Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: Replacement Of Battery Cable?

Jan 2, 2017

I had to swap in a new battery the other day, and I noticed that the positive terminal connector is broken. I don't really want to pay >$100 for a new cable right now, so any success story about splicing in just a new terminal ring or using one of the generic battery cables?

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: 1998 - After Head Gasket Replacement Battery Only Charge When Punch It?

I have a quick question, I just replaced the head gaskets on my 4.6 with 301,000 miles on it and now my battery only charges when you punch it and when you lift off the gas pedal, in town it does fine, but on drives 25 miles on the highway the battery guage goes to the line on the bottom. What could be causing that?

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: 2001 - Tailgate Cable Pop Off / Bolt Is Gone

My wifes 01 Supercrew had the tailgate cable pop off the other day- it came unscrewed from the tailgate. I went to screw it back in, but there is nothing to screw it into. Whatever was there to accept the bolt is gone. There seems to be an access panel on the tailgate (appx. 48 x 8) that I cant seem to get off- it like its being held in place from inside but I cant see how. I slightly bent up the panel trying to remove it, then lightly tapped it back in place- now I have a ding on the outside finish. So, what was in there to hold the bolt, can I just use a regular nut with a washer if I can get my fingers in there, and whats with the access door ?

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: 2000 XLT - Parking Brake Cable Removal

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out to detach the cable from the pedal assembly. The place where the cable attaches is so hidden by various plates, pawls and springs that there is no access. Also the whole assembly is put together with rivets so there's no easy way of taking it apart. Is there some trick to getting the cable out?

Also, I need to find out exactly where the cable goes through the floor pan. I'm in the process of fixing the rust on this. My 2000 XLT 4x4 and the floor pan and rockers were so rusted that there was no evidence of where the cable went through the floor pan! I assume it's supposed to go through the channel right next to the inner rocker but where exactly? A simple measurement from the back edge of the A-pillar is all I need.

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: E-Brake Cable Pulled Through Backing Plate

I replaced the driver's side e-brake cable on my 99 F150 due to the cable pulling through the backing plate (I think the backing plate hole either wore or rusted out bigger). The new cable is doing the same thing and now I cannot drive because if you depress the e-brake one time, the cable gets pulled through the hole, then since it won't come back out of the hole, pushes the brake shoe against the drum and, thus, drag. I was thinking of trying to find a C clip to hold the cable out but it's iffy at best.

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: 2009 - Removing Cable From Throttle Body?

I busted the cable end by not removing it properly. My question is what is the proper method of remove the cable from the throttle body? Are the cable ends replaceable? If so who has them as a google search didn't find any? I've tried to find written information but haven't any luck. bl2009

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: Broken Throttle Body Accelerator Cable Connector

So, instead of pushing the throttle cable back and then off, I tried to pop it off and broke the little tab. I've been trying to look for a replacement, but all I'm coming up with is an entire throttle body. Not too bad, but would still like to fix it for much cheaper. It's a 2002 F150 with a 5.4L.

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Ford Excursion :: Hood Release Cable Replacement?

So in order to get my hood to open, I have to pull the hood release lever in the cab, go pull up on the hood itself, then pull the release lever again, and pull on the hood to get it to finally pop. Is this a cable perhaps going bad? Or another issue I need to fix?

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Ford - Explorer :: 1995 - Negative Battery Cable End?

I'm working on a 95 Explorer, and I need to know where the end of the negative battery cable should be bolted to. Right now, it's hooked to a bolt on the back of the starter. That just doesn't sound right......

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Ford 7.3L Power Stroke (1999-2003) :: Replacement Of Battery Positive Terminal?

Got new batteries installed yesterday and found that the passenger side battery has a nearly broken positive terminal. Had to handle it very gently.

Don't want to replace the entire battery cable just to get the terminal. Using bolt-on replacement terminals? What did you go with and where can it be found?

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: O2 Sensor Replacement?

I own a 2003 F-150 4.2 engine 2 wheel drive extended cab. I need finding an easier way to get at the O2 sensor connector on bank #2. I am having a trouble code of P0171 and want to check the sensor to see if it is working...

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: Location Of ECM - Replacement?

I'm looking for the location of the ECM in a 97' f150 5.4.. Also need to know difficulty on replacing it and is it what controls the windshield wipers and windows?

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Ford 7.3L Power Stroke (1999-2003) :: Battery Light Staying On After Alternator Replacement

Had a bad alternator, changed it, and now the battery lite stays on all the time..Changed the alternator again with a known good one, and the light is still on all the time..

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Ford 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel :: How To Repair Broken Battery Cable For E350

When I dropped my 2 frame rail batteries I noticed the clamp on the positive battery cable was broke. How to splice in a new clamp?

Pick and pull is an option. I would rather repair my OEM cable and be done.

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: Rear Differential Replacement?

Last week I broke the pinion and spider gears in in rear end. Well Im getting a used rear end rather than rebuidling mine. What is the gear ratio on the 97 F150 xlt 4.6l 4x4. I figured they would all be the same but my tag is missing on my diff and I was told by an auto parts store that there were a couple different ones.

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: 4X4 Selector Switch Replacement?

I am needing to replace the selector switch for my 4x4 on my 2003 F150 Lariat FX4... I already have the new switch. Whats the best way to get in there to remove and replace the switch?

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: Radiator Support Replacement?

So the story goes like this, my teacher was trying to scrap a truck that he had sitting on his farm so i got it. I've been using it for a DD for the past year and a half and not I'm starting to do rust repair starting with rocker panels. But, what i was really wondering is how involved would it be to replace the radiator core support? Main reason being last time i was under the hood replacing the pass side valve cover gasket i hit it and knocked a hole right through it so yeah I'm thinking is about time to replace it.

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: Lower Control Arms Replacement?

Replacing lower control arms? I've read a couple places that you don't need a spring compressor. Anything else to look out for? 2000 F150 4.6L 2WD 288,000 miles....

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: Front Brake Pads Replacement

I know on some cars and trucks you need a special tools to push the caliper back in. i just use a large c clamp to do the job. Question do i need any special tools to replace the front brakes pads?

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: Power Window Motor Replacement

What do I need to do to replace the drivers side window motor in my 97 f150? Do you need special tools? or just pull the panel loose from the door replace and motor and push the panel back on. Or is there plastic clips that are going to break off?

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Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: 1998 - Heater Core Replacement?

How to replace the heater core?

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