Volvo - S80 :: 2002 - Instrument Cluster Went Out

Jan 12, 2015

This has been a wonderful car to say the least. Has about 150K on it and it drives like a champ. Recently the instrument cluster went out, sometimes it will randomly work but 9/10 times it's off. When I used it to jump start another car the instrument cluster began working almost instantly, although this was only temporary. When the temperatures are low as they are on the northern east-coast right now around 30ยบ and lower (shivers) it will work. Why is this? does anything to do with the battery having to work harder?

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Volvo :: 2002 S60 Base Sedan - Dead Instrument Cluster

So I recently bought a 2002 volvo s60 base sedan with a dead instrument cluster. I sent it out to be repaired and when I got it back and plugged it in, it did not work. At first I thought it was the company who repaired who messed up, but I looked up the numbers on the cluster and it is out of a 2001 Volvo. I have no way of contacting the previous owner to find out if they tried swapping out the cluster with one from the junkyard, or if they have the original cluster.

I don't know what to do because I cant send the cluster back to the company since I don't know if its the original one or not. Is there any way I can find out what the original numbers are on my cluster. Is there any way to find out the original numbers on the cluster using my vin number? I called the volvo dealer and all they gave me was the part number for a new cluster.

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Volvo - Xc90 :: 2003 - Instrument Cluster Went Out

I had my radiator replaced last month and the day after I got it back from the shop the instrument cluster died (sort of). It functions intermittently but is off a majority of the time. I can tease it on by pressing the on the front of the cluster in the lower left corner but it goes out again when I let off the pressure. I called the shop and they told me there was no way that any work they had done replacing the radiator could cause the cluster to go out, but I am not so sure.

Since then I have been driving not aware of my speed (I actually have an app that gives me my speed but is a sad workaround) or knowing how much fuel I have in the car at any given moment. And, as you who know what type of money pit I am driving, all of the notifications to warn me when something is wrong. which it usually is, are located in the cluster as well. As soon as I have a working cluster I will sell it.

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Ford Super Duty (1999-2016) :: Instrument Cluster Went Dead When Put 2002 F250 Into 4wd

I have 2002 F250 4x4 with 5.4 V8. It has auto locking hubs. If I haven't used the 4wd lately I have to manually lock the hubs in, right side sticks, so I have to use pliers to lock into place. After a few times it works in auto fine. Anyway my issue. I went to use my 4wd so I manually locked the hubs, hopped in the truck and flipped it into 4wd. When I did the instrument cluster died. Radio, power windows and locks, turn signals all work. I just don't have any speedo, tach, fuel gauge, water temp, battery, no odometer. All went blank. I checked some of the fuses that I thought it could be from the owners manual but still no luck.

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Ford Super Duty (1999-2016) :: 2012 F350 - Change Out Instrument Cluster With Mph Cluster?

I have a 2012 F350 XLT that came out of Canada. So of course the speedometer is in KM. (Large numbers are km and smaller numbers are mph). I am trying to find out if I can simply change out my cluster with a mph cluster???

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Golf V R32 :: No DRL Indicator On Instrument Cluster

With DRLs enabled and a Euro switch in Auto, I get HIDs, city lights and side markers during the day - no DRL indicator on instrument cluster.. With switch in Off, I get only HIDs, but with DRL indicator lit. In Auto I expected only HIDs as DRL and DRL indicator lit. No city lights or sides.

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Passat (B5) :: Instrument Cluster Lights Went Out

Turned my lights on in my 2001 VW Passat and my instrument cluster lights are no longer working. The area showing MPG and Outside temp is functional but nothing else is. The lights for the radio, fan hazard sign etc are all fine.

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Bmw :: 2003 - Instrument Cluster Not Working

The speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, battery meter, temp gauge and idiot lights went out. The car works fine. Dash is just dead. I did a quick look at the fuses in the glove box but it doesn't have the little card to tell fuse locations. So, I can't narrow it down but I don't see any blown fuses.

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Golf IV R32 :: Way To Remove Instrument Cluster?

Just wondering how to remove instrument cluster?

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Prius (Gen 2) :: Instrument Cluster Panel Replacement?

My instrument cluster panel went out. I bought one on ebay and I would like to replace it myself. Is there a step by step video or a diagram that will show me how to take the dashboard off?

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Prius C :: 2012 - Instrument Cluster Display Goes Out

The instrument panel on my Prius (speedometer, fuel gauge, etc. on the dash) keeps going out intermittently. Took it to the Toyota place and of course the lights were back on.

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Lexus GX 2004-09 :: Instrument Cluster Is Dark

I just noticed the other day that part of my instrument cluster is darker than the rest. Everything is nice and bright however my 0-20mpg area isn't as bright as the rest of my cluster.

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Celica :: Instrument Cluster And AC Stop Working

I have an issue where the instrument cluster (tach, spedo, fuel, temp, door open indicator, etc) and AC stop working. It only happens under the following conditions and can be reproduced easily. All fuses have been check and are OK.

1.No Gauges
2.Remove and replace Multi-Fuse 20 (which is new and good)
3.Gauges and AC start working again
4.Drive car or start etc. and everything works fine
5.Power off car for exactly 1 min. or more with doors closed
6.Start car and no gauges or AC again
7.If wait less than 1 min. (tested 30 sec. to 59 sec. ) to restart the car and all gauges and AC continue to work fine

Where to start diagnosing.

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Lexus GX 2004-09 :: Instrument Cluster - Led Burned Out?

I just noticed the other day that one part of my cluster is darker than the rest. my 0mph-25mph is the dimmest part of the entire cluster. I do know that these clusters are LED illuminated, but wanted to know if taking the cluster apart and what the replacement of this LED all consisted of.

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Lexus GX 2004-09 :: Backlighting On Instrument Cluster Is Dim

The backlighting on my instrument cluster is dim behind the 10mph area and bright everywhere else. There is a light bulb or LED burned out. On most cars you can just replace a bulb back there. Is this possible on the GX470? I can not find the part number anywhere.

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Elantra XD (2001-06) :: No Speed And RPM On Instrument Cluster

I have a Hyundai Elantra 2004 automatic 4 doors. On my instrument cluster i have no speed, no rpm and the odometer is at 0. All the others signal are ok (fuel, engine coolant, lights, etc.) The car works great, so i think the problem is not the sensors.

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Touareg :: Instrument Cluster Setting Won't Working

The instrument cluster settings has not been working and they would not set when i would try to do this.It would go back to the same setting as before.They checked it on the computer and everything would register like it was ok but the computer could not detect the fault.Come to find out it needs a new instrument cluster and that was the fix for it after they took three more Tregs apart to make sure it would either work or not work at all.They all worked except for mine.It is being replaced and shipped overnight.

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Touareg :: Dashboard Has A Rattle In The Instrument Cluster

My dashboard has a rattle (surprise!) in the instrument cluster and today I have located the source of the noise. It comes from the right side of the hood piece over the dials. The right corner of the front edge of that hood rattles against the rest of the console. It can be fixed by applying a little piece of the electric tape or a piece of foam on the inside of that hood. I do want to go to the dealer and I'd prefer to fix such a minor problem by myself.

Looking for a schematic on how to take the dashboard apart? I wonder, why this dashboard hood consists of 2 pieces made of hard plastic attached without any padding? Of course, they will rattle!

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Phaeton :: Instrument Cluster No Speed Indication?

When I choose the screen on my instrument cluster that is suppose to show speed I do not get a reading. It shows 0 mph. The average speed shows correctly, but nothing else. The correct readings are displayed on the center console unit including speed and average speed so I think the sensors are good. Is this something that can be corrected using VAGcom.

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Phaeton :: Instrument Cluster Illumination In Daylight

Just wanted to check my memory / mode of operation of instrument cluster illumination... I seem to recall that the main instrument cluster dials were illuminated at all times, ie full brightness during the day with the headlights off and with variable brightness at night with the headlights on - is this correct?

Reason for asking is that the main dials, speedo / rev counter are now dark when the headlights are off - this does not seem right as, in other than bright sunlight, the dials are very hard to read - centre LCD display remains back lit OK.

With headlights on, illumination works as expected - when headlights go off, the main dials stay illuminated for a fraction of a second and then dim to off.

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Phaeton :: Instrument Cluster Backlighting Dim Or Failing

In the past few days, I've noticed that when my headlights are on the white backlighting of the speedometer, tachometer, and other gauges in the instrument cluster fail to illuminate, however the red needles within each gauge do illuminate properly. Furthermore, the rheostat adjustment does successfully brighten and dim the red needles, but the faces of the gauges remain dark. I checked fuses 23 and 27 and both are fine.

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