Using Meth While Breastfeeding

Jul 30, 2014

Just curious, i have an almost 3 month old baby, was wondering what would happen if i did a 10 bag of meth, i still breastfeed

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Men :: No Climax And Can't Get Off In Sex On Meth

If a man cant climax but stays on the verge while having sex on meth, what is the fix? how can he still get off and not have to quit using?

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Transmission Of Meth During Sex Via Ejaculation?

I have been with my husband for 27 years, he claims he does not use meth but I know he has since we first meth, he quits off and on, but I am afraid he is using more now again. My concern is that he ejaculates inside me, and I am now unable to sleep, I have mood swings and get very angry and have a short temper, my appetite is decreasing etc. is it possible that the meth is in his sperm and is affecting me? I really feel like something's very wrong I feel like I'm "tripping" afterward. I am not a drug user and do not ever want to be but I'm afraid he is putting it in my system.

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Meth And It's Effects On Prostate?

I recently Started smoking Meth, unfortunately, Since then i've noticed a few things and have done some research, and was curious does/can smoking dope affect a male's prostate?

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Yellow Skin And Eyes? Use Of GHB And Meth?

I am not sure because these are my only symptoms no loss in appetite just indigestion 

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Substance Abuse :: How To Check If Someone Is On Meth?

How can you tell if someone is using meth if they deny it? I'm suspicious because they've had previous problems with meth but got clean. Now it seems like there are things going on such as missing at least 2 days of work a week and sleeping all the time. Rent isn't paid either.

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Hallucinogens Addiction :: No Climax While On Meth

My friend has been with his wife many years and also uses meth frequently. problem is he can't get off, gets right there but can't bust.... without telling me to stop using the drug can someone tell me if there is something that can fix this little problem? 

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Penis :: Weak Erections On Meth

Experiencing with Meth, I find I can't get a hard on, even with hours and hours of foreplay my lil friend gets hard as soon as we get down to business he goes all limp, I tried counteracting with weed sometimes it works other times it doesn't

Has anyone found or have any other remedies?

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Meth And Sex :: Hard One Minute Then Soft The Next

My boyfriend has used meth for 20 yrs, the first time he got hard like normal but he got off in 2 seconds, it's been 9 months and he is lasting longer but he can never go more than 1 time and he will be hard one minute then soft the next. I question if its me that isn't turning him on because when he is watching me orgasm he gets hard but not when I am trying to get him in the mood? Do I just not turn him on? Or is the meth use playing a part in this?

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Hallucinogens Addiction :: How Bad Is Casual Meth Use?

How bad is casual meth use? I have recently started it using it very lightly for energy to keep up with work and school/studying. I use it about twice a day, smoking it out of a glass pipe. I take a few big hits and then I'm done. I do it once during the day after I eat and before I go to school/work and then again after I eat dinner, to help with energy for the rest of the day. I know its bad for me and could lead to addiction and I am already craving it and relying on it a lot to get through the day. I tell myself I will stop once I feel like its becoming a problem and don't intend to use this for a long time, at least until I can get some Adderal. But for the time being, without it, I can't seem to stay awake in class or have energy to do other things. I should be ok right? Only major health problem I've noticed so far is oilier than usual skin but no biggie. I still eat and go to sleep at a normalish time and I make sure to rinse my mouth very well after each session as to not rot my teeth. I usually cough out a bit of phlegm after I smoke but I see that as a good thing since my lungs are expelling extra stuff.

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Hallucinogens Addiction :: Rash Due To Meth Use

I was using meth a couple days ago I stop using it cause I couldn't get myself hooked on so as I coming down falling asleep I usually lay on top of my pillows so when I woke up the side I was laying on swelled up and it was red and had welts and was so itchy I freaked thought bugs was in my bed then later on I had a bump on my wrist that looked like a bite and it itch also then it started to blister up...then I had a bump like a pimple on my face I popped it and nothing but puss came out then I washed my face and when I dried my face I could see my pores wide open then in certain areas of my face I seen crystals sticking out not to many so that's when I realized it was the meth I was using and stopped using it right away I never heard of anyone having a reaction like that am I the only one??? I just took benadryl and just slept cause the itching on my left arm was bad plz give me some input if u have any the rest of the dope I had I tossed it it was a lot ......

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Meth Users - Abusive And No Sex Drive?

I just have s couple questions. I have been seeing this guy for a while and I knew he smoked shard every once in awhile but as time went on I got to see how often he was doing it.. It could be from 4-7 days a week. He says he has no sex drive which confuses me because I have read that they have a huge sex drive I know he has been using like this for over 8 years and I did promise I would help him try kick this habit because he said he wanted to stop but know it's getting to hard he goes missing for weeks at a time, starts to abuse me call me awful names at times has stolen from me every time I have tried to walk away he promises me things will change but they never do. I care for this man but I just want to know if it's a hopeless situation or not and if they can really truly have feelings for someone or is it s matter of what I can do for him?

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Substance Abuse :: Steps To Get Rid Of Meth?

I have to stop meth while working a good job and raising a beautiful child, I've been up and down this path many times, AA, by myself, God, for myself, and for others. This time if I don't stop it is going to be too late. My kid will be 8 soon and I don't want to **** up their life.. I feel if I can just stop now maybe my kid has a chance.. We have a chance. If I don't I'm screwed. But I still have to maintain my job, my apt., taking care of my child. I'm so scared and I can't just sleep for a week!!!! I need help like NOW. Please someone just tell me specifically what I can do. First off I can't really make it to meetings with my schedule, I want to try something else anyhow. So maybe something besides a 12 step program. Not that I don't agree with the importance and good they do I just have never been able to really jump onto the wagon of working the steps and all the AA/NA is my life thing. I just want to be a good parent and role model for my child.. Please someone help me

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Pregnancy :: 17 Weeks Pregnant Using Meth

My sister is 32 and been using meth over. A year and is now 17 weeks pregnant she says she's not using but I Believe she is don't know what to do to help her

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Pregnancy :: Used Crystal Meth A Little During My First Trimester

I am 36 weeks pregnant and used crystal meth a little during my first trimester and drank a little too. what are the possibilities of my baby being born with any kind of problems or defects? my doctor said everything is fine with my pregnancy and with the baby but he doesn't know about the drug use.and what are the possibilities of it showing up in his meconium test?

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Meth, Ambien And Xanax Together - How To Keep Safe Amounts

taking ambien,xanax, and do n meth at the same time, is it going to kill me or is there a safe amount.

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Substance Abuse :: Easy Steps To Quit Meth?

I'm a 5'5 22 year old female who started at 195 and I'm now at 145 in weight in about one month. I tried it when I was very young, started again when things were crazy difficult, but months or years in between has never been an issue. This past two weeks I was using around 1 gram a day. Lost that much weight in two weeks. I'm always almost fainting from never eating. Had to teach myself hydration. And today, it felt as if I've been doing it forever. I snort it, my nose hurts so bad all the time. I can visibly see my eyes getting droopy, they are usually really big wide eyes. My life is crap right now but without it it becomes so much worse. All I think about all day is using then at night I use and think about how to get more and the thing is my father supplies it to me, free. Top of the line from the man who cooked it up. So with that information, I used about 1/2 today within an hour. I want to stop. I feel sick I'm exhausted laying in bed my nose is running worried I'll make it bleed. I have to take a drug test soon and my question is, what are easy steps to move on with a short lived addiction and also detox and clean myself out as quickly as possible. I want to be DONE.

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Breastfeeding :: How Does It Work Exactly

Im a first-time mommy to be and im confused on what usually happens when breastfeeding do most women breast feed for the entire first year and then swtich over to regular instead of formula ? Any advice you ladies can give me is appreciated

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Gotten Pregnant While Breastfeeding?

Has anyone gotten pregnant while breastfeeding?  

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Breastfeeding While Being Pregnant

is it safe to breastfeed while being pregnant. im 12 weeks and my son is 15 months.

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Breastfeeding :: How Often Should I Pump?

How often should i pump? What if i don't produce enough milk?

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