Trouble Sleeping - Heart Begins To Pound

Apr 2, 2014

Over the past two weeks or so I've had a very hard time falling asleep because of my heart. When I lay down to go to bed, my heart begins to pound very loudly and very irregularly. I can feel it through my whole body, and no amount of breathing exercises or relaxing music seems to help. I did just get diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, for which I am seeing a doctor on Thursday, and I also was diagnosed with Mono a few weeks ago. But this is seriously killing me sleep, and it's freaking me out.

I am well aware that this could be just a sign of stress. I've seen a psychologist in the past, and she taught me ways to try and combat anxiety attacks. None of the things she taught me work on this. I lost my little brother to cancer, back in October of 2013, and since then I've developed a fear of dieing in my sleep like he did. But there are NO other signs of anxiety when I am trying to sleep. My heart just begins to beat out of order on it's own accord.

Oh, some basic health info about me would probably be helpful. I'm 21 year old female. 190 pounds, five foot seven inches, so I'm considered "obese" I suppose. Gallbladder removed at 19, tonsils removed at 2. I work a 3rd shift job stocking shelves and other heavy lifting tasks at a 24 hour walmart, but because of my Mono I am not allowed to work again until May because of the risk of rupturing my Spleen.

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Cardiovascular :: Heavy Heart Beat And Trouble Sleeping

For three months now, I have been having strange problems with my heart.  I have been experiencing a (mostly intermittent) heavy heartbeat.  I'm a 170 lbs 5'10'' 23 year old male in fairly good health.  I work out regularly (mostly strength training).

It all started three months ago when I started noticing my heartbeat.  It felt most like palpitations, which I have had before, but mostly it was just an odd sensation.  Eventually, it turned into a really extremely heavy heartbeat.  When I would lift something light or just get up, it would feel like it was pounding out of my chest--really unsettling. 

About three or four days after the symptoms started, I started having extremely bizarre symptoms when I tried to go to sleep.  I would begin to drift off, and it would feel as though I was aware of my loss of consciousness.  I would feel really light headed and it just felt horrible, like I was going to pass out and die.

Before the symptoms started, the only thing that was different to my knowledge was that I changed my diet a bit.   I was trying to really gain some muscle.  I was working out 4 days on, 3 days off and increased my protein and carb intake.   I was having a protein shake after my workouts that included whey protein and creatine supplements.

As soon as the symptoms started, I immediately stopped everything--the intense workouts, the supplements, and the over-eating--I just went back to normal.  Oddly, the symptoms persisted, and only very gradually got better across three months.

I also decided to see a doctor initially, and had been to the ER two more times on top of that.  I also saw a cardiologist.  They all did blood tests, checked my thyroid, got a chest X-Ray, and did EKG's.  I even got an cardiac echo.  And nothing.  They told me I was 100% (heart and otherwise) healthy.

After three months, I am still having symptoms.  At times, my heart does seem to be beating normally, but about half the time or more it will kick start and just go crazy.  Sometimes for seemingly no reason, and other times when I begin significant psychical activity.  I would be able to live with this, but its the issues I have when trying to go to sleep that are the worst.  Just last night, it felt like as I was drifting off, my heart felt really heavy and "chunky" and almost felt like it was beating against my ribcage or something else and making my inside shake.  Really weird. (I have these symptoms during the day at times too).

I also have minor but bizarre pains that I can feel in the center of my chest, and sometimes in the top of my back.  I have experiences odd tingling sensations in my chest, arms, finger tips.  I also have sensations as if I get one really strong heartbeat.  I will be sitting doing something and feel a big beat and my chest that makes me jump almost.  I don't know if is a palpitation or what, but my palpitations have never felt like that before.
I am just really tired of dealing with this.  Because it has to do with my heart I can't ignore it, especially when it disrupts my sleep.  I have been told it could be anxiety but I just don't think so.  Symptoms come on randomly and when I am not even thinking about it.  I admit, I obsess over my heart a bit some days, but it is just because this problem seems so impossible.

I would like to think my diet is fairly decent, I do eat some garbage sometimes, but I try to get plenty of fruits, vegetables and water.  I don't drink much at all and have an occasional cup of coffee.  I still work out but only 3 days a week (m-w-f).  I don't do the protein or creatine anymore.  I don't have any other symptoms.

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Anxiety :: Trouble Sleeping

I made an appointment for therapy. They said they would call me back, so..fingers crossed! Where I'm at right now, it's 3:23 AM and I can't sleep.. I've been trying to sleep for almost 2 hour's now. Every time I try to close my eyes & just relax, my heart starts beating fast, I get a slight lump in my throat feeling, and my head/neck feels tingly. I also, get a panicky feeling. It's driving me crazy. This always happens when I need to be up at a certain hour.

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Trouble Sleeping At Night - I Don't Want To Wake Up

I find it really hard to sleep at night, It almost like my body is exhausted but my brain won't shut off.

I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and one of the symptoms is insomnia. I can't sleep at night but when i finally get to sleep and my brain has shut down when it comes to getting up in the morning for work, I can't. I sleep through alarms, people could be screaming down my ear, world war 3 could be happening and i wouldn't wake up.

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Trouble Sleeping At Night - Depression?

So my whole life i have lived with my grandma and grandpa. A year ago my grandad died. Since then my grandma has been feeling very sad and lonely. I never had this problem with sleeping until the past 4-5 months, where i just stay up until 4-6 AM even though i go to bed around 12o'clock. I just play video games and in the weekends i go out with my friends and party. I am a student in college and me not being able to sleep at nights is preventing me to attend properly in School, I just skip classes more and more even though i want to do good. When i look at the big picture i just find it so depressing, this life i'm having even though I don't think i suffer from depression. I'm just unable to sleep at nights, this is a major problem to me. I don't know now what i should do, move to my mom in England?

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Sleep Issues :: Trouble Sleeping

I'm 52 and have no history of sleep problems. In fact I generally sleep through anything. That is until seven weeks ago today. I went to bed as usual, but didn't get to sleep till about four in the morning. The same thing happened the next night and the next etc etc. sometimes I'll go to sleep quickly but wake up a couple of hours later- just for a bit of variation ha, ha. The thing is, I'm pretty certain what caused this, but it makes me sound a bit pathetic. There's a woman at work who I've become quite friendly with. Just friends I must stress and she has given no indication that it is anything more. Anyway, I had a week off work and the night before my first day back I started to get butterflies in my stomach and realised I was excited about seeing this woman the next day. That's the first night I didn't sleep. I became quite infatuated for a couple of weeks, but that intensity seems to be waning now. However, I'm still left with the insomnia. I must stress that this type of schoolboy crush is completely out of character. She has a partner an so do I - 20 years now I wouldn't want to do anything to ruin it.

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Sertraline :: 50mg100mg Trouble Sleeping

started sertraline 50mg in end of march start of april on those for 3 weeks then switched to 100mg have been on that dose for about  5 weeks now the whole time ive struggled with sleeping its so irregular sometimes wake up every hour i stuggle as gets me down as i know im tired but my body dosent feel it.  so the nights feel super long and i dread them as they come around . few other things but wanted to see if anyone else has this problem too but positivity wise i have noticed a big change in my moods the tablets have helped alot but too me more things keep popping up thats starting to even out the good and bad effects.

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Hernia :: Trouble Sleeping Due To Pain

anyone any tips to help with trying to sleep as pain some nights is unbearable.

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Beta-Blockers :: Trouble Sleeping

I am taking beta blockers. I have had a heart attack couple of days ago and I guess beta blockers I have to take as prevention. No one needs a heart attack, right? But, even in that short period of time, some side effects occurred, I had trouble sleeping. Although, I have to admit that I am not sure if this was because of the stress or because of the beta blocker.

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Pregnancy :: Trouble Breathing And Sleeping

I'm 33 weeks and I'm having so much trouble breathing and sleeping is anyone having this problem or had this problem ??

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Fluoxetine :: Tired But Trouble Sleeping

I've been on fluoxetine for over 2 weeks now. At first I was ok, a little tired in the day but I could sleep right through the night with no problems.

The past few days I've had some good days and not napped through the day as I've felt good (emotionally and physically) but then as of Sunday night the tiredness knocked me. I'm really tired all day and when I get to sleep at night I wake up every few hours and struggle to get back to sleep, meaning I'm more tired in the day again

I take my tablets at night time as it helped a bit more than in the morning

Has anyone else experienced this? If so could the doctors help or do you have any natural ways of overcoming it?

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Trouble / Difficulty Sleeping Due To Exams

I’m a student à 21 years old. In two weeks, I will be on exams. It's a very stressful period for me. It’s a period during which I’ve some sleep issues. I’ve some difficulties in order to fall asleep. And when I finally fell asleep, I wake up between two and three times a night.

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Sleep Issues :: Having Trouble Sleeping - On Antidepressants

I've been on antidepressants for my mental health but I've not been able to sleep, there are days I can sleep 2-3 hours but then there are days I am unable to sleep at all. I've tried relaxing before bed, warm milk, clearing my mind before bed, having a bath etc but those aren't helping. I don't want to take sleeping tablets due to my other medication. Has anyone got any advice or tips to help me just a little. I've had trouble sleeping for 6+ years.

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Cardiovascular :: Trouble Sleeping After Bypass Surgery

I've had my bypass surgery finally. I waited very long for this to happen. I was not an urgent case though, but still I was very nervous about this. I’ve been told I will get my surgery done in about a month and it turned out that I had to wait for two more months. I was scared something may go wrong while waiting. Luckily nothing did and I’m ok now. I’m recovering. The only things that bothers me is that I haven’t been able to sleep. What are your experiences when it comes to troubles sleeping after bypass surgery?

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Weight Loss Pills :: Trouble Sleeping ?

I've been taking these pills for a week now and I have lost some weight, but I have trouble sleeping. I try to get 8 hours of sleep, but taking these pills I only get 3 or 4 hours of sleep. I take 2 before breakfast and 2 before lunch. Anyone else ?

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Sleep Issues :: Sertraline And Trouble Sleeping

Is Sertraline making me have trouble sleeping? I've had weeks where I had trouble sleeping 3 nights, but I've had a couple of weeks where I only had trouble sleeping one night.

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Anxiety :: Trouble Sleeping And Horrible Nightmares

Well my boyfriend is having trouble sleeping but when he does sleep he has horrible nightmares that feel really real and now he won't sleep cuz the dreams terrify him what should I do?

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Fibromyalgia Syndrome - Gabapentin :: Trouble Sleeping

I am exhausted I wake up every morning tired. That's if I can sleep at all. I constantly misplace things. I am on gabapentin but it doesn't seem to help..... Any advice?

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Son Has Trouble Sleeping At Night - Phenergan Doesn't Work

My six yr old son has trouble sleeping at nite he goes to bed at seven colours until half seven and still awake at 9.45 on sometimes. I've tried meds from the doc phenergan that don't work.

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Sleeping Trouble - Wake Up Every Morning Feeling Exhausted

For the past year, i have been having trouble with my sleep and wake up every morning feeling exhausted and feel very tired throughout the day.

There seems to be an issue with my sinus as i always feel pressure 24/7,almost like a throbbing sensation and when i lye down, my sinus blocks up. So if i were to lye on my left side, my left sinus would block up and if i lye on my right, my right sinus is blocked.

My doctor told me this was caused by allergies, although i have been taking allergy pills, weekly allergy shots, corticosteroids, and tried everything else with zero relief.

I also notice that the back of my neck is always sore and i have constant headaches. When i blow my nose, nothing ever comes out.

Anyone have any advice ? I am so desperate for a good night sleep.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Trouble Sleeping? Toss And Turn At Least An Hour

Every night when I go to bed I toss & turn at least an hour because I can never get comfortable.  Once I eventually fall asleep and wake up to go to the restroom I can barely get up... my son has been head down since week 29 and I'm 32 weeks now.. it's like I have a lot of pressure in my pelvic area and in my vagina area to my thighs I feel stiff..  I literally have to hold on to the wall or bed for support so I won't fall... is this because he's head down why I'm experiencing pressure

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