Dodge - Caravan - Wheels :: 2005 - Rust And Paint Bubbles Only On Lower Front Side Of Rear Wheel Well

Apr 5, 2011

My 05 Caravan is in excellent shape with only 40k miles and noticed rust and paint bubbles only on the lower front side of the rear wheel well (drivers side). I live in Pa and wash the car after snow storms. Of course the car is out of rust warranty and the dealer said they can repair it but they do not know what causes it. I have seen this exact problem on other caravans and I have been told it is were the two pieces of metal are joined together, the wheel well seam, which causes the problem. We sealed the seam last fall with silicon when it was just paint bubbles and now it has gotten worse. My thinking is either we need to go back and look at the seam again as we only sealed the section that looked open or there is a leak from somewhere else in the van - the gas cap area or the area on the frame when the door is open is suspect to me. Basically I am asking if there is anywhere else I should look for this leak besides the wheel well seam?

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Dodge - Caravan :: Dripping And Losing Coolant At The Lower Right Hand Side Of Radiator

I have the 2001 Dodge Caravan with the 3.3 Liter engine (I think it's a 3.3, the largest anyway). I was having a drip and losing coolant at the lower right hand side of the radiator (driver's side). Thinking it was the radiator, I replaced it with a new one, along with the lower radiator hose (The upper had been replaced within the last year).

Much to my dismay something is still leaking and shows up on the bottom of the crossmember bar in which the radiator sits in. I'm thinking I did nothing to solve the problem. But what in the world would also be in the general area that would cause an anti-freeze leak? I noticed a couple other smaller radiator type devices, one probably has to do with the air conditioning and don't know about the other, probably a transmission cooler?

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Dodge - Ram :: 2005 - Hesitating Under Acceleration At Lower RPMs / Shaking Feeling In Steering Wheel

About 2 weeks ago, my 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 4.7L, was running fine. The very next morning, it's 4.7l engine has a very obvious misfire situation where it's hesitating badly, especially under acceleration at lower rpms, with the shaking feeling in the steering wheel etc etc. I have Advanced Auto parts and 2 separate auto shops plug in their little boxes to find the problem codes. The check engine light came on and stayed on as soon as this issue began. The codes they got were consistent from place to place: 1. Misfire on cylinders 4 & 6, and 2. Random multiple misfire.

So I go and buy 2 brand new coils for cylinder 4 and 6, and 8 new champion plugs. I was in Florida for a week, so the truck was NOT driven at all after the day this problem began. So I replace all 8 plugs and install the 2 new coils, but it makes NO DIFFERENCE. It's still hesitating just like before. Today I take it to Goodyear to have them do an allegedly thorough evaluation. They use their little code box and they get the same codes as mentioned above about random multiple misfire and misfire on cup 4 and 6.

Then the mechanic takes the truck for a ride and experiences the same hesitation and shaking under acceleration. So he replaces both of the new coils I had installed with their coils and replaced the 2 new plugs, just to make sure there was no issue with these new parts. He takes it out and apparently plugs in a different computer that monitors all engine functions, including air/fuel mixture, spark etc. According to that computer, the truck is running properly(according to them), and he checks compression and says it's good. So what's wrong, and he said that my car's computer was reset so the check engine is no longer on(I am not clear the how's and whys of that part). But the important thing is that it's still running badly and they can't tell me why it's running badly!

The mechanic said maybe a lifter collapsed or there is sludge that's causing an issue, but no solid explanation. Supposedly the 4.7L Dodge engine has a sludge issue experienced by some owners, and the mechanic recommended replacing the oil every 1500 miles instead of 3000. By the way, I asked how much it would cost for Goodyear to check the lifters and check under the valve cover, but he said they don't do that.

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Avalon 2005-12 :: 2008 XLS Front Left Side Seats Lower Than Right Side?

Just bought an '08 Avalon XLS (very clean) and noticed that the left front end sits lower than the right. Vehicle has 80,000 miles ..

I have a '13 Camry as well, and love this Avalon.

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Touareg :: 2004 - Passenger Side Wheels Flaking Paint?

My wife and I noticed that our passenger side wheels, both of them, are flaking paint... We've got an early VIN '04 Touareg. We're fixing to take it in for 10K maintenance. We are not avid off-roaders, however we HAVE gone off-roading twice with it and I'm sure hoping that isn't why the paint is flaking.

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Ford F-150 (2009-2014) :: Front Wheels Get Brake Dust And Rust Staining On Them

I have a 2010 F-150 Lariat 4X4 and the front wheels get brake dust and rust staining on them. What is the best wheel cleaner to use to get rid of this? I thought about muratic acid but am afraid of damaging the finish on the wheels.

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Ford Excursion :: Faint Odor Of Differential Fluid From Driver Side Front And Rear Wheels

I've only had the Ex for a few months so I'm still learning... After a trip to Orlando this weekend, I noticed a very faint odor of differential fluid from the driver's side front and rear wheels.

Nothing on the passenger's side. I've inspected the pinions and axles and found no wet areas at all, so I'm a little perplexed. The wheels and axle housings were pretty cool considering a 5 hour round trip.

I was also wondering if what I am smelling is due to the axle vent hoses?

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Caravan/Voyager :: 1996 - Front End Shakes Like The Wheels Are Coming Off

My daughter has a 1996 Grand Voyager that she would like to sell. However, right now when you drive it the front end shakes horribly like the wheels are coming off. I mean the whole dash is shaking. Scary! In addition, I swear I've seen the front wheels appear to wobble when she's driving it. Ive changed the wheel bearing on the passenger side and was astonished to find that it made no difference. I was wondering about the half shafts and CV joints and such. How can I tell if these are bad? I've grabbed them and tried to move them and they don't move.

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Dodge - Ram :: 2005 - Intermittent Howls And Squeals From Front Passenger Side

I recently bought a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 automatic 4.7L. About 3 days after purchase I've begun to notice a couple of strange noises. Now I put this truck through its paces during the evaluation period and noticed no faults at all. Shifts smooth, 4wd works fine, brakes well, no strange noises, quiet and drift-free on the highway to speeds beyond what the state police would more than frown at. No rust, detailed maintenance records, seemed a seriously great truck. But then...

I began to occasionally hear a sharp squeal from what seems to be from the front passenger wheel area when braking to certain speeds. The sound is similar to cheap brake pads squealing or some foreign matter stuck between the rotor. I couldn't reproduce it on demand so I thought maybe something caught on the rotor or some tire shine got slopped in there or something. The sound began to happen more frequently the next day, although still never through the whole braking process, just maybe around 5-10 mph. I called up the dealership and explained what I heard and basically since it's as-is I'm on my own here. So I just planned to take it easy on it then the rest of the day and inspect the brakes and rotors as soon as I could thinking something brake-related. But then...

I heard the same squeal while I was accelerating from a dead stop while going up a steep incline (again 5-10mph or so). Okay, maybe could be brakes still - maybe sticky caliper? Now, here a day later I hear a loud howl from this same area while accelerating up another of our steep inclines here in the Blue Ridge mountains from previously moving at a very slow speed. Same speed range as produced the whine, after accelerating past around 10mph the sound was gone again. After driving it around a lot more over the course of the day this howl repeated one other time in approximately the same way, but on a different road.

I cannot reproduce either sound purposefully, in all but one case the vehicle was not turning when the noise occurred.

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Passat (B6) :: Noise At Lower Speeds / Grabbing From Front Wheels

A few weeks ago we notice a noise and grabbing from the front wheels. Noise was at lowers speeds only. Dealer did the following work.

Replace steering lock assembly and program
Replace left and right lower arm bushings
Replace outer cv boot, grease and repack

Extended warranty covered only steering wheel assembly and car rental.

They also said that the tires need it to be replace due to capping. Tires are only 9 months old. Replaced tire under warranty Potenzas G09 and di alignment that was way off. Two months ago was ok and drove less the 1,500 miles...

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Dodge - Dakota :: Burnt Smell / Brake Odor On Passenger Side Right Front Wheel

4 days ago I had a complete front brake job done on a 02 Dodge Dakota pickup. 80 miles on the new brakes I stuck in a traffic jam for over an hour. Once I stopped at the store I smelled burning brake odor on the passenger side right front wheel. Is there anything that should burn off of a new part of shall be concerned about this? New brakeshoes, rotors, calipers + brakefluid.

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Dodge - Caravan :: 2006 - Broken Wheel Bolts

The last 2 times I have taken my 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan in for tire rotation, the service guy informed me that I had a broken bolt (one of the five) that holds the front wheel on. One time it was a left front wheel, next the right front wheel. They replaced the bolts and lug nuts. I told this to lots of people and no one has ever heard of wheel bolts breaking - on any car! I have rotated the tires regularly at other establishments and have never had this problem. My question: Is this unusual? A known problem with Dodges. Am I being "taken for a ride" by the dealer?

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Dodge - Caravan :: 2005 - Gas Smell / Leak

For about a week I started smelling gas. Checks things out and didn't see anything until today. It is the lone on top of the tank where the plastic piece (fuel pump?) connects to the hose. What is the size? The auto store has three generic replacements but said they don't know what size mine would be. Otherwise I have to take it off and bring it in and try to eyeball it. Not sure what the part is called, but is looks like some two piece clip.

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Caravan/Voyager :: 2005 Dodge Smoke From Engine?

I have a 2005 dodge caravan and today after taking my kids kids to school, I noticed white smoke coming from the hood of the engine. I managed to get home and check it out. With further inspection, smelled like some type of fluid is burning off I can't tell if it's oil or anti freeze. There seems to be some type of condensation in the inside of my van on the passenger windshield. I looked to check to see any leaks inside on the floor mat and underneath the van itself and nothing. What seems to be the issue?

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Dodge - Caravan :: 2005 - How To Replace Rack And Pinion

How do I replace the rack and pinion in my 2005 Dodge Caravan? Looking for a step by step. Id much rather do it myself.

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Dodge - Caravan :: 2005 - Airbag Light Staying On

I have a 2005 dodge caravan auto trans the air bag light stays on hooked it to a computer it reads driver seat belt tensioner circuit open I have replaced both ends of the seat belt but it is still on what could be wrong?

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Ford Excursion :: 2005 - Front Doors Near Lower End With Cladding Not Match Up With Rear Doors

I currently have an 05 Limited X and I've also noticed this on other 05 X's as well. The front driver and passenger side doors near the lower end with the cladding doesn't seem to match up with the rear doors. This goes for both driver and passenger front doors. I at first thought maybe it was just on the X I have but this is something I've taken notice of on just about all of the 05 Limited's I've looked at. What I'm referring to with the front doors being popped out a small bit and not matching up or being perfectly aligned with the rear doors?

I've had an 01 Limited and the doors wasn't anywhere near how mis-aligned they seem to be on the 05 Limited's. I haven't checked years between or XLT's. But on almost or pretty much all 05 Limited's I'm noticing this. Some are not as bad as others or as noticeable as others. But for some reason they all seem to pop out a little towards the bottom. When I speak of doors I'm referring to the doors itself, not the cladding/molding sticking out.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: Paint Chirping / Rust Below Gas Cap

I've got an 07 f-150 and the paint is starting to chip below the gas cap, there isn't really any rust yet. Whats the best way to fix this? I was thinking about taping it off and sanding a bit and then spraying on bedliner spray.

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Dodge - Caravan :: Noise From Front Suspension

My front suspension has been making some noise for a while now, and lately has been getting worse. So I want to replace whatever the problem is, but having trouble figuring it out. Everything looks ok, and the methods I researched aren't giving any clues. The one question I Have is, should I be able to move any of the parts by hand? There are two that I can wiggle back and forth pretty easily, but I don't know if this is normal or not. One is a thin vertical piece parallel to the strut, the other is behind the wheel and low in the back (a tie rod?). Don't know the part names, have worked on my vehicles for a long time but never the suspension.

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Dodge - Caravan :: 2005 Hesitates Several Times When AC On And Stop At A Light

I have 05 Caravan, 4 cyl, 115k. Runs fine (just got back from a 2000 mile trip) that seems to have a quirk or something with the AC.

When I have the AC on and stop at a light, it feels like it hesitates several times. I almost think it'll stall (never has). I usually end up turning off the AC while we're at the light, and start it back up when I accelerate. When the AC is off, there is no hesitation. Also, If I put it in park, and we have the AC on, no problem. I rarely, if ever, have the recirculation going.

One thing of note: I usually wait until I'm out of our neighborhood and on the main street before turning it on. That means the windows are down until I turn it on. When I do, occasionally I hear a sound that best can be described as similar to the sound of loosening a tight lug nut. Still, as long as I'm driving, there is no hesitation and it cools fine.

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Dodge - Caravan :: 2005 - Power Loss Or Sometimes Accelerates When Stopping

2005 Dodge Caravan losing power; code read catalytic converter, so replaced but it is still doing same thing. Will drive fine some days, others it loses power or sometimes accelerates when stopping. What else could be wrong?

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