long should I expect it?

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Amitriptyline And Ear Ringing

Is anyone else getting this?  If I come of the amitriptyline will it stop?

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Ringing In Ears And Clicking

i have had ringing in the ears (tinnitus) now for like 6 month and i also just noticed a few months ago everytime i swallow my ears click very very loud does anyone know what this could be?

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Ringing In Ears - Wax Built Up?

I have been experiencing a ringing in my ears, mainly by the left one for about a month and a half now. Sometimes is better some others worse, I have also been experiencing a sense of queasiness. At times feel slight fullness around my ears, and around my nose and face when i bend over.

Went to the GP once and was given ear drops as the Doctor suggested it was built wax in my ear. The drops didn't seem to do much so went back and got an ear spray, antibiotic. I have been taking it for a week now and to be honest, might have done something, or so i thought but the last two days I have been feeling queasy again and the ringing in the ears isn't going away.

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Right Ear Crackling, Half Deaf, Ringing Somewhat

I recently had a cold, with some sinus issues, first time ever and I'm 36, not allergic to anything. The sinus has now cleared, 95%, still have some yellow mucus coming out when I blow my nose, but only on right side and not as much as yesterday or day before, but left with an ear that is half deaf and crackles when it hears a lot of noises at once (crackles or sounds like a waterfall, difficult to explain). Can hear fine with my left ear.There's also some ringing in the ear. Slight. Is this something that will clear up with time or do I need to see a doctor? I did finish my antibiotics this morning.I can also say that I'm a bit off balance, I won't say dizzy or vertigo, just half off balance when I walk. Not enough to fall over.Thanks in advance

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Ringing Ears Due To Gallbladders Problems?

Did anyone experience ringing in their ears as a symptom of their gallbladder problems?

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Arthritis :: Ringing In The Ears With Hydroxychloroquine

I was diagnosed with OA in my lumbar & cervical spine 10+ years ago although it has not caused me any severe problems. I am now in a new state & under the care of a new rheumatologist. She has diagnosed me with Sjogren's & also "probable lupus" (I have many of the symptoms but nothing has shown up in blood tests as of yet.)

Over the past few months my knuckles have gotten bigger so that I cannot put on rings or remove my wedding band. My fingers also swell, & there are some nodules on the knuckles of 2 fingers up near the fingernails. My rheumatologist told me I now have RA.

I have been taking prednisone bursts every now & then to help with my problems. I have also taken it for several weeks at a time, either 10 mg/day or 5 mg/day. Most recently I had been taking 5 mg/day but it was not helping me. I asked at my last appointment about bumping it up to 10 mg/day again, but she is not wanting to do that. I don't know if its just this state I'm living in or what, but every medical professional I see tells me that taking prednisone long term is not good ... yet I know of people elsewhere who have been taking it for many years.

Three weeks ago my rheumatologist asked me to try hydroxychloroquine while I tapered off the prednisone. Not long after I started taking this medication, I noticed I was having ringing in my ears. I really didn't pay much attention to it ... figured it was just some fluke thing. I never had ringing in my ears prior to starting the hydroxychloroquine. As time went on the ringing got worse. I checked the side effect sheet that came with the medication & ringing in the ears was listed as an "unlikely but serious side effect" & it was noted that if this occurred I should "notify my doctor immediately."

I called my dermatologist's office & unfortunately her nurse took the call. This nurse seems to feel that she is a doctor. She has given me incorrect instructions in the past regarding medication. When I told her what was happening, she told me to stop taking the hydroxychloroquine for one week, then to start taking it again ... "just to see that there's nothing else that could be causing the ringing."

If the ringing hadn't been happening prior to me taking the medication, & it stopped immediately after I stopped taking it, then why do I need to start taking the medication again? Again, this ringing is described as an "unlikely but serious side effect." I am concerned that starting to take it again may result in irreparable harm to my hearing.

Am I just being silly/overcautious? Has anyone had this experience or a similar one?

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Vestibular Neuritis? Dizziness, Ringing In Ear And Unsteadiness

I have a serious health issue, but the doctors haven't been able to pinpoint what it is.  Basically, I've had six weeks of dizziness and unsteadiness.  It sounds like Vestibular Neuritis, but please let me know what you think.

On June 9th I got some kind of stomach flu or food poisoning.  I had severe vomiting and diarrhea.  Other than a canker sore under my tongue, I was starting to feel better.  I was exercising again and working again.

While walking across a bridge in the park on June 14th, I suddenly got a fear of heights.  I felt the same sensation the next day while sitting at a traffic light, that happens to be on top of an overpass.  I felt panicky

As the week went on, I was getting panicky in the car every time I had to stop at a light.  I had to look down at the steering wheel because the cars criss-crossing in front of me was making me disoriented.

Then I began to get dizzy spells throughout the day, plus I felt a permanent unsteadiness 24 hours a day.  A lot of times I had to concentrate hard to walk.  My eyes were not going where I wanted them to go.  Work really brought on the systems.  I started missing days.  I also had to have people drive me around to places. One time I had heart palpitations when there were a lot of people around me.  Eventually I asked for a leave of absence.

On the 26th, a dizzy spell got so bad I had to go to the hospital.  It was mainly disorientation, not like the room was spinning. I was still able to walk around the hospital, but very slowly, and had to concentrate hard to do it.  MRI showed no tumors or stroke.  They said it was a middle ear issue, prescribe some medicine and sent me on my way.

So far I've seen one ENT, but other appts are coming for neurologist and another ENT.  My hearing test was perfect.  The ENG/caloric test came out normal, which surprised me.  He suggested I might have Mal de Debarquement Syndrome.

I became became imprisoned in my home, and I started to feel physically weak as the days went on.  After learning about vestibular exercises on the Internet, I decided to start doing them on my own.  They seem to have helped with my balance and with my eye-darting issues.  I now go for very long walks. I am starting to drive again too.  However, everything feels totally different than it did before this all began.

There were a couple of nights where my brain was doing odd things. I got hot flashes (even though I'm a guy) and heart palpitations in the middle of the night one time.

My persistent systems right now are:

-susceptible to dizziness when on the computer, watching TV, doing quick head turns, being inside stores

-high-pitch ringing in my left ear

-fullness in my right ears that comes and goes, almost like there is fluid in them

-harder to concentrate

-unsteadiness as I move.  Sometimes it's a "bobble"; other times it's like I'm leaning in one direction or another.  Sometimes it's almost normal.

-sensitivity to sound, like the bath water running

-misidentification of sounds.  I sometimes think the garbage truck is outside, only to figure out it's our air conditioner.

Let me know what you think.  I would like to begin living a normal life again: return to work, use a computer and watch TV normally, be able to drive long distances without worry.  I'm thinking it's VN, but I did not have an "acute" spinning phase, plus the caloric test was normal.  The canker sore may be relevant because I've read that the herpes virus can attack the nerve.  

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Mirtazapine Withdrawal :: Dreadful, With Nausea, Palpitations, Ringing In The Ears

Almost 3 weeks ago I stopped Mirtazapine cold turkey. I was on a small dose of 7.5mg but I'm also a small person (8 stone) and that dose seemed to work for me. Just before I stopped I tried to taper but then changed my mind and double the dose which almost immediately gave me some nausea, palpitations and very bad muscles and joints pain. I stayed on that dose for a week but none of the symptoms cleared completely so on Friday 30.05 I stopped it completely. 

Next few days were dreadful, with nausea, palpitations, ringing in the ears (and ear pain), burning skin on legs and arms, painful joints and muscles, especially left leg, muscle twitching, back pain, insomnia. They don't all come in at once and I do have a better moment or day but pretty much i'm still in pain most of the time and exhausted. I'm sure that the fact i've been on an antibiotic (doxycycline) for a bacterial infection drains the body as well and perhaps contributes to feeling ill but my GP says it shouldn't matter. 

Please can anyone having a similar experience reply to this post. My GP just took my hope away today telling me that I don't have any withdrawal as he's never had a problem with this drug, but the only other choice is probably a serious autoimmune disease, which I'm terrified to think of. I never had any muscle or joint pain until about 4 weeks ago and now having a very sad time thinking what happened to my life as I'm not able to look after my family. I just want to have my hope back that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it's a few more weeks or months...

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Perimenopause At 39? Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Mood Swings, Headaches, Ringing In My Ears

I've been to two gynos with my issues and I'm getting a little frustrated but I think I've figured this out on my own anyway. I'm 39, work out intensely 6 times a week, have 11 year old twins, no history of gynecological disease, and for the past year I've been experiencing signs of perimenopause. I haven't missed a period yet but sometimes I get two (yay me) and sometimes I get one that's either very light and short or very heavy and long. I have hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, headaches, ringing in my ears on a regular basis for about 4 months(that hasn't happened in a few months now), extreme breast tenderness, fatigue, itchy skin, aversion to odors that normally don't bother me, digestive issues, etc. I can go down a list of symptoms of perimenopause and I have at least 12 of them. The problem is that when I tell a dr these things, they don't offer much help and they basically dismiss the idea that I could be perimenopausal at 39. I want them to understand that I'm miserable and I feel like **** 50% of the time because of these symptoms. They offer me the pill or an IUD to which I politely decline, leave, and go to my local homeopathic pharmacy to have some compounds made to help me cope with these insane symptoms.

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Glue Ear Tinnitus

Have glue ear anyone else got it? I am a 56 female in distress.

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