Civic - Honda :: 1990 - Car Shake A Bit At High Speed

Dec 15, 2014

I just got new parts replaced in my car and I thought it would run way better but it seems to run worse. I took it in to a mechanics shop that I new. I have a 1990 Honda Civic Si Hatchback and before I he replaced new parts it was running nice. At high speeds after a while it would shake a bit and then the Engine light would turn on. He found out it was the O2 sensor. He has fixed other problems I had before and it made it better but this time I don't know what happened. So this time he replaced my timing belt, O2 Sensor, Water Pump, Spark Plugs, Valve cover seals, and just cleaned around the new parts. He said it was very dirty and gross in side my block and other placed. When I got it back from him I drove it around and it felt REALLY sluggish. Its a standard. Normally it would jolt forward because it had a quick acceleration and I learned to control it well but now it has a fixes slow start no matter how hard or far I push down on the gas? Its a lot easier and smoother to change gears because before I would seem my passengers jerk when I changed gears but I did see them do it this time. I have a feeling it's my O2 Sensor. It felt like a sport car before and now it feels like it drives like I'm a old nerves lady.

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Civic - Honda :: 1997 - Overheating When Driven At High Speed On Highway

My '97 Honda Civic overheats when driven at high speed on the highway for more than an hour. I've changed the thermostat and the radiator fan, but it still does it.

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Civic - Honda :: 2010 - At High Speed Steering Wheel Shakes?

My wife drives a 2010 Honda Civic LX sedan with about 18k miles. She mentioned that its steering wheel started shaking a couple of weeks ago when driving at about 60 miles/hour at the same streth of the road during her daily commute. She did experience the problem during rest of her drive at lower speed. I drive the car about once a week at lower than 45 miles/hour and had no problem. I have checked the tires and noticed nothing obvious.

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Civic - Honda :: 2003 - High Engine Speed But Very Slow Acceleration

Recently, my 2003 manual honda civic accelerates very slowly, even the engine speed goes up to 4000 rpm. Usually it takes up to 1 minute to reach 60mph on high way. Is the clutch getting bad?

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Civic - Honda :: 1996 - Lose Clutch - Hard Shift Into 1st On High Speed?

,My wife drives a 96 Civic DX Hatchback, 5 Speed. It has about 160,000 miles on it, and she only drives it to work and back (a 15 minute drive via the interstate).

Just yesterday, she told me that the clutch feels 'looser' than normal, for lack of a better term. When it's first started, it's hard for her to get it into first and/or reverse, but once driving, she says the shifting is fine. When she's driving at highway speeds in 5th for a while, then has to get off at her exit, she said it's hard for her to get it back into 1st gear. She says she feels like she has to push the clutch harder than normal to get it back into 1st gear.

I don't know much about manual transmissions, and am hoping for some insight into what the problem(s) may be?

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Civic - Honda - Transmissions :: Car Shake Violently At Traffic Light

1991 Honda Civic, automatic transmission, the car/steering wheel shake badly when the car stops at the red light. It only happens when brake pedal is pressed AND in D gear. If shift from D to N, the shake disappears. As soon as the traffic light turns green and the car starts to accelerate, the shake disappears. Four spark plugs were replaced, no effect at all.

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Civic - Honda :: 1990 - Won't Start After Being In Heat

1990 honda civic lx Won't start after being in heat/hot sun. Starts after 5 min or when it cools down.

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Civic - Honda :: 1990 - Car Died In Heavy Rain

My 1990 Honda Civic DX died in heavy rain. Diagnosis: Need new alternator. Got it. Car immediately started surging loudly whenever idling. Took it back to the shop. 3 mechanics huddled for 3 hours and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Quick fix: Deactivate IAC. They said I should be good for a couple of months. Took one 25-mph drive around the neighborhood. Car ran very rough; panel under steering wheel jolted loose. Made it home but now car won't start. Battery is fine. Wonderful Firestone manager is willing to look at car again. I'm broke after the alternator on top of paying the IRS in April and really want to keep my generally reliable car (only 255,000 miles), at least through the hot South Florida summer.

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Civic - Honda :: 1995 - Steering Wheel Developed Occasional Left Right Shake

95 Honda Civic. Manual Trans and Steering. CV joints have 40K since rebuild, 50K on tires. Tire Press and Tq is good. Steering does not pull either way, suspension feels tight. Happens with/without brakes. I noticed that the steering wheel has developed an occasional left right shake that is proportional to the speed of the car. Seems to be most pronouced about 45 mph, however it continues until the car comes to a stop sometimes, well below the speed an unbalanced tire might be an issue. I noticed the problem when it started getting cold and can not figure out if it a road issue (in IL = bad roads), or a car issue.

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Civic - Honda :: 1990 - While Idling RPMs Oscillate Between 1 Krpm And Almost 0

My car has been having idling issues for about a year now. While idling the RPMs oscillate between 1 krpm and almost 0, with a frequency of about one oscillation per second. That got worse over time, and it started dying while idling too. I ignored the problem because it wasn't that bad, until a few weeks ago it died about 7 times on a 2 mile trip. (I developed a technique of using my right foot to press the gas and the brake simultaneously so I could come to a stop while keeping the engine going. But that only gets you so far.) I took it to a garage, they said I probably need a new IACV. Instead of having them do it, I just bought one and put it in myself. I'm not an experienced mechanic, but this seemed fairly easy; I'm pretty sure I didn't screw it up.

So, now it's displaying almost the exact same symptoms. It's not oscillating like it was before, but it's still dying pretty frequently, only on idle. I'd like to know if there's anything else I can try before I take it back to the shop.

A little more information about my car:- Replaced the motor about a year and half ago, put a few thousand miles since then. I don't know what other parts were replaced as part of the motor, but probably not many considering what I've had to replace. - Since the motor replacement, I've had the following replaced: rear main seal, clutch, distributor, distributor again, and water pump- The odometer reads 223k miles, but I don't know how many miles the new motor has. - 1990 Honda Civic LX 1.5L

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Civic - Honda :: 1990 - Now With Original Harness Crank But Shuts Off?

Ok so the basics first. The car is a 1990 Honda Civic DX hatchback. The swap is a 1999 Acura Integra GS-R. For about 3 months the car has been a no start. I would get 12 volts to the coil but they would not spark at the wires. I tested the wires for contiuity and they tested good. After trying multiple different harnesses and things the car seems to be in worse shape. The current problems are that it was blowing the 10volt alternator fuse everytime I keyed it to the ON(II) position. I unplugged the alternator and now it doesnt blow the fuse. I have fuel now and the CEL comes on and goes out as it should but the battery light does not come on at all. Im not sure if that is because I have the alt. unplugged. The main problem is that the car no longer cranks. Im back to the original harness that the car had cranked with before but now everytime I go to crank (turn he key to the START(III) position) the car the car shuts off. I checked the grounds and theyre all good. The fuses in both boxes are good as well. I dont know if its getting spark yet because it doesnt crank.

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Camry :: Steering Wheel Shake Only When Braking Hard At High Speed

If the front rotors are warped would I not feel it when braking anytime and not just braking hard at high speed?

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Celica :: 1990 - Car Loosing Power And Can't Accelerate To High Speed

I have a 1990 celica hatch automatic with 33x,xxx miles on it. the cars always had problems like it would suddenly turn off or the rev would go high but all of thats been fixed

recently the car started losing power and it cant really accelerate to a high speed and speed past 30 and the car will start to shake a lil as if it was gonna turn off and even if i floor it at high speed it doesn't really go anywhere and if i use overdrive the rpm shoots way higher then usual.

Do i need new engine or is it other problem? my friend said it could be distributor?

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Civic - Honda :: 1996 - Overheating When On The Freeway And Up To Speed

I have a 96 honda civic that I can't seem to figure out why its overheating. I've changed the water pump, thermostat, radiator cap, and cleaned the system a number of times. It only seems to overheat when I'm on the free way and up to speed. When I get to my destination I see that the water overflow is full of water like to the top of the filler, so the water is being ejected out of the system. It also seems to have a lot of pressure in the system.

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Civic - Honda :: Squeaking And Scraping Sounds When Drive At Any Speed

My Honda Civic DX (1997) is over 200k. Over the past six months, it's been to the repair shop multiple times including each of the brake pads, shoes were replaced. Nowadays, it's making a squeaking and scraping noise as the vehicle is moving at any speed. The squeak comes and next the scraping. The sound is becoming more pronounced, it seems, daily. What the problem is coming from?

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Civic - Honda :: 2006 - Sounds Like Running At High RPM But It Is Not?

i have a 2006 honda civic. at higher speeds it sounds and feels like it is running at a high RPM but the RPMs are where they should be. if i touch on the brake the sound gets louder. i recently had my car in and got new tires, but the problem still persists. they checked my brakes and they are fine.

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Civic - Honda :: Bottom Scraping Whenever Go Over Any Form Of Bump At Speed Higher Than 2 Mph

1996 Honda Civic LX... Alright, so I got my car aligned about two months ago and ever since then it has started scraping the bottom of my car whenever I go over any form of bump or reach the bottom of a steep hill at a speed higher than 2 mph. Well, about three days ago it started making this clicking sound when I put it into park or come to a complete stop and when I accelerate it makes a grinding sound. As a college student I am kind of tight on cash, so I was wanting to know what the possible issues could be so I will know a general price range when I go to a mechanic.

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Civic - Honda :: 1989 - Stalled But Would Not Restart When Going On Highway At Steady Speed

1.5L with automatic and 90K miles. In December going 60 mph on the highway at steady speed the car stalled, would not restart, towed home, tried new fuel pump relay, made no difference, put old relay in and it started, ran great for 6 months and now after filling up the tank, I hit a bump and went around a corner and it stalled again, same scenario, towed home and it started the next day. Been running fine since. Ground on fuel pump/ bad gas? another relay in the fuel pump circuit?

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Civic - Honda :: 2004 - High Pitch Noise When Accelerating

My Civic started to make high pitch noise when turning right or left, and also when accelerating. It makes more noise when I keep the wheels turning but ceases the noise when I let the handle go and go straight. When accelerating, it ceases the noise as it reaches 30 mph or so. It has got 93000 miles on it. It started the noise about 10 months ago and I feel like it increased the noise over the time. I don't drive everyday and I try to drive my wife's Prius when I drive since it has better gas milage. But this noise is quite annoying and wonder what it is.

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Civic - Honda :: 1997 - High-pitched Sound When Backing Up?

I have a 1997 Honda Civic w/ about 150k miles on it. The belt was changed a little under 2 yrs ago. Just started making a high-pitched sound when backing up. Sounds like a note on a flute, and doesn't sound like grinding. It only happens when backing up. As soon as I stop, shift and go forward the sound goes away. Began 2-days ago. I try to find parking spaces where I don't have to back up.

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Civic - Honda :: 2007 - After Rotated Tires Periodic Noise Speed Dependent?

I took my 2007 (manual!) Honda Civic LX to a local car shop last Friday because it wanted its oil change, oil filter change, tire rotation, and spark plugs etc. checked. When I got the car back, I drove it around for a little while and noticed a noise that is periodic and speed-dependent -- as in, the frequency goes up when I am going faster and slows down when I am going slower.

I've since checked the air pressure and while one tire was a little low, the tires are all at the right pressure now, and the noise hasn't gone away. I also feel like there is more vibration in the steering wheel now than there used to be. I think the sound is coming from the front driver's side, but I'm not sure about that.

Obviously I should take it to the car shop and give the guys the what for, right? But what should I be asking them about? What could have happened? It also happens to be the case that on the 4th of July, someone backed into the front of my car with a moving truck and a couple of parts on the front of the car needed to be replaced. But I had

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